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Experience description:  

I have had many spiritual experiences, but what I think may help in this work are the following.

      My Mother visited me a few weeks after she passed ( she had had cancer and incoherent the last 5 years of her life and had been sick since I was 5), I was 21 and staying the night at the hotel I had been working at and had just gotten ready for bed and just got into bed and my mother appeared before me, young and beautiful and said "Gail be good and kind to all and all good things will come to you", I felt so much love and I was the only one she visited out of 5 children and I felt that it was important to her and me, since she had not had the chance to raise me.

      The next visit was my very good friend who also took me on has her daughter, (in Hawaii, they call it Hanoi, it means that you welcome someone into your heart as your own), I had just moved to Oahu to open a new hotel, I came back to Maui for the weekend to see my Hanoi mom, we were in the hotel restaurant and a manger came to get her for a phone call and then 5 minutes later came to get me. Her sister Diane on the island of Hawaii, in Kailua-Kona, had been murdered by her husband. We flew immediately to Kona, she was very devastated and so was her sisters son. She ended up moving their to take her of her sisters son, I  flew over every week and a few months later moved in with her as she was unable to even cope with life. I started having dreams about her sister, messages to give to my mom, that she was fine and happy. One night, I dream t, but not really a dream, Diane and I went up the mountain where she kept her horses, we brought the two down the hill to the pier, Diane said now tell Judy (my Hanoi mom), that I am taking Bajoria with me and you take Swishin home and tell her everything is good, she took Bajora on a boat and I took Swishin with me.  I told my mom the experience the next morning, that afternoon a friend went to feed the horses and Bajora had tangled himself in the bob wire fence and killed himself. The visit from Diane telling what was to come really helped my mom. Many years later after she dealt with Diane's loss she began to have visits. (Bajora had been quite upset and restless after Diane's passing, he had been her favorite horse)

      My dads brother had passed, a year later, again dream but not a dream, I went into this cavern where many people where and saw my uncle, I asked him what are you doing here, he said I do not know, I do not know what to do. (he was not religious or spiritual , not a atheist), I said you do not have to stay here, come with me and we went out of the cavern and there was the light and I told him to go to it.

      My sister and brother-in laws, Guru had passed (Guru Deva, had a temple on Kauai, I had met him several times, but I was never a Hindu),  I felt the need to sit and mediate, I felt a very strong current in my 3rd eye, my forehead, I sat down and immediately that current really hit me in the forehead very strongly, I was with Guru Deva, he was laughing, we were in a spherical place, white light, the next thing we were in a taxi cab, a very old type of taxi, again he was laughing, I said what are we doing here? He said just tell Nitya (that is my brother-in-law.  I called Nitya right away and told him what happen and asked what is with the taxi, he told me that every-time Guru Deva came to Seattle, one of his devotees always drove him around in this old cab. It was interesting that my sister and brother-in law responded in not a excited manner, not that they doubted me, but I had had many dreams of Shiva, after the first one I called them and said who is Shiva? they said do you know how many Hindus would die to dream of Shiva and you are not a Hindu!   I had studied all the religions in high school and did not find anyone of them to my liking, but I found Ramtha and science which I love, I love truth.

Another time mediating, I had a visit from my Grandmother, I did not see her but felt her presence.  I have felt the presence of many loved ones.

I did have a out of body, I was young and on the ceiling and as soon as I realized I was on the ceiling, I got scared and zipped right back in, I wish I knew then what I know now, but I am still trying.  :  ),

There is more, could right a book but maybe this is enough to give you some info about me. I am willing to help wherever I can as your work is so important, and I find it captivating,  I have become a scientist because of Ramtha and I love it.

Thank you once again for coming to our school, our teacher is very wise and finds ways to help us overcome our doubt, each time, it shrivels more and more.
Bless you and your beautiful work, you are so uplifting thank you thank you

With great appreciation and Love