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Hello.  The experience we had,  my wife and I, happened years ago when we were first dating.  I was 17  and she 16. The event happened at my mom's funeral. I was always close to my mother and I felt bad that I had not been able to say goodbye to her.  She died in the hospital on a night I wasn't able to go. She had been fighting a long-term illness for some time.  My girlfriend {wife now} had only met her once and not as yet been able to become close to her  though she was hoping to.  Mom was a beautiful lady; she never said an unkind word about anyone and all who knew her liked her. 

At the funeral home is where it  happened, after all the people had left the viewing room, Wendy and I sat there alone.  We were looking at mom and all of a sudden, she rose up and turned her head looked at us and smiled. Right after my wife and I both looked at each other, and at the same time both said "did you see that?"   To describe in more detail, when she first rose up I had thought it was her in the mortal sense, her actual body. It wasn't until when she laid back down that we noticed her body seemed to join with the one already laying there, it was like looking in a lens of a camera and adjusting the viewer  "double vision " until the object becomes one. It was her spirit entering her body as she laid back down in the coffin.

I now know that the spirit does in fact appear solid and to the human eye looks the same as the temporal one. I had told my dad what had happened the next morning only to find out mom had visited him while he was alone in their bedroom.  He told me she said to him that she was all right and not to worry. Mom was not a religious person and had not been a church-goer.  In my view she didn't need to, her love and the way she lived her life was good enough.  She was more Christ-like then anyone I had ever known. 

My wife has been my best friend and we have been dating  since she was 14 and I was 15.  That was 42 years ago.  Many things not easy to explain, have happened to us over the years, none more special than that night long ago, when mom said goodbye and gave us her love and support.  I will mention one more thing, at the time my wife and I were not allowed to see each other.  Her parents didn't want her dating me as I was not of their faith and my family was not affluent. We were considered the Romeo and Juliet of our high school.  No greater gift has ever been given from a parent to a child, than that one I got from mom, that knowledge that life is eternal.   

George  and Wendy