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Have you ever come across a "strange" message on an answer machine?

My grandfather recently passed and today was the day of the funeral.  Firstly, a bizarre coincidence occurred.  At my grandfathers house waiting for the hearse to arrive, my cousins car alarm went off.  This had never gone off in three years.  Secondly, at the crematorium, my brothers car alarm went off.  Again this had never happened (so much so, my brother didn't realize it was his car).  Also, there were no conditions such as strong winds that could have triggered the alarms.  It was only then that my father told us about a message on the answer machine at my grandfathers house which he later suggested I listen to as he had never heard anything like it before.

This afternoon I listed to the message.  At the start of the message there is a faint music, almost like a church organ, only nicer.  This noise builds in volume during the message that lasts about thirty seconds.  On closer listening, as the volume increases, it sounds like a very "in tune" choir is singing.  The connection itself is not corrupt but the music appears to be in the distance as if there was singing/song in the background.  Even I have to say, the music was very evangelic and not like anything I have heard.  There was no sounds of breathing or tape players or rattling of phones or wires which makes the scenario even more strange.  Close to the end it sounds like someone tries to start saying something but is interrupted by someone else.  Then the phone simply disconnects.  Again there is no sound of a phone being put down/cables moving or louder voices.  It makes me wonder.  My grandfather and I talked openly about his death and even agreed that if he could he would get a message to us.  There is no reason for us to think that someone would do this as a joke or a means of trying to make us feel better and again there is no other evidence on the message to support a "foul play" theory. 

The beauty if this is that the message is still on the answer machine and I intend to try (as best I can) to transfer it to my computer for further analysis.

Have you ever heard of similar experiences?  If I manage to transfer it would you be interested in listening so you can comment?

It may be that this is one of the most compelling examples of life after death yet.



I now have the message on the computer and attach a copy.  I have listened to it a lot on a wave editing program and my result is that I simply can't decide either way what it may be.  There is no doubt a choir in a church/chapel environment, but if you listen closely, there are oddments to the message.  Just as the message starts there is a two syllable noise.  It may just be because I want it to be but it sounds like an electronic Ke-vin.  My fathers name happens to be Kevin. Just after this part there is a small scuff type noise, on closer inspection it appears that it may be a dogs bark.  Funnily, the same nose (only in a different pitch) occurs near to the end.  I have checked these and both are the same duration in time.  Our dog Jasper died 7 months ago.  There is a real strange piece right at the end that I can only describe as an electronic sound (the pitch appears to change). This happens and then the line disconnects.  As I say, I am aware that I may be susceptible to reading more into the message than others may be but in any event I can't imagine anyone would have a reason to leave such a message.  You may need to plug your PC to a stereo to amplify as the original recording is slightly weak. 

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Also, if any readers have any queries about the message you may direct questions to me.  It seems that this area is becoming somewhat a passion of mine.  Just out of interest, I have had quite a read through the stories of the NDERF website and was surprised to read quite a few reports of angels singing and divine music.  However, I was most impressed with Vivien's NDE (archive first half 2004) which pays particular reference to the singing of legions of angels apparently singing the doxology.  An interesting coincidence????!!!!   

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