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I was on your website ADC, I thought that you would like to see what we have been able to photograph over the past 18 months or so. I have sent you a sample of 23 photos from about 20,000 that we have taken so far. Our son Billy died on June 26 2004, four days before his 29th birthday. About 10 months or so after Billy died we were able to start taking some amazing photos. We have a website in honor of our son Billy www.oursonbilly.com which tells they story and by clicking on signs from Billy page you will see a few more of the type's of photos we are able to take.
Have A Nice Day

1 OCT 21 05 close up of the moon2 APRIL HEART SHAPED MOON
3 july 7 the moon & street light4  july 9 the moon & street light
5 oct 10 monn and an orb ( spirit )6 nov 27 heart shape lights
7 nov 28 heart shaped lights8 march 13
9 march 1310 MAY 11 MANY BROWN ORBS
11  june 20 MANY BROWN ORBS12 oct 18
13 feb 2514 FEB
15 aug 616
17 nov 2918 nov 30
19 dec 220 march 06
21 sept 0522 march 06
23 july 21