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I will tell you of a couple of experiences I had following deaths of two loved ones.  Both experiences did not occur right after they died, but for me, they occurred  years or at least quite a few months after they had passed on.
My dad:
My dad died in August 1990 and I am not quite certain of my first "dream" visit from him (I only had about 3 dream visits and then it ended). I think the first dream came a few weeks before my birthday in July of 1995 or 1997?? Several years after his death. I wish I could tell you. I probably have it written down ....somewhere!  He was a chemist while alive and worked for the government. In my dream he told me what he was doing "now" (in the afterlife). Unfortunately, science is not my forte and I could not understand the technical words he used. I did, however, understand that wherever he was & whatever he was doing, he was working on plastic &/or artificial body parts. For instance, heart, lungs, liver, brains, etc. Major organs of the human body. 
My second dream about a week later: 
He came to our home ( I was living with my mom and my maternal grandmother). I "caught" him outside our back porch working on something at night. He was surprised I woke and "caught" him. He seemed very worried and told me that we really should not be in contact. That it is not really "allowed," that he was not suppose to contact family matters, etc. and that "they," (at this point he looked up at the stars) the "satellites" will know. He said they see all & they know everything. I had the feeling that he just wasn't suppose to influence us in any way. I asked him why he was "here." He said he had some unfinished business to take care of. I kept trying to get my mom to come look (she was in the kitchen) and she didn't  believe me..finally she came and they both told each other they loved one another. Mostly they were shocked to see one another and my dad seemed very uncomfortable/awkward. When I awoke, the dream was sooooooo real that I went downstairs to look at the spot he was "working" in. To see if I could locate his "unfinished business," but I never found anything there.
My third father dream:
He came in disguise! I KNEW it was him! I kept saying "you are my father" and he said..no, no..it isn't me. I said "come on dad! I know it is you!" I could tell by his soul even though his appearance was different. This dream was very strange. He just told me to "remember: you can never pay too much for a good pair of shoes." What a strange dream I thought. Then my mom woke me up as she was getting ready to head downstairs. (This really occurred) I told her I just had a weird dream. " I know it was dad even though he was in disguise, but he just kept saying you can never pay too much for a good pair of shoes." It turns out my mom was heading out to buy wide shoes at Nordstrom's and was a bit concerned about spending that kind of money on her shoes!!! 
My experience with my Maternal Grandmother came several months, perhaps even a year, after her death. She woke me up out of my sleep by screaming and crying for my help. It was very unsettling for me. My grandmother had lived in filth (not food filth, but pack-rat filth) during her real life here. She never through things away and she had some sort of mental illness. We thought she had Alzheimer's, but she did not test positive for this in an autopsy report). She may have been chemically imbalanced or had some other mental health related illness. We never did find out. Towards the end of her life we had her taking Haldol and she lived with us. Almost my entire family are pack-rats and I am trying to change that for myself. However, in my "dream" I had a glimpse of where she "was" in her afterlife and she was MISERABLE. She was in a dark dingy messy place...still. Since she woke me up I only had a glimpse of where she was in her afterlife. I kept my eyes closed and sort of prayed to God that she did not deserve to be there. Perhaps she did not deserve total "heaven" either, but she did not deserve such a terrible place either. I would not wish that on her (although a few times in my life I swore I hated her....I do not like "hating"..it hurts me to feel that anger...but my grandmother could be psycho at times). Some of my other family members do not really forgive her. They feel that the medicine just masked to true essence of my grandmother.

I like to think that the medication helped my grandmother to be the person/the soul she was suppose to be. I visualized her "room" in the dream as having new linens, hair brush & vanity, clean curtains, and beautiful flowers on the dresser and a room with a beautiful view of more flowers (daisies inside & carnations outside..a whole field).  I was closer to my grandmother than other family members. The only other dream I had about her since was in February 2001 when she wished me "Gung Hay Fat Choy." In my dream she was Chinese (she was Swiss in this life). We spoke telepathically. I thought she said "good luck' in Chinese and she said "No!..Gung Hay Fat Choy" and I said "Oh!! Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!" Which means "Happy New Year!" Neither one of us is Chinese.

I did read the book What Dreams May Come and I felt that some of these things can be explained, in my mind, by reading that book. I have been brought up Christian, but I take in all kinds of religions. I also feel that it is logical to believe in reincarnation. Perhaps, I was once Chinese & knew my grandmother then too???? I helped her improve her afterlife room by imagining the way it should be and I tried to help her out by telling her it was ok and that she did not deserve to "live" in such a way.