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I have had several accounts during my dreams.  They feel different from a dream when I wake up because they are so real and I actually feel different after having one.  I always feel so calm and peaceful.  The one that stands out in my mind the most is of my father.  My father passed away 4 years ago of a sudden heart attack.  I was about 8 months pregnant with my 3rd son.  I thought of my father everyday and still do. 

Right after he passed I had always in my mind been wondering if he was alright and if he was scared when it happened and what was it like for him to cross over.  My father was always afraid to die and this really bothered me.  He was alone when he had the heart attack and I got to the house about an hour after he had passed and found him on the floor.  I was sad that he was alone.  There is actually much more to this story but I will not go into that at this time. 

Well about a couple of months after my father died I had been thinking of him a lot and asking the same questions about what it was like.  One night I had a dream that my father came to pick me up in his car (it was his old car from when I was a child) I got in and he starting driving and he would just stare over at me with a huge smile on his face and I would look at him and say "how are you here" "how can this be" and he would just smile and drive.  I felt very happy to see him and I could smell his cologne and feel his hands as if they were real.  I kept asking him "what was it like when you crossed"  "were you scared" I kept asking it over and over and he would not speak to me but he kept smiling and looked so happy. 

Well we kept driving and all of a sudden we started driving off a cliff into the air and I remember saying "no don't go I am scared" and all of a sudden we drooped off the cliff and began floating and he looked at me with a huge smile and I said "wow this is not bad at all"  "It feels nice and I am not scared" and that was the end of the dream as he faded away with his smiling face.  When I woke up in the morning I felt so peaceful and I just knew he was okay.  I knew he was not afraid and he wanted me to know that.  To this day I still vividly remember that dream and I know he took me with him to experience the feeling.

I have had several experiences during my dreams about my father, his mother (my grandmother) and my mother who committed suicide when I was 7.  I was very close to my father and miss him very much to this day.   I am happy to share my stories anytime.  I feel very lucky to have had these experiences.