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I would like to share with you 3 remarkable events which have occurred to me within the past month.  All of them, I am positive, were signs from a departed friend.  I will explain how I know that.

Several decades have passed since I last saw my best friend in college, who I later came to realize had been my closest friend in this life.  Communication between us ended after college because we became separated by continents and in those days long distance communication was cumbersome and prohibitively expensive.  We didn't have email or mobile phones like today.

This past spring I came into touch with a mutual college friend of ours whom I had also not seen in all those years.  Through him I learned that my best friend had already "died", although he didn't know how or when.  I became extremely curious to find out, so through an Internet search I discovered that was in a house fire in1984.  I was stunned to learn he had been gone for so long, and suddenly he was on my mind on a daily basis.   

I experienced a brief OBE many years ago, was amazed to find myself conscious while out of control of a physical body--quite a revelation, to say the least--and while looking for explanations of what had happened I came upon the writings of several authors who discuss the subject, one of whom was Sylvia Browne.   Sylvia assures us that not only do spirits of departed loved ones visit us often but that they are capable of leaving us physical signs.  She says that they have the use of an energy force that we don't have, which enables them move physical objects around.  I am beyond the point of wondering whether that's true or not because I've seen it happen three times in the past month.

Armed with the information that my buddy was in spirit only, coupled with my belief that we could communicate with the departed, I began talking to my friend as though he were with me.  I asked him for some kind of sign to indicate that he was in fact there and that I wasn't just talking to myself.  I believed he could do it, and so it was a reasonable request, I thought

Ms. Browne says that the deceased will leave signs indicative of their personalities, so I figured that my buddy, who loved to play tricks on me almost constantly, would have to do something really weird and dumb.  I wasn't disappointed.  Because the next morning I went into the kitchen and found an orange belt from a pair of summer shorts hanging from a nail high up on the wall.  It was less than 6 inches away from a picture on the wall that I straightened the day before.  There is no conceivable reason why anyone would ever hang that there, and the only other key to the front door was in the possession of my 24-year-old son, who was then confined to an army base 800 km. away.  I was in the house alone.

A week passed and one night I went into another of my talk sessions with my friend, speaking about how I had regretted saying something back then and how it had haunted me ever since.  Knowing whether or not he was hearing what I had to say was of great importance to me, so I asked him for yet another sign...specifically, something out of place, some object in a location where I would never ever put it...to let me know that he really was here and that he really was hearing me.

I didn't have to wait long because the next morning I found a fork on an overhead shelf where only glasses are kept.  There is no conceivable reason why anybody would set a fork there, even temporarily, because the shelf is high enough that some effort is required to place it there.  It wouldn't be the same as setting it down on a table and then forgetting having done it.  One has to go out of one's way in order to place anything there.  So another object is found in a bizarre location, a place where I would never have reason to put it. 

The 3rd incident involved a canister of chocolates that was half full on one day but totally empty 3 days later, even though I didn't eat the chocolates, and my son was still on the army base 800 km. away.  All of these events plus my own OBE of 30 years ago, have me convinced that communication with the departed is not only possible but, accompanied by true belief, receiving signs from them is far easier than most people could ever imagine.