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Jill L's ADC

I attended college at University of Kansas in the early 80's and met a young man to which I had a very deeply emotional and almost Karmic connection with and he had introduced me over time to his roommate Danny.  Danny and I became very close friends spending many hours studying existential philosophy and dream work, and related areas which was our passion together. The depth of our friendship was immense and it we were both about 18 years old at the time. Our friendship grew deeply during the depths of my emotional connection to his roommate and one that was not positive during much of the turmoil   I received a frantic call from Danny early one morning that he needed to borrow money and I did not have this for him and let the request go. I let him know that I could not come up with the sum of the request and he told me he was scared as he borrowed money from someone and had to pay them back.   I received a call from a friend of ours a week later that there was a suicide at the address they lived at and thus Danny took his life, and what follows was an awakening on my end and a few stories that may fall in line with ADC and psychic ability. 

I think the emotional connection is was broke through the barriers of space and physicality here as here is the story.  

Danny's death was in March of 1986 and I went home to Chicago that summer from college and was in a deep depression. I felt Danny and his pain (post mortem) so deeply that I had to  find a teacher to work with and continued the work with my dreams and journaling as this is the areas that I had so much progress in previous years and I also began to meditate at this time too.  IT took months to release his spirit and the pain and during that summer I continued to write my dreams down every night while working with my teacher weekly.  I woke one morning with a detailed dream of floating in the room of a woman who was sitting in her bed and I could see the details of her lamp, dressers, wood on the bed frame and more detailed was her own face, glasses that were wire rimmed and curly light brown hair. She sat in her bed with a pad of blue paper in her writing a letter to which I was shown every single line and as the line ended it would fade to bring my attention to the next line and this went all the way down the page until she signed and then wrote a postscript line under her signature and the sentence in the ps was the only sentence that did not fade. I woke up after viewing this letter on blue stationery in my dream and then wrote the whole letter in my journal. When I got home from work later that week I went for a long walk and then picked up the mail on the way in. In the mail was a letter in a blue envelope and then I looked at the back of the envelope I saw that it was from Danny's mom and my heart both sank and was amazed at the same time.  I had written her a card that I had handed to her at his funeral and it explained that I was a very close friend of his and that I would always be available to talk and provided my address and number to her and now was the letter she had written me back.  I went inside my house and took out my dream journal and this letter was the exact letter that I saw in my dream and the postscript asked me to call her to meet for coffee when I returned to Kansas.  I began to meditate more and more and one morning as I shifted toward wakefulness I had what seemed like a hypnogogic dream and in this state of consciousness which seemed like a dream but as I shifted to waking in conceptual reality the shift was very very different and almost clear and smooth. Danny and I were floating in the ether or sky and there were fluffy clouds all around us. We did not seem overly surprised at seeing each other and being together again but he knew that he was dead and he and I were trying to be playful and to put our hands through one another and commented on how interesting it was to be able to see each other and still be able to move through one another and he put his hands through me and laughed and I did the same.  I asked him how things were where he was at and his response was that they were making him clean things that he was not ready to clean yet. He then spent more time floating with me and then I awoke. This was the only time that he came to me that I can recall. The feeling of being with him again was as real as the table I sit at now and I truly believe that he came to me to let me know there is in fact the ability to communicate and the fact that there is life after we leave here.