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 In my life, I have had no paranormal experiences whatsoever. I am a person who can't  even recall most of my own dreams, except maybe a terrifying nightmare ever so rarely. A couple of months or so after my mother passed away from cancer in the Summer of 1997, in the middle of the night I was awakened by my mothers voice. I remember hearing just one word uttered; my name "JOHN" .

My name seemed to be an enunciation of a query, or a least slightly questioning, like "Johhhn? " Not so much as if she was uncertain if it was me, but her voice seemed to have an impatient quality. Almost as if stating 'John, what are you doing here (and not somewhere else.)

 I am certain this was not a dream. as the voice was heard in ABSOLUTE, VIVID 3D STEREO. I think I have dreamed in color, but have never heard a REAL 3D DOLBY type voice. I would know, as I am a musician, and have listened to, recorded, and played music my entire life in many live and studio settings.
The next morning I went to the suburb to visit my father, who understandably was not taking my mother's death very well after 53 years of marriage. A marriage with no drinking, fighting, abuse, etc. Just a very loving marriage in every way.

I was startled to see my father lying on the stairs unable to move. He had been there for several hours after passing out, and after regaining consciousness had been too dizzy to stand up again, and too weak to crawl. I called 911 and he was transported to the hospital where they determined he had an episode similar to that of President Bush Sr, when he passed out in Japan at a state dinner function during his presidency. My father  would recover, but this episode was a harbinger for major heart surgery. Since that quadruple bypass, I am happy to report that, at 84, he is doing very well.