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Experience description:  

My best friend of 28 years  died of breast cancer, I was so devastated  by her passing ..... yet in her message to me  after death brought me closure, and made me appreciate true friendship goes beyond the physical and  mortal  realm ... it is eternal and it reaches beyond the common boundaries of life and death .
I am not a nut , or contacting you for silly was questions. I have a ghost story to tell ,that is true.  I recently had a contact from a friend of mine that died in 2003 .I hadn't thought of my friend lee in years..  
this event occurred while I was awake ,and I find this  ..( a bit strange) it was in the late to early am morning eve around 2:30 - 3:00 am I  was sitting downstairs in my home in living room, nothing was on... light ,,TV or anything.  Suddenly there  stood my friend on the other side of the door jar that separated the living room from the dining room. only where he was standing looked like he was somewhere else....looking over at him was as if  I was as   ... seeing him was  viewing him standing  in  some other room . place..
I stood up and shouted Lee  ( I was happy to see him)  ..I  crossed . through the doorway/ jar,  as I crossed to see him . I was so glad  I said you look good ... as I moved close to him he was as real as I was I saw his razor bumped skin , his teeth when he smile and felt his warm breath as he spoke to me ,his voice was as deep as I had known it to be. I moved closer into the room where he was standing .....( I could not see my living room) it was like a misty fog .... but as I stood talking to him ,  I was in a room that was all white and I standing talking to people that I could not see their faces.
they were in all white, even the table in the middle of the room was white ,, the flower and everything.( it was like I was in another house/room) and I saw a staircase ... as I looked up to where the staircase went I saw many ... many doors.... I kept saying my goodness lee.. that's a lot of doors... he just laughed ......he kept saying Karen there is someone here that knows you...

I looked at him puzzled.... he than said there's someone here u know Karen , there's a lot of people here that you know ......then I asked Lee if he'd seen his parents , he said yes .. then I asked if he'd seen his brother who was a saxophone player he always referred to as saxophone slim.. he look at me very hard  and said no. then I asked him if he  talked to God ? he said yes many times .. he is wonderful .. he had a big smile on his face as he spoke of God 's name ....and laughed
...I was so happy to see lee , I really didn't give it much thought ( that my friend had been dead for 7 years). when he kept saying that someone here knows you.... then he looked at me and said  (  someone you know ) ... wants to say they are okay.....I really didn't give it much thought. I  knew many people so far in my lifetime that died ( family members , friends).... he said I am well later he said goodbye and as he stepped backwards the room seem to separate us and he was gone. 
I am awake , and I just was standing in the middle of my living room .......
my best friend  Belinda had just died some two weeks before from breast cancer... so I was puzzled.  why  he then kept saying you know some on here ... I didn't think about it until the next day. Then some time  later Belinda came to me ,She was standing in front before me . looking so full of life ..  called to  me ...waved to me with her hand .. she seemed like she was so near , yet  far away ,, but I felt her ... ( u could say her love ....warmth .. and friendship) I saw her standing there with a glow around her ...with a big smile... she said thank you for being my friend...Karen, you were always my dear friend. she said thank you Karen .... I just cried ......  
I use to hear my grandmother and mother often said that the dead know what the living are doing , and that the dead go to their own funerals ......I often  wondered  if it was true , that the dead came to their funerals,,,, so I believe that it is true...  I  was a pallbearer for  My best friend Belinda   .... I carried her casket.... I believe that she wanted me to know how thankful she was that I wanted to share in that last walk our bond will never die.....friendship is eternal ...I guess she knew

but what about seeing Lee?
here's the connection .... Lee,  Belinda and I  all worked at the same hospital... we all knew each other ... i felt a special kinship towards both of them. I  went to see Lee every day as he lay dying while he was in the hospital... and I gave his wife moral support as a friend ... and ill tell you on the day Lee died, I was at work in the office .. I was alone. the printer which had been broken for a few months kept going off..... but it was disconnected ...  energy of the dead ..... that is around