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ADC:  August 15, 1995 my lover of 11 years passed away from AIDS. We only knew about his disease 6 months before Roy died.  I remember one day when I was working on Roy's IV he said, "Larry I know I'm going to die and not be able to beat this and I said jokingly OK when you die, show me a sign that you're in Gay heaven.  I didn't think much about that discussion until one day something very, very unexplainable happened.

About 3 months after Roy's passing, I was in the basement of my duplex working on my BBS computer board before going to work. After reading my E-Mail I started up the stairs and the whole stairwell was covered with this thick white smoke and the first thought was, "OH NO! I left a cigarette burning and my home was on fire." I could taste the wood smoke and fumbled with my house keys to get into my apartment. I opened the door and the house was clear as a bell, each room was clear of smoke and then thought of my upstairs tenant Peggy, she must of started a fire with her stove. I got the master key and went into her apartment and it also was clear of any smoke.

I remember thinking, "was the house on fire?"  I went outside and checked the whole house and found no fire or any smoke. I went back in and the stairway was completely empty of any kind of smoke or haze.  Could a neighbor been burning his fireplace? No not at that time of day and anyway I would have smelled the smoke when I went outside to check my house and anyway the windows were closed because it was cold outside and no doors were open.  Thinking about this, this was Roy's way of getting my attention and to let me know he was ok. 

A year later after having a friend over, Randy brought with him a computer program with a microphone hook up to the computer. It was one of those talk and the computer would write so you didn't need to type. Anyway we could not get it to work and decided to go out for lunch and take a break. When we got home, on the screen of my computer was the wording ( HENDERSON NEVADA)  Henderson Nevada was where Roy's sister lives along with Roy's niece.  I swear to God on my mother and fathers grave that this happened.

NELE (Nearing end of life experience)
In 1981 my father was passing away from cancer and was admitted to St. Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee, hospice ward on the 4th floor.  I was called from work at about 10:30 and arrived at the hospital at about 11pm. My father was complaining about the pain but the doctors were afraid to give him any more pain medications because of his erratic breathing.  Right across the hallway from my fathers room was a waiting room where I along with a friend of mine waited unless we were in my fathers room. 

At about 2:30am as we were sitting in the waiting room my friend, Wade said, look there is someone in your fathers room. I didn't think about it to much because the nurses were going in and out of his room most of the night.  I got up and walked to the door. I looked to the right and saw the two nurses walking down the hallway. It was strange because only two nurses were on duty that morning. I thought maybe my Uncle had come back to the hospital and to my fathers room.

As I walked into my fathers room, I could see shadows moving around and as I stuck my head into his room I called out to the nurse, "who is in my fathers room?" She said nobody.  As I walked into my fathers room I saw TWO shadows move from my fathers feet into a wall and they were gone. My father had just passed away.

What did I see?  I saw what they call in the Bible, The Shadow Of Death.  It was not frightening at all and what I saw gave me great strength at my fathers funeral.  What I believe this was, was my Grandfather coming to great my fathers soul and they left together and thinking about why these shadows moved so fast was why would anybody or anything want to hang around a hospital?