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Experience description:  

The events I describe occurred about 20 years ago.  The recollection is vivid. 

My grandmother's was diagnosed with oral cancer.  She lived in Arlington, VA and I in Atlanta, GA.  As the only medical person in the family (I am a PA) I was tasked with helping find the best surgeon and to communicate with the family the plan of treatment.  Although my role as "translator" for my grandmother's illness was not entirely voluntary, I accepted the role. 

She underwent a successful initial surgery but the cancer returned.  A second surgery was performed but the cancer had spread and only incomplete resection of the lesion was possible.  She underwent chemo and radiation.  She developed metastases and no additional treatment was recommended.  Eventually Hospice was consulted. At the time of my experience, we knew time was short but did not know how short.

My grandmother and I were not overly close.  We saw each other yearly for about 1 week.  We had a good relationship, but she was not like a second mother or anything. 

During her illness, I spent much time communicating between the surgeons and the family.  I never had a chance to really deal with her impending death in an appropriate manner.  I do not know if this has anything to do with the following experience.   

I was at Duke at a conference and was alone in my hotel room. I was resting after a lecture.  The TV was not on.  It was quiet.  I had NOT taken and medications, drugs or alcohol.  All at once an indescribable sense of inner peace and love enveloped me.  This was NOT subtle.  I heard "it's OK" over and over but not with my ears.  I was able to ask questions and receive answers - what is OK?  The answer was "everything is OK.  The whole of human history is like a grain of sand on an infinite beach.

I asked if everything is OK does it matter what we do.  The answer was Yes it is OK but what we do on earth matters a great deal.  That was really the only question that I had any desire of asking.

I knew it was my grandmother, but did not see or hear her.  I knew she was in heaven.  I was certain that there was life after death during the experience.  No deity identified itself, but I felt it was God. 

It continued for about a day then gradually subsided.  I felt the feeling again briefly at the funeral and again heard "it's OK" 

About  30-60 min into the experience I received the call that my grandmother had died.  I believe the experience occurred at the exact time that she died.

I firmly believe that a portal in heaven was opened and I was able to peak in. 

I later described the event as though I could see a window high on the wall in a large room.  I could look up and get a brief glimpse of the beauty that could be seen out of the window but I was "stuck" in the physical world below. 

I initially could not speak of the event.  I began to tear up every time I tried to discuss the event.  It was about 3 years later that I spoke to my pastor.  She said that I was visited by the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit is so powerful that the human mind/soul could not handle it.  I also felt like this was a special gift that I needed to hang on to.  Gradually, I was able to share the experience.   

Don Piper came to speak at our church a couple of years ago.  When he began discussing his NDE, I said "THAT'S IT."  I understood what he was talking about.   

This year I ordered your book "Evidence for the Afterlife" and read the descriptions of the NDErs.  Again it made sense.  I understood the events they described. I looked into the NDERF website.  I felt like I may have had an NDE like experience, but I was completely healthy during the event. 

One explanation I had was that when my Grandmother left her physical body there was a spiritual vacuum that I was fortunate to be swept up into.




Below are the features of the NDE from your website (nderf.org).  I put a YES/NO next to the items listed.