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On Friday the 6th of September a little 13 year old girl went for a short ride on her bike.
It had some problems with the brakes and her dad had tried to fix the problem. He did not want her to ride it just yet, but she begged him to just let her go for a short ride. Well he finally agreed and she took off down the street with her dog Adelaide running alongside.
They live in a very nice neighborhood and people generally drive slow. She started down a short street beside where she lived. It was down a hill to an intersection about 50 feet.
She could not or did not stop. The truth will never be known.

A man in a pickup truck came around a blind curve at the bottom of the hill at 35mph with perfect timing to hit her broad side and she was basically killed at the time she was hit. But they worked on her and got her to a hospital where they operated on her for massive internal injuries. She died for good at 3:45am Saturday morning. The next morning in church our pastor said lets remember the family of the girl who got killed.

I don't take the newspaper so I had no idea what he was talking about. On Monday evening I was at work when I went into our break area and saw a Sunday paper someone had left. The headlines read that a local girl had been killed riding her bicycle. I picked up the paper and read the story. A terrible feeling overshadowed me. I took the paper to our main work area where my good friend Larry was working. He knows about my psychic abilities and I said this is just terrible about this little girl getting killed. He said yes it was. I said you don't understand. There is a message here. She has something to say that hasn't been said. He looked at me funny and said you kidding me? I said no I (feel) that there is something to be said that she did not get to say before she died.
I told Larry that I was gonna have to go to her grave. I went to her grave on the following Saturday. The tent was still up and flowers still covered most of her grave. A redwood bench was there for me to sit on. I had stopped and asked a worker where she was buried so I was not alone in the cemetery. I decided not to use my divining rods because if someone saw me they might run me off. Well I knew that I really did not need them most of the time as I talked by telepathy. I sat down and just began to meditate. I then saw out of the corner of my eye Beings going up into the air out of her grave.

I can't really tell you what they looked like only that I believe they were angels. They were constantly going to and from her grave and they were coming from her left foot. I sensed a holy presence like I have never had. It was so awesome that I cannot describe it. It scared me and at the same time I felt as if I was standing in the presence of God. It really shook me up and now I still can't shake the feeling. My nerves are making me sick from the overload. I want to cry and yet I don't.

Well I said Molly I am here for you. You called me didn't you? I said you have something you want me to say or do for you? I told her to put it in my head what she wanted me to say. I saw little notes on the ground that said hey little sister I hope you're smiling up there. Well I was not getting what I wanted in my head so I noticed all the workers were gone and I went to my car and got my divining rods out. I instructed Molly on how to answer and asked her if she wanted me to write a poem to her parents. She said no.

I was confused. I said do you want me to write a poem message to your sisters? The rods just pointed out straight and I got the distinct word -duh? I thought that it was strange that she would not want to say something to her sisters. Later, upon reading her obituary, I learned she had no sisters only two brothers. The notes on the ground were from girls who seemed like sisters to Molly. I ask Molly if she just wanted to get some kind of message to her friends and family. She immediately said yes. So I went home and after writing four pages of paragraphs of stuff that made little sense to me I saw the message. She wanted to say goodbye. She had always thought if she was going to die she would have time to tell everybody goodbye. I am sending her goodbye message as I received it in my mind.

Molly's Goodbye

I didn't get to say goodbye,

To everyone the way I thought I would,

Don't question God and wonder why,

Things don't turn out the way,

You think they always should.


I remember taking my bike ,

For a Friday evening ride,

Happy without a care in this world,

As Adelaide ran along by my side.


But suddenly I saw something,

Out of the corner of my eye,

Then great pain swept over my body,

Though I didn't know the reason why.


I called out to Jesus,

To make the pain go away,

He came to me and said in a little while,

You'll be with me to stay.


To my family, friends and especially those,

Who seemed like sisters to me,

Goodbye from Heaven my new home,

Where one day I hope you all I'll see.

Lewis P.    9- 14 -02

This was written for Molly Sheridan who was struck by a pickup truck on Friday September 6th while riding on her bicycle with her dog Adelaide along beside her. Molly died at 3:45 am Saturday the 7th.  She did not get to say goodbye so this message from beyond was written by me for her family.