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I would like to praise your site for bringing awareness to this issue. It is so very important.

I would like to share an event that will seem incredible and seems incredible to me. I lost my mother on July 22, 2008, we lived in different states. She in Tennessee and myself in Ohio. We are very close. My mother died suddenly while I was speaking to her on the phone from the hospital, trying to convince her to go on a ventilator, but she refused. The physician had put her on the phone with me to try and convince her to do this. She adamantly refused, she had already been through so much. I was devastated, I begged her but she just kept saying "No"!.. After her death, I was not tolerating it very well. My three other sister's were just as distraught as I. Four months after her death, to the very day, it was on a Saturday evening and my son and husband were watching television and I decided to go up stairs alone quietly and cry.

 This was on November 22, 2008, four months after her death, she died on July 22, 2008 at 8:43 p.m. , I was praying four months after the fact, around the time of day that she died. I got on my knees and ask G-d to please if it be possible to help me tolerate my mother's passing and I ask if there might be any way if it would be alright if I could know in some small way that my mother was alright. I felt terrible that I was not present when she died. I spoke to my mother everyday over the last years daily on the telephone, we were very good friends, too. After crying and saying my prayer, asking for some tolerance.

The next evening my telephone rang at 5:52 p.m. on Sunday, but when I answered there was just a dial tone. I checked the caller I.D. box, nothing there. I told my husband, they must have hung up. He said, " no they did not because I am watching the answering machine recording a message." So I went over and turned the machine on, sounded like just dead air to me with a lot of static and a weird swooshing sound at the end. I ignored this and went on about my business. Next morning I took my son to school, he is in college and needed a ride. I returned home several hours later on Monday morning and saw my answering machine flashing red so I thought I had a new message, well if was the same static empty sound I had already heard, the same message from the night before. I picked the answering machine up to wipe away dust and was just getting ready to erase the empty sounding message when I heard a woman through the static and I could hardly make out what she was saying, barely audible so much noise in the recording, but I listened again, and had my son listen, then my husband listened, because I thought I was imaging things or hearing something I wanted to hear, but they heard her too. She said, "Can you hear me, do you hear me, can you hear me, I'm alright" then that was the end of the message. It was my mothers voice . I still thought I was hearing things because I wanted to.

So I sent the recording by email to a sound tech not telling them at first if there was anything on the message. They emailed it back to me a week later with the static cleaned up, The message is loud and clear. I have downloaded it and burned it on a CD for my brother and three sisters to hear. They hear it. My husband is an engineer, my brother is a Master Chief in the military, very skeptical but they hear it too. I just wanted to share this experience because I hope it might help someone who is grieving and most importantly that it was my prayer that brought this about.

I simply asked and G-d answered me.. G-d had mercy on me and let me hear this. To me this proves two things, Number one there is a G-d and number two there is life after death.