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Experience description:


     During 1986 Hazel contacted us seeking help for another of her cats -this time for Benjy who unfortunately had cancer of the kidneys .  Hazel and her husband Derek, an Accountant, love their rescued cats deeply, sparing nothing to try to get than well again, should they become ill at any time, despite their extremely busy and active lives.  Hazel's back was fortunately healed 2 years ago, here.

     Ben was first 'just a voice in the hedge' about 6 years ago �it took weeks to coax him out of the hedge, and more to eventually catch him, weak and almost dying.  Their marvelous vet. did not give much hope for his survival, but they all did everything possible, and though Ben was never a well cat for most of his life with them, he was, nevertheless a most. loving and affectionate one, always purring and needing to sit by the side of Hazel when she was home; the happiest of cats.

     A year ago all his teeth had to be taken out and he enjoyed the best of his life for almost a year, becoming much healthier and fitter.  Then illness set in again and he was found to have diseased and enlarged kidneys -cancer was diagnosed and treated, but despite all the vet. Could do, and frequent healing here, I had an extremely sad call from Hazel on the morning of the 20th October, 1986, to say that Ben had died. Hazel was very distressed, naturally, and had telephoned almost every day for some time, for daily absent healing, when Ben became too ill to travel either here or to the vet's.  We prayed and I said we could only hope that somehow Ben could return to them to tell them he was alright - or perhaps reincarnate to them again in a new body if that is what they and he wished and needed.

    The following morning, the first telephone call was from Hazel.  The previous evening, she was sitting in her chair, very sad at the loss of Ben. when suddenly Morti., their big black cat, suddenly jumped up beside her in Ben's normal place, licked her hand and stayed there for an hour - this is quite alien to Morti�s nature and never has he done this before.

    Then, suddenly, Derek (as an Accountant has to account for everything) saw a shape on the mantelpiece - as he looked it was Ben! Laughing!  Derek is adamant he saw their beloved Benjy -"looking Good!�, describing the sighting as a 'vision' - but very real.

    Afterwards, they realized Ben did not like heights -and he appeared to be laughing, as though now he was not afraid of heights by showing himself on the mantelpiece.

     On Friday, 13th February, 1987, I had another call from Hazel with some fascinating news.  She explained that a week or 10 days after the passing of Ben, Morti was lying in the sunshine and she thought how nice to take a photograph of him.  Going to get the camera, she found the film had been used up and had to hurriedly put in a new film before going back into the room where Morti was still relaxing in the sun.

     However, on looking at Morti, she was shattered to find she was looking at Benjy!  Trying to pull herself together, thinking her imagination was taking over, she said "This is silly!"  She became quite upset as she could still see Ben lying there in the sunshine. Looking through the view-finder of the camera, still Ben's form was solidly there, so she clicked the shutter and photographed the cat.  When she looked again, it was quite clearly Morti she was looking at.

     It was not until Christmas that all the film was used in that roll in the camera, and it , was not until the first week or so of February of this year, that. the film was developed.

     At my request, Hazel kindly called in on Saturday, 14th February, with the photographs.  Before me there are three photos -one of Ben taken about; a year ago, lying asleep, with his long, brown/black fur in 'all directions' as it usually looked, and most certainly all the times I had held him in my arms, giving him healing through his continual purring; in fact Derek of ten referred to him as the �Coco-mat ' .  Ben's photo has rounded corners and was taken on a roll fully used months before he died.  The second photograph I am looking at is of Morti, the much larger, stronger, short-black-haired cat with an entirely different coat altogether than Ben's, but taken at the same time as the third photograph, more or less.

     The third photo - the one of  Morti lying in the sun and which Hazel had to reload the camera with film, to take, and which she thought was Ben, a week or 10 days after Ben' s death � shows Ben!!!  There is no possible way the cat lying in the sun is Morti with his thick coat of black short fur.  We are looking at Ben, close-up, lying quite relaxed and happy in the sun�shine, with his longish, brown/black fur 'all over the place' -a cat's coat quite clearly out of condition!

     So not only did Hazel see Ben quite clearly a week or more after his death, but the camera also saw him and pictured the proof so beautifully and clearly, When Hazel showed the photos to her husband, Derek said "Oh �you took a last one of Ben after all then?!"  And Hazel had to say "No, I took the photo of Morti, but it's come out as Ben".

    On the back of the photo is written "Morti looking like Ben�  - but it is reality Ben looking Ben!  Thank you for coming back with a bit more proof, dear Ben!  You're a very important part of the jig-saw you know!  And your Mum and Dad would love to welcome you back in a new, young, happy, healthy body if you have the wish and the need.  God Bless you.



     Several years ago I received an urgent message from John and Sue, who managed a large Animal Sanctuary a few counties away.  George, one of their charges, was a horse about to be shot humanely by their vet. as he had an incurable bone condition in his leg and it was difficult for him to walk or lie.  They and their vet. had tried everything, to no avail.  Could I ask for healing help for him? Yes, of course I would do this, and meanwhile sent them a bottle of Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy to which was Gorse for the hopelessness George was feeling.  Agrimony for the pain and because he was normally a happy and uncomplaining fellow, and Walnut in case he had to be put down - walnut is for great changes in life, and going into the next realm of life is obviously a great change!

     A short while later a most welcome letter was received from John and Sue to say George had made a marvelous recovery � and could they know more about the Dr. Bach Remedies, please � hence they were then introduced to that system of treatment/healing of the whole being, rather than just the physical body. 

     Then several other people, quite unconnected with this episode, or with each other, contacted me (this was before my marriage to Frederick) for healing for their horses. In all cases everything else had been tried and failed.  As far as I am aware, all the horses benefited and many were completely cured, including a beautiful mare called Beauty who had gone blind � her companion, a pony, used to lead her to the bucket of water and the stable when she needed either. 

     Then Frederick had been �heaven-sent� into my life again, and we were asked to treat more horses, as well as other animals.  Before Frederick was first married, he had a racing pony called Scottie, so he was much more used to them than yours truly.  I find them rather over-bearing for my 5 ft. nothing frame and must admit to a sense of nervousness sometimes, especially on being told �you may have to be a bit careful � he gets frisky� � then I have to send out an urgent mental message for help, calmness and courage � mainly for me!

     The Owner of an Arabian Stud Stable somehow heard of our healing work on horses, and contacted us urgently one day - one of her famous horses was in dire straits �could we come as soon as possible, please? He was a handsome fellow and his youngsters had gone to various parts of the world.  Thankfully he was soon healed.  Then more calls came to treat various horses there when such help was needed.  I remember being in a stable with a huge animal and we were treating his side � he obviously like the feel of it and began leaning on us!  I was frantically picturing us being squashed to a pulp on the wall, but in answer to thoughts, he suddenly righted himself and I breathed a sigh of relief from very shaky legs! 

     One day, the Stud Farm owner contacted us again urgently � a friend of hers had a horse dying with laminitis.  I say �dying� because the condition was so severe and painful the animal was unable to stand at all and had been lying on his side in the field for 3 days � no treatment had been able to help and he was on the point of being shot by their vet.  Laminitis is severe inflammation of the sensitive part of the foot, causing pressure of blood on the laminae and severe pain.  Sometimes both fore feet are affected, or both hind feet � sometimes all four together, causing excruciating pain with no inclination to move and the animal exhibits acute pain, anxious expression, with sweating and increased respiration as a rule, with the limb arteries showing a thudding pulse. Vastly uncomfortable to say the least.

     Frederick and I arrived at the scene and it was sad indeed to see the horse lying there.  We gave him healing and the great heat gradually reduced in his feet and legs, then we mentally spoke with him and told him what we were doing and for him to try not to be afraid, and that we were asking �Someone up there� to help heal and make him whole and happy again; that it was possible!  Frederick knelt down and looked into the frightened and sad eyes, and I �talked ' into them .

     Suddenly, the expression changed!  Hope began to light up in them and the listening expression took on a sense of encouragement.  He began to move his legs and then, very gingerly, drew them in, and rolled into a position so that he could get to his feet and stand again.  As he did this and stood towering above us, I don�t know who was more relieved, the horse, his owner, the 'Arabian Lady' or ourselves!  And with encouraging words from Frederick, he made his first faltering, careful steps, until he was confident in himself that it was not causing too much distress at all, and he left his flattened patch of grass to take his freedom again.  We were so delighted for him � you have no idea!

     Some three days later the grateful owner telephoned to say he was cantering happily on the roads again, which showed his confidence in his healed condition.

     In January of last, year, 1986, I received an urgent letter from a lady at a Riding Centre a few counties away; one of her mares was dying and the vets. Said she was unlikely to recover.  But she had read of my healing work in Michael Williams� book �Supernatural in Cornwall�, published by him at Bossiney Books, (which he and his wife, Sonia, own.) in 1974, and said in her letter ". . . Please heal her for me. . . I somehow feel that you can heal her as everything has led me to contact you."  In my reply I explained I can never promise a cure, but that I had mentally asked  for healing and help for help for her young mare, and would hold her in thought and prayer with the vision of her being; beautifully 'repaired' from her physical damage; that hopefully she would be able to respond. 

    Three days after the first letter, another arrived saying the lady had taken Poppi, the mare) to the Royal Veterinary College in London, but no hope was held out for her, unfortunately.  On the 14th January her letter said she had just heard Poppi was a tiny bit better and the vet. was still extremely pessimistic about her and "he does not know why she is still alive.�  Would we please continue with the absent healing for her, and the owner would let us know as soon as there was any change.  I received that letter on

    Wednesday, 15th January, and naturally we continued to seek all possible healing help for Poppi.

     The following day, Thursday, 16th January, I was typing a reply to a friend about something, when suddenly, at 5.0pm I felt it necessary to stop, and meditate on Poppi.  I mentally saw a horse, but looking so very, very sad and forlorn, head down. spirit-less and hopeless.  My heart and soul went out to this dejected figure and I mentally asked what on earth I could do to help, please?

     Suddenly a �magic wand� appeared above the form of the horse, a high-pitched ring was heard, and lo and behold the picture was transformed into a most radiant one � the horse was ALIVE, GLOWING:  Her head was up, her body charged with new life, hope, energy, freedom, happiness.  I could have cried with happiness and relief for her and thanked God for this wonderful happening.  Not being able to draw, I penned a horse, more or less, on the bottom of the letter dated 24th January, with beams of light glowing from it, the �magic wand� above it, and wrote at the side �Thursday, 5.0pm, 16th January, 1968.�  Glancing at the clock, it showed it was just gone 5 o�clock, so it had happened around 5.0pm.

     When my husband got home from work, I told him about the meditation and that �something absolutely wonderful had happened to Poppi at 5 o�clock.�  Also told some friends who are interested in this subject, and we waited to hear from Poppi�s owner � something �miraculous� had taken place at that time and on that day. 

    The following day, Friday, I had to get something in Plymouth, and looking at my watch to catch the bus home again, I saw that it was 5.0pm.  As I looked up, I was passing a shop I�d never seen before, full o paintings and prints � some well-known and others I�d not seen before.  But the one my eyes looked immediately at, and to which I was riveted, goose-flesh all over (always my �yes�, affirmative, important sign, I came to realize over the many years it has now been with me and now with some of my friends), was one of a beautiful, glowing shining horse, flying the night sky on wings.  Pegusus!!!

     Twenty-four hours before I had seen, in meditation, a very similar sight, but without the wings � Poppi in her new state of being!  The framed picture was a gift and was taken home in  great joy.  Not liking the blue color of the frame, I took out the picture to paint the frame �gold� and found it was yet another unique print by our friends at Heron Arts of Hitchin in Hertfordshire, from a painting by Jack Shalatain.  Whichever way you view it, it lights up in differing colors and sheens � I am already ordering further copies for several friends who have seen it and would like it.  That same evening I wrote on the back �Poppi � 5.0pm Thurs. 16.1.86.�

     A day later I was shattered to receive a letter from Poppi�s owner. dated 17th January. Stating that Poppi had died, thanking us for trying to help her, and most kindly enclosing �a donation towards your postage expenses� which was most gratefully received.  But shattered as I felt, and distressed and disillusioned as Poppi�s owner must obviously have felt, I still knew that something very wonderful had taken place at that time for the sick horse.  Writing with my deep and sincere regrets, and explaining what had happened at 5 o�clock on that Thursday, 16th January, I said that it was still very important and meant a great deal and that although it was of little or no consolation to her at the time, perhaps, it would in time to come if she would allow it to happen � for Poppi has somewhere to lead and will be a guiding light for her, if she accepts it. 

     On Friday, 7th February, the horse�s sad owner wrote back to thank me again for my letter and its contents � she could not write before because she was so upset by the loss � but . . . �On Thursday, 16th January at about 4.0pm the vet. in charge of Poppi at the Royal Veterinary College telephoned to say that she had been a lot better during the previous and that day.  On Friday morning I received a message that she had died on that Thursday at about 5.0pm.�

     I then understood.  The �magic wand� released her at that moment to her new life, her spiritual freedom and joy.  I realized she had taken on the same qualities of Mr. & Mrs. Quick, of Panda and Kim, of Bubbles � all of whom I saw after their �death� � and once you have seen loved ones like this, it dissolves the grief, the tears, the heart-ache, although at times you may so long to join them again in their real life.  For this, indeed, is only the shadow in comparison.  Many others will also tell you this � and as Lord Dowding says in one of his books �Don�t take my word for it � find out for yourself!�


Perhaps here would be an appropriate point to quote a lovely piece, published long ago by The National Equine and Smaller Animals Defense League, at the Animals� Refuge and Hospital, Wetheral Shields, Carlisle.  Mr. Tebbutt, the Organizing Secretary could tell us only that the author�s name was Holborn, and that the late Secretary, the well-known Alfred Brisco made various enquires regarding the author and if there was nay copyright, but nothing could be found, and we were kindly given permission to quote it also, which we did for our 250 Christmas cares in 1984.  I am sure the author would like to share his verses with you, too.

Slow me down Lord!  Ease the pounding of my heart by the quieting of my mind.  Steady my hurried pace with a vision of the eternal reach of time.  Give me, amidst the confusion of my day, the calmness of the everlasting hills.  Break the tensions of my nerves and muscles with the soothing music of the singing streams that live in my memory.

Help me to know that magical restoring power of sleep.  Teach me the art of taking minute vacations. . . of slowing down to look at a flower, to chat with a friend, to pat a dog, to read a few lines from a good book.  Remind me each day of the fable of the hare and the tortoise, that I may know that the race is not always to the swift; that there is more to life than measuring its speed.

Let me look upward into the branches of the towering oak and know that it grew great and strong because it grew slowly and well.  Slow me down, Lord and inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of life�s enduring values that I may grow towards the stars of my enduring destiny.