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Experience description:

Reprinted by permission of Experiencer Marilyn  E., from article appearing in Sunday Independent, December 16, 1994, pg. 3

How Thor the Swan Returned for Last Goodbye.

Mrs. Evans is well-known as an animal healer in the West Country or England.  Her ex-Eighth Army husband, a Major in the Army Cadet Force, died age 58 and she has since remarried.  She lives in Saltash and believes implicitly that nothing dies � but only passes over to another existence. 

THOR the swan came to us for help in my small wild bird and animal hospitals (now closed).  He was badly oiled, with an injured leg, and had lost his beloved mate.  It took just an hour to make contact with him and gain his confidence and he allowed me to stroke him.  His response was to put his neck around mine and totally relax.  We were friends!

After I cleaned him in our bath, Thor wandered the garden during the day, at night I tucked him under my arm, carried him upstairs, and he bedded down in the bathroom, quietly �talking� and honking to me.


Nine months later, after masses of cheese, lettuce and saffron cake, Thor decided it was time to return to the wild.  He was released on the Tamar at Moditonham Quay, near Saltash, where he was first rescored and brought to us.

Through the Sunday Independent and various contacts, I found he had �emigrated� over to Torpoint in Cornwall.

On Christmas eve at 10 pm we had an urgent police message � a swan was in trouble at Torpoint.  My husband Dennis and I immediately drove there, but all the swans seemed all right.

Three days later another urgent message came and this time I found Thor lying on the beach.  He was in a terrible state, unable to hold his head up fully and breathing with great difficulty.  He had been washed in and out by the tides for days.  I called his name and rant to him with tears streaming down my face � to find tears trickling down his face also, and dropping slowly off his lowered beak. 


Gathering him in my arms, I placed his soft neck around mine and we all drove home in quietness.  I knew the earthly end was near for him.

The following evening, at 10 o�clock, Thor quietly and peacefully died in my arms.  With a great ache in my heart and a lump in my throat, I prayed to the Supreme Intelligence that Thor would now be re-united with his true mate and find love, peace, freedom and happiness at last, in his continuing life.  All forms of life live on in other vibrations, other dimensions, other worlds, some interplaning our own earth plane.

Next morning, Dennis and I drove with Thor�s white body to return it to the wild again.  We placed it lovingly on the fast-flowing high tide up a little-used estuary near St. Germans, his neck laid gracefully along his back and watched as the waters took him away.  We returned home in silent thought.

One evening four years later I was stunned to find Dennis had quite suddenly left his earthly body too � sitting in his chair just minutes after we had been talking about animal healing.  It must be a wonderful way to go home � to go to sleep in one world and awaken in another.  At his semi-military funeral the weather was grey and drizzling.  After the service, taken by an army padre and a Spiritualist minister, both friends, we came to the graveside, unable to see more than a few yards through the gloom.


A bugler sounded the Last Post, and as the last, deeply moving notes died away in the still air, a shaft of light lit up the scene.  I felt a sudden sense of awe.  Three mourners asked me if I had seen what was in the extraordinary beam of light.

Each described . . . a swan with outstretched wings.  That is why a swan is carved on Dennis� headstone.  And that is why Frederick now my husband, and I have chosen this beautiful picture as our special Christmas card this year.

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I was never close to my parents in any way as they had a demanding business to run.  But to my utter shame, almost at the end of my father's physical life, one day I pointed out to him all the things I had kept within about my upbringing - how they (my parents) had no time for me, never encouraged in anything but always tended to ridicule instead, which I allowed to destroy any confidence and I became a person of very low self-esteem, never able to please them. I immediately deeply regretted the words to my quiet, sensitive father, who, at the then age of 94 and living with my husband and I here in our home, could really do nothing to change the past or make it any better.  Dad was devastated to know how I had felt, and obviously had no idea, also that I had always been very frightened of my mother's tongue and angry attitude.
I prayed deeply for forgiveness - could my father ever forgive me for making him feel so guilty at the end of his life when there was nothing he could do to alter things now?  Due to family difficulties I was thereafter rarely able to see him before his 'death' at 96 in hospital.  The guilt and distress I felt for those two years and after his 'death' was absolutely appalling - until the day here, 3 and a half years later, in June, 2000, when Joy saw him with his hand on my shoulder, his face full of happiness and love, with a most wonderful message for me.  He referred to 'that day' and my words, about which no-one knew, and saying there was nothing to forgive - that he had always loved me and was sorry that he could never show it. He mentioned all the relevant things I had told him and explained it all clearly. Joy was baffled about it all, of course, and then returned to her home.
Later that day I told Frederick all about it, saying I wish Dad could give me confirmation about his message. That evening Dad asked Joy (back in her own home) if she would please type a letter to me for him as "Marilyn wants confirmation!"
But I could still not forgive myself for having hurt my father so much, and mentally asked how on earth I could ever forgive myself.

It was made known to me in sleep state that night that if I had not told him those 'home truths' he would have 'gone on' without realizing there was unfinished business back here on the Earth plane.  Because of that sad realization, he wished to try to make up for earlier times and be a sort of Guardian Angel to help me now. My mother now also appears to Joy and gives messages for me - she has asked for my forgiveness and to help build the Rainbow Bridge where we can meet to have a happier relationship than in the past, and she wishes to help also, now. Reading recently the excellent book "It is Never Too Late" I was intrigued to read that the husband who had passed on, Mark, told his wife that 'forgiveness is remembering without bitterness'. And what I find here that is so very important  is that I now know that it is really NEVER TOO LATE to make amends - through forgiveness, even though we appear to be separated by what we term death.... I now feel so very, very different about my parents and am able to forgive them and feel a great debt of gratitude to them both, which I trust will be ongoing. 
(Perhaps it would help others to know this in case they think it is too late to try to put something right with 'dead' loved ones and feel terrible guilt, too, which darkens life so much.  They can mentally explain things or write a letter (which I often do, alone at the computer) to anyone who has gone on, or to one's Higher Self who, being the God-part of ourselves, knows everything.)


Marilyn has regular and continued contact with her father through Joy, a psychically gifted person, in England.  Marilyn wrote a letter to her deceased father asking about her mother.  She asked specific questions, such as how they are doing, what her mother and dad do all day, how is the garden doing, and about her own health problems on earth.  That evening, her friend Joy telephoned Marilyn, �Marilyn � have you just written your dad a letter, because here is the answer � get a pen!�  Following is the letter my father dictated to Joy to pass on to Marilyn told in first person by Marilyn.

�Dear Marilyn, Thank you very much for your letter.  I am very well and happy, pottering around in the garden.  Mum is also well and sends her love to you, and to thank you for starting to build the Rainbow Bridge for it to be possible to meet there.  The Chrysanthemums (Frederick and I bought a lovely bronze plant for Mother�s Day, 2 weeks away yet) are lovely � as you know, it is her favourite. 

We are sorry some days you are not feeling well and get down.  But this WILL PASS WITH TIME AND PATIENCE ON YOUR BEHALF.  YOU WILL GET THERE, ALTHOUGH YOU THINK YOU NEVER WILL.  Trust in Faith.  We are always there for you.  Try and live your life to the full.  Love � Mum and Dad.

PS. THOR (the Swan we had here) sends his great affection and a lot of love.  Please tell his story in words for all to read and understand.  Also all the other animals you have helped.  Call your book �THE HEALING ANIMAL SANCTUARY.�  Don�t worry about not knowing what to write, as I will put words into your mind.  He says � just tell my story as it was and is.  Then, when you have finished, contact Cygnet Publishers (who are they??).  They will do what is needed to be done.  It won�t be a thick book, but the contents will say it all.  Much love � Thor.�

Marilyn began the book the next day and the manuscript is now in the hands of an Agent in Wiltshire. 

One last addendum note from Marilyn states, �I find it fascinating that loved ones are now �coming through� television, radio and computers (which is why I bought this one 2 years ago!)  My father has already had a go, printing out various signs and symbols I had no idea existed in the machine!  I�d love the animals and birds to make more contact.  In the 1920�s a Polish bank manger, Franek Kluski, in remarkable demonstrations in university laboratories for the Polish Society for Psychical Research, Warsaw, and French Institut Metapsychique, Paris, astounded investigators with the materialization of a 8-10 foot wingspan eagle, who perched on his shoulder, cats purring, dogs jumping on sitters laps and licking their faces, squirrels, mink, a human with a tame lion walking among the people there.

Perhaps I am more fortunate than most in that I have seen some of my loved ones who have passed from their physical bodies � Mr. & Mrs. Quick who helped raise me from a youngster, Panda and Kim, two of my beloved dogs and Bubbles one of my cats.  They were all amazingly well and happy, looking vibrant in their continuing happy lives.  It is good to know we shall all meet again, though I have not seen them or anyone else actually materialize [in our plane] as yet. . .

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