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Experience description:

Reprinted by permission of Experiencer Marilyn  E., who has the copyright 2002 along with her publisher. 

     A black and white stray cat, paralyzed in his hind limbs, was brought to me in 1971.  He had lain by the side of a house in Saltash for 3 days when a friendly soul picked him up, knocked on the door of the house and explained about the cat. She was told, "Well, he's not ours- he's been lying there for 3 days and we don't want him!"

The lady took him home and cared for him with her own animals. She was unable to afford veterinary help for him, though he was in great pain when moved, and only able to pull himself along with his front legs. She was also unable to keep him, living in a council flat and being a widow.

     After 10 days in her care, the lady brought the sad cat to me for help. On going to lift him from the basket, healing poured into him through my hands, which I then gently rested on his back, silently asking for help. After several minutes, he gazed intently into my eyes -and leapt up onto the window sill, purring!!  The 'Good Samaritan' nearly fainted with shock, saying "But he can't do that -he's paralyzed!"  She was absolutely astonished.

    We were packed with animals and birds and Dennis was not amused to find yet another joining the family, after all advertisements for Charlie's owner or a new home proved fruitless.  We were living hand-to-mouth as it was - all those years ago at the Mousehole Wild Birds' Hospital in Cornwall, when I wished for my own animal and bird sanctuary, it never occurred to me to also ask for the funds to run it, and the space to accommodate the residents!  No-one had told me one had to tie up such little loose ends as that!

When we then had Charlie neutered, the vet estimated he was some 4 years old. He remained with us for the next 16 years of his Earthly life, and during the whole of those years, he was my beloved friend and companion, often sitting with that same look of intent into my eyes, seeking to share with me some inner knowledge and understanding of which I was not aware. He appeared on BBC TV "Nationwide" in 1976, on the healing of birds and animals here, in the small sanctuary of those days.

   As the years came and went, I became more aware of spiritual matters and to attunement within, as far as possible -to that greater.  Something within each and every one of us, and found my awareness gently changing, as the understanding deepened.

   In October, 1987, my dear friend suddenly lost his sight; at the same time he became totally deaf. He still showed his love by purring happily in one's presence, finding his way onto a lap or into bed at night, where he found comfort in closeness.  He then lost his appetite completely, and became very weak. He was now about 20 years of age.

   On the 2nd November, our friend Christine, called to see us. She is able, at times, to see radiant Beings of Light, visions, and receive telepathic messages, as I have been privileged to receive on very rare occasions. On this day, a Light Being appeared to Chris, giving his name as Markos and informing us that he was Charlie's 'guardian'; that Charlie had come to individuals for eons of time, down through the ages, to help them in their spiritual advancement and in their daily lives; that when his task was again finished, he would return to Markos again, in the Light. The Being explained that I was not to worry about Charlie's condition - just to care for him whilst he was still with Frederick and I here at Shalom Ubracha (which means Peace with Blessings). This message helped greatly.

Sadly, the dear lad became thinner and weaker until after agonizing for two days and nights, we decided to call our kindly vet to come to put him 'to sleep'.

    Whilst awaiting the vet. I was impressed to sit down with Charlie, close my eyes and open, at random, the great tome "A Course in Miracles" (ACIM) which was dictated by Jesus to Dr. Helen S. over a course of 7 years, and which I had by then been studying deeply for the past 3 years. Closing my eyes. with Charlie purring contentedly on my lap, I opened ACIM and saw my finger was on Lesson 94 -"I am as God created me." This, of course, reminds us that we are SPIRIT, as God is �- He created us in His own image which is pure SPIRIT -we have encompassed ourselves about with a physical form down through our many incarnations, until we have forgotten our true Being and inheritance.

    Immediately wishing to include my little friend, I changed this, mentally and aloud, to 'We are as God created us. ..This is the Self That never left Its home in God to walk the world uncertainly. This is the Self That knows no fear, nor could conceive of loss or suffering or death. ...Remind yourself hourly "I am as God created me. I am His Son eternally". ..each time you do will be a giant stride toward your release and a milestone in learning the thought system which this course sets forth."

    �We are as God created us, Charlie! Not the body which I now see you in �and we shall meet again, Charlie, in our Real Selves -in our Real Home!"  Peace came as we waited for the vet to call. ..

     At noon that day, Tuesday, 17th November, my beloved friend slipped gently and quietly out of his physical garment. All that day I had to keep reminding myself "We are as God created us, Charlie -we are Spirit -and you are not dead, but alive - somewhere -be happy- see you!"

      The following morning, I was suddenly overcome with the utmost anguish at the physical loss of my old and dear friend -where was he now, God?

     At that moment, Frederick called to me that Christine was on the telephone. I walked sadly down the stairs. She was agog with excitement! After taking her young son to school, the steering wheel of her car refused to turn into her driveway -instead, her car took her down to her nearby beach car park, where she then sat, wondering what on earth it was all about and not knowing that Charlie was 'dead'.

      Quite suddenly a message was channeled through, very quickly and very clearly.  Fortunately, pen and paper were close to hand and as fast as her hand could write, the words poured through -from Charlie! ! !

     �My time had come to leave you.  I have returned to my Light Source.  Do not grieve over my suffering.  I have journeyed many times and can rise above my body.  My Light Source is always waiting.  You are following the right path, Marilyn �- My love and light shine upon you and Frederick.  Do not forget -I am still only a whisper away!"

    What a tremendously uplifting message from our 'little' friend! What a marvelous answer to prayer! A miracle! It turned my sorrow into great joy for him, and though I still miss his physical presence, I try to keep in mind his words and to more fully understand and realize them in their Reality.

     A few days later a friend asked how Charlie was -I explained he had 'passed on' at noon on the Tuesday. "But he can't have -I passed your house at 4 o'clock on Tuesday, to the post box, and he was playing in your garden -leaping around like a youngster. If there had been time I was going to call in and ask what miracle cure you had given him in his old age! I called him and he came over to 'speak' to me, then went back to playing again -it was lovely to see him looking so young and active once more!"

    I asked if she was quite sure it was Charlie. "Oh yes -I know Charlie as well as I know my own cat, Marilyn!" 

    Charlie had worn a cat's body in this incarnation, but who is he in Reality? What great souls are inhabiting animal or bird bodies in this third dimensional world of ours. which we only see with our very limited physical sight? Very few of us have Real Vision or can see with our Inner or Third Eye -there is a mention of it in the Bible -"'Let your eye be single," What great missions are some of the Animal Kingdom on -and do we help or hinder them in their tasks, in their own as well as in our evolutions? How dreadfully sad for those unfortunate creatures imprisoned in factory farms, research laboratories, zoos, circuses, etc. etc. What a dreadful karmic debt we shall have to pay, to these Creatures of God... ...We are asked to "Do unto others as you would be done by." Perhaps we should really try to do just that???