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        For a few years, I studied the teachings of the Ramala Society which ‘came through' Higher Beings, and which I found of great interest and teaching value.  Through this, I came to correspond with David and Ann who were the channels, David being a full-time pilot for British Airways, and receiving messages, information and lessons from other life-forms on different wavelengths, including our Space Friends.

        Later, the Ramala Society moved to Chalice Hill House in Glastonbury and I was invited to "come for a sitting with David as soon as possible . . . we really do think that you need the guidance, and very much hope that you will be able to make it.  How about Sunday, 15th June?"

         This was 1975 by now and my immediate reply was that it would be, marvelous to do this -Dennis, had kindly offered to drive me there on that day.

         Unfortunately, on the 12th June, Den was dashed into the Intensive Care Unit with a heart attack -not much frightened him, but this did, and it was only the second time I had ever seen him distressed enough to cry.  My mother then became very ill again- perhaps, through the shock of his sudden illness, as they had become quite close in their friendship, after a difficult start.

         I never did get to have the sitting with David, the pilot, or learn directly from a personal message from Ramala.

        Den recovered slowly and was later able to return to work, although he was still suffering muchly with emphysema, making breathing difficult at times, and having to sleep with the help of 5 pillows under his head.

         On Monday, 17th November, I began to feel terrible, but then quite suddenly the lovely, poignant song of "The Lost Chord" burst into my thoughts and it became so strong, so persistent, all day long, that I began singing and whistling it, wherever I was.  The words particularly emphasized to me were "May be that Death's Angel will speak in that chord again . . . “  I have never before thought of the Bright Angel of Death!  And this put a different picture on it altogether.  With the repetition of the tune and words all day, came a great upliftment, though I was by then aware that someone close was about to be lifted up by this Bright Angel; either my husband or myself!

        In case it was to be me, I hurriedly set about clearing up the vast amount of outstanding correspondence still strewn allover my typing table, setting a stock of food in for Den and all the birds and animals, asking Den if he would please take care of them for me, if it was my time to go Home, and to apologize to my friends and parents.

         The following day I awoke with "The Lost Chord" and again although feeling awful within myself, I was yet uplifted by this insistent, haunting song. Hurrying with more letters to answer I happened to look at the ceiling and saw it was pretty dowdy.  Can't go off and leave the ceiling looking that bad, I decided, so rushed and sot some white emulsion, plucked up the courage to stand atop the ladder and finished with a nice, bright, clean ceiling.

         At 2.30pm the next day, Wednesday, my brother Phillip came in, quite unexpectedly and said I had better sit down . . . Mum had been taken to Freedom Fields Hospital with a cerebral hemorrhage - we, with my father, went in right away to see her, of course, and she was just able to speak through the corner of her mouth, but unable to open her eyes at all.  I asked her how she was feeling, and to our surprise, she said she was feeling fine!  And after a huge yawn, and a "My goodness gracious!” from me, Mum said I could have thrown a hand of bananas in if I’d liked!  My father was very upset, of course, as was my brother and his wife, but all the time the "Bright Angel" was with me and I could only feel a calm, gentle quietness for my mother -she had been poorly and uncomfortable for a long time.

         We all took in turns visiting Mum the next day, of course, but were told she was then unconscious and would not know we were there.  However, I noticed that her thumb on one hand was moving up and down constantly, so, holding her hand I said quietly to her:  “Mum if you can still hear me, and understand what I am saying, answer 'Yes’ by giving 2 taps on my hand with your thumb."  She immediately stopped all movement in her thumb, then gave two very definite separate taps on the back of my thumb, with her thumb!  I asked her if she could give one tap with her thumb to indicate 'no' - this she immediately did.  So she was not unconscious as the medical staff and doctors had believed!  She was aware of what was being said and could still respond!

         I then asked her several other questions which she immediately answered with her thumb.  Was she comfortable?  "Yes."  Was she worried about any thing?  "No."   Was she hungry? "No."  Did she know she was I going Home?  "Yes."  Was she afraid? "No."   Was she able to see her Mother, my Grandmother, who had passed on several years before? Mum had nursed her to the last and who 'died' with such a lovely smile on her face seeing someone she obviously loved very much and was very special to her, who was waiting for her there: Her answer to this last question was a very clear "YES!" with a very firm thumb press, twice.  I was happy for her that she was feeling this within herself, her mind, and was happy, and there was no grief -just thankfulness she was really 'alright' in her real self, even though her physical shell had now about played its full roll in her earthly life for this particular incarnation.

         At 10:10 pm, Friday, 2lst November, 1975, my mother took leave of her physical body, hopefully with those she'd known and loved there to greet her in the new dimension of life.  Here, I would like to recall the words of Edward Lord Lytton from his book "The Coming Race," published in 1886, when, living with a very advanced Race of People, he attended one of their cremation ceremonies, after which the ashes are placed reverently in a 'patere,' a type of casket, on the lid of which was engraved the name of the deceased, and the words: "Lent to us" (here the date of birth) and "Recalled from us" (here the date of' death').

         I had forgotten to mention that one of the questions I asked my mother when she was 'unconscious’ was whether she could actually. see us all there around her bedside at the hospital -although her physical eyes had remained closed since her stroke.  She replied, through her thumb, that she could see everyone of us with her: my father, brother, his wife Helen, their son Phillip, Dennis and me. So her spiritual eye was fully aware.           

         My father took my mother's passing reasonably well, especially being over 70 years of age at the time. He has kept his personal feelings very close to his heart and always tried to put a bright face on things.  We feel very, proud of him that now, at the age of 84, he copes quite well living on his own at Mousehole in Cornwall, in the old home of his parents and his boyhood with his brother Bill.  After an injury several years ago, his right leg has become somewhat lifeless, but despite this, he continues to do his best to cope and look after himself, exercising most days to keep it as active as possible.