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Michelle H's ADC

Experience description:  

My mother was ill and dying and at a very young age may I add. She was never afraid of death and actually welcomed it. Her attitude towards passing was amazing. She couldn't wait to go 'HOME' as she put it. 

She had always told me that when she passed, she would come to me and let me know she made it. This was something over my life she kept promising.

The night after the funeral, I was exhausted. Mentally and emotionally. As I crawled into bed, I looked around the room and said, "Not tonight mom, please don't come tonight. I'm so exhausted I wouldn't be able to enjoy your visit anyways."

I curled up and went into a deep sleep after a day of utter emotional exhaustion.

During the middle of the night, I was awoke out of a dead sleep and sat up. I will never forget this experience or the feelings for as long as I live.

I had a smile that stretched wide across my face and just knew she was there. I could "feel" her there  The entire room was lit up with a white light that was unlike a light here on earth. There (and this is where it gets difficult to describe in words) was a love in that room not of this earth. It was the deepest, most accepting and penetrating love that I have ever felt in my life. But the most amazing part was that it was not just in the room, it was EVERYWHERE. Like it filled every crack and crevice, every corner of the room, it was all encompassing. It was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever felt. My smile got wider and I said out loud, "Hi mom, you came anyways. I love you."  I laid my head back down on the pillow to go back to sleep in this beautiful euphoric feeling that was all around me. 

It was then that she appeared at my feet. She was ecstatic. I'd never seen her so happy, so full of life and we communicated but not orally. It was all mentally. I heard her words perfectly and I did not speak either. My thoughts were now my voice. She wanted to show me how wonderful it was where she was.

It was then that I felt myself starting to leave my body and she was assuring me it would be ok.  I was then aware there was another presence in the room directly beside her. I felt this presence was a guide of some sort that came with her.

As I felt myself slowly leaving my body, I suddenly got scared and came back in , hard. I then heard her say "She's scared"  as she looked to her left at this other presence which I could not see but absolutely felt and knew was there. She then asked this presence if there was any other way she could show me and I distinctly heard the presence say "yes". 

All of a sudden there was a massive blinding white light which point of origin seemed to start between my eyes near my forehead that expanded outward and filled my entire vision. And then I remember nothing. I had the intuitive sense that I was not allowed to. I woke up in the morning refreshed and happy and do not remember a thing after I saw this explosion of white light.

I wished to share this experience because although I did not have a near death experience, I experienced someone who went to the other side and showed me that they still existed and they were happy. I will never forget that gift because I experienced a love that I have never come close to feeling on this earth in all my life. It was so powerful that I actually missed it for a few days after this experience. I longed to feel it again. I feel blessed for this experience and often wonder what I saw that I wasn't allowed to remember.