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Rebecca's ADC

Experience description:  

In 1975 on Mother's day, my grandmother passed away from abdominal cancer.  Even though she resided in Texas and I was living in California, I was very close to her.  She raised me until I turned age 16.  I was devastated when she told me that I had to return to my parents. 

I had visited her in Texas prior to her passing over.  I had returned to California.  I went to sleep and my grandma woke me up.  She was standing by my bed, hands palm-side up in front of her.  I sat up and put my hands in hers.  I felt like a pulling throughout my body and my spirit came out through the top of my head.  My hands were still holding hers when I looked down and saw myself lying in bed.  I told her that I haven't lived and had children, so couldn't go with her.  I awoke with the windows billowed, the bedroom door slammed shut, and the windows were closed.  I saw her walk past the bed and out of the bedroom.  I got up and followed her to the living room.  The curtains billowed and the windows closed.  The front door slammed loudly despite being locked with 3 locks.  The rocking chair was rocking.  My dad came out of his room.  the phone rang and he answered it.  It was my mom saying that my grandmother had just passed away.  I told her what happened.  My dad had heard the locked door slam and saw the rocking chair still rocking. 

Last year my dad passed away and the same thing happened, only my husband had been the witness to the front door slamming.