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I would like to tell you a very very very special true story. When I was 16 years old. (I am 28 now.)� I dated a very special young man. His name was Edwin and he was 16 also.� We were very close and very much a part of each other's heart and soul. I know at 16 everyone says you don't know what love is or what it is about but somehow we did.We felt like we were soul mates I can't explain the feeling we just knew somehow we were special.� On�a Thursday night July 2, 1987 he picked me up from work and drove me home sitting in the car I had this overwhelming fear I was going to lose him and I did not want to get out of the car. I hugged and kissed him and I told him I felt like I was going to lose him some how. He hugged me back and looked me in the eyes and said baby, you know you're never going to lose me. I asked him to call me the second he got home so I would know he was safe and he did. The feeling went away. The next night Friday July 3, 1987 I was staying at his house over the weekend my parents were in Atlanta looking for a place for us to live we were moving there at the end of the summer.

He picked me up from work that night and we drove to a party. At the party a fight broke out and he was supposedly stabbed by mistake. He ran to the phone to dial for help and collapsed I was right beside him and hysterical.

Finally an ambulance came and I followed behind in a car with a friend and her boyfriend and I started to pray not with my head, but with my HEART, MY SOUL, MY ENTIRE BEING. I not only prayed to God but to him I wanted his soul to hear me. I did not want him to leave me. When we got to the hospital we were sent to a family room. I was opposite room facing the door. My friend Michelle was sitting beside me I was bent over praying harder than I have ever prayed before. Michelle kept trying to tell me he was going to be all right. While I was praying with my entire being a feeling came over me.It was him. Tears fall as I write this. He came to me and said I love you. I can't be with you right now but one day we will be together. He said you will make it. I cried and begged him don't leave me and he said always remember that I love you and have faith and he said goodbye. I screamed and Michelle said he's going to make it I said no, Michelle he's gone. At at that moment Father O' Brian walked into the room and said he's with the lord and I fell to my knees.

After that he would come to me in my dreams they were so real I know they were real. I think that was Gods way of helping me cope by letting me visit with him in my dreams. Finally the dreams stopped and still today sometimes before I go to bed I wish he would come back to visit me. I still miss him and wonder what my life would have been with him. But I hang on to the words he spoke to me that I know one day we will be together and I carry on with my life I am married and have a beautiful little girl. But the experience with him that I had is one I will never never forget. I believe that souls can reach out to one another. I don't know who you are and I know this was not a near death experience but for me it was a very special spiritual experience one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you for listening.