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At the beginning of this account about my darling wife of 55 years, Sue and me, I have to declare that all of my acquired wisdom, general knowledge, and belief system did NOT accept that there was even a possibility of such occurrences as they were not permitted, allowed or could actually happen.

2May2012  Sue was admitted to Hospital for the removal of  benign cysts on her ovaries. This was unsuccessful as one ovary had to be left behind and she  caught  a Super Bug., a flesh eating virus. Her bowel had been perforated  multiple times which led to a number of operations including one to fit her with a �Stoma� bag and later its reversal, removal of her small bowel and finally being told �No further surgery could cure her condition�. She chose to come home on 23August2012 to die after 4 months and numerous operations.

30August2012.  Just before she died at 6:40 am , I saw her soul leave her body as a shaft of vertical light from her mouth .

Her death is now a matter for the Coroner.

7September2012.   Sue�s funeral and cremation.

21October2012. In the morning, I was having a really bad  morning, the aching loss and very tearful and I cried out to Sue �Show me a sign that everything�s all right. Then I said �I know you can�t give me one as it�s not possible or allowed.�

I had calmed down by that afternoon and I was standing at the fridge with the door open pondering what to eat. Then I sensed and felt that Sue was standing behind me on my right hand side. Her legs and hips were giving off real warmth and I could feel them without actually touching. Then I turned around and saw Sue standing there smiling, her eyes were sparkling .She had a totally black background She had long shoulder length hair, no glasses, blue top with a couple of wavy white horizontal lines, grey twill trousers and was barefoot.  There was no evidence of the arthritis that caused her left hip and knee to make her lean  to the left as her leg had become shorter. No evidence of any other pain, no  evidence of the hole in her stomach caused by the flesh eating virus and the vacuum dressing attachment.

She appeared to be about in her late Twenties or early Thirties. She was standing upright with her hands slightly turned out from her side  and I could imagine her saying � Look at this� Sue then disappeared in a flash, leaving me in quite a contented frame of mind.

I have thought long and hard about this happening and I am convinced more than ever that �love never dies� and Sue had managed to give me this message.

Her hair was long  when I asked to wear it that way which she did , early on, until there were too many little kids to look after. But further, Sue made sure I would understand, as her hair was much, much longer than she used to wear it.

No glasses. Sue had to wear them all the time in the later years. Her sparkling eyes and the beginnings of her beautiful smile were one of her trademarks.

Barefoot. No evidence of toenail problem and I would recognise her beautiful tiny feet  anywhere.

This happened exactly as described. I was wide awake and  in a good frame of mind. I did not feel dismay or disturbed but felt very peaceful and happy to see her.  

#October1998#  After the death of our youngest son,  Andrew James, the family scattered his ashes in the cemetery of  a small country Church. As everyone was leaving, our daughter , Margaret, saw Andrew sitting under a tree, smiling and smoking a cigarette. On her return home, her daughter, Elisabeth, who was  also present ,told Margaret that she had  seen the same thing.#

,26October2012.A few evenings later, I was asleep on the couch  after watching TV. I woke up and saw that Sue was sitting at the table reading the Paper, as she often did. Again, No Glasses, long dark hair and a cream long sleeved blouse. She had her left hand to her cheek, the right on the paper, a  pose she always used  to take when reading. I looked across and was quite contented to see that Sue was reading the paper. At the same time, there was a little old Lady, my mother, sitting forward beside me  on the  edge of the couch. I asked her �Have you got bad eyes?�. She did not answer and I understood she was upset with me. When I looked back towards Sue,   there was a young woman with red hair between Sue and I. She had a mid green top and floor length tweed-ish skirt.  I have no idea who she was.

4November2012   Some days later, I got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen when I stopped dead in my tracks. I smelt Sue�s personal odour, it was not perfume or scent but a very close personal, smell that was familiar to me over all those years. My nostrils were filled with 3 very deep breaths that could not be confused with anything else. Due to Sue�s nature, I was very surprised and then very grateful that she could give this to me.

25May2013  I recall exactly when this happened, It was just before Out of Coober�s  race in Adelaide that day. I had just sat down on the couch to watch the race on Sky Racing and was thinking to myself what a losing day I  was having �on the punt� when Sue�s voice broke in over the top of my musing to say. With a hint of a happy chuckle � it�ll be all right�.  I accepted what she said and calmly watched Out of Coober win at 16/1. That made it a winning day.

 When I told  my daughter Valerie  about this she said �Once when I was having a worrying time,  I heard Mum�s voice say �It will be all right, Darling�