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Experience description:

I was sitting at my desk in London England and without knowing how else to describe it, I just knew that my grandfather on my mother's side was "there". He was above my head and to the right. I had a mental image of him even though he died 20 years before I was born and I've only seen one photograph of him. He started off by just being kind of silly or happy. I felt a giggle coming on and said to him (with my mind) "what are you doing here". It seemed very comfortable and relaxed. I'd never had so much as a real thought about him before this.

At that point, my mother's mother showed up in a kind of wispy, 'just floating in' way and stood next to my grandfather with her hands together in front of her. I was started to get perplexed and my grandfather said, "the sun is shining on you." I can't remember what was thought between us but 'stuff happened' mentally and my grandmother seemed a little worried about something. Then, I sort of drifted away from them in my thoughts - my grandfather still acting silly - and thought, well, if I'm connecting, let me just ask if I'm going to ever have a child.

At that point, a sort of haze was in front of me (not really but in my mind's eye) and it was kind of gray and I understood the baby to say, "you have to get healthy, so starting from this very moment, start to get healthy.". After this I just let it all go in a kind of amused way. Now for the kicker! My mother, whom I had recently resolved all past differences with, was coming to join me in London and we were going off to Thailand together for a vacation. A few hours after this experience, I called my friend who has psychic abilities and just started going through usual stuff about life - I wanted to see if she'd bring up my grandparents (whom we've never discussed in past readings) or the visit. She didn't. So, at the end of my reading, I said to her, are there any messages for me - meaning from the other side. She said, 'your grandfather wants to tell you that the sun is shining on you'. I nearly fell out of my chair! She'd been reading me for some time but I've always held tightly to my skepticism.

Then I said, am I ever going to have a child? She said, yes, but he (slip up) wants to come through a healthy body so starting from this very moment...' I stopped listening in pure shock. I can't remember the rest of her sentence. So, from that day on, I've been very highly charged in paying attention to 'messages' and things around me. It really changed my life. I told my mother about what had happened and when I described her parents and their demeanor - knowing I'd never met them, she just started to cry. We haven't discussed it since. I was really blown away. I still am.