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Experience description:  

A.D.C #1 � Jan 20, 2014 (Monday Eve @ 10:30pm)       

In Stockton, CA at my daughter�s house, �NO ONE� is near the computer in the front room. The computer is turned off. The 2 grandsons are down the hallway, in their bedrooms. My daughter is outside having a smoke.

The oldest boy goes running outside to his mother! �MOM?!, Did you just turn on the computer!?�  As he is holding the house door open, my daughter hears the computer, �BLARING OUT!� some song! All by itself! She runs into the house and listens to the words. It is a song called, �Victim� (see first pdf transcribed document for lyrics) by a music ground named, �Avenge Seven-Fold� � song number #8 on their CD. My daughter can�t figure out how or why this starts playing on its own! She tells her son, �Remember this song!� � It�s gotta be a sign from someone for some reason!?

Since Jay�s death, this song has presented itself often!

A.D.C #2 � Jan 21, 2014 (Tuesday)

        The very next day � Jay�s body is discovered in his bed. He had died the eve before! The same night Amber�s computer starts blaring out the song, �Victim!�  I had called my daughter on the 21st and told her of Jay�s sudden death. She cried, �No Momma! You�re joking?!� Then she cries, �But you were going to start a life together!� I don�t know anything yet about �victim� playing at her home the night before! And she doesn�t even remember to tell me of it. On Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014, she told me, �Mom, I think Jay turned on that song on my computer because he�d just died!�

A.D.C #3 � Jan 26, 2014 (Sunday morning)

        Five days after Jay�s death, as I am walking down the street to go to church, I speak to Jay�s spirit asking him to show me a sign today that he is still with me? And that he is okay?


        In that very next hour, Jay gave me 2 signs! The 1st sign was the opening song, �Amazing Grace�. I have that very song recorded on my cell phone - which I had played and shared with Jay using his electric guitar... Just weeks before his passing, he listened to it, with his sweet smile and dimples, showing me his approval. Then the 2nd sign at church � was the �sermon� itself. Shortly before Jay died, he had sat across my dining table for me and we talked about the bible. We had many conversations, over our short 18 months together about random verses; stories; and parables of the �good book.�

        Jay�s words to me, recently were, �Young men will have dreams, and old men shall see visions.� That was the exact same words, �out� of the minister�s mouth on this Sunday morning! I COULD HARDLY BELIEVE IT!!! Jay�s exact words to me too!

A.D.C #4 � Feb 2, 2014 (Sunday morning)

        Again on this morning, as I was walking to church, I am talking again to Jay�s spirit. Asking him for another sign, again, Jay shows me 2 signs at church this morning. They are; �Amazing Grace� is again the first song to play! Then the �sermon� is the 2nd sign.

        Shortly before Jay�s death, again across the table from me, he looks into my eyes and asks me, �Sheep? Why does God call his most favorite creation sheep?� Then Jay says � they �stink� and they are �dumb!� Then Jay tells me, �I look at �Jesus� as my personal �Attorney� to go before me during my judgment.�

        So guess what this Sunday�s sermon is all about, Jody? Yep, �sheep� and �Jesus is our Lawyer!�  NO LIE!

        Also, we all knew Jay was jumping for joy on 02-02-14! Because his favorite team, �Seahawks!� won the Super Bowl! � FINALLY!...

A.D.C #5 � Feb 18, 2014 (Tuesday Eve)

        Jay visits his best friend and neighbor of the last 25 years, in a visitation dream. His friends name is C.W. Now C.W. is the one who had to break-in to Jay�s house, just to find Jay dead in his bed! C.W. was so hurt! Jay was like a son to C.W. So on this Tuesday eve, while C.W. is asleep, Jay comes to him in a dream. C.W. said to Sheila it was so real! Just like we were both sitting down at my table having a drink. C.W. then proceeds in this dream, to ask Jay, well what the hell happened, Jay. Then C.W. tells me Jay says this...to him in reply, Well, C.W, I knew since last November 2013 since after my colonoscopy in Seattle, WA that my heart just wasn�t feeling right. And I was so tired all the time. Had strange heart pains too.

        Jody, I went to Seattle that November with Jay for that procedure. Jay dashed right out of that room after they were all done with him! Jay tells me then, I watched the whole thing on a video screen and they took these tiny little claws, to take tons of tissue samples from the polyp area. They had me bleeding like a stuck pig! Jody, up until his death, Jay had experienced a dull aching in his posterior. Jay had also used the word got punctured � to C.W. and to Mike. Jay dies 8 weeks after his colonoscopy � with no absolute proof yet, of any kind that it was cancerous. Iodine injections 4 days before death.

A.D.C #6 � Feb 20, 2014 (Thursday night)

        Two nights after Jay�s dream with C.W � Jay visits me. I asked Jay that night before closing my eyes to sleep to please come to me in my dreams. In this first dream from Jay, I only feel him, holding me and comforting me as I sleep. Yes, he will also visit me again later on, in a second dream � on another night. Only this time I see him and hear him! Singing me a song! That I have since written and composed � from Jay to me. Song called, �Heaven May.�

A.D.C #7 March 7, 2014 (Friday night)

        Jay visits me for the second time in my dreams. Approximately six weeks since his death. This dream visitation was more real than real itself. Jay was sitting on a wooden crate, playing and singing to me on his guitar a song I had never before heart and the tune was simple, but sweet! He was also wearing a tan colored cowboy hat. He was in a spot light because in the background all around Jay � it was black.  I can remember it so well, that I woke up, right after this dream, went into my study at 5 am and proceeded to write down the words and hum the melody. I have in fact recorded the song recently. He sang me these words;


























Jody � �this is why� this song is so personal to me.

From Jay:

        In 1970 Jay did see me on a hill for the first time. He had stopped, and jumped out of his truck right in front of my parent�s house. I was sitting under a shade tree and the hill was green grass. He ran up to me, sat down on my right hand side, smiled at me and said, �Hi, I�m Jay. I just had to come up here to meet this beautiful angel sitting on this hill. Jay was 17 years old and I was 16 (sweet 16). He then asked me my name, and then he took and held my left hand to his face and kissed it softly.

        When we finally reunited all these decades later, we had special names for each other. He was my �sailor� and I was his, �baby doll�. I am pretty sure that I still am!

A.D.C #8 � May 13, 2014 (Tuesday Eve @ 9:52 pm)

        Once again, for a second time in Stockton, Calif. at my daughter�s house � Jay�s Song, �Victim� �Breaks� in �ABRUPTLY�, stopping another song, and taking over the �AIRWAYS on her electronic tablet. She is puzzled! Because she was enjoying and singing along to the one song, and then �Victim� starts playing completely out of the blue and on its own! She is in her kitchen cooking dinner for her �late-shift� working husband. She startles me with the late night text, �Mom, don�t want to wake you, but something weird just happened! I think Jay is here again, and wants to tell you again that�s he�s a victim, because that song just started again to play all by itself!� � Well, Jody, I cried myself back to sleep again that night!

A.D.C #9 � May 15, 2014 (Thursday eve @ 8:37 pm)


        My daughter in California calls me up and tells me � she was try to watch a Facebook/YouTube video that I had �liked� and �shared�. When she started to watch and listen to a little boy reading a letter he had written to his parents about their getting a divorce?! The �first� thing she hears when she hits the �play video� button on her tablet, again was the song, �Victim�! It started to play again on its own! All by itself! So she had to go inside her tablets playlist, find the song, and then turn it off! Only then could she watch and listen to the original � YouTube video to hear what words the little boy was actually saying! as he read the letter to his parents.

A.D.C #10 � May 16, 2014 (Friday @ 9:57 am)

        In South Dakota: Jay �contacts� his high school friend Mike, with a mysterious �text� on Mike�s phone that says, �Hey, How�s it going? Okay � gotta go.� Jody, 2 hours earlier, Mike and I were talking on our cells, to each other.  I was catching Mike up on the latest A.D.C�s from Jay. Mike was a little down, because Jay hadn�t left him any signs at all...yet... So I told Mike before I hung up with him that morning � �Well, Mike, don�t be surprised if Jay makes contact with you soon!� Then we ended our phone call. Mike calls me up right away � and asks me if I tried to �text� him, 20 seconds after our phone call? He sounded strange! So I tell Mike, �No, I didn�t text you, why?� Then he tells me of what �text message� just �appeared� on his cell phones screen.  Not even 30 seconds after He & I had ended our conversation! I asked Mike what and who is the text from? Because it sounded like Jay�s personality coming through with this mysterious text. No numbers or names appeared on the screen. Only those few, simple, straight to the point words!

        Mike told me then, (I had remembered he had told me before) that Mike has a �block� on his phone for any texting done �in or out� of his cell phone. He was hoping it may be a �sign� from Jay (Finally!)? And wanted his phone carrier company to explain why he got this text? And who was it from? Well on that next morning, Saturday, Mike had customer service try to trace any text � and they could not, nor would they send Mike any texts because they checked for him and told him, �Yes, Sir, you still do have a �block� on texting and a �firewall�.

        So Mike was kind of �happy� now and convinced that the text really was and is from his high school buddy of 43 years NOW! Jay C.

A.D.C #11 � May 22, 2014 (Thursday @ 5:38 pm)

        Again, at my daughters house in Stockton, CA on my daughters tablet; She calls me exclaiming, �Mom, Mom! Do you hear it? Mom! Jay�s song, �Victim� is again playing by itself as we speak!� She was again trying to listen to and watch another YouTube video on her tablet while on her Facebook page. She�s trying to watch it, because one of her friends �shared� it to my daughter. But, she cannot hear the words coming out of the video because �Victim� is again �blaring� out over the original audio on this �video�. But only the last verses are sounding out of her tablet; they are: I�m missing you!

I�m missing you!

I�m missing you!

I�m missing you!


And again, there is no explanation of this �repeated� song. All my daughter knows is its Jay telling me he loves and misses me. She can�t even manage to �get� into her song list � to turn the song �off� so she can listen to the original audio playing on the video that she�s trying to listen to and watch!?

Jody, you only have to �read� or listen to the song, �Victim� as to why Jay has linked me up to his connection to it. Even the 1st verse; �A house full of Roses� � lets me know that Jay has �seen� every �rose� canvas (6 of them now) that I�ve ever painted since after his death. Even the very first one I painted on the night he died, but never made it over to my apartment the �next morning�, so I could present it to him personally! �The Red Rose,� I have hanging on my dining room wall, over the chair he used to sit in and we would talk for hours at a time.

A.D.C #12 � May 28, 2014 (Wednesday night @ 8:27pm [tonight])

        Tonight in my apartment! My strand of white lights had 6 bulbs go out. As I got up out of my front room chair, Jay gave me; I went to examine the strand of lights I have hanging over my dining table and over �Jay�schair at the table. I no sooner got 12 inches away from the strand of white lights, when an entire section of lights blew out! I was the section �over Jay�s chair� and around his �Red Rose� painting I have hanging over the top of �Jay�s Dining Chair!

        These lights blew out the second my cell phone lit up and rang. My daughter was calling me. But �one minute� before the � strand of lights blew out � I had just spoke to Jay out loud and said, as I was looking at his wine glass I�d bought him last November, 2013 for his 60th Birthday, �I will drink from you wineglass on every special occasion Jay!, so that we can still share each other�s love together. How�s that Jay?� And then �Boom� � the lights blew and tonight are still out, while the other half of this 20 foot strand is still lit. Very unusual! Coincidence? I am keeping my log book open Jody and pen in hand. Like Jay�s adage again; �If it sounds like a coincidence to many times in a row�... Then it�s probably �NOT� a coincidence.

        Thank you for allowing me to share these very special events with you, Jody! And I would love to know what feedback you may have? Or gladly answer any of your questions. I can also make �clearer� for you about any other details.  There are 6 witnesses to these happenings.

Sincerely, Sheila Seibel

A.D.C #13 � May 28, 2014 (Wednesday @ 8:25 pm)

        I texted this to you, Jody; One half of my 25 ft strand of lights (white), I have hanging up around my ceiling and down the wall, in the corner of my dining room went out! But only the silhouette or outline where Jay�s dining room chair sits with the Rose that I painted for him hanging up over his chair. I`m looking at it even now, and I feel his presence still near me. These lights are very special to us, because I only lit them for Jay when he came to visit me. We held each other tenderly, underneath them. Just before he had died, we were both standing underneath these lights he so gently, lovingly cupped both his hands around my face, looking into it, saying to me, �you are so beautiful!�  :�(

A.D.C #14 � May 29, 2014 (Thursday @ 4:30 am)

        Only 8 hours after half my lights go out here at �my� apartment � at my daughter�s house again in Stockton, CA!? A lamp with a pull chain comes on all by itself. No one was near it. The lamp came on by itself, in her oldest son�s bedroom at 4:30 am. Her husband and she had just gone to bed, across the hallway from their son�s room. Her husband works night shift hours as a supervisor for a prominent welding company in California.

        So when this light comes on suddenly � both parents ask the son, �Honey, are you okay in there?� They thought he�d gotten up maybe because of a bad dream or he got sick or something. They got no reply from their son! So, they both ran into his bedroom to find him totally passed out and sleeping soundly! He never heard his parents call out to him. And he never saw the light in his room go on either, because he didn�t get up, and walk clear over the opposite end of his room where the lamp sits on a table far away from his bed. The sliding wall switch that controls that wall socket has been broken � forever � and the only way that the lamp can come on or off is to pull down firmly on the chain to the lamp. My daughter and son-in-law were so worried!? They thought they better look in all the rooms for intruders. But no intruders � of course � because they even had �ADT� security alarms all set for the �on� at night. So we are thinking it may be Jay again. He knows how spiritually connected me and my daughter are and we talk on the phone daily. We share everything!

A.D.C # 15 � Jan 21, 2014 (the evening before Victim plays by itself for the first time)

        Before Jay had played Victim on my daughter�s computer as he passed, yet no one knew this yet! And the next evening Tuesday after C.W found Jay�s body and told us all of his falling asleep that Monday eve not to awaken on Tuesday morning. I tried to go to sleep Tuesday night. I was in shock, distraught and heartbroken! Because it was winter here in the Idaho panhandle, I plugged in my new little quartz heater in my bedroom. This heater was always on in my bedroom, for when Jay and I would share some cuddle time (serious cuddle time), Jay called it. But on this Tuesday night, it would not turn on or work at all � anywhere in my apartment! So, I though, great � now where is the Lowe�s receipt at?�

        But the next day, on Wednesday � I tried to turn the little quartz heater on again, before returning it back to Lowe�s! And guess what? The little guy works perfectly now for last 4 1\2 months!


A.D.C #16 � (approx.) May 5, 2014 (Monday after noon � back tracking)

        At my daughter�s house in Stockton, CA we are talking on our cell phones. She is outside washing and detailing her husband�s �titan� truck to surprise him, as he is at work, and son�s are home from school already. She has her electronic tablet plugged into her stereo receiver system in her garage so she can listen to some music as she works. She wants me to hear a funny song playing, with lots of �cuss� words in it, so she �turns up the volume.�

        I can hear it over my cell phone � and we both can�t stop laughing at the words in the song! When it�s done, she is ready to close up shop, and to go get dinner started. So she �turns off� the stereo system, by way of �push button� and the system shuts down and �off�. She no sooner goes 20 feet from out the garage to clean up stuff on the driveway, when �BOOM!� The stereo system comes back on �abruptly�, all by itself! Scaring my daughter and I hear her scream, and then yell at me, �Mom! Mom! Did you hear that stereo, just blast back on again, all by itself?� Blasting out that same funny song!? She says, �Mom... that system has to be turned on, only by �pushing� the on button!

        She was nowhere near it when it came on by itself! Jay loves to hear me laugh. I am thinking he�s leading this orchestra. His IQ tested at 160 when he was alive here.

A.D.C #17 � June 3, 2014 (tonight � Tuesday evening @ 6:15pm)

        My daughter just calls me to say, �Mom, it happened again, only this time, Berto (her oldest son) and his little girlfriend are witnesses!�  My daughter is again on her tablet, and hit a play video button on her Facebook another YouTube video entitled �Irish Dancing Sheep!� Sheep is a recent comment out of Jay�s mouth, before he passed. �Sheila, (Jay asked me) why does God call his most favourite creation mankind, Sheep?� �They are stupid and stinky!� I have mentioned this quote to you Jody, in an earlier dated A.D.C. Well tonight Jody, instead of hearing what the song is on the video, she�s trying to watch. Guess what song is blaring out of this video again tonight? (in the songs middle) Yes, Jay�s song, �Victim� the song that blared out of my daughter�s computer the night Jay died yet no-one knew yet, that he had passed away - except maybe Jay!?  Jody, this song repeats itself only when it wants to be heard or told to us. 4 or 5 times now � in barely over 4 months time. And �I expect� to hear it again � yes from Jay... Like he told me and his friends before, �If it sounds like too many coincidences in a row? Then it�s probably not a coincidence�

A.D.C #18 � Last night June 2, 2014

        As I hit your website �About us� button? And read �out loud� what kind of doctors and what you both practice? I had no idea! But, when I said out loud, �I don�t believe this!� my lamp next to me that Jay gave me � flickered out 3 times. I think he�s excited I found ADCRF