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Experience description:  

1) 1) My mom passed away in 2009 (dad passed in 1997). I had some vague signs from her but nothing earth shattering. In 2011 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I woke up one morning and was staring across the room at my dresser, where I have a wedding photo of my parents. My husband was asleep and I was looking at the photo and thinking about how worried I was about my husband. Suddenly the dresser started to shake, like it was an earthquake, but only the dresser. It lasted for about 30 seconds or so and stopped. I have no idea what this meant. 

2)      2) A week after my husband passed in 2013 I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone saying that I was concerned because I hadn�t yet �heard from� or had any signs from my husband Dan (I�m known to be a tad impatient J). That morning at 6:23am (I checked the clock) my phone rang once. It stopped before I could reach it or look at the phone caller ID, as I had been asleep. Then it rang again a couple of times and I answered it. It was my friend Jeff, whom we lived with for 5 weeks after Hurricane Sandy. He asked if I was ok. I said yes and asked why he was calling me so early. He said his phone had just rung once and when he looked at the caller ID it said the call was coming from my house. I was home alone and sleeping. 

3)     3)  A couple of weeks later I was expecting a visit from my cousin from out of town so I did a search on my iphone on my cousin�s last name to remind myself when he was arriving. The phone screen filled with emails from my cousin except for the very last email which was from my husband and said �I love you�. I don�t know how that could happen, but he was in the computer industry! 

4)      4) Several weeks later I was at the beach with some girlfriends, saying how much I missed my husband. When I got home I picked up the house phone to make a phone call and all I heard was static. I called the phone company from my cell phone and they checked and said my phone was �in use�! I said it wasn�t and that I was home alone. They sent someone out the next day and said it was an electrical issue in just my house. 

5)      5) This was a 2nd marriage for both of us. My relationship with his grown children had always been somewhat strained. This past fall it was one of his daughter�s birthdays and I found myself in a small gift shop. I was going to meet his daughter for lunch, a rare occurrence, so I was debating if I should bring a gift. I explained to the sales person that I wasn�t sure if I should get a gift because we weren�t close and didn�t exchange birthday wishes, but that my husband had just passed and I thought it might be a nice gesture. As I finished the sentence the lights in the store went out and back on. The sales lady turned white and her eyes bulged and she asked me �what was that?!� I just smiled because by now I had been getting several strange happenings with lights and telephones, so I said �well, some strange things have been happening, but anyway I�m just trying to decide if I should get a gift or not�, and with that the lights blinked again! I asked her if that had been happening in the store and she said �Never!�. We both decided I should purchase the gift! 

6)   6)    This one frightened me: I had been reading a lot of books on After Death Communication and had heard of people asking for a sign. So one night I didn�t sleep all night and at 5:50 a.m. I asked in my mind that if he was really around (I guess I need a lot of convincing!), if he could send me a sign within the next 10 minutes. Having read about astral planes and that things happened most in that state, I closed my eyes. I don�t know if I fell asleep or not, but I had not been able to sleep all night. The next thing I saw was someone walking someone in front of me. I looked and it was my husband in a bright yellow tank top that he always wore. He was not solid, more �wavy� and very bright. I gasped at the shock of seeing him and then I felt as if someone was ripping me up out of my body, and then dropped me back into the bed. I opened my eyes with a jolt and the clock said 6am exactly. I later saw a psychic and one of the things he said was �he says it wasn�t a dream. He visited you�, but I hadn�t told him the story. 

7)      7) This is the most recent one, just a couple of weeks ago�Again, I guess I still can�t believe this can be for real, so while at work one Wednesday morning I asked Dan in my mind if he could send me a feather (my poor husband, I am keeping him very busy!). I had read that feathers could be a sign, but had never received a feather sign. So then I started looking for feathers in my office, etc. Nothing Wed, nothing Thurs, and so I forgot about it. I found a coin on my office floor so I thought maybe he can do coins but not feathers. The next morning, Friday morning, I was home making my coffee, washed out my travel mug and put the coffee in the travel mug. 10 minutes later I was on the train going to work and I took out my travel mug. Right on the part of the mug where you would put your lips was a tiny white feather! I was so shocked!

 8) I had another interesting occurrence this weekend. ‎Maybe this one was a coincidence. Not sure how to tell anymore. I don't want to think that everything is available sign but thus was a little strange.  I was on my terrace planting flowers and when I walked into the house a picture of my husband fell off of the piano. An hour later my neighbor rang my doorbell holding my indoor cat. He must have run out on the terrace when I was planting. Maybe my husband was trying to tell me??