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Experience description:  

I have been on the wildest 'ride' of my life since my husband Dan died on November 22, 2010.  He was a middle school science teacher who adored playing practical jokes in real life.  He also thought anything paranormal was so much hooey.   

Well, now that he has the ability to do amazing things, he's been very actively enjoying his newfound talent.  I have attached a list of the strange things that have gone on since he left in physical form.  Even though I have moments of terrible sadness, I have been known to laugh through my tears at some of the crazy stunts that have his "handwriting:" all over them. 

Would love to know if anyone has ever experienced the issues I'm having with the broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  I adore hot (spicy) food and was known to douse my pasta with hot sauce.  Never green veggies.  Invariably, there will be one piece of broccoli or Brussels sprouts that is raging, fiery, spicy hot.  It happened this morning (yeah, I know, I had steamed broccoli for breakfast) while I was talking to my sister on the phone.  Was totally into our conversation when I almost choked from the intensity of the heat.  Had to get something to drink.  She was laughing on the other end...she was here the night he died and it started that night.  Only with me...her dish was normal. 

I am mystified how the garlic and onions smell was so intense that night and how my broccoli and Brussels sprouts still get "doused" with something hot.  As I'm choking, I'm smiling simultaneously.   

We were together 26 years, and the pranks he pulled while alive were pretty damn funny.  But these ADC's are absolutely hilarious.  When my necklace went down my dress at the mention of his name at Mass, my friends on either side grabbed my arms in a comforting way for fear I would start crying.  My bigger concern upon realizing what had happened was that I would start laughing. 


My list of weird and semi weird occurrences since Dan died: 

*I ask Dan for a sign to let me know he�s with me and his Chicago Cubs toolbar derails my computer. 

*Necklace 'unclasps' itself and falls down front of my dress AS priest is offering prayers for the repose of �Dan�s� soul. 

*Heat pump noise wakes up neighborhood from midnight to 12:30 am on New Year�s Eve, when Dan would normally shoot his shotgun.  Never does it again. 

*Garbage disposal breaks and it takes two hours for me to fix it, only to discover a dime caught between the blades. 

*Dime from year 2000 (year we were married) shows up on table I just cleaned. 

*1959 Lincoln penny in food processor after I was already on my fourth batch of dough. 

*Penny found on counter that I had cleaned. 

*Shiny new penny at top of the stairs. 

*Fluorescent light fixture vibrates at high speed in greenhouse � one of thirty units not turned on.  I unplug it, yet it continues the vibration for as long as I stand there, with no juice coming through at all.   

*10 weeks of eating steamed broccoli that tasted like it had been  'spiked' with hot pepper, but only in the last three bites. Now, it�s intermittent with Brussels sprouts, too.  (It�s April and it�s still happening on a frequent basis with both veggies.) 

*I Google �rainbow pasta� to get some visual ideas and there�s a picture of DAN on Google picture line-up.   His photo from my website has absolutely nothing to do with pasta. 

*�Forever� stamp laying in the middle of kitchen floor ONLY after I�ve been baking in there for well over an hour.  Valentine�s Day� 

*Not necessarily a paranormal event, but I decide to donate my gardening books and discovered a scrapbook Dan had made of his life (never even told me he was working on it.)   He put it in the midst of my books, I guess knowing I would find it after he was gone. 

*3/8  Dan had a favorite watch that stopped running. He took it to three jewelers who all said �beyond repair.�  I was ready to pitch it when I decided to twist the stem.  It started up like nothing was ever wrong. 

*3/23  Went to post a photo from a seminar on Facebook, only when I went into the seminar folder for the specific picture, a picture of Dan and two of our friends popped up with the seminar title and #.  Emailed it to the two friends and myself and none of us got the email.  Went upstairs as kitchen computer accesses pictures from the one in my office and when I looked, the picture was the one from the seminar. 

*3/23 Friend emails me to say that her daughter with psychic powers told her (as she was in the process of writing to me) to tell me that �my husband was gardening like crazy� while she was emailing me.

It was 9pm, chilly and I didn�t know where to look, so I just let well enough alone.  Went to bed at 11 and at 2am, sat straight up.  The smell of freshly picked tomatoes, onions and garlic permeated the air, as if someone was in the kitchen saut�ing them to make marinara sauce (Dan�s favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon with our fresh maters.)  I never went downstairs�both cats were on high alert and we basically sat in bed awake for ten minutes.  I finally went back to sleep.  No pots or pans or anything resembling tomatoes to be found in the kitchen (bedroom is directly above the kitchen.) 

*4/3  Friend told me about John Edward, the psychic.  Couldn�t sleep so got up in middle of night to look him up.  Just as I landed on his site, a pure white moth/butterfly flew into the kitchen, circled around me, and then flew back out.  Haven�t seen it in any other part of the house since. 

*4/12  2 a.m. � both cats in bed with me, windows closed and small fan crashes to floor.  Securely mounted� 

*4/13  Ask for Dan to say hi.   I open up Facebook and instead of my page, Dan�s namesake and nephew Dan�s page pops up instead.  I never visit his page and there was no reason for it to come up.   

* 4/18  Driving yesterday not paying much attention.  Look up and car in front of me has �DAN� as last three letters on plate� not terribly paranormal, but still makes me feel like he�s making an effort to say hi. 

* 4/19  Broccoli hits twice�I didn�t finish the bowl, and when I went to eat the rest, got hit with another really fiery piece.