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Experience description:  


October 29, 2003  1:10am Tom left me. Passed away at home. 

October 29, 2003 afternoon I was in the LR with Mom, Nancy, Laura and someone else I do not remember. Dave (Tom�s older brother) was in the attic bedroom hammering away. While conversing I heard Tom call out �Syl!� from upstairs in a loud firm voice. I instinctively looked up the stairs and yelled �what?� No response. Even though in my heart I knew it was Tom�s voice, to be sure I went upstairs and asked Dave if he just called me or yelled out. He said no. The others did not hear anything other than me yelling out �what?�  

Oct 30, 2003  the garage door and opener broke, for a period of several weeks many light bulbs blew, and things broke.   

Early November 2003 7ish am I was sitting up in bed watching the Today show. All of a sudden, the picture on the screen was replaced by the front of Good Samaritan Hospital with Tom at a distance. He started walking towards me in that jaunty way of his: a big smile, jeans, corduroy jacket, his body was full again, his face joyful. As he walked closer, I could feel a surge of energy and a rushing noise in my ears, both becoming more intense the closer Tom came to me. I put my arms out to hold me. He passed right through me, the force of his body pushed me back onto the bed, and my face was distorted from the pressure of energy that felt like G forces. I know I was awake. I jumped out of bed yelling �he�s alive!� I felt energized�he was giving me strength. Why GSH I do not know. He only had a test and 2 emergency visits there. He never stayed over-night. 

November 29, 2003 at Trinity Lutheran Church. During Tom�s service, on the left side of the wall behind the altar and present through out the entire service was an undefined shape of rainbow colors. As the sun moved, the shape did not move or fade. I tried to casually look around find the source of the reflection but could not find it. Later my sister who sat on the other side of the church asked me if I noticed the �rainbow�. She too was looking for a source and could not find one. I felt it was Tom attending the service he helped plan. I felt comforted. I had been at the church many times and at different times of the day/evening and had never seen the �rainbow�. 

Possible Nov 2003-Jan 2004 I heard a rushing sound in my ears then a distorted voice that resembled a muted trumpet that said �h�e�.l�l�.o�w� I replied �Hello Sweet T�. 

End of January 2004 Dave�s condo in FL. After seeing a rainbow in the fountain in the creek, I walked from the balcony into the LR. All of a sudden, I smelled an overpowering scent of flowers and the hand cream Tom�s sister used to massage his feet. There were no flowers in the condo and I was on the 6th floor. At no other time did I smell flowers there. It was Tom. 

Sometime in Spring 2004 woke up to see a pitch-black hole in the shape of a �head and cape or circle atop a triangle� outline in the landing outside our bedroom door. The area surrounding the shape was not in total dark--lights from street, kitchen etc.  

April 2004 had reading with Tommy Green. Tom was not coming through clearly. Told TG he was frustrated when he passed. Tom kept saying �jeans� and �pistachio ice cream.� I feel Tom was telling me he fit back into his jeans� meaning he is ok. The ice cream part, I don�t know. TG said Tom�s spirit guide is someone we know, has gray hair and beard, and whose name begins with the letter �B�. At that time, I was baffled. Had no idea who it could be. Knowing Tom I thought maybe he decided to be his own guide. 

Late May 2004 after weeks of trying to figure out whom the spirit guide could be I gave up and decided there was nothing to it. While driving to work on the LIE I suddenly smelled flowers and the word �Bear� popped into my mind. I almost stopped the car short. Bear was Frank Farrell�s nickname. Frank passed away a couple of years before and had gray hair and beard. He worked at the phone co with us. TG was right. Felt very happy. Later that night I told my friend Cherie about it. The moment I said �Bear� she said Frank Farrell. It turns out she knew him and said Bear is the perfect guide for Tom. I was too focused on a first/last name beginning with a �B�. Never thought about a nickname. Taught me to think outside the box. 

Summer-Fall 2004- In July I went to visit Mike Sullivan in DC. Cyndy drove down for a one day visit. We did a Tom sprinkle (ashes) on top of General Omar Bradley�s grave at Arlington. While walking through Nordstrom�s shoe dept in Pentagon City, I walked into a wall of flower scent. The scent stopped me in my tracks. There were no flowers around�just shoes. Felt Tom was letting me know wherever I am he is with me.

Watched white butterflies (1 or 2 at a time) fly around the garden. Named them Tom and Frank. Found fluffy white feathers. After a bad day at work, I found one clinging to the side window of his car.  

Scattered thru-out year once in a while in the early morning hours a single �ding� doorbell could be heard. Tried to duplicate it but all I was able to get were �ding dongs�. Changed doorbell. Still got a �ding�. Saw rainbows. Occasionally, a faint scent of flowers where none were around. 

July 9, 2004 rec�d a bouquet of flowers from Dave & Barbara for my birthday. Identical to the arrangements Tom would send me if he was away on my birthday. When I called and thanked Barbara, she said she just could not get Tom out of her mind. I feel Tom used her to send flowers and guided her as to the arrangement so I would know he was with me on my first birthday without him. 

Early Fall 2004 in a dream Tom & I walked through the yard. He was telling me things that had to be done in the yard including the gutters. I told him I would climb a ladder and clean them out myself. He said no, to get new gutters like those our neighbor has. I had new gutters installed that do not require cleaning. 

December 9, 2004 saw Jon Edward at Westbury Music Fair. Although Tom did not come through, at the end JE made a comment for people to think of those who lost loved ones. Especially those having their 2nd Christmas without them. I took this as Tom letting me know that although he is still a private person and views our love as private, by JE signifying the 2nd Christmas alone this was Tom�s way of letting me know he was there with me. 

December 2004 Tom saved me from myself. Wrote an angry letter to his cousin Joann and mailed it off. A few days after I started having doubts as to the wisdom of what I did. A week later, the post office returned the letter for insufficient postage. Thank you Sweet T. 

January 4, 2005 saw Glenn Dove and had a reading. Have tapes of it. I truly feel Tom came through. That night I had a visit from Tom. I was sitting in the car. Tom was standing outside of it. He bent down and kissed me. I felt the pressure on my mouth.  

May 25, 2005 our 25th anniversary. Tom and I were together.  

Various times- faint flower scents, rainbows. 

July 9, 2005--my 2nd birthday without Tom. Was in the basement packing for my move to TN when I found nestled between layers of fabric a card Tom had given me in 1993. The front said �travel is educational�, the inside, �I learn how much I miss you�. The fabric was bought years later. How the card got there I have no idea. A beautiful birthday gift from Tom. 

July 16, 2005  6am arrived at new home in TN. Was saddened when I left NY because Tom�s favorite stargazer lilies had not yet bloomed. Walked in TN backyard and was shocked to discover not only did I have stargazer lilies but they were in full bloom! Did not know I had them. In addition, there was a red cardinal in the white birch tree (that Tom had always wanted) and a bunny scampering in the back yard. Felt these were signs of/from Tom. 

End of August 2005 was in a deep state of sadness. Stopped at Burger King and saw a rainbow that was distinctly different in shape from other rainbows. It was shaped like the St Louis Arch, which we had visited. I was able to see exactly where the rainbow began and ended. Next to it was another, although fainter, rainbow. A double rainbow. It was a sign from Tom. Our rainbow connection. Pulled over, watched, and cried. 

September 2005 saw Tom for an instant standing next to his dresser/bathroom door. Had on a pair of glasses. Was smiling.  

October 2, 2005 while sitting at my desk I suddenly heard from my bedroom the cell phone ring (Pachelbel�s Canon). I jumped up and ran to answer it. The phone was not in the bedroom but next to me on my desk. The ring was faint but distinct. Also saw a small white butterfly. 

October 5, 2005  Early morning heard �ding� doorbell. The front door goes �ding-dong�. Just like NY. 

October 3 & 19, 2005 while at DDS heard song �A Moment Like This� which was the last song we danced to at the Jan 2003 Prudential dinner. DDS commented it was weird but the only time she hears this song at the office is when I am there. It is Tom being with me. 

October 20, 2005 While working on video of Tom�s 2001 Class Reunion all of a sudden I heard �A Moment Like This� being played on CNN.  

October 21, 2005 Had first session with psychologist. Uncanny resemblance to Tom. Feel comfortable talking to him. 


Nikki (Tom�s niece)- October 29, 2003 1:10am was bringing out garbage at the time of Tom�s passing. She looked at the sky and saw a pinkish hole. At that time, she did not know Tom had just passed. 

Dewey (Nikki�s fianc�)- October 29 2003 morning. A monarch butterfly flew into his truck. Touched him then rested on steering wheel. Later in the afternoon, the same thing happened again with the same butterfly. 

Cyndy (our daughter)- November 2003. Had visit from Tom while sleeping. They held hands while Tom said in a sad voice, �I lost my son. I lost my father.� As Tom drew away, Cyndy reached for him and was drawn up. When contact was broken, she dropped back onto the bed. Matt woke up from the impact. 

Barbara (Tom�s sister & Nikki�s mother)- Spring 2004 while working in the yard butterflies would rest on her arm. This never happened before. 

Cyndy- June 2004- Suffolk County Pool Championship Playoffs for Las Vegas. Down to the last game, weakest player, and last shot. Cyndy went into the ladies room and said a prayer to Tom. She went back out and watched the player make the shot. The team went on to play in the Las Vegas National Championships.  

Cyndy- October 29, 2005- drove to PA to do a Tom sprinkle. (Tom was there one evening and saw �zillions of stars� twinkling at eye level in the woods and across the field. The �stars� were the reflections of hundreds of deer eyes looking out). For an hour Cyndy drove up and down the long country road, not sure where Tom wanted to be. Then she spotted a deer crossing the road. At the site were a field, creek, woods, and a mountain view. Perfect for Tom. Cyndy felt Tom showed her where through the deer.