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ADCRF is part of a triad of websites that is designed to collect information on all aspects of consciousness.  The main website is which studies near-death experiences (NDE).  The other website is and studies all other aspects of consciousness that are
                          not an NDE or ADC.

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Near Death Experience, NDERF
Out of Body Research Foundation, OBERF

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How do I communicate with my loved ones again?



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"Evidence of the Afterlife" is by far the largest scientific study of NDE ever presented, and is based on researching over 1300 NDEs shared with NDERF. This book is scientific in content, yet easy and a delight to read.  The people whose stories are presented span all age groups, races, and religious affiliations and come from all over the world, yet the similarities in their experiences are as awe-inspiring as they are inexplicable.  Using this treasure trove of data, Dr. Long explains how medical evidence fails to explain these reports and why there is only one plausible explanation—that people have survived death and traveled to another dimension.

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BOOK REVIEW - by James Delmont, PhD, member, National Book Critics Circle
BOOK REVIEW - by Dr. Ken R. Vincent

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Resurrection Appearance of Jesus as After-Death Communication by Ken R. Vincent, Ed.D  Response by Dr. Gary Habermas.  ion-counseling-recovery/  - "Dealing with Grief: Information, Counseling, Recovery". What I really appreciate about this article was the definitions of the different stages of grief as well as supplying coping strategies. 10/1/11

Fondation de Recherche sur la Communication Après la Mort CALM 1/31/09

ADCRF Research Paper by Jody Long, J.D.  2/18/05

Grief - Its Five Components, By Rev. John Price 3/5/05




#1 ADC Book -  Hello from Heaven! by Bill Guggenheim & Judy - Available at Books: Hello from Heaven


A Swan in Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds,” by Terri Daniel


 “The Exclusive, Universal, and Multiple Experiences of ADC” By James A. Houck, Ph.D. 10/09/04  “Please don’t think I’m crazy, but…” is how most conversations typically begin around the subject of After Death Communication (ADC).  Most of the research in this area has been done from a qualitative (e.g., structured interviews) approach, which is an excellent way for people to begin telling their stories and comparing similar experiences with other bereft people.  Yet, are there others ways to statistically measure the frequency and uniqueness of such experiences?  In other words, are ADC’s random or purposeful to specific types of populations or bereavement groups? 

We analyzed 238 contributions to our ADC website form exploring the relationship between the deceased and the person reporting the ADC. We found that 46 (19%)of the contacts occurred within 24 hours or less. Interestingly, 35 (76%) of the 46 contacts occurred between blood relatives. Only 5 (14%) occurred between significant others. 
A BIG THANKS goes out to those who submitted their experiences on the website so that we can gain important insights into the ADC phenomena!



COLLEEN S:  So does the "research" show that other people have these dreams?  What other thoughts do you have on these death dream scenarios?

JODY:  I, personally, think that being in an altered state of consciousness (the dream) makes it easier for loved ones who have passed to communicate with us on earth.  Far from being non-evidential, I would argue to the contrary.  The way that we process our reality is that before our subconscious will alert our conscious mind, the input must pass a threshold test.  If it is important then the subconscious will allow the input to move into our rational, or conscious level of mind.  In the dream state, this threshold may well be less since we do not have the waking overload of input from the 5 senses.  Therefore, communication that may normally be able to occur in a dream or drowsy state, would reach us easier than in the waking state of consciousness.



BELOVED PETS:  Some of you may have clients, friends, or colleagues who have lost a dog, cat, horse, bird, or other animal companion--or who are facing end of life choices for a pet.  Some of you may know such experiences first-hand.  The resources include free phone hot lines; bulletin boards; discussion groups; email support lists; help with decisions about euthanasia; information about creating a pet hospice at home; recommended readings; information for adults, children, and families who are losing or have lost a pet; information for veterinarians; ways to memorialize a pet; FAQs; peer support; online articles (e.g., Pet Loss Myths," "Coping with Pet Loss," "If Your Pet Has a Terminal Disease");  and and so on.

 The web page is at: <>


Here are our newest experiences: 

Joanne R ADC  4/14/15 Then I said, 'Hello?" Again, and I heard faint happy voices as if from a great distance. Then a woman' s faint voice spoke to me, and she sounded excited and happy, but I couldn't understand her words. However, the pitch of her voice was exactly my mom's.  "Mom? Is that you?" I blurted. The voice said something else, but the static was keeping me from distinguishing words. Then the other voices faded away, and the crackling calmed down and it got very quiet on the line. Scared, I hung up, feeling very confused. Rationally I knew my dead mom couldn't use a phone, but I was also sure it had been her. The phone worked fine after that, and it never happened again.
ADC from deceased mother involving a phone.

Robert K SDE  3/27/15  The love I had for my mom was dwarfed by this light, made it look like a single grain of sand in the middle of the Sahara, indescribable. All I could see was light, like it was me and I was it. There was a 3 part message, and then things I just sensed, things I just knew. 
Shared death experience with mother. 

Hannah D ADC  3/25/15 I awoke (very emotionally charged, sad, but comforted) from dreaming of a "white picket fence", then quickly switching to being in my grandparents' home..I looked over and saw my grandfather to the left of me, sitting in "his chair" a recliner that for years had been "his chair" (I must have been sitting because he was at eye level). The dream changed quickly and we were both standing, facing one another...he was holding me, and told me "Deborah, I love you" "I love you very much". And as quickly as the dream came, it was gone, just like that! Very quick, and to the, just realized that that was my grandfather's personality, quick and "to the point"...very interesting:) But again, the dream seemed as if it only lasted a couple of minutes...just long enough for him to make his point.
ADC Dream from grandfather

Laura D ADCs  3/16/15  My dog starts to act up. Throwing toys, jumping on back of couch, but looks very happy. Suddenly and swiftly, and I thought I heard a swoosh, I can smell and feel my husband on my face. On my chest he moves right in. I can see his freckles on his shoulders. I can see his damp hair right in front of my eyes. I can't see him physically, but I see these things.
ADCs from deceased husband.

Jack A ADC  3/3/15  I  have had a number of ADC’s since my wife's passing.  I have to admit, a number of them had me scratching my head in bewilderment.  Some happened a second time and only then did I realize the first occurrence was an ADC and not my imagination.  Well, this last weekend there was an ADC that could not be mistaken for a natural  occurrence.   I was spending a night in a Marriott property on my way to So.  Cal to visit my family.   The room had a TV/sofa area along with a desk and lamp for working with the computer.  There was a small wall separating this area with the bedroom.  After I finished working on the computer,  I turned off all the lights in the “living room” area, including the desk lamp and headed towards the bed.  It was dark in the room and  I remember stumbling against my Laptop bag and knocking it over.  When I went to bed,  I left a small spot light on above my side of the bed – it was a soft light,  not a bright one.  My back was toward the “living  room area”.  Around  5 or 6 AM I woke up with a minor nose bleed.   When I opened my eyes,  I noticed that there was light coming from the “living room area”.  I got up to check it out and discovered that the desk lamp was on.   I knew I turned it off,  because my laptop case was still knocked over.  I knocked it over because when I turned the desk  lamp off,  it was pitch black in the room.   So this one time I immediately knew I had an ADC with the desk lamp coming on.  There was proof and no doubt I turned that desk light off.  
Short ADC so there is no link.

Pearl L ADC  3/1/15 From the UK. I was in a white room with my dog and it was unclear where the boundaries of walls where, almost as though the only physical things present were myself and my dog. He then leapt with his front paws onto my shoulders but instead of looking happy as usual, he looked concerned.
ADC dream at time of death of pet dog.

Robert B ADC  2/21/15  As I approached I felt wild energy.. I fell to my knees in front of a picture of her on the bank next to the highway. That's when it happened. She flooded into me... energy like I've never experienced... She answers every question I thought I would never know, eased all my doubts.  The person that brought me to the spot was screaming. As I stood finally I wasn't me... I was her. Her last moment.. Her fear, what she seen.. then a huge red flash a giant heart beat pulse darkness fear a bright pin point of light racing toward it, then blinding light.
ADC from friend at time of death 1200 miles away

Gary G ADC 2358  2/15/15  10 minutes later, suddenly the picture came on. I still could NOT do anything with the remote, change station, turn TV on and off, nothing, so I repeated the above steps and re-booted the system, again, blank screen and could do nothing with remote, 5-10 minutes later, poof, picture came on.
Inexplicable mal-performance by television.  Attributed to deceased mother.

Leigh ADC 2356  2/10/15 We were on a dirt path but we weren't walking. More like floating along. I say walking because it seemed like we were in a way. When she went through the gate like structure there was a stream that turned into a river but it was not wet nor did it seem to flow. It was just sort of there and got bigger. Next there was this light. And then there was a left and right and both sides were equally beautiful. But my mother was still standing on the river. She walked to the right. There was a lady there who I didn't recognize . My mother did. And a sort if tree house made of bronze but without a tree. Just like stairs and house. The grass was green but more green than real life. There were animals there too as far as I could see.
ADC dream that included great grandmother- her aunt had a very similar dream that included the great grandmother. 

Franziska R ADC  2/1/15 From Switzerland. #1 Not very long time after Andreas' death, one night I woke up for the first time on the flower meadow. I'm able to remember, how at first I was slightly disoriented, because I couldn't understand, why I wasn't in my bed. But then I saw Andreas, who out of the expanse of the sky walked towards me in his white 'Jesus dress'. And then I felt that Love was poured over me. He looked beautiful as usual, had his three-day beard as usual.  He came towards me and smiled at me. I was standing up to welcome him with a hug. We were walking a bit through the meadow. It was beautiful. Somewhere further back a sparkling little brook, was meandering through the grass. This brook was the border to heaven. On the opposite side of the meadow there was a forest
#2 my daughter clearly kept looking at someone for days and crying as soon as I left her alone for a second. that's why I then called the clairvoyant. the clairvoyant told me, that my daughter (aged 1 year) wanted to tell me, that my twin sister was here to tell me, that she existed. I had throughout my childhood believed, my parents would have given my twin sister out for Adoption, but they kept saying, I had no twin sister. we then found out, that my twin sister died, when she had been for about 3 months with me in my mothers womb. my mother thought she'd loose me due to heavy bleedings in her pregnancy - but we lost my twin sister, and didn't know. 

Multiple ADCs, many quite remarkable. 

Kaarlo ADC  2/4/15 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I'm rushing towards Christiane, take her hands, I feel her hands ( I notice and am amazed that I can physically, materially ??? feel her hands. I sense a kind of static electricity, type 'pins and needles'). I ask her why did you go? Why did you go? I make sure that the answer is not coming from me, but from outside, I'm conscious and I want an answer.  Chri – I changed subject (I love you?), answers given several times.  Christiane looks young, blond hair, half long, flat with a part on the side. (I don't remember having seen her like that).
ADC dream from deceased sister.

Margaret L ADC  2/1/15 I dreamed I was very sad because Harry had passed away.  I was crying in the dream, and I said I can't show Harry love anymore.  Then he broke through my dream out of no where, and he stood before me and smiled.  He said it's okay sweetie, and opened his arms for me to come to him.  I knew I should go to him   We embraced, and the hug was do real.  Even after I woke up, I could still feel it.  I felt very comforted. It seemed like it gave me strength to go on.  I woke up after that, but it was as if I had not been in a deep sleep.  I woke very gently.  What amazed me most about this dream was the great feeling of love that seemed to surround my experience with my brother.  There was such a tremendous feeling of love.  Love like I have never known in this world or could ever know here.
ADC dream from deceased brother.

Christy F ADC  2/1/15  my mother was standing there right in front of me.  She was whole and beautiful and looked like she was the prettiest age I can remember her, in her 30's probably.  She suffered through 8 years of cancer and treatment and was frail and gaunt when she died.  She was just standing there and she told me everything is going to be ok.  I did not move or say anything,  I just stared at her.  'It's going to be ok,' she said over and over.
Possible dream ADC from deceased mother.

Allison G ADCs 9/9/12 & 12/28/13  & 1/19/14 & 6/21/14 & 8/23/14 & 11/23/14  & 1/21/15  I was asleep when it happened. I was dreaming that I was in my kitchen and I looked into the living room, where I saw my mom! She was as clear as day! I saw that she was dressed in a floral printed dress, and was quite a bit thinner than she had been last time I had seen her. She appeared to be free to move and in no pain, whereas, while still here on this earth, she was always hurting and in pain. I also was wearing a floral printed dress, but I'm not sure of the significance of the dresses. I ran to my mom, and was able to reach her, but in the back of my head, I knew that she had passed, even though she was in our living room. I know for a fact that this was a sleep state ADC because it was very clear to me.
ADC dream from mother and other ADCs.

Gennette F ADC  1/14/15  During the experience, I heard my Mother in the living room talking to my youngest child. It was as if I was just awake enough to hear her speaking but, still somewhat asleep. I couldn't see her but, I just knew she was sitting in the recliner in the living room with my child. It was a "gut feeling" as best as I can describe, that she was physically there and where she was sitting even though I couldn't see her.
ADC fom mother who died a few days before experience.

Sumi L ADC  12/27/14  On mother's day before my dad passed, my dad, my husband and I went to her grave.  I don't believe she is there, and don't like to go.  That day, after we had paid respects, I was still arranging the flowers and cleaning the grave site when the guys went up to the car.  Then something wondrous happen at my mothers grave.  Hard to describe what happened with my mother's photo,  the image changed in a way I can't describe but it "came alive" (sounds hokey), and I could feel love coming from it. It was as real as feeling the heat from the stove.  Energy coming from it was very comforting.  I know it happened, and I in no way imagined it… I thought about what my mother was communicating.  There were no words, but I think she was comforting me and letting me know that she was well and happy. 
ADC from deceased mother at her grave site.

Kathryn A ADC  12/27/14  About a week later I noticed that her daughter had posted on her mothers page saying she was in the hospital with Pneumonia and they had induced a coma.  I didn't check back for a few more days when I thought I should go check her page.  It was at that time that I found out that she had died at 10:10 pm Texas time on the same evening I smelled the roses.  I didn't think to remember the exact date of her death but I checked it against my experience and realized she had come to say good-bye to me.
ADC from friend at apparent time of death.

Gary G ADC  12/18/14 I was sleeping about 5:45 AM and I was dreaming that I got up from bed and walked toward the door of my bedroom and as I looked to my left I saw my Mom sitting and smiling, facing my bed looking beautiful and much younger in her early 30s. She had passed away 9-21-14 at 79 while suffering during a long decline from cancer surgery and multiple health ailments. She did not look at me directly so not to startle me. She had a cute outfit on with facial makeup and seemed very happy. I then woke up and was really amazed and then a little scared because it seemed so real.  I truly believe she was saying hello to me from the other side, because this had nothing to do with the dream I was having.
ADC dream from deceased mother who appeared decades younger than when she died.

Paul G ADC  12/18/14 I saw the outline of a full sized figure walk into the doorway of my bedroom and stand there.  At first I thought it was a reflection from outside because it was so clear.  But our shades were closed in our bedroom, so that couldn't be possible.  The figure walked into the doorway, stopped, and stood with its hands in its coat pocket.  I could only see the outline of the head, but I can describe what this vision was wearing clearly.  It was wearing black tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a tan London fog jacket.  And I just stared at this figure for a long time, but really didn't have a definite concept of how long this went on for.  Then it seemed as though thoughts were coming into my head non-stop.
ADC from deceased pet dog and figure that was apparently his deceased father who died 3-4 days previously, and gave advice about business and living his life.

Maria BC ADC  12/18/14 Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  At about 8am I woke up and I came to say goodbye to him. I was asleep when I felt my body going up and I tried very hard to wake up and I was able to, but the spirit or soul of my father came to me, with a great weight that stopped me moving but I felt his love and tenderness and I closed my eyes and he whispered in my ear as he always used to and I felt he was sad, or frightened and didn't want to leave.
ADC Dream from deceased father.

Kerry ADC  12/7/14 From the U.K.  Then he said "its ok now I have spoke to you like this I can come back and see you" as if he was on holiday and coming back. Then I was sat up in my sons bed and my dad was sat on the bed at the side of the bed holding my hand. He looked slightly paler and was wearing a grey shirt he didn't look happy he had more of a look of concern on his face. I said I was sorry for not being there for him more etc he said that I should not worry about things like that. I said that I was so glad to hear it from him, that I knew it would be what he would say but was so glad to hear him say it himself. He said that was his job to make me feel better. He said that if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have had a life and that I must live a life while I am here and that I must look after my family now. There were other things said but I cannot remember them.  I leaned forward to hug him and woke up sat up in bed. I was wide awake  and the bedroom was exactly the same. The dream was in the same bedroom being as I don't sleep there usually.
ADC Dream from deceased father.

Tina P ADC  12/1/14 From Turkey.  Like some one is being teleported. High toned, treble Like zzzzzzzz and more. At its highest point, I see 3 or 4 lights appear, tall like 180 cms. Standing in front of me and they gave me the feeling that they are conscious beings with authority, power. I felt their power. They were there with me, for me. And at the same moment, they appeared my mother, appeared sitting right next to me, not very close though. 50/70cm away, she had a distance.
ADC dream from mother.  Experience content not typical of the usual Western ADCs.

Tim J ADC  11/8/14  I got extremely panicked and felt like I was going to explode.  It confused me but I knew something was wrong.  I couldn’t take it anymore and excused myself from class and went to sit in the atrium.  I got dizzy and tunnel vision and sweaty in a cloud.  I got on my motorcycle and bolted for home like I was being pulled by an unknown force.. It was confusing, I thought I was suddenly sick. I ran to the door to my phone ringing and it was my mother calling to tell me Ralph my stepfather had just died.  Then the feelings went away.  I sat there confused for a while then it hit me.  It changed my outlook in death.
ADC at moment of stepfather’s death.  Atypical in that it is largely frightening.

Maria M ADC  11/8/14  I walked in the room and closed the door behind me, and suddenly i wasn't scared anymore. I noticed all of his clothes hanging up and pictures of him hanging on the wall. I knew he was there, I would feel him and I could taste him and smell him I just couldn't see him but I knew he was in the room with me. I touched his clothes and I could see what he saw, that night he committed suicide. I saw him grab the gun from inside the closet (that was no longer there now in this dream) and face the wall behind the TV, and put the barrel underneath his chin and squint his eyes and when he pulls is, I let go of the clothes because I knew the outcome.
ADC dream from boyfriend who committed suicide

ADC and ADC dream from deceased son.

Diane M ADC  10/27/14 Lying in my bed, drifting off to sleep I felt a light breeze go across me, from right to left. The handles on my dresser rattled on my left, I was awake then. Then my father said "Diane, how many times have I told you to trust in the Lord", then there was a rushing, rushing wind that passed over me from left to right… When I had trials in life, my father, when alive, would say "Trust in the Lord", among other things.
ADC from deceased father.  Shared 34 years later.

Casey J ADC  10/18/14  We had made a picture that morning and each child had glued a small paper butterfly on their picture. After cleaning up lunch, I carried a stack of books to table and put them on table.  Then one of the paper butterflies that was laying on the table was moved by the air from the stack of books I put down.  The butterfly went up and landed on my shoulder.  The best part of it all was the lady that I worked with watched it happen.
ADC from deceased son.

Hettie J ADC  10/11/14  Extreme vomiting, diarrhea.  Was very weak after hours of vomiting and was lying on the floor at home.  Noticed up in left corner of vision (all black and white) my deceased mother was standing there.  Neither of us acknowledged each other.  She bent down and placed her hand under my nose (it seemed like she was checking to see if I was still breathing.)  No feelings of love or judgment.  After checking my breathing she levitated slowly up to my left and vanished.
ADC from deceased mother at time she was very sick.

Liz C ADC  10/11/14  I heard myself telling him that he needed to go to "the light." His face was screwed up with sadness and he told me that he couldn't see the light. "Do you think it's really there?" he asked me. "Yes," I said. "And as soon as you go into the light, you will have complete and absolute control." "But I can't see it!" he said. I assured him that the light was there, and then I paused for a moment. It was a lucid dream and I started to tell him that I wasn't an expert on these things, but that I was pretty sure the light was there. Before I could get the words out, I was ripped away from him and brought back into my bed. The last thing he heard me say was that he needed to go to the light, that he would have control if he did, that the light was there. I woke up feeling high. My entire body was vibrating and I felt the most profound sense of peace. That peace has not left me even after three days. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I am sure now that he has found "the light" that he was seeking.
ADC dream with deceased friend.

Jules D ADC  10/5/14  From Belgium.  Original in Dutch, translated to English by Dennis.  Now it hits me. A long time ago when visiting [her] together with my mother (who died January 17th 1993) I discovered her very solid faith and dared to make a deal with her: "Whichever of us dies first is to give a small careful sign that they are still around, as an ultimate proof that absolute disappearance and endings do not exist."  She immediately answered as to what the sign would be.  Up to three times she repeated that she would blow out a candle (in this case a fictitious one). There was no candle, but the blowing sure was!  And that was the promise which she kept. She neither forgot nor was she ever reminded of it!
ADC from Aunt.

Patti L ADC  10/4/14  I was sitting on my bed listening to music on my computer when my husband's voice came into my head.  I wanted to listen to the music so I told him to go away.  He wouldn't go.  I kept thinking about him and then finally said in my own head "just go, I can't believe you left me to raise our children alone".  I did not know he had just died.  He was away camping and ran into trouble.  I knew it from that very second going forward that he was gone and I was completely alone now.  I have had this unbelievable knot in my stomach ever since, it won't go away.  Then this last weekend, he came to me in a dream telling me he was going to take our oldest child with him.  I begged him not to and then the dream switched to me meeting a really great man.  I am so confused.
ADCs from deceased husband.

Wanda S ADCs  10/4/14  Late at night I wanted to look once again before going to bed, I opened my apartment door, and here my heart nearly stood still: The long corridor (almost exactly 10 meters) lay before me in complete darkness, and at its end the light was burning in the elevator's cage! It suddenly reminded me of the "light at the end of the tunnel" mentioned in many NDEs. I don't know how long I stood there rooted at the spot, a little scared too, but above all happy getting this unexpected sign from him - now I had no doubts: "He is well!" - he wants to let me know that he is well! Thank you, my dear brother.
Multiple ADCs from deceased brother.

Tracey K ADC  10/4/14 PI was waking up but enjoying listening to the birds. At some point I was very aware of a presence.  I wasn't afraid in fact it felt very peaceful. I pretended I was asleep so I didn't lose the feeling. Out of the corner of my eye I sensed a mist in the corner of the room. I remember feeling very quickly it was my Dad. I wondered why he was here. He was talking to me and telling me he was ok , I will be ok that sort of thing. I was in a difficult time in my marriage and having second thoughts of leaving . He basically reassured me that that was the best decision.  It felt good to be close to him. I never had a relationship with my father after my parents split up and I felt how I felt around him when I was a young child. I remember feeling tingling in my hands and arms I had been learning to meditate so put it down to some sort of meditation.  ADC from father around time he died.

Rosemary K ADC  9/20/14 This dream was vivid, brief and powerful, with a profound emotional context.  I believe this was a visitation from Ellie, because I honestly don't think my subconscious could have produced such a joyful dream from the anguished state I was in at the time.  Plus, she looked and acted just as she had in her prime, and it had been quite some time since I had thought of her in that way.  Her fur was mostly gray or white when she passed, but was jet black in the dream, and she was wiggling like a pup.  My mother also dreamed about her that night, and in her dream she was also young, healthy and ecstatically happy.  The message in both dreams was the same - I'm fine, I'm happy, and I love my mom.  This has been a tremendous comfort to me.
ADC dream from beloved dog.

Lia D ADC  9/19/14 From Greece.  Ever since my mother's death, I light a small candle which I put it in a small glass inside a small plate. This candle is in the kitchen. When I got down to take my cigars, I stared at the candle like "it was the soul of my mother" and started to cry. Then suddenly, the flame of the candle started to sparkle, and then a white-blue light (like a line) came towards me and RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES I saw it growing bigger in the shape of a television and then I heard I silent "boom" and it was disappeared.
ADC from deceased mother.

Louise ADC  9/7/14 I became conscious of her appearing in front of me and I was not currently dreaming...just a sudden awareness she was there in front of me. There was no story or animation prior to her sudden appearance in my conscious and she was not alone, she was with another dog.  I clearly recognized her and next to her, as if posing for a photograph, was another dog exactly like her, however, this dog was a reddish color, whereas my Amber is a cream color.  I think it might have been a sibling or a parent that crossed over before Amber that met her.  I feel she came to me in a dream state to let me know she was not alone, and to lessen my grief.  I went on to paint the picture so I would always have it as a memory.
ADC dream from deceased companion dog.

Julie F ADC  9/7/14 I thought for a moment as the car radio played in the background. She was a huge Bob Marley fan and there is even a Bob Marley reference on her grave marker. I said out loud, "I know, Mary! How about a Bob Marley song! Play one on the radio!" Almost immediately the song that had been currently playing had ended and the next song was Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff"!!! I feel she wanted to make sure I knew it was her by choosing that song as she had passed by a gun shot. I thanked her and blessed her. It gives me the chills thinking about it… In the case of my co-workers murder, they may have taken her physical life but a murderer has no power to obliterate a soul!
ADC from coworker who was shot and killed at the workplace.

Nicholas P ADC  9/7/14  Sometime during the night I was dreaming of a fog enveloping me when suddenly Sharon appeared out of the fog and took me by my hand.  Thinking of a beach in Old Saybrook, Ct where we used to go, we began walking along the shore, hand in hand.  She told me that she loved me and knew that I lover her also.  She had some regrets but told me to move on with my life and that she would cherish our time together.  She let go of my hand and I returned to my dream.  Early the next morning I received a telephone call from a friend of mine who informed me that Sharon had a brain aneurysm and did not survive.  The doctors had performed successful surgery and expected her to be well.  However, she fell into a coma and never awoke.  Of course, I was devastated, but because of my experience I was at peace because we able to say our goodbyes.
ADC dream around time of death of wife, before he knew she died.

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