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ADC STORIES Archives (2003-2007)

These experiences, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested.� We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of ADC. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of ADCRF. 

ADC (after-death communication)

720.  Lynn K Experience 12/28/07 In March of 1996 my mother passed away due to pancreatic cancer.  Within an hour, I felt her 110 pound body sitting next to me.  She was this weight most of her life and I knew it was her.  Her birthday is August 6th (I speak in the present tense as she is still very much with me!) and I was in Arizona at a conference.  I went into a restaurant and sat down and at least two dozen cherry blossoms fell onto my plate without a wind or other patrons experiencing that.  She loved the color pink and cherry blossoms.
Multiple ADCs.  Experiencer is a chiropractor.

719.  Lim CK Experience 12/15/07 From Singapore My daughter, a chartered accountant died in a skydiving mishap march 2000, Indonesia.  sometime 2 yrs later I had a vivid dream of her  in the grounds of a huge white windowless building. I quickly ran to her...but aware my legs were not running but seemed to float and sped towards her....face to face,  I asked: "girl, do u know what happen to u?" she smiled and said in her usual girlish way "no unh, nothing happen unh!!!!!" Obviously she did not die but very much alive n well.  She then took my hand and seemed ready to show me the grounds��....end.
Dream ADC of deceased daughter.  He is from Singapore and Buddhist.

718.  Theresa S Experience 12/10/07  As I was walking, I was thinking to myself that I didn't know how I was going to get through the rest of my life without my son, and I was crying and silently screaming, when I suddenly heard his voice from within my chest, like from my heart, and he said "Hey Mom", and the inflection of his voice and his gentle tone was so identical, and I thought to myself, "Oh dear, now I am thinking in his voice". I looked up, and there was his last name, carved on the side a huge old oak tree, with a heart under it. His last name is not common, and it had been carved into this tree many, many years ago, but it made me feel immediately reassured that he was ok and I didn't need to worry because he isn't gone, just changed.
ADC from deceased son, who died by suicide.

717. Rumki Experience 12/5/07 From India Since his death on 12.9.2007, myself and my family members comprising My parents and widowed elder sister could feel his presence.  My father, one evening was reading newspaper, when suddenly he called us to say that he saw my brother-in-law sitting on his favorite chair. On several occasions, in my sleep, (I was deeply asleep and was not in dreams), I woke suddenly and felt the touch of somebody, in my dreams also, I saw him in the hospital bed and he said he was free of all pains and also was free of breathing trouble that started with his disease, once I was partially awake, when I could clearly hear his voice saying - "Don't worry, I am with you, move ahead in life". One morning, I was working my room and thinking about my brother-in-law and wondering whether life existed after death, I was very sad that point of time, when suddenly I heard his voice, calling me, I was very happy that time.
From India.  Multiple ADCs involving many family members.

716. Fran D Experience 11/10/07 The ball of light grew larger and when the light reached my bed, I clearly saw my brother.  I am not sure if he was only apparent from the waist up, or it was because he was standing at the end of the bed, but I only saw him from the waist up.  He was wearing white pants and a purple shirt, one of his favorite outfits, and the exact outfit my mom chose for him to be buried in. He was almost transparent, glowing, as if he had a light bulb inside of him.  It was then that I saw my body sit up outside of it self. I was still laying in bed, but part of me sat up, almost as if I were transparent like him at the time.  I laying in bed could actually see myself sit up, it is hard to explain.  I wasn't frightened of him, but afraid of what was happening, as it was so unexpected.  All I could do was yell out his name, I was in such shock that I didn't say any of the things I now wish that I had said.  He smiled at me, he was so at peace (which he rarely was in life-he was sick with juvenile diabetes and very troubled).
ADC from deceased brother.

715. Valerie K Experience 10/14/07  As I neared the front of the line another soldier grabbed my arm and restrained me just before I reached him. Just then we heard the click. My friend had stepped on a land mine. The force of the explosion threw me backward against a tree. I screamed as blood splattered my body.  The next instant found me again in the doorway of my apt. and I heard the sound of feet running as my friend and the two boys waiting for me came to see what had happened. They found me standing in the doorway with my hands braced against the door jam on each side. I had blood and dirt splattered on my clothes and face and my right shoulder was painfully swollen and turning black. It had been dislocated when I hit the tree.
Among the most remarkable experiences we have received.  OBE/ADC at time of friend�s death by land mine in Vietnam.  Incredibly, she was covered with blood and dirt immediately after this experience, though she was living in America at the time.

714. Dietmar H Experience 10/6/07 From Canada My first super vivid thought accompanied by a huge surge of what I can only define as love energy flowing through me, was 'Aunt Marica has moved back into the light'. I felt light flowing through me and around me. I also felt a massive surge of positive energy flowing through me --- I felt warm, comfortable, very happy. I 100% knew she was connecting with me and letting me know that she was fine and in a good space. I felt her love for me and knew she was telling me she was safe and happy�  I smiled, looked at the time on the clock radio (which again I hadn't been able to see a few moments prior) and noted the time --- it was 3:17 am. I closed my eyes again and made a mental note not to forget the time and just started thinking about whether I should get up and write the time down so that I wouldn't forget the moment, when at 3:22 am the phone rings, it's Nancy (Marica's live in caregiver) who tells me that Marica had passed away 5-6 minutes ago.
ADC from Aunt at the exact time she died.

713. Melanie G Experience 9/22/07 I was working on a school assignment. I had to write an editorial for TV class. It was about cats and the new by-law to keep all cats indoors. I had only written a few sentences when I got up to get a drink from the kitchen. I left the paper for a while, and came back later to finish it. I sat down to continue writing and immediate noticed something written in all lower case letters with no spaces.
Computer text message from deceased brother.

712. Jewel H Experience 9/22/07 We were all sitting in the living room talking to her when I kept seeing this flashing blur on her right side coming toward her.  I saw this maybe three times but didn't say anything about it at the time.  Later when I concentrated on this flashing and what it might have been I could see that it was Tom, and he was running at his mother repeatedly, desperate to get her attention, but of course he couldn't understand why she couldn't see him or hear him.  This was terrible for me because I could feel so much of his pain and confusion.  He thought that death would be the elimination of pain, he thought that suicide was the way out.  Here he was in emotional agony seeing just how much pain he had caused everyone and now there was no way for him to even tell his mother how sorry he was.  It was very gut wrenching at the time.  Fortunately those feelings of his have left me after so much time.  I described what Tom was wearing to my friend and she said that it was his favorite clothes to wear.
ADC from neighbor of a friend.

711. Parker R Experience 9/13/07  I felt I was in communication with Duff.  The sense of words seemed to form in my mind, but I didn't hear anything.  What I was told was "Please tell 'Mom' that sometimes I come by and sleep in my red bed."  Her former owner was in deep mourning for her lost pet.  I knew she had several beds for the dog near the end, trying to make her comfortable, but didn't remember a red one.  I waited a couple of days before passing on the message.  The owner found it comforting and after searching, found the red bed, near her own bed.
ADC from deceased dog.

710. Merry T Experience 9/13/07 I was awoken by the most powerful energy force that I have ever experienced in my life. The energy force was like a light or aura of my father, not clear at all,  but I knew instinctively that it belonged to my father, I could see his face, and he was leaning over me.  The energy force literally woke me up, it was so powerful.  It only lasted a few seconds, and then he was gone.  It was literally like getting hit by a bolt of lightening is the only was I can think of as a way to describe his energy.  He did not say anything, it was as if he wanted me to know that everything will be OK and that he is still around.
ADC from deceased father.

709. Ed M Experience 8/18/07 On Friday morning May 18th of 1997, I spoke with my dad on the phone. The last thing I recall him stating was, Well son, I ain't dead yet! His voice was strong as usual. However, through the rest of that day and then into the (Memorial Day) weekend I had an overwhelming sense or knowing that something big was going to happen during this weekend. I did not know whether this something was local, personal, regional or geopolitical. Now at this time I was courting my fianc� Sandy. She to had the same overwhelming sensation! Well, Sunday night after evening services, Sandy and I were out front of her place talking. It was approaching midnight. Suddenly I sensed an unseen visitor present. I intuitively knew that it was dad!
Several ADCs from deceased father.

Viji Experience 8/18/07 From United Arab Emirates. I had this vivid dream I wouldn't even say dream because it was more clearer like I have never felt on this earth.  I was flying over sea and it was looking so beautiful and I saw two very bright golden glowing balls of light on either side of me. They were taking me somewhere I felt very happy because I recognized the glowing ball on my right side was my brother and the glowing ball to my left side was very protective of me that's what I felt. We were traveling very fast over the sea and I could sea the scenes very vivid it was beautiful blue water and suddenly I could see there is another see on other side. I could see we a huge wall which is separating both the seas and when we were near that we stopped. The glowing star towards my right which I felt was my brother he told me that I just can't cross this wall now and its not my time.
Dream ADC from deceased brother. 

707. Valerie O Experience 8/18/07 As I lay in bed, deep in grief and crying, I suddenly felt the bed depressed next to me, as if George had laid down next to me...I blinked, reached out to touch him, and felt him! I stared in disbelief at the crater he made in the mattress, as if he were really there.  I felt him reach for my hand, and I saw his eyes as he looked into my eyes. He proceeded to tell me how much he loved me, and how grateful he was for the time we had together. He held me in his arms and we talked for hours, and then I fell asleep.  When I awoke, he was gone, but I had the most wonderful feeling, even though the intense grief was still there. All I remember is him saying: �I had no idea how many people loved me...and how much they loved me. If I had known, my life would have been different.�
NDE from deceased husband.

706. Tommy T Experience 8/18/07 I stepped back into the house and walked to the bathroom where she was dressing. She was right, the smell of Shalimar, Delores favorite and almost exclusive perfume was extremely strong. Since my wife also liked Shalimar, I was convinced she had broken a bottle.  After accusing her, she protested that she hadn't bought any Shalimar in years, not since her mother's death.  I noticed that the strong smell seemed to flow into the bathroom from the adjacent room where I had previously experienced my apparition of Deloris.  I told my wife how strong the scent was from outside the bedroom and I was going to follow it and see where it lead.  I walked out of the bedroom, pass the couch and into the kitchen, the scent was equally as strong.  As I followed the perfume trail through the kitchen, I could smell it coming from the garage and quickly opened the garage door.  To my shock, the garage was in full flames.  The heat was so fierce that I covered my face and ran back into the bedroom telling my wife to get out of the house immediately.  As I ran back towards the garage, it occurred to me that there was a water hose next to the garage door and I immediate began to spray water into the fire.  I was successful and put out the fire just as it was encroaching into the ceiling.  Another 2 or 3 minutes and the flames would have gone into the attic and sealed our doom.  The house would have been lost ... and perhaps our lives.
Two ADCs from deceased Mother in Law.  Second ADC involved giving a message that may have saved his life.

705. Sarah S Experience 8/18/07 I saw a light on the blinds and looked up thinking a car had driven by.  I couldn't hear any car sounds and the light traveled to the pillow on the bed next to me.  I was wide awake and looking at this round ball of what looked like it was pulsating. It had electricity or sparks emanating from it like sparklers.  I reached my hand up close to it and I wasn't afraid of it and the closer my hand got, the more this feeling of calm, peace became stronger and stronger. It is a sense of peace I have never felt in my life. I can't even begin to describe the feeling - it was as if I had no cares in the world and life was filled with hope and goodness.  The ball of light continued to emit sparks and as I moved my hand up closer and called my son's name, it disappeared.
ADCs from son killed in Iraq.

704. Jess S Experience 8/18/07 From Philippines.  Just then I noticed a very white mist (like a cloud) forming and becoming bigger. In a few moments it had covered the entire wall where the door was situated. I got up and stared at it attentively because my attention was caught by several figures in it, all dressed in white. I can see only their faces because their white clothing blended with the white cloud in the background. Then I began to recognize the face of my wife in the middle of the other faces. I then realized that she was accompanied by several angels! I can clearly see the tips of some of their wings (our usual idea of angels!) as they were flapped outside of the cloud. Then all of them began to raise one of their hands and started to wave (as if in goodbye) to me. I Stared at the sight for as long as five minutes(?).
ADC from deceased wife. 

703. John D Experience 8/18/07 I was in my bedroom and was getting ready to fall asleep.  I was in the bottom bunk bed, my sister in the top.  She did not witness the event.  I was having trouble sleeping due to severe sadness.  I suddenly saw a bright light on the wall across from my bed. Emerging from the light I saw my grandmother approach my bed. She was in a beautiful flower dress wearing a white pearl necklace. I could touch her hand and smelled her presence.  It was as if she was really there.  She sat down beside my bed and told me not to worry, that everything would be all right.  She told me to take care of my Mother and Sister and to be brave.  She then went back towards the light and disappeared.  Several years later, my step-father passed away and I was forced to care for my sister and mother for some time afterward.
ADC from deceased Grandmother at age 12.

702. Jim G Experience 8/18/07 I requested that I hold Christopher until he stopped breathing, because I wanted to be with him until he physically passed from this world.  I held him nonstop for over eight hours until his heart finally stopped beating�  Our Thai maid, who also helped care for "Poon" and our other dogs, also took "Poon's" death hard.  Later that day, the maid told my wife that that right after "Poon's" death, she experienced the strong scent of baby powder in the area were we kept our other dogs and she couldn't figure out where it came from, but she had never smelled it before and we did not have any baby powder in our house.  When my wife told me what the maid had said, I started to cry.  Since I had not told my wife, nor any one else about the experience I had with Christopher in the delivery room and the baby powder scent on the towels, she didn't understand my reaction until I told her.  We both started to cry and to this day believe that Christopher came to get "Poon" after she passed.
ADC from premature born son after beloved pet dog died.

701. Eve K Experience 7/15/07  I saw a ball of softly glowing mist slowly descend upon my bed from the corner of the ceiling.  I was speechless as I saw it slowing coming towards me.  Somehow I knew it was my mother, even though I couldn't discern a body or a shape.  The mist enveloped me as I lay in bed and filled me with feelings of love and calm.  I had the presence of mind not to move or open my eyes, because somehow I knew that it would spoil the moment.  I just forced myself to remain calm and focus on every moment so that I could remember the experience.  My mother communicated telepathically with me by repeating my name over and over, saying, "Eve, Eve, Eve, I love you so much.  I love you so much.  Don't worry about me.  Where I am, there's complete freedom, freedom, freedom!  Tell your brothers and sisters I love them and I will always be with you all."
ADC from deceased mother.

700. Robin T Experiences 7/15/07 She was sitting in the rocking chair like she would have done if I had trouble going to sleep and was working on something.  She always embroidered linens when she was alive so I assume that's what she was doing� looked the same as when alive; long sleeve dress to just below the knee, shoes, dress buttoned up to her neck, glasses.  She had lost toes prior to her death because of diabetes but seemed to be "whole".  ADC from deceased mother.  I woke to find Mary standing at the end of my bed.  It was light all around her.  Her dark hair was shiny and she was dressed in a plain robe style dress with long sleeves. The space behind her just seemed to go on forever. She had had many heart surgeries before she passed away in April 1980 and was telling me she was fine and felt great and didn't hurt anymore. She was smiling and her happiness filled the room.  ADC at age 17 by friend who died at age 17.

699. Danielle D Experience 7/15/07 I had gone to the bathroom and I remember being startled by her presence and all I "felt" was "look under the couch" so I left the bathroom went into the living room and had no idea why I was going to look under the couch...but there I was crouched over just looking, for what, I did not know.  Lo and behold I find this book and toy camera that my mom had bought for my son only a few months earlier for Christmas.  you see we had Christmas at my moms' house like every year and that day Jacob, my son had lost this book and toy camera that goes together for this electronic bear that tells stories.. my mom searched high and low for it for months.  and not but a few days before she died her and I were so puzzled as to where it went.  I remember her saying "I would kill to find where that went!" and there it was under the couch. 
ADC from deceased mother.

698. Yvonne P Experience 7/7/07  I heard, my grandmother's voice and she said, "Move, move, move".  The next thing I know my car had jumped the curb and is sitting on the sidewalk in front of the daycare and I hear squealing brakes and I look to my left in the lane I had just been in and a green pick up truck smashed into the rear end of the truck that I had been sitting behind!!!!  Needless to say, I was more than shaken up.  I have no recollection of either turning the wheel or hitting the gas.  I smelled my grandmother's perfume and I just started crying.  Not because I was sad or upset, it was more a realization that she was surrounding and protecting me as she had done when she was alive.
Remarkable ADC that appears to have saved her from car accident.

697. Sneha Experience 7/5/07  At about 11:30 am I was awake but was just lazing around on the bed with my eyes half open. I suddenly felt some kind of strong current that passed through me and I became very heavy and was unable to move. I tried to move my hand but just couldn't. For 1 minute I felt as if someone was there and had entered within me. Though I was a little scared I prayed to my mom to not scare me and that give me the courage to face it else I would collapse on the spot. Immediately I felt her hands on my hands like the way I used to hold her had when I use to sleep with mummy besides me. I smiled and said that Mummy please don't go and hold my hand like this forever.
from deceased mother.  This ADC occurred in India.

696. Billie C's Daughter's Experience 7/5/07  I was cleaning my kitchen and my two year old daughter was sitting at the kitchen table facing the windows coloring. Out of the blue my daughter said I see your dad mama and he is watching you. I looked at her and said what did you just say? My daughter was looking out the window and never looked at me as she repeated herself. My daughter said I see your dad he is watching you. I ask my daughter where, she said right there in the window. I ask my daughter if she sees my dad in the big window, she said no in that window. We have one big window in middle of two smaller windows on each side of large window.
ADC by two year old from deceased Grandfather.

695. Leslee B Experience 7/5/07 & 3/11/12  I had been spending most of my time in bed, about a month. My family was getting worried that I was giving up on life, and I was. This was my twin, my best friend, and the love of my life. As I sat up in bed crying with my head face down in my pillow, I felt a comfort come over my body. As I pulled my head away from pillow I saw my Twin sister Roslee standing in front of me, SOOO beautiful, wearing a white gown, with a beautiful light around her. She smiled at me and said, "I love you very much and you must go on, you are not finished here there are things that you will need to complete. Then when you pass on from this world, I will be here to take your hand." She then said "I Love You.", and she and the light faded away. I believe that she new that I was giving up and that she needed to let me know she would be back for me.
ADC from deceased twin sister.

694. Robert D Experience 6/23/07  They unlocked the door to Charles Page's office and  we all went in so they could show it to me. There was a man sitting behind the desk smiling at me, he had his hands folded in front of him and he didn't say a word, he just smiled at me. Nobody else acted like they could see him, nobody said hi to him, they just acted like he wasn't in the room. When we left the room I asked Jack who the man sitting behind the desk was and he replied that there wasn't any man sitting behind the desk.  When we got to the second floor where the boy's floor was he showed me the bedroom where all the boys slept. Up on the entrance wall to the bedroom was a picture of the man I had just seen sitting behind the desk in Charles page's office. I said, "There's the man I saw downstairs sitting behind the desk", Jack replied, "That's Charles Page, he's been dead for fifty years and you couldn't have seen him".
ADC from founder of orphanage at age 5, 50 years ago.

693. Debra S Experience 6/20/07 Just as we arrived in the trail parking area, approximately 35 miles from our home, we decided to take a different route to the top of the trail than the one originally planned. After several hours of uphill hiking, our bodies were beginning to feel the aches and pains. We were beginning to doubt we could even make it to the top because we knew this was not an easy hike. Then we came upon the following message written in large letters in the dirt, Happy Mom�s Day, Love From Your Sons. I was taken aback and my heart began to beat a little faster. I thought, �Could this be for me?�

692. Shane B Experience 6/3/07 There were some peculiar things about this dream that I could not explain. I envisioned seeing my mother walking along a path in a valley of grass, surrounded by mountains with a lake behind her. As she walked towards me I began to talk to her and said "What are you doing here?", she said "I live here". I then stated "You can't be here I saw you die". She said "I was sick and now I am healed, why can't you just believe that?". She then proceeded to walk passed me towards a low-set house of roman appearance with marble pillars surrounding it. What made this unusual was the way my mother spoke to me and her actions, they were very uncharacteristic. Shortly after I awoke to the most severe chest pain and shortness of breath. I sat up in bed and saw my recently departed mother above the wardrobe, seemingly at a distance and in some unexplainable way beckoning me to join her.  At this moment I felt that all I had to do was reach out to her and I would be gone.
ADC from deceased mother.  Began as dream, then saw his mother while awake.

691. Dorothy S Experience 5/28/07  " MY DAD! OH MY GOD! That's MY DAD! and she said " Yup, that's your Dad! when she said that I noticed my Dad was parking the tractor next to 'his house'. As I started to walk towards my Dad( I wanted to run) He started walking towards me, and I said "DAD!" and we both hugged very tight, and he said "Dorse" (that was short for Dorothy) I'm glad you came to see me! Dorse, this is where I live, as he pointed all around this huge area along with the homes in front of us. And I said, " Dad is this Heaven?" and he said " Yes, Dorse this is Heaven, but it's San Juan. (San Juan is a small village south of Albuquerque, My dad was born and raised there along with his family, my mothers family, and of course me and my brothers and sisters, we all loved that place, especially my mom and dad) He then says to me "Dorse, don't cry for me I'm alright, there's nothing wrong with me now, (health wise) I'm in Heaven, I'm here with God and Jesus. And this is my house, and I'm going to wait for all of you guys (referring to his kids)."
Dream ADC with Dad.  Dorothy also has an interesting SOBE account posted on www.oberf.org.

690. Debra Experience 5/27/07  I was, to put it delicately, in my bathroom reading. Sissy, a Boston Terrier,  was a strong personality and didn't like being closed out of any room, especially the bathroom. All at once, there was a scratch at the door, just like she would do, with her paw under the door. I opened the door, puzzled, as no other of the dogs could get to that part of the house. Nothing that I could see was there. I also had another incident�
ADC from deceased pet dog.

689. Nancy M Experience 5/27/07 This young man had recently graduated from college, married and gotten a good job.  He, apparently, had back pain.  He began ordering drugs over the internet.  He took a large number of these drugs and never woke up.  His parents are good friends, but I hardly knew the son.  My husband and I sat on the second row at the funeral service.  The minister was on a small rise level with the casket.  There were two steps up to the rise.  This deceased boy sat on the top step in front of the minister and directly in front of his parents and brother.  He sat with his chin resting on his hand and just watched the people sitting in the sanctuary.  I looked away and back thinking that I must be imagining this, but he remained throughout the entire service.
ADC at time of a funeral.  Contributor is a nurse.

688. Ali S Experience 5/14/07 The next night, he came to me again.  He wasn't giddy this time, but very calm.  I needed to ask him where he hid my mother's passport, but he didn't answer in words.  Instead, I pictured the two china cabinets from his dining room in my head.  I later told this to my mother who told she found the passport clipped to the back of the curtain in the dining room.
Several ADCs including on with specific information not otherwise knowable.

687. SDM Experience 5/14/07  The rose then levitated over the pop can and landed by me feet, with no logical explanation.  I KNEW he knew and I stopped grieving immediately and believe that he had gotten the message. The second and third time happened on the same day, my mom had been in the hospital and when she came home I went to her house to care for her until she recovered.  I was looking out her front window and I saw him standing under the tree, when I looked again he was gone.  Later that same day I looked up and saw him standing in her living room next to my favorite rocking chair. 
ADC from Grandfather.

686. Joe D Experience 5/14/07  I woke up early in the morning to find that my life partner, deceased for thirty days, was lying in my bed beside me, holding me. we were holding each other, and there was an exquisite sense of peace surrounding us. I fully woke up and started to question what was happening, but then I just let it be and laid back down. Eventually if fell back asleep.

685. Jared O Experience 5/14/07  The whole episode lasted under 30 seconds. During this time I was in awe of the power and energy of this being. It was never clearly communicated to me who this was. My dad had died about 11 years previous but I also had grandparents that were dead too. All that I know was the feeling was unbelievable. Human words and images cannot describe how much power and energy this entity had. It was a fantastic feeling. I didn't want it to ever end. Whatever it was, I got the sense that it was all powerful and could do anything it wanted to do. The feeling was better than any sensory experience on earth. It was better than the best sex, better than the best music, best food, best amusement ride, the best sunset or scenery on earth. There is nothing on earth to even come close to compare to the wonderful feeling I was experiencing. It was pure, sheer, awesome power and energy in every molecule of my body. I was alive with another being inside of me.
ADC from an attorney.

684. Rhonda R Experience 5/14/07  Finally he mumbled, while still looking down, "'Hello, Rhonda."     I don't know whether I responded.  I remember I was excited to see him, but heavy-hearted because he looked so sad and ashamed. Then he just turned and started walking away.  I cried out  "Daddy, Daddy!  Where have you been?" He kept walking and never looked back at me.    But as he opened the door to my right, he said quietly, "Oh, just a little farther on." The door closed, he was gone, and I woke up with a pounding heart, saying "Wow! What was that?"  As I look back, I realize this dream was the beginning of a major spiritual search for me. It also was the beginning of a long process:  starting to forgive my dad.

683. Mary W Experience 4/28/07  What I saw was this:  I saw my son's, face above and in front of me and behind him was a blinding white light. He was grinning with the same thrilled smile I had seen the night that he died. He looked straight at me from out of the vision and said with excitement "Mom! I'm okay Mom! I'm with GOD Mom! "Mom, you have to wake up. You have to wake up and answer the phone."  God answered my sobbing pleas and showed me that I, in fact, had been the very first person to see Rick after his death.  This was the same thing I had seen in a dream the night that Richard died.
Same contributor as Mary W ADC.  Second ADC from deceased son.

682. Mary W Experience 4/28/07 I took two sleeping pills and went to bed. Thirty minutes later I was startled awake from a deep sleep by a dream. In the dream I saw Richard�s face and behind him was only blinding white light. He was grinning with the happiest smile I had ever seen. And let me tell you Richard had a smile and a personality that would light up a room when he walked in. He looked straight at me from out of the dream and said with excitement "Mom! I'm okay Mom! I'm with GOD Mom! Mom, you have to wake up. You have to wake up and answer the phone."  I sat straight up in bed and turned to see the telephone on the night stand flickering. I had turned the ringer off so that I could get some much needed sleep. I answered the phone.  It was a policewoman calling to tell me there was a policeman at the door and would I please go let him in.
Son appeared in dream at moment of death asking her to wake up and answer the phone.  The phone call led to news of the accident.

681. Glenn C Experience 4/28/07 From Australia I work in a book store. It was three days after Michelle had passed. Couriers began arriving with stock and I noticed one particular package with what appeared to be a single book enclosed. I decided to open this package. When I opened it, I found that it contained Muhammad Ali's memoir, "The Soul of a Butterfly". When I opened the invoice, I found that the book was actually billed to another store on the other side of the country!  I smiled when I saw the book because I am a big Muhammad Ali fan and often talked about him to the deceased (Michelle). I opened the book at random and the chapter I opened up at was called "No Sad Goodbyes".  Right away, I felt that the book -- which should have gone to the other side of the country -- was a gift from Michelle. Remember, it should have gone to a town several thousand miles away.
ADC from deceased friend via highly serendipitous event.

680. Denyel L Experience 4/23/07the light was turning yellow and several cars were already in the intersection turning left as I was. I was the last in a row of cars and there was a gap between my car and the car ahead of me. AS I hurried into the intersection, I heard my brother, "Stop," it was like a whisper I hit the brakes and stopped. I felt his presence as he communicated to me to look left. This was a feeling; I only heard the word "stop". There was a telephone repair van heading straight at me at full speed. I braced for impact when the van hit the front driver's side of my car. The impact was so strong, the front passenger tire was knocked completely off the rim and the entire front end of the car was shattered. I am sure if I had not stopped when I did I would be dead since the van would have hit at the driver's door rather than the front of the car. My brother saved my life.
ADC from deceased brother that appears to have saved her from severe injury in car crash.

679. Chris R Experience 4/16/07 On three separate occasions all within a month of each other, my father appeared to me like out of Shakespeare's MACBETH.  Each occasion was upon awakening...I was between being fully awake and asleep.  I don't recall too much about the first two appearances other than I know that he appeared to me.  On the third and last appearance, I carried on a conversation with him.  He told me that he was ok and that everything would be ok with me. (at the time, I was in a prison dormitory...a few months after this experience I was released)  On this last appearance, he told me that he had somewhere to go and that he wouldn't be appearing to me anymore.  He just wanted me to know that he was alright. 
Three ADCs from deceased father.

678. Sybil S Experience 4/16/07  On this day I had received notification from my mother's doctor in Florida, via my sister who lived in Florida, that Mom had experienced a massive, terminal brain bleed, but that the damage was too extensive to repair and that her family must say their last good-byes to her.  My husband and I had made airplane reservations to fly to Florida the next day from Maine to see her for the last time. I was crying myself to sleep that night with the thought that I would never again be able to talk with her.  Then I heard a voice, which I knew to be my Dad's, and he said: "it's okay honey, your Mom's going to make it".  I KNEW that Dad KNEW.  I quickly turned over in bed and said to my husband : "Mom's going to make it!".
ADC from deceased father with information that

677. Denise Experience 4/11/07  As the days went by I mourned deeply the doubt started coming as to the safety of Adam and his soul. I sat on my back porch on mid-day and tried to imagine Adam sitting next to me and I could almost feel his presence as I visualized him there. I had such great feeling from it that I went back to the porch around the same time of the day and tried to visualize him again. All at once I heard a vacuum sound a "whoosh" and I was seeing beautiful blue skies and seeing, it seemed, like thousands of people in this place. The moment I realized what I was seeing, I heard another "whoosh" sound and I was at another place and I saw a young man walking, it seems, on a path going somewhere. I realized then that my physical body was not there but I was seeing this as if I was standing right there. I focused in and realized that the young man was my son Adam. As I said this to myself he turned around and looked back in my direction with a puzzling look on his face as if he heard something but did not know what. At that moment I was back in my body and on the porch. I can't describe the awe I felt, the unbelievable feeling I had that I knew I was out of my body and that I saw my son.
ADC from Son.

676. Carol R Experience 4/10/07  The night just before Tanya's 16th birthday I talked with her then went back to my room and sat on the edge of my bed. I looked up and TANYA WAS RIGHT THERE! She did not say anything but... TANYA'S EYE'S EXPRESSED SO MUCH LOVE! TANYA HAD THE WARMEST, SWEETEST MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILE. TANYA LOVINGLY WRAPPED HER BEAUTIFUL ARMS AROUND ME!  I put my right hand on her left arm. She was cool yet not cold, solid but not quite, my hand did not go through her but it was just so different, kind of like how when you touch Jell-O it's not quite solid. But it was the texture of her skin that startled me. There are no words to describe what Tanya's arm felt like. I drew a quick breath and then TANYA GAVE ME THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOVING SMILE. TANYA'S EYES CONVEYED SO MUCH LOVE! Then she just backed away and was gone.
ADC from daughter who died at age 15 in auto accident.

675. Tony G Experience 3/30/07  Suddenly, Brutis my biggest male who was chewing a raw hide at the moment jumped up and started rearing his head back and forth and whining like something was trying to take his treat. When he and Angel were together she would always pick on him just exactly like that, and in all of Brutis's life nothing or no one ever evoked that kind of response out of him except his Angel� At the very end all the dogs stopped barking and Brutis dropped his toy and just looked up into the sky and wagged his tail. When it was all over my buddy and I were truly speechless, for we knew we had just witnessed something from beyond this world, proof to both of us and 4 dogs that there is no doubt there is a life after death.
ADC from deceased beloved pet dog.  Interesting reaction from the other pet dogs.

674. Candy E Experience 3/30/07  This woman called to tell me "I was needed" at his home. She thought that I somehow I knew him better than anyone, and should be there.  I was truly uncomfortable with the thought of going over there. I was saying over and over to her on the phone.... NO!........... When I heard his voice. HIS VOICE!  It sounded as if he were standing just behind me in the kitchen where I was sitting cross-legged on a kitchen chair, talking to her in the darkening room.  He said, "Please, don't let my family rift.   PLEASE!   Don't let my family RIFT!"  (I never used the word "RIFT!"  He was always doing crossword puzzles, and he used all kinds of words I didn't normally use.)
ADC from former boyfriend.

673. Cassie Z Experience 3/20/07 My sister called me just before 9:00 pm to tell me Mom's breathing had become terribly labored and her doctor didn't think she was going to make it through the night.  It broke my heart to tell her I couldn't come back and be there.  After the phone call, I went right to bed and instantly fell asleep.  I awoke for no apparent reason at 10:00 pm and saw my mother standing at the foot of my bed.  She looked young, healthy, and she was smiling at me.  She told me "I'm okay now."  I smiled back at her and told her "I know.  That's what I wanted to tell you."  I called my sister the next morning and she told me Mom had died at 10:00 pm.
ADC from mother at moment of her death.

672. John B Experience 3/20/07 and he came back again about a week later and he was dressed like a greaser from the fifties with the rolled up white t-shirt sleeves and leather jacket which is when he was in his early twenties. His hair was now black and slicked back and he looked as if he was twenty. He was smiling quite a bit as he walked around under a spot light with glimpses of fifties motif in the background and he thanked me for everything and told me he loved me and would see me later I realized from other past experiences that the passing like to revisit a happy younger time in their life and that's what he was doing.
ADC from deceased father.

671. Sandra H Experience 3/20/07 I woke up, sat straight up in my bed, and was all of a sudden wide awake. I didn't have a sleepy feeling or a feeling as if I had just awoken at all. It was dark in my room but as I moved my eyes to my left a little, there was my grandmother floating in front of my chest of drawers. I sat there staring trying to figure out what in the world was going on. I thought I knew what "dead" meant but now I was all confused. I just kept staring for I don't know how long. I noticed that she was not wearing what she had had on in the casket. She had been buried in a light purple suit and was now in a long white gown with big bell sleeves in it. I could see her face and her hands but could not see her feet as she was floating there. I could see my chest of drawers through her. I just kept on staring and trying to figure out what was going on.
ADC from deceased Grandmother.

670. Lucretia H Experience 3/20/07  In 1973 when I was 31 and had two small children, my younger brother was dating a lovely young lady of 21 who found out she had ovarian cancer. Nine months later she passed. I was so sad for her having to pass so young and miss so much of life that I used to get up in the middle of the night and cry for her. This went on for some weeks, when finally one night/early morning I did my crying bit and went back to bed. Just as I lay down, my body felt as though it was drifting above the bed. My first thought was that I was dying. I then felt Shirley's presence there and understood her to tell me "Don't cry for me, I am very happy." Realizing what was happening, I wanted more, however it was not to be. I was back in my bed and have not cried for her since. I also have not had an experience like this again and I would absolutely love to.

669. Dina B Experience 3/4/07 Before my alarm went off at 6:15, Sam came and stood over me. Smiling and touching my face, he said "I AM what you wanted me to be". I started crying and tried to hold on to his legs. Very shortly thereafter my alarm went off. I went to work knowing in my heart he had died but felt comforted that he knew I believed in him. Received a call at 9am to tell me Sam had died early that morning sometime after 5am.I lost the love of my life but will never forget how he told me goodbye.
NDE from deceased husband.

668. Mikayla M Experience 2/25/07 It seemed that I was dreaming that Jim Elliott sat on my bed and shook to wake me. In the "dream" I woke up and he told me "I have to go now, I need you to look after my sons, they won't know what to do, I need you to help them because you are stronger and you will know what to do, I have to go now, it's okay"
Dream ADC at moment of death with request to help his boys.

667. Tim E Experience 2/25/07 As I turned to face the built-in wardrobe to the left just outside the door, the energy presence I had felt in the bathroom became very intense and I was frozen to the spot. Suddenly, I felt a hand on the back of my neck pushing my head down and my attention was instantly riveted to a small and what would normally be an unnoticeable drawer near the floor. I knelt down and opened the drawer. In it was a lone object; a passbook for a bank account containing Bill�s life savings with Mary as a co-signatory. As he had not made a will and had not told us about the bankbook, it seems he wanted to be absolutely sure that she received the money.
Remarkable ADC where deceased directed his attention to a drawer containing a passbook to the deceased�s life savings.

666. Jan Experience #2 2/25/07 If my son had not told me to go to Jeff's, I would have gone home, pulling into the alley and opening the garage with the remote door opener. I may have been getting out of the car when the person that the police were chasing left his car, ran through my alley- he could have got me in the car, instead of hopping the wall into my mothers side yard.
Remarkable NDE from deceased son involving communication that kept her from driving to her house at the time a criminal was present in the area of her house.  This communication may well have saved her from harm. 

665. Jan Experience #1 2/17/07 I was driving to work, and there was a small pickup truck 20 yards or so ahead of me. It had mattresses standing upright in the bed of the truck. As I got a bit closer, I heard "move over into the other lane before something falls off of the truck." This was in my head, but I have learned to listen. I immediately moved into the left lane, and saw a large piece of wood fly off of the truck from in between the mattresses. If I had not moved when I was told to, I would have been hit.
ADC from deceased son.  The communication prevented an accident.

664. Sheri W Experience 2/8/07 The night he died he visited me while I was awake( I think) he came and hugged me and told me he loved me. I didn't think it was strange because my family had not told me he was back in the hospital (they tried to protect me). I was told the next morning.
ADC from Grandpa

663. Lee B Experience 2/3/07 I had this intense energy all of a sudden, and I was hearing someone in my head what to move and where, and what to do next. Then this voice in my head (Mary's) told me to put the tonight show on for Henry. She also told me she was mad at me but I'll never know why and Henry will never know why either. Then she told me Henry needed Calcium and Magnesium, and I would start to get an ulcer, but to just "take a handful of soda crackers" and I'll be ok.  About six months later, Henry went to the doctor and had a blood test, It was "flagged" with extremely low levels of calcium and magnesium, the doctor gave him a prescription for both calcium and magnesium.  He was very low on both.
ADC with medical information.

662. Gloria L Experience 2/3/07 I was sleeping in bed, laying on my side. All of a sudden I was awakened by someone hard up against my back and then being squeezed very very tightly which made me frightened.  I couldn't imagine what was happening and tried to call out "help," but no sound came out.  I thought of calling out to my son sleeping in the next room, but thought that since he had his fan on he would not hear me.  The next thing I remember is seeing a hand and my trying to put my hand on this hand and it went right through.  Then he said, "It's almost 3:00 in the morning."
ADC from deceased husband.

661. Diane G Experience 2/3/07 My daughter was sleeping in the bed next to me, but I knew she couldn't hear it - that only I could. It sounded like an orchestra was in my room. The music was beautiful. It was so loud it sounded like it was bouncing off the walls. I recognized the song. I told myself it was that song by the band Chicago. I knew I'd heard it before, although I didn't know the name. I could sing that song for your right now, that's how clear it was and how it has stayed with me. I listened to the words..."and I love you more than anything in the whole world." Like I said, I could sing that song for you now.
ADC in the form of a song from deceased fianc�.

660. Samantha P Experience 2/3/07 I heard my aunt's voice as if she were at a great distance, but I KNOW it was her.  I remember saying, "Oh my God!  What is it like over there?"  She said, "I like it better than I thought I would, but listen, Goose (her nickname for me), I can't talk long.  I want you to warn O'Neil about the brakes."� He called me the next day and said that he knew something was wrong with the brakes on his car, but had been neglecting to take it to the garage for repairs.  He said he had a friend follow him to a garage to have the car repaired and the mechanic said he basically "had no brakes left" and was lucky he had not wrecked.
ADC with information for another family member that was verified as true.

659. Anthony H Experience 2/3/07 That night at around 3AM I awoke spontaneously for no obvious reason. As I sat up in bed, I just knew with complete clarity that my Mother had just died and she was right here in the room with me at the bottom of my bed near my feet looking at me. I couldn't see anything but sensed her presence. The experience lasted no more than 30 seconds. I spontaneously understood that she had little time and she was on her way and had to leave and that she would watch over me. I wanted to keep talking to her but realized she couldn't really wait, she had to go�  I went back to sleep and the next morning I had a phone call from my Dad to say Mother had passed away during the night and died in her sleep. The time of death was estimated to be around 3AM. I found myself unsurprised at the news.
ADC at moment of mother�s death.

658. Barbara J Experience 2/3/07 As experienced by some NDE'ers, he projected pure peace, pure love and pure joy. That's the closest I can come using human language to describe how this felt. The interesting thing was he told me, "I love you. I always have and I always will." Not, "I loved you" as in past tense as one would expect if the experience wasn't real. I know it was real. We had the telepathic communication as in NDE's also.
ADC from deceased husband who committed suicide.  Very healing encounter.

657. Virginia G Experience 2/3/07 My grandmother had not forgotten me...It made me so very happy...
ADC from deceased Grandmother.

656. Allison L Experience 2/3/07 I don't know why I let her, but I helped lower her in the water. When she was almost fully in the dark water, I held her shoulders and looked in her eyes saying, "Amy, I don't know about this...the water is dark, I don't know what's under there, I don't want to let you go in there." (Amy grew up in a difficult home through her childhood...so no one saw her truly happy that often).....so, when I looked at her and saw the smile on her face and in her eyes, it was the happiest I had ever seen her in my life. It was almost a peaceful, reassuring smile. Amy didn't say anything, but I heard God's voice. While I was holding her above the water God said to me, "Allison, don't you trust me. You don't know what's under there, but I do. Trust me to take care of her. Let her go."  And I did. I watched her head go under the water, silently and peacefully.
ADC dream from friend who died in a car accident.

655. Mary R Experience 2/3/07 Just when I felt I would physically burst with the pain in my chest - the 'heartache'- a sudden calm descended. Again, the room changed but this time I saw a bluish, watery-like 'bubble' in the middle of the room - it felt like energy but again it seemed to communicate, but thought-wise. In my mind, I couldn't get rid of the image of my Dad having this heart attack and being afraid and alone, thinking he would never see us again. But when the 'apparition' came, I 'heard' the thought, 'It was easy love, don't worry about me'. I also 'sensed' a 'goodbye' that was imbued with a sadness and a longing, I 'knew' we wouldn't see each other again for a very long time. The 'bubble' grew smaller and seemed to be 'sucked away' into the upper right hand corner of the room. The funeral was awful, especially the burial. However, about a week after, I 'saw' a little boy in my kitchen, looking in from the garden, but when I ran into the kitchen to encounter him, he had 'run away'. Around that time, I also dreamed of a newly born baby and 'knew' that was my Dad 'entering another life'.
ADC and reincarnation imagery.  Remarkable!

Gary V's Experience 1/30/07  I was in one of the bedrooms getting dressed for the funeral, when I suddenly heard what sounded like the doorbell. I ran out of the room to find my other sister (Donna) and her family entering the house from the front door. When I asked if she had pushed the button for the doorbell, she said, "Yes, but I know it doesn't work." That's when I said, "It does work!" All the other people in the house heard it ring too. Out of curiosity, I went to the back door to test the doorbell there as well. I pushed the button, and to my utter astonishment, that doorbell rang too! We all just remained silent with shock and looked at each other, quite amazed that both doorbells had suddenly decided to ring again. How can this be? Could it be coincidence? Why would both doorbells begin working at the same time when neither of them worked for the longest time? We commented on it being the intervention of my father, who jokingly used to comment on the lights and doorbells not working.
Three incidents of unexplained electrical items working that were not working before - all within a week of his father's passing.

653. Guy D's Experience 1/28/07  I was on your website ADC, I thought that you would like to see what we have been able to photograph over the past 18 months or so. I have sent you a sample of 23 photos from about 20,000 that we have taken so far. Our son Billy died on June 26 2004, four days before his 29th birthday. About 10 months or so after Billy died we were able to start taking some amazing photos. We have a website in honor of our son Billy www.oursonbilly.com which tells they story and by clicking on signs from Billy page you will see a few more of the type's of photos we are able to take.

652. Kate F Experience 1/4/07  I was laying in my crib, in the dark, unable to fall asleep.  I noticed a woman and a man walk into my room.  I didn't make the connection that people aren't supposed to walk through walls.  I remember standing up and immediately putting my hands out, asking to be taken out of my crib.  The lady was very elderly.  Her hair was pulled back, maybe in a bun?  She wore a long dress and an apron.  She was smiling and seemed very excited to see me.  She was mouthing words that I couldn't hear and waving her hand in a small "hello" gesture.  It was as if she were trying to be very quiet. Then she began to approach my crib.
ADC at age three.  Met Great Grandmother & Great Grandfather who died before she was born.  Confirmed their appearance and personality later in her life.

651. Kendra S Experience 1/4/07 A few months after her passing, I fell asleep on the couch in my living room.  I awoke with a startle and saw my mother standing behind the couch at the top of my stairs.  She was very angry and was chastising me.  I could only sit there and stare at her with my mouth open.  I couldn't really understand exactly what she was saying but I knew that she was very angry with me.  She turned and began to walk down the stairs.  She stopped, looked over her shoulder and said something else that I really couldn't understand.  Later, I realized that she was very angry with me for turning against God and wanted me to change my ways before it was too late.
ADCs from deceased mother.

650. John G Experience 1/4/07 On April 18, 1994, while kneeling in my college chapel before the start of daily mass (their were only two of us there that day) I felt a large energy presence floating above me.  I remember looking up although I do not remember what I saw if anything.  I remember the feeling like the energy was in a geometrical shape, while my memory is no longer certain, I think it was a trapezoid.  The energy was like electricity and then it went inside of me through my head.  My entire body was full of adrenaline like I had never felt before.  It felt 100 times more powerful than anything I have ever felt before or since� When I returned to my room about 65 minutes after the experience, I had a voice mail from my mother stating that my aunt has passed away at several minutes before 4 PM, which was exactly the time that the experience happened.
ADC at the moment of Aunt�s death.

649. Kathy H Experience 1/4/07 At my mother's service-behind the Hospice.  A minister conducted and he had Xeroxed sheets to follow with a rainbow across the corner of the sheet-at the very end of the service a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky and a large bird landed on the cupola that we were under.  About 30 people saw it.   A day after the service my 25 year old daughter pointed out that my mother's clock was broke in her car which we were using while in Florida-it had stopped at the time of her death.
Multiple ADCs from deceased mother.

648. Jan F Experience 12/10/06 Most significant.  First, during my father's viewing, I saw my father standing off to the side of his coffin - he was vibrant, smiling, and observing the interactions of the 200+ people that attended.
Multiple ADCs including with father.

647. Jennifer AS Experience 12/10/06   I felt myself whoosh out of my body to travel through a curved tunnel of warm, pearlised, silver-white light which felt soft and rounded and lovely. I reached the top and looked over the rim to see my son sitting in lovely countryside with his back to a tree, reading a book. He never read much in life and I felt he was learning something. He looked up and beamed at me as he waved me down.I said 'No, I can't, I might not be able to get back.' He smiled and encouraged me, assuring me I would.  I went to his side and we hugged. It was lovely countryside with warmth and birdsong. Not sun just lovely light and warmth. I saw him looking over my shoulder and coming down the hill were a group of all the people I have known who had died. Beside them were all my pets who had left me.
ADC from deceased son.

646. Sara R & Jessica RS Experience 12/10/06  The phone rang right around 8AM, and I was in my bedroom at the time, and I lunged for the phone because I didn't want it to wake up my 1 1/2 year old daughter who was sleeping in the room as well. I heard my Dad say hello, he must have picked up downstairs at the same time, and I didn't say anything, but clearly heard Chiya say "Dad?!" in sort of a half question, half exclamatory way, and the intonation suggested to me that she was going to continue on with something (ie, "Dad, so I wanted to talk to you about....") but the line went dead.
ADC via phone.  Two family members both answered phone and heard brief message.

645. Tami K Experience 12/10/06 I was awakened by someone "shaking" my shoulder in a effort to wake me. I was so unbelievably exhausted. I was a single parent, working full time, and my 4 month old daughter was born with some severe medical problems, so there was always a procedure to do, something to be done.  Once I was awake, I heard my daughter crying very loudly. As I sat up on the bedside, I saw a figure standing in the hall. It was Granny. I wasn't scared, but I called out to her and she pointed to my daughter's room� The next days I had this renewed strength about me that I could raise this baby, get through a divorce, and live to tell about it.
ADC by grandmother who communicated she should attend to her daughter.

644. Laura H Experience 12/10/06  Someone was calling my name.  I turned to see my father standing in the doorway of the room.  He looked as he did before the cancer had taken its toll.  At the time of his death, he was thin, bald, jaundiced, and looked much older than his 62 years.  When he came to me, he was healthy and his full head of hair looked a bit disheveled.  I thought it was because the wind was blowing so hard, as that was the last sound I remembered before falling asleep.  He was wearing the casual clothes that had become, he had often joked, his uniform: blue jeans, a western style shirt, and walking shoes.  After years of wearing suits and ties, he was determined to be comfortable in his retirement.  When I saw him standing in my door, I remember thinking that he was wearing the exact clothing he'd worn the previous Christmas.  The only thing which seemed odd was the fact that he was carrying a shovel.  I asked, "why are you here?"  He replied, "I've come to help bury Seymour.  I know Marty is sick and Seymour was such a good dog."
ADC dream from deceased father.  He carried a shovel, and said it was to help bury their beloved dog.  On awakening, she discovered her dog died unexpectedly during the night.

643. Jamie B Experience 12/10/06  In bed, unable to sleep, a vision of my dad appeared at the end of my bed standing in my bedroom.  He looked young and healthy again, and in his full dress army attire, including hat.   He smiled very sweetly, and said just four words: "I never left you"   Then I "awoke" with a feeling of total serenity knowing that everything would be okay and wherever he was he was happy and still watching over us, his children.
ADC from father who said only �I never left you�.

642. Beverly Experience 12/10/06 in this dream she came to my bed side and woke me up. I was aware in the dream that she was dead and was surprised to see her. As she touched my arm i could feel the smoothness of her skin and could smell her scent. I asked her why she had come and she said I had to get up and drive her to her sister "Nell's" house because her husband "Mac" had just died and she had to make sure she was ok.  In life, my grandmother was the nurturer for the whole family and it would be a natural thing for her to do this. So I got up in the dream and I drove her to Aunt Nell's house. Granny got out and went into the darkened house, I went in with her and stood in the dark living room and waited for her.  Soon she came back and said, Nell was going to be fine and she hugged me and told me goodbye and left. The next morning around 9 am my mother called me to tell me, Uncle Mac had died during the night suddenly from a stroke or heart attack. He was in his nineties.
NDE dream from Grandmother who gave her information that a Great Uncle had died during the night, which was confirmed in the morning.

641. Carolyn M Experience 12/10/06   It was the end of the day, I was on the computer looking at his pictures as I always did. But this time one of the pictures looked funny. It was taken at night so the background was black. I have the capability to magnify a picture or part of a picture so I enlarged part of the picture to 400%. There was a perfect drawing of a sheep. It was perfectly drawn as with a charcoal and was right over Darryl's head. Since Jesus called his followers sheep, I understood then that Jesus had welcomed Darryl home as one of his own.  In the morning, I was in a rush to get on the computer and see the picture again. But it was gone. I understood then that it was given to me  just that once to let me know Darryl was with Jesus.
ADC with son.

640. Chuck S Experience 12/10/06 In a vivid dream, I was driving with my dad in a white station wagon on a road near a prison/hospital/? dark place; huge dark gray rectangular-cut boulders lined the road and this "institution" (?) on the hill was built of the same quarried rock (boulders).  I looked over at Dad and said, "You're dead." Then he replied, "It's not that different."  Dream over instantly.  He was not sad or joyous, but something like "upbeat"/wise.  He'd done some serious growing-up since his death.
Several ADCs with relatives.

639. Sara S Experience 12/10/06  I was laying in bed but not asleep. The whole room seemed to fill with warmth and light and wonderfulness. I felt pure love and happiness. At the time I didn't know that my Nana had died but in the morning I went downstairs and told my mother that my Nana had died. And it was true, she had died that night.
ADC with Grandma

638. Kathleen N Experience 11/10/06  As I stood at her bedside, it seemed as though a wall in the room opened above her head.  I looked through it and at that moment I could feel the presence of another being standing over my right shoulder.  It felt like my Aunt (deceased and no direct relation to my cousin). I couldn't see the presence.  I could only feel and mentally hear it.  I watched the activity through the wall.  Bright sparkling, radiant lights were bouncing in the distance over a green landscape, like birds and butterflies but undefined.  The landscape was green and the sky was a cloudless beautiful brilliant shade of blue.  A sense of more than one planet in the sky.  Could not see or just don't remember but the feeling was there.  The presence over my right shoulder told me that this was my 'gift' for helping my cousin and that I would share in this experience now.
Cousin was dying of Hodgkin�s disease.  Contributor had OBE, traveling an enormous distance to be with her cousin as she died, where this profound experience resulted.

637.  Jos� G ADC 11/10/06 From Mexico Although the room was in darkness there was a light that every time I try to remember now it always seems to have been with a beautiful green cast rather than a bright yellow or golden light. He (My dad) looked as old as he was when he died but even though at the time of his dead his legs had already been amputated due to diabetes the way I saw him was with his two legs, standing before me. I did ask him why I saw him the way I did, again, his answer could not be expressed in words since it embraced the meanings of "that it the way you would recognize me" to the extreme that "it did not matter the look in which I perceived him". Our conversation which went on with questions and answers seem to happen in a micro second and yet there were things told to me that would have gone against his character when he was alive. One of them was to confront my brothers and talk to them with the truth in my heart.

636.  Bruce H ADC 11/10/06 From the UK I fell hard into my body. I felt like my hands and feet stayed put but the rest of my body kept passing through the bed. I was certain that my back was broken. I was nauseated and numb. My wife answered the phone. I was my brother and he was crying. I asked him if Dad was dead and he said yes.
Dream ADC with deceased father prior to hearing he had died.

635.  Ayne ADC
 11/10/06  I was in the ladies room at my office building.  I suddenly heard a voice tell me in no uncertain terms "Crystal is dead". My mind or spirit disassociated from my body.  I walked unsteadily back to my office, disoriented. Once there I expected someone to tell me that I had an emergency call.  It was not till 3 days later that I was told by police that my daughter had died.  She was taken to the hospital ER almost at the same time I had this experience.  I can only explain this experience as my spirit leaving my body to be with her, but I don't have the conscious knowledge of it.
Awareness of daughter�s death at approximate time of death although she was not officially told of death until three days later.

634.  Jean ADC
 11/10/06  I had a dream. In my dream there was a heavy fog. All I could see was darkness and fog. There was a light behind the fog. It appeared to be headlights. There were no people visible in the dream. However, there was a presence. I could feel my friend Kevin present in the dream. It was like he was in the fog. He was telling me that he was okay. Everything was okay. That was it, the dream was over. When I awoke I lay in bed thinking about what an odd dream it was. You see, Kevin had gone out of town for the weekend. He went on a trip with his fraternity brothers to the Ozarks. He was supposed to have come home that night. I remember thinking I needed to call him and tell him about my weird dream. I got our of bed, turned on the radio and started getting ready for work. While I was listening to the radio they reported on a fatal car accident. It had occurred at 4:38 in the morning. The driver of one of the vehicles was Kevin. They said that he had died at the scene of the accident.
ADC dream.  Apparent message immediately before she knew he had died. 

633.  Barbara S ADC 11/10/06  My 2 oldest children were coming home for the weekend so all 7 of us could be together for the first anniversary of Quentin's death.  My daughter came running in and said "mom you gotta see this you won't believe it".  We all went outside to see approximately 150-200 butterflies all over the yard - in the trees, bushes, grass, on the cars, flying around... just EVERYWHERE!  Quentin was there too to make it a full 8.
Several ADCs after death of 8 year old son.

632.  Linda R ADC 11/10/06  Apparently I was in ICU for three days.  I remember that in emerge they were trying to keep me alert by slapping my face and asking me who is prime minister.  I did not have the physical strength to answer.  I then remember having a feeling of being in a very very black cavern and that I was falling ( a little like when Superman is falling in the new movie ). All of a sudden, there was a very white, warm glow that became a light, next to me.  I looked at it, I recall being at peace, warm and best of all pain free!  Then I saw Jesus !  I asked him if it was time for me to go and he nodded his head No!  So I asked Him to do something since He is God: he put his hand above my head.  That's when I looked to the side of His face and saw my son's! He telepathically told me: " MOM! I've got it covered !"
ADC from deceased son.  Possible NDE.  Experience occurred while in coma due to bacterial meningitis.

631.  Lynnette S ADC
 11/10/06  From Cyprus.  Most experiences were for me -like a video camera playing film on TV of events through my husband's eyes filled with his emotions in my head - I understood what he was telling me completely� he showed me getting the pills out of his football bag (which I later found ) and details of diving experience with my brother I hadn't known before.
ADC from deceased husband.  Given information she could not have otherwise known.

630.  Bella's ADC 10/6/06  Early on Monday morning, my bedroom door opened...I thought it was my cat pushing open the door.  My fianc� and I both leaned over to greet him, (my cat), and a man stood there with a kind smile and his hands in his pockets.  We both sat there knowing that he did not belong there.  Speechless, he and I just stared at this male figure and started to lean backwards.  The man was my grandfather.  I never knew him-but he looked just like my brother.  He did not say anything but my boyfriend and I clearly heard, �call you mother and tell her I love her�.  He just dissolved.  I turned to Jon and asked him if he saw it what I just saw.  He just said...call your mom!  I called my mom and she was frantic...she said that she just saw her dad�
Remarkable ADC witnessed by two people, and ADC visit simultaneously with another person elsewhere.  One of the witnesses to the ADC is a physician, another has MBA degree.

629.  Carol P ADC
 10/6/06  I was looking down towards the foot of the bed. At the end of the bed stood my grandfather. Although he had died when I was a very young age I immediately knew who he was. I remember him smiling at me warmly and holding out his hands to me. I knew he wanted me to go with him, although I cannot recall whether he said this or whether I just instinctively knew it. I could distinctly hear my father with my brothers downstairs so I knew I was not dreaming. I remember feeling very peaceful and not at all puzzled by what was happening. My grandfather looked over his shoulder as though he was listening to somebody else and turned back to me and communicated to me that it wasn't my time yet.
ADC from deceased Grandfather at approximately age 7.

628.  Sandra S DBV
 10/6/06  Suddenly I heard my name being called very clearly, Sandy, Sandy.  It was a man's voice but didn't sound like my dad.  It sounded like it was coming from a computerized place or a long hollow tunnel.  It was being heard inside my head but not by anyone else in the room (verified later).  I turned around as I suddenly felt it must be Dad calling me but the only thing was he was still on the bed going through the death process. I had turned to my right and as I turned back around my eyes glanced up toward the corner of the ceiling on my  right and I saw a circle of mist hovering in the corner.
Nearing end of life experience which was experienced by daughter around the time of her father�s death.

Mary M ADC
 10/6/06  I will never forgot the doctor telling me, "mommy, he is going now."  They placed him in my arms, and I held him as long as I could, but he was so bloated and heavy.  I wish I held him longer, but I at least was able to tell him to "not be afraid, and we love you and will miss you forever"  He passed that evening technically, but I believe it was only modern medicine that kept him alive throughout that day, that his soul left at the very moment he ran into my arms.  I believe he touched my soul, and that is what that feeling was� A few weeks after the funeral, I woke up in the middle of the night.  I was laying on my side, I just opened my eyes, and saw him standing next to my rocking chair, which is next to my bed.  I was again disoriented, and smiled.  I thought it was my youngest son, Sean, ( who is 12 months younger than Timmy ). Then my attention shifted, to the foot of my bed where Sean was actually standing.  So I know it was my Timmy standing by the rocking chair.
Two ADCs from son who died of cancer shortly before his third birthday.

Sydney A DBV
 10/6/06 I went to sleep I immediately felt a warm loving peaceful feeling wash over me and felt myself go out of my body to the hospital, I seen the hospital hallway and went through the door to my grandmothers room I seen my aunty on the other side of the bed who was reading a bible and I was opposite her .Then my aunty got up and went out the door� I described the room to my mother and where the other lady in the room was. including my aunty reading the bible and leaving and found out it was as I seen it.
Dream OBE and DBV (Death Bed Vision).

625.  Pam C ADC  9/7/06 From New Zealand It would have been about two years later, I was thinking about burying her ashes� All of sudden like a dream there was a little girl stood in front of me surrounded by whiteness no background no color no objects just white. She was a spitting image of my eldest son in features but wearing a blue pinafore and she was playing with a ball. She stopped and looked at me with a huge smile on her face. I felt so happy and I knew it was her, She was growing up just like she would have here only she wasn't brain damaged. (The doctors said she would be a vegetable.)  She looked very happy. I'm happy for her.
ADC dream two years after her daughter was stillborn.

624.  Lonnie S ADC  9/7/06  I was in my bathroom combing my hair, brushing my teeth, and she was right there in my mirror clear as day! She talked to me, and said that I was the only person she thought could contact and give a clear message� She said that don't worry about that body, I'm happy now. Please tell mommy and daddy I am happy now. Please tell them to stop crying!!! Please tell them I will stop by soon when they are home. please tell Gracie I will see her soon! Please tell Gracie it's okay to die! Please tell them all I love them! [Gracie died one year, two weeks after her sister died. Gracie was 10 years old.]
ADC from friend�s daughter who died of leukemia complications at age 6 � years old.  Gave information about the death of her sister over a year later, which occurred.

623.  Roseanne M ADC  9/7/06  I suddenly find myself back in time around 1940's Boston, MA.  It was as if I was a bystander just watching what was going on (like watching a movie).  I see both my grandfather and my Aunt Marie (my mother's sister), and I see them both appear young and flashing back to what they currently look like ( I think so that I could be certain of whom I was seeing and knew who they were).  Also, I was aware of how they both were feeling at that time, as if I was there experiencing this memory( I felt like both a daughter and a father).
Interesting ADC dream with scenes of relatives from 60 years ago.  The contributor is 27 years old.  Some details of �dream� verified.

622.  Gina D ADC 1106  9/7/06  I got to the patio screen, the dove still cooing DIRECTLY to ME and keeping eye contact with me, jumped up on the highest and closest place it could get to my face, which was the handle of the barbeque grill.  Without looking I knew my family were still in their original frozen places watching, and I could hear them quietly sobbing while they watched.  They too felt what I felt and heard what I heard when the dove and I got as close as we could get to each other and sang its song, we heard with our hearts and with our minds, "I AM FREE AND I AM AT PEACE!"...  My sister finally came up behind me and whispered in my ear, "You know who that is don't you?"
Profound ADC witnessed by many involving visit by a dove.

621.  Gina D ADC 1104  9/7/06  I was sleeping and heard my own voice say "I miss you" into the darkness.  I didn't know who I was saying it to.  The voice came back out of the darkness, "I miss you too", and it was my son, Matthew's... There were no pictures in this experience, even though I was asleep.  It is the only experience I have ever had like it.  At first I called it a "dream without pictures", but the more I thought and talked about it, I realized it wasn't a dream.
ADC from deceased son while asleep, but without visual imagery.

620.  Donna A ADC  9/7/06  One of the things that always bothered John about me was I can't stand suspense. I want someone to tell me the end of the movie before I go see it. I read the last chapter of my books first, so I'll know if the rest is worth it. During our marriage, he never understood this tendency of mine.   The night he visited me, he said, "I can't tell you all the secrets. I can't tell you the beginning or the middle. But I came to tell you the end, because I knew that not knowing would drive you crazy. And so I can tell you that it all comes out fine in the end. I'm OK."
ADC from deceased husband.

619.  Eileen S ADC  9/7/06  The last "visit" from my father was on 1/26/78.  My father came to "visit" me and said "This is the last time that I am coming to visit you as something very important is going to happen and you will need all your time and energy to deal with it. Know that I love you. You can not longer mourn for me." The next day my husband became very ill.  We went to the doctor and he was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML).  I have never had a visit from my father since that day. My life changed drastically when my husband became ill and when he died and left me with four young children to take care of.  That is what my father meant.
Several ADCs from deceased father.

618.  Lisa R ADC  9/7/06  My first experience was in the garden of the house we were living in (Chicago area). It was early afternoon and Craig appeared to me about 40 feet away. I was alone and fully aware. He said nothing but appeared to be ashamed. He refused to look at me. He was dressed in a blue long sleeve dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, as he always did, and beige pants. His hands were in his pockets. He stood still while looking down. He was clearly there and just that quick he was gone. I never second guessed myself of what I saw that day.
ADC from husband, who was a physician, and had committed suicide.

617.  Seamus P ADC  9/7/06 He squatted down to my level and, I think, took hold of my shoulders to get my attention, though I am not sure about this, or even that he squatted, but he was quite tall and he must have in order to talk with me.  What he said was simple and direct; "I am going away for a long time and I will see you again someday."  Thats it.  I think he hugged me but I am not sure.  I also think I left to play or explore, he didn't disappear or anything that I am sure would have scared me.
ADC at age three, 58 years ago from Grandfather.

616.  Liz P ADC  9/7/06  All of a sudden I saw his face...his eyes were closed and then he opened them and looked into my eyes. When he did that, I felt a powerful, physical jolt go into my eyes and fill my skull. It knocked my head right off the pillow. It felt kind of like a ball of fire or electricity, but it didn't hurt. It was so powerful and amazing. I knew it was him.  His Mom called me about 30 minutes later and said the hospital had just called and that they had not done the surgery the night before. They had just completed it that morning. I asked her what time and she said about 8:00. My experience happened at 8:01.
ADC from boyfriend.

615.  Cheryl Y ADC  9/7/06  When my Aunt died we had to travel up to Indiana and I stayed in her house with my family and I was asleep in the bed when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then the floor creaked in it's certain spot and as I was rubbing my eyes I saw my Aunt in full shape and could tell what she had on, the color of her clothes and she had her silver watch on. First she went to the window, then turned to look at me and just stood there, I called out Aunt? Aunt Norma? but no response and she then turned and went out of the room and back down the stairs.  The floor boards creaked and I went after her but did not see anyone.
ADC from Aunt and pet cat.

614.  Goldy J ADC
  9/7/06  This was one of the first dreams that I really remember at 15.( my mother said I had many, and I remember being scared of dreams when I was small.) This girl Kathy was a year a head on me in school a soph, I was a fresh.  In the dream she came to me at the curb were she was sitting in front of the high school. She told me Scott, her brother had "gone on" so easily but she wasn't ready yet. I don't think I said anything I just listened, which happens in all experiences, unless the spirit asks me something.  She seemed confused and had her chin in her hands leaning forward. I knew she was died in the dream but did not know before this dream, the car accident had happened that night. she spoke a little more and then said okay I'm ready and then I woke up. I told my mother the whole story/dream. I found out that day that Kathy and her brother had died.
Dream ADC of death of two people in car accident she did not know had happened.

613.  Julie H ADC 1077  9/7/06 I said out loud, "Paul, if you can see me and hear me...do me a favor.... let me know that by turning on my bedroom lamp when I go upstairs." I continued to get dressed, and slowly headed upstairs to my bedroom. As I was walking down the hall, I just kept wondering if the light would be on at all, or if I was just HOPING it would be on. As I got to my doorway....the lamp was ON! No one else was home at this time...and I had been in there just before I took my shower, and the light was NOT on.
ADC from deceased husband.

612.  James M ADC 1074
  9/7/06  A few years after my grandmother died, I had a dream where she, without speaking, definitely conveyed that she was fine - all was OK.  The strange part about my dream, though, was the location.  I was sitting on something, a stool perhaps, in a kitchen from around 1905.  My grandmother was wearing her hair up like she did in those old photos from the turn of the century, with a long white dress on.  She was young.  She was standing with her back to me as she was ironing something.  There was a rose on the table next to her - laid out, not in a vase.  She slowly turned her head to acknowledge me behind her - I could see only the right side of her face, she never turned completely around.  She had slight smile, and looked very relaxed.  I knew she meant to say, "I'm OK, don't worry about me."  Then it ended.  I woke up.  I remember it as vividly now as when it happened 26 years ago.  The funny thing is - I told my mother about this some time later, and described the kitchen, down to the last detail (where the stove was, what it looked like, etc.).  She was shocked because it was the kitchen in the house where my grandmother grew up on a farm back in Ohio at the turn of the century.  I have never physically been to this house.

611.  Pamela H ADC
  9/7/06  I turned back to the lady on the bed and as I looked down on her I was filled to overflowing with love for her.  This is the part that I cannot express in words.  The emotion of love for her was so strong.  I also felt great pity and some sadness.  We didn't speak, but we both knew that she was going to die, and she was so glad that I was there and I was so glad that I was there with her.  I remember thinking (and she knew what I was thinking) that I would stay with her until she died.  I was so glad I was there with her� The day after that, early in the morning, I found out that my sister-in-law had died in her home, alone, and it had probably been the night that I had my "dream."
ADC of apparent presence with one dying.  Next day found her sister-in-law died that night.

610.  Susan V ADC  9/7/06   I was sleeping.   I found myself sitting up and having an out-of-body experience, but I was only out half way, from my hips upward.    Before, in spirit, was my grandmother, who had died two years earlier.    She immediately thought/spoke, because it was telepathic, just everyone describes, "I'm so happy to be able to see you again!" is what she communicated.   I not only understood her words, I also felt her joy inside me, as if it was my own emotions, but not quite.    With this communication you feel the other beings feelings just as you do your own, but you realize it is the other being.
ADC with deceased Grandmother.

609.  Tracey's ADC 1070
  7/23/06 As I was walking away and filming another room the music box began playing, but slowly and softly as if it was running out of wind-up power.  It played about ten notes which are audible on my videotape.  My aunt turned to me with her eyes wide, hearing the music from across the house and not remembering that I knew the story from 2001.  She told me again the story of 2001 and I said "I  know, and I heard it too".  We were both speechless.  We checked the music box and again it did not work when we tried to wind it.  Most of the parts were missing.  My aunt feels that it was my grandmother saying hello since I had not been to California since her passing.
ADCs from Grandmother and father.

608.  Jackie V's ADC
ADC of deceased mother witnessed at time of occurrence by sister.  ADC at age 5.

607.  Susan S's ADC
  7/23/06  I was going to the north side of the building to pick up a trailer to put into a dock on the south side of the building.  I looked over to my leg and saw the balloon.  I watched it hover it did not move up down or sideways for about 1 min. I had to continue working. I picked up the trailer and on my way back to drop the trailer the balloon was on the rooftop of the building.  I continued to the other side of the building to drop the trailer and the balloon was floating down to where I was dropping the trailer.  I went over and picked it up and the balloon says Happy Birthday, With Love.
Balloon ADC.

606.  Dave W's ADC
  7/16/06  There was no wind movement, no animal life, no other beings, no birds, or nothing.  There were no signs saying heaven or Shangri-la, nothing but the strongest thing that I viewed next to the very vivid yellow perfect plant was no sign of any plant decay or bent blades of grasses. More interesting was the very bright sun light, but nowhere did I see a shadow.  It was as lit under the trees as it was upon the flower as it was all around in every direction.  Being as it was so bright, I did not have to squint and I had no eye pain.  In fact it was all so overwhelmingly pleasant to be viewing. 
Christian ADC from a very dear friend.

Bonnie P's ADC 1050
ADC at age 41 from father she had met for the first time only a few weeks earlier.

ADC from deceased Grandmother.

603.  Patricia R's ADC
  6/3/06 It was the morning of his wake.  I was having a hard time with grief.  I was in the shower, leaning my head on the wall, telling him I don't think I can do this (meaning the wake).  I heard him say my name...I said Mike.. yes Pat... are you ok...? He said I'm with Joe, Ted and Claire. I said who... he repeated the names.  I'm ok... you can do this.
ADC from deceased husband.  Given information she did not know previously.

602.  Jonathan G's ADC
  5/27/06  I said, "hunny, our baby didn't make it." we burst into tears and held each other, but she said I know...  In my exhaustion I was in state between awake and asleep and I saw my son! He was very bright and floating in space. There were stars all around him. He was very much in a realm that looked like space, but he and the window into this realm were at the foot of my bed. I began to cry, because I knew I wanted him, but I also knew it was time for him to go. Telepathy can come closest to explaining how we communicated.  He was telling me that he was OK, and I was telling him that now I would be OK too. I could no longer see him or the realm he was in. Just then I saw my wife reaching for him. This was when I realized that I was not dreaming, because she was reaching right were I had just seem our baby. She fell out of bed reaching for him and I caught her. She was crying heavily and I said I know, I know. She said, No. You don't know. I said yes I do. I saw him too.
Wow!  ADC from stillborn son shared with wife.

601.  Paula T's ADC
  5/13/06  Within seconds of waking, I saw something hazy in front of me.  I looked at it and slowly saw my dads face emerge into a very clear image and then slowly, next to it appeared 2 very clear eyes but with no face. My fathers face looked good and how I remembered him when he was well but he didn't say anything.  I waited desperately hoping for the eyes to turn into a face but it never happened - they just remained that way.
ADC from deceased father with some atypical frightening elements.

600.  Tracey's ADC 1033  5/13/06  He told me that he could see my whole life because my future life was happening  "then" -- just as much as it was going to happen in the traditional sense of the future.  My life was all in one moment for him to know, front and backward.  He told me I would raise three boys but not be their mother, and that I would have two children of my own although one would have heart trouble and die.  He said I should be careful of my own heart health.  He told me to tell the world about time because it could save some of our souls, although I am not sure how???
Dream ADC with information of future life events that came true.

599.  Carina's ADC  5/13/06  I asked him:  "Papa, how are you." He responded, "Daughter, I'm now OK...  Be at peace...  Don't cry anymore.  I am now fine." I then said to him, "Papa, may I ask you a couple of questions?" Smiling, he said as if already knowing what I was going to ask him, "I won't be able to answer some questions." "That doesn't matter," I told him.  "I still want to ask you." He just smiled.  I asked, "When I die, will you be waiting for me?" He said, "That's a long way away for you."  "But will you be there?"  "Be at peace.  I will be waiting there for you."
ADC with Father.

598.  Mary R's ADC  4/23/06  Eventually I was rolled in for my operation.  I do remember the operating room, then that was it.  Until, I heard a voice.  I heard my grandmothers voice and within a few seconds I saw her standing next to me.  I was sitting on the edge of a bed.  Here, you should understand that my grandmother had an amputated leg.  During our meeting the first thing that struck me was she had both legs.  Then I noticed her hair was thicker and blacker than it had been in the last 5 or 6 years.  If I had to guess, I would now say she looked like she was in her 40's or possibly 50's.  She preceded to tell me that she was great, but her body was dead.  She also stressed to me that she had limited time with me so basically "listen up".  She stated to me that an "all knowing" entered her when her spirit passed out of the body.  And, to help me with grieving she was going to give me as much information as she felt I could understand, in as much time as she was allowed. 
Wow!  ADC at time grandmother died... while person experiencing the ADC was under anesthesia.  Remarkable spiritual wisdom shared by her newly deceased Grandmother.

597.  Ocho S's ADC  4/23/06  Then all of a sudden I was flying among eagles through a rugged canyon with steep walls on each side. I couldn't see the bottom of it even though I looked down at times. The colors were brilliant and everything was so beautiful. It is impossible to describe the beauty of there in words from here. Both walls of the canyon had outcroppings everywhere and there was a person standing on each one. They all had their backs to me. I got the feeling that Bill was here. Finally I could see him ahead but was afraid I would fly right by him. But as I got nearer I just seemed to float over to him. He turned around and faced me and smiled at me. I was so happy to see him.
Remarkable ADC in heavenly realm with deceased husband.  Given information she did not previously know.

596.  Sharon P's ADC  4/23/06  I woke up due to noises that I heard on the baby monitor.  First I thought I was dreaming, but then I could not only hear my baby daughter wiggling in her crib but the sound of a male voice, talking very sweetly to her. I wondered who it was, since I knew my husband's voice and I knew it wasn't him.  I listened for a while and decided to get up and check on her.  When I came into the room where she was, I got a sudden chill but no one was there. The fine hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I picked up my baby and brought her into bed with me. I wasn't scared, but I just felt weird, a feeling that I cannot describe to this day.  The next morning, I told my aunt about my experience and what I heard over the monitor.  She said that it was exactly what Scott used to say when he talked to babies. I never knew that before.
Several ADCs including hearing deceased over the audio baby monitor.

595.  Linda G's ADC  4/23/06  I went to bed and as soon as I looked up at the ceiling there was a quilt of thousands of pinpoints of light.  Each square was a different design.  It seemed to be hanging from maybe invisible poles on each corner to secure it but air could go through the quilt and it would ripple moving the designs slightly as air passed through it.  I instantly knew it was my daughter and it was a present she had made me.  I knew that in death she finally understood all I had been through and was comforting me.  The next day I got the connection-it was a comforter she had given me.
Several ADCs including several with butterflies.

594.  Tracey J's ADC
  4/2/06  In the midst of this hug I was consciously thinking "but is this a dream or is this real?" and I was somehow alert enough to feel a bit sad and tell myself perhaps it was only a dream.  Then I woke up.  The hug continued even though I woke up.  I could feel the hug all around me even though I sleep on my belly.  I could even feel it around my front like he was in front of me, but I could feel the mattress too so I know I wasn't laying on a pillow or anything to give the odd sensation.  I was completely shocked because this lasted a good 20 seconds during which time I was awake.
ADC beginning in dream and continuing after awake.

593.  Shahid's ADC  4/2/06  My mother came into my dream and told me that she forgave me, she said that three times.  The dream was very clear and simple.  After that, I was feeling very satisfied and relaxed.  Since then, I saw my mother in my dreams many times.  I was very attached to my mother and the only time that I went so far from her was when I came to the U.S for studies and even that because she wanted me to acquire higher education in the U.S.  My mom's death changed my entire life and made me more religious and down to earth person.
Muslim ADC during dream.

592.  Cara & Carla's (Twins) ADC
  3/14/06 Well the next morning my dog was barking at the sliding glass door and I saw Bandit walk right on by real quick.  He disappeared when he got to the Grill sitting in his path. My son saw him that night walk by too outside the back Sliding glass door. Bandit was there to show us that he was delighted that we got a new dog and saved it and it has bonded now with my dog Scarlette. Once in a while at night as I sleep I can feel Bandit by my feet. When I realize what I feel, he's gone. I know for a fact that our dog knew how much we were grieving and how much we loved him and he stayed around to let us know there is life after death and he was young and happy.
Multiple ADCs by twin sisters.  Mainly ADCs involve a beloved pet dog.

591.  Catherine's Mom's ADC
  3/14/06  From Australia  At exactly the same time, 3.05 am, my middle brother who was asleep upstairs, was awoken within what he thought was a dream. He saw a glowing form of a body, that somehow knew was his brother O. In this 'dream', O looked radiantly happy & healthy, and was holding both palms up at him as if to say 'it's ok..it's ok..'. and he seemed in a hurry, as though he was going somewhere or to something that he was really excited about.

590.  Kristy T's Pet ADC
  3/11/06  From Australia  My 10-year-old cat, Misty, was fatally attacked by a neighborhood dog two years ago and died in the veterinary hospital in the middle of his operation. I was at work on both occasions - the day he was attacked and the day he died - so I was pretty broken up because I wasn't there to say goodbye.  The following night I was lying in bed with my new kitten Leo. I was asleep but I woke up suddenly to feel a big weight land on the bottom of my bed. I knew it wasn't Leo because he was much too tiny at the time. I knew it was Misty because of the weight (he was a big cat!) and just a sense of 'knowing'. As soon as he jumped on the bed, Leo immediately ran up to me and cuddled up on my chest. Misty stayed for a couple of minutes, and then left. I was sad, but I also felt a sense of peace because I knew this was Misty's way of saying goodbye.
ADC from pet cat.

589.  Patricia D's ADC  3/11/06  As I reached out to touch his arm (thinking he was asleep), I was aware of two things:  his arm was cold and he was suddenly speaking to me.  To this day, I'm not sure if his voice was inside my head or outside of it.  I do know that his voice had a place of origin and that was in the corner at the ceiling over the bed not from his body.  He said "Everything will be all right."  In that instant, I felt as though I was drawn into some kind of blissful state.  A powerful sense of peace came over me.  It didn't last too long and then I became afraid, not of the experience but I then knew my father was dead� It was much more than just my father's voice.  I felt as though I had (for an instant) been drawn into a place of incredible peace and comfort.  That part of it is hard to describe.
ADC at age 9 from father.  Shared 40 years later.

Annie M's ADC
  2/14/06  From Australia Almost immediately my Father appeared at the side of my bed. He stood in the midst of "sunlight".....meaning a natural light.....not bright artificial light. He was 73 when he died of cancer and had looked extremely aged and ill for some time before. Now he looked incredibly well ..............looked about 40 with the freshness of someone just returned from a wonderful relaxing holiday (he even had a tan!) He was still bald (had been all my life) but the keratosis he had on his head when he died was gone. He was smiling the most joyful smile I have ever seen on anyone. His teeth were white and  healthy and the gold "caps" he'd unfortunately had placed about 8 years previous were gone. He had on a khaki shirt ( with two pockets) and trousers and I even noticed how beautifully laundered they were. Dad wore khaki a lot when he was alive.  I was not afraid.....nor dumb founded....just a feeling of happiness to see him again.
ADC of deceased father from a nurse.

587.  Lisa P's ADC  2/14/06  I went to bed that night and awoke a little after midnight from a really bad dream involving my dad.  In the dream I saw him floating among underwater plants.  I awoke and my heart was pounding and I realized I had tears on my face, so I was obviously crying in my sleep...  The following morning I was awakened by the ringing of the telephone and I held my breathe as I listened when my mom answered the phone.  I heard her answer the phone, but heard her say nothing else.  I suddenly had a sick feeling of 'knowing'.  I got out of bed and went into the living room where I saw my mom with a shocked expression on her face.  I asked, "It's about daddy, isn't it?"  She said, "He's missing."  I decided to not mention my dream just yet.  Five days later, his body was recovered from the river.
ADC in dream.

Francisca's ADC  2/12/06 Original in Spanish, Translated by Rio How was it possible that the son, with the passage of time, looked exactly like his father?  That's what I thought when I saw him.  Not only the same face but also the same skin, the same way of walking.  My God, how was it  possible...  He was the same! I turned around and hurried to the coffee shop.  When I arrived I stayed at the door since I knew he was about to arrive.  Sure enough, he arrived but he didn't stop.  He looked at me, smiled, and kept on walking across the train tracks that were about 10 meters away and stood there looking at me and smiling.  At that moment I realized he wasn't the son I had the meeting with, but rather the deceased father.

Nora B's ADC & Possible NDE  2/5/06  I dreamed I died in a car accident and as I saw the EMTs working on my body I floated up and saw all this happing below me. Just as I started to panic, I saw something out of the corner of my eyes...as I turned my head...a white light appeared with stars in the background.  As if the stars just became much more apparent and apart of the world forming around me.  Another world had formed over my shoulders.  I glanced back and forth just to verify the dividing point of these two worlds was myself.  I can remember thinking...okay should I walk away from the ambulance.  Just then I heard my name.
Possible dream, but may be a NDE.  Given information during experience that may have saved her life.

584. Derry T's ADC  2/5/06  Despite the fact that my hands were on the wheel I could feel the imprint of my father's hands in my hands a powerful energy came pouring through my body. It made me understand what was meant by the Holy Spirit. Holy is related to our word whole. The energy was incredibly blissful, it was life in its purest and incredibly invigorating, it was the most powerful combination of love, forgiveness, compassion and resolution. It was as though all things, everything - good and bad - were completely resolved within one energy that contained all.
ADC with father.

583. Karin B's ADC  2/5/06 From Sweden. Driving to my sister (in the countryside) I saw a car parked on my side of the road built turned towards me (the wrong direction). No headlights or lamps inside the car was lit. When passing the car I saw a "person" like bathing in light who looked at me. It was something out of the ordinary and I felt scared. My passing the car only took a second but I still can see the whole scene although I have a problem describing it accurately in English. I am sure it was my mother in the car.
ADC involving deceased mother. 

Cathy S Shared DBV 
2/5/06 My dad came to me one night in spirit form and he said that during his transition he was sorry that he had to send me back and that he thanked me for going part of the way with him but it was not my time and that I had a lot to do yet before I return �home�.  He will be with me when I ask.  This was such a revelation for me, as I didn�t remember most of the time when I was laying down with my dad and holding him.  My father came to me just 2 weeks �before� I found this book and so I didn�t realize what he meant by the whole message.  But now I do. Thanks to Dr. Raymond Moody and his book.

Tracey's ADC  1/15/06  I felt a  full size man's hand grip or squeeze my left shoulder.  It squeezed twice as if to say "it's OK" and then the hand feeling remained there more lightly, like a parent comforting a child but without the squeeze.  I could feel the size / shape / warmth "imprint" of the hand on my shoulder for about two hours afterward.  I could have traced the outline and the finger positioning if needed, it was so clear like it was still lightly touching my shoulder as a gesture of comfort.
ADC via her deceased father�s squeeze on shoulder.

580. Marion H's ADC  1/15/06 I was fully awake. I even laughed out loud because I knew I was on my way. The earth seemed to be a rust color. I saw large city freeway system with overpasses and all the exits and roads. I saw cars and tractor trailers. They looked like matchbox size. Traffic was moving and very busy like after work. Then I looked up and was being propelled. It was first gray then very dark. I was in a tunnel with motion. It seemed the tunnel had grooves and moving very fast around me as I was going higher. After awhile, I saw bluish white light in the very far off distance. It seemed to be one light. The closer I got to the light, I realized it was lots of lights. I was not scared and wanted to keep moving towards them. I felt very comforted. I also had the feeling of being guided. In the darkness with all the lights, I saw another single light form in the far off distance and instantly I had the feeling this was the light I was searching for. I got closer and then I stopped. I said " Wayne " and watched the light move slowly towards me.
Dramatic OBE with encounter of deceased friend.  Very NDE-like experience.

Candy L's ADC  1/7/06 From Canada That night I awoke to see him standing by the bed smiling...he had on his work clothes as usual.  I could smell him too.  He stayed a few seconds, maybe 10 or so.  I felt so loved and comforted and thankful that he had made my desire come true ~to see and visit him one more time.  The second event happened a few weeks after, maybe a month or more.  I was working with my sister and another group of people.  Our sarcastic supervisor came across us.  We were taking a well earned break.  As the supervisor was about to leave, I distinctly heard my dad make a funny, caustic remark about him.  I was so shocked, I turned and expected to see him behind me.  I asked my sister later if she heard him.  No one had but me.  It was so funny, I felt so lucky to have him speak to me.
ADC by deceased father.

578. Cora C's ADC  1/7/06 One moment I was simply enjoying the river sound and the morning sunshine coming in through the open window, and in the next moment, my mother, who had died earlier in the year, was standing next to the open window -- wearing her pink sweat suit and emanating good will.  (Not something she did often toward me during life.)  She seemed very happy and healthy -- It's somewhat difficult to describe. She was exactly like herself, without all the bad stuff. Her best self, I guess.  I wasn't frightened to see her, and I asked her, "How is it being dead?"  She said (with very typical intonation and speech pattern)  "It's great." (Heavy emphasis on the word "GREAT" -- just like her.
Attorney has ADC from her deceased mother.

. Tisha G's ADC/NDE-Like. 1/1/06 The next thing I knew is that I felt as though "I" (the very core of me- my awareness) was being sucked out of my  head and upwards at about a 40 degree angle at an incredible rate of speed through what for a lack of a better word, could resemble a tunnel (although the edges seemed permeable, rather than solid). At this point I was no longer afraid but still fully conscious and aware of what was happening, it was really a very comforting peaceful feeling and I recall thinking that I was heading somewhere pleasant. I could not come close to guessing how long this went on, I totally lost track of time- or rather there was no time to track....  According to reports her death would have occurred at around the same time I had my experience. I no longer feel that I was losing my mind, what happened to me was as real as anything I have ever experienced- in fact it was more real. Since this experience I feel like I have become a totally different person, one with  more understanding and empathy. The message I got was definitely about love and god and a universal connection between everything.
NDE-like experience probably occurring at the time of her mother�s death (1300 miles away, and death was not expected).  Consistent with an After Death Communication (ADC).

Tracy S's ADC  1/1/06  I could not see the spirit, but could sense it's presence and then I realized that the spirit was my friend Bill. Bill spoke to me mind to mind as is normal communication between mortal and spirit.  Bill was simply frantic and confused by his death because it had happened so fast. He pled with me that I go back to the location of his truck stop and resolve a conflict between his ex-wife and his daughters Chris, Toni and Samantha. He was simply filling my head full of information, because he was greatful that I could hear him and now he felt he had a way to resolve the problems between them through me. He explained the problem to me and that it was that the girls and his widow were fighting over his sizeable wealth and he asked me to tell his daughters to stop fighting over his earthly estate with their step mother and settle their differences quickly. He told me many things and I will not relate them in the interest of brevity here, but he kept me awake for about four hours talking to me.
ADC with later verification of extensive information he could not have previously known.

575. Margaret O's ADC  1/1/06  I experienced what I can only describe as a hug around my arms, shoulders, chest, back. Luke's hugs always gave me a feeling of extreme peace (and vice versa).  I pushed the sensation away as "impossible", but it wavered only a little. Then the "hug" became even more enveloping and peaceful. It felt exactly like our "real time hug" and there was no doubt in my mind that I was being held and comforted by Luke. This time he "felt" more himself, not as joyously amazed - more like feeling guilty and responsible for the mess he had left me with and trying to offer comfort. I felt reassured, and that the events of the rest of the day would be shared with him. I felt peaceful and let go any resentments and anxieties.
Multiple ADCs from deceased husband.

574. Jim S's ADC  12/24/05  I did see her face and we had a short conversation.  She looked younger, had a glow to her countenance, and her beautiful long hair was restored.  During the second experience I asked if she would "ask the Lord to take me soon so I could be with her?" She replied with a loving, gentle smile, "We'll see".  Initially I had the sensation of being "whisked" across the bed to her side while asleep. The sudden "whisked" sensation woke me up and I instantly "knew" that she was present even before she was revealed to me.   Then she appeared laying on her back with her head resting on my left arm and smiling at me.
ADC with spouse.

Robert L's ADC  12/4/05  My Grandfather died on Jan. 9th 1973 . Shortly after his death I got a job working offshore and went out a week after his death. We were working 12 hour shifts and I had just completed my shift and taken a shower . I went to my room , turned out the lights and laid down. My room did not have any windows and when the lights were out it was so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. As soon as I laid down my grandfather appeared on my left side . All I saw of him was from his waist up . He appeared to be illuminated and was wearing his hat he always wore and a his dark dress jacket which he wore to Church on Sundays. I was so shocked at what I was seeing I closed my eyes. I opened them again only to see he was still there, again I closed them and opened them again only to see his still there.
ADC involving Grandfather.

Gloria O's ADC  12/4/05 My husband knew that he was going to die. We had an agreement that he would contact me, somehow, after he was gone. Shortly, after he died, I was told to get a pen and paper and that he would contact me. I did as I was told, and I held the pen in my hand. All of a sudden, without any movement on my part, the pen began to have power to write. I held the pen and it moved on its own, as I say, very powerfully. In my husband's own handwriting, it said, "This is Mack". It wrote that he was very happy and that he was with Jesus. He told me not to worry about anything, that I would be taken care of. I have had contact with him numerous times in this same manner. I know that it is him contacting me because, believe me, the pen writes without any movement by me.
ADC from deceased husband via automatic writing.

Jon G's ADC  11/26/05 From Canada In the winter of 04/05, the noise returned on the baby monitor and again our daughter began having restless nights. Even more interesting was the several nights we woke up to hear her toy piano playing music downstairs in her playroom at 4 or 5 am. The most amazing of these nights occurred when the piano started playing along with another toy at the same time in a completely different room. This started at 2 am and went on until we got up in the morning. I suspect Mom may have been ticked that we chalked the previous occurrences up to bad batteries and was saying 'Try to explain this one.'
Multiple ADCs from deceased mother.  Many involved her child of toddler age.

Granddaughter's ADC  11/26/05 From UK my granny copied out a poem years before she died, apparently she really like it. It was written as if from the grave- goodbye, loved you all, walk beside you every day etc. (I can supply poem if required). apparently she cut it from a newspaper. anyway I asked her for a sign because I am going through a hard time and was asking for her help.  A few days later I was talking on the phone and I looked down and there was an old newspaper cutting on my table. it was yellowed and cut around a poem-the exact poem my grandma wrote out years before. I haven't been in her house after she died and no one from her house had been in mine. I clean my table every day and I have never seen this poem in my life, I only know about it because I read it to my mum  and she was speechless. I have the poem framed.
ADC from grandmother.

Stephanie L's ADC 925  11/19/05 I started having shortness of breath and chest pains that started at the bottom of my heart.  I also had a burning on the right side of my head.  I thought that something was really wrong with me.  My son was watching movies and around 3:30 AM came up to me and said "Mimi!"  That's what he called my mom.  I wasn't sure if I had heard him correctly.  Around 3:45 AM I finished making my mom's gold necklace.  By this time my pain had subsided and I decided to go to bed.   Before I went to bed something told me to make sure the ringer was on the phone in our bedroom.  Around 5 AM I received a phone call from my step dad that my mom was gone.    She had passed away sometime between 2 and 4 AM.  She had developed a blood clot in her leg from the fall and it went to her lungs and heart.
Multiple ADCs from deceased mother.

James N's ADC  11/19/05 I was in my bedroom sleeping, I heard a knock at the back door I open the door and there was my wife in a long dress it was the one she was laid to rest in. Diana looked good and made a comment about the necklace she had on. I put my arms around here neck and kissed here, I could smell the perfume she use.  Diana said I love you and I said I love you and miss you very much.
ADC from deceased wife.

Sylvia B's ADC  11/14/05  Early November 2003 7ish am I was sitting up in bed watching the Today show. All of a sudden, the picture on the screen was replaced by the front of Good Samaritan Hospital with Tom at a distance. He started walking towards me in that jaunty way of his: a big smile, jeans, corduroy jacket, his body was full again, his face joyful. As he walked closer, I could feel a surge of energy and a rushing noise in my ears, both becoming more intense the closer Tom came to me. I put my arms out to hold me. He passed right through me, the force of his body pushed me back onto the bed, and my face was distorted from the pressure of energy that felt like G forces. I know I was awake. I jumped out of bed yelling �he�s alive!� I felt energized�he was giving me strength. Why GSH I do not know. He only had a test and 2 emergency visits there. He never stayed over-night. 

Erin H's ADC  11/12/05 My father-in-law was a very formidable man who loved life. I spoke with him over the phone but never had the chance to meet him in person - he lived far away and died before I was able to meet him. After he died, we moved into my father-in-law's house to help care for my mother-in-law, who was in poor health. She died only a few months after our arrival. A few months after that, we began smelling strong pipe tobacco smoke in the house. We kept no tobacco in the house, but my father-in-law enjoyed smoking a pipe during most of his adulthood. He hadn't smoked in years, so it wasn't a smell left over in the house. The smell would be stronger in various parts of the house on different occasions, so it wasn't a specific part of the building that had this smell. We could never find an explanation on where the smell came from, but everyone who was in the house smelled it and in the same locations.
ADC from father-in-law.

Glen's EVP/ADC  11/9/05  Have you ever come across a "strange" message on an answer machine?  My grandfather recently passed and today was the day of the funeral.  Firstly, a bizarre coincidence occurred.  At my grandfathers house waiting for the hearse to arrive, my cousins car alarm went off.  This had never gone off in three years.  Secondly, at the crematorium, my brothers car alarm went off.  Again this had never happened (so much so, my brother didn't realize it was his car).  Also, there were no conditions such as strong winds that could have triggered the alarms.  It was only then that my father told us about a message on the answer machine at my grandfathers house which he later suggested I listen to as he had never heard anything like it before.

564.  Lana B's ADC. 11/8/05  In July of 1966, I watched helplessly as my brother, Roy, drowned.  He was 15, and I was 16.  I was the one who had to tell my mother and my family was never the same... One night about an hour after I went to bed.  I hear a loud knock on my front door.  This all seems as though it happened yesterday.  Every detail is still vividly in my mind.  I got out of bed, put on my robe, as I thought perhaps it was my neighbor and something surely must be wrong.  I went to the door and opened it.  I didn't see anyone at first.  I then opened the screen door, and there about 10 or so feet away stood my brother Roy.  He had on the clothes he was buried in.  There was nothing as seen on television or a movie as a bright light, fog, any "ghostly" appearance.........just him standing there just inside the realm of my porch light and in perfect view and form.  We talked to each other. Not verbally, but with OUR MINDS.  The following is the conversation we had verbatim.
NDE at age 20 from deceased brother.

563.  Jason F's ADC. 11/8/05  My father leaned up and rested his elbows on his knees and through his smile said "Jason its ok, I am fine and there is no need to worry or be upset." He reached out and grabbed my hand and set there and smiled at me a little while longer and then said it was time for him to go. The elderly woman standing behind him never spoke a word, just continued smiling at me. I couldn't speak, all I could do is stare in amazement. My father reached up and turned the lamp off and I reached up and turned it back on and they were gone.
ADC with father and his grandmother that he had never seen before.

562.  Kari C's ADC. 11/8/05  It bent around (difficult to describe) as though it had just discovered that I was there. Then came down, but more like bending down right in front of my face.   The next thing I heard was a sound. Like a wailing sound, and through that sound I heard voices I know. My grandmothers voice came through saying "Don't be afraid" then I heard my father saying "She doesn't recognize me". All the while I can still hear this inhuman wailing voice, like the long cry of an animal at it's death.  Then my grandmother again said "Kari, you are doing the right thing." I am thinking to myself, "What is the right thing, what are you talking about?"
ADC with associated entity.

561.  Michael's ADC. 11/8/05  Visited Mother-in-law 2 days later, she and her daughter had witnessed lights coming on in the room where my father-in-law both died and had spent much of the past 5 years (tv room). Lights came on 6 times in the 3 days immediately after his death, several times in subsequent fashion to poignant conversation regarding his life. After leaving the in-laws house, I went to work; I was installing equipment for a customer at their home. The piece of equipment I was replacing inexplicably turned on despite the switches for it being in "off" position whilst I was preparing to remove it. This was not the original position with the equipment, and I eventually had to turn off breaker just to get it to stop. At this point, I felt strongly that my father--in-law was beside me...he had trained me for the work I was doing, and I felt as if he was happy to be there for the installation.
ADC from father-in-law with multiple serendipitous electrical phenomena.

560.  Heidi T's ADC. 11/8/05  As I was lying on the bed, I noticed a bright light forming near my doorway a few feet from the foot of the bed. It was a swirling colorful mass of light and it slowly moved (appearing to float) from the doorway to the foot of the bed and then over the bed, until it stopped above me. I was scared frozen by it and closed my eyes. I felt someone kiss my lips (closed-lip kiss) and I opened my eyes and I was immediately no longer in a meditative state and the light "mass" was gone... I usually only hug family members, but my Great Grandma and I had a habit of greeting each other with a kiss. She was the only person with whom I had this greeting, then and now. And it also seemed appropriate, later when I thought about the experience, that she would communicate with me in that way. A goodbye kiss, if you will, as if she and I were saying good bye during one of our regular visits.
ADC from grandmother.

ADC involving dream visit by mother at moment of death before he knew she died.  He awoke, then call came that she had died.

Lisa K's ADC. 11/8/05 I dreamt my mother had an operation but could not be fixed by doctors and as she was waking up from the operation I was wondering how I would tell her that she could not be fixed.  I awoke to a phone call telling me she was being rushed to hospital and had already fallen unconscious a few times.  My mother was not currently suffering from any immediately life threatening illness and none of us were expecting her to die. She was considering an operation to cure a minor illness but died of a DVT, which was unrelated and had been diagnosed and was being treated. I dreamt she has something inside her chest, which the doctors could not remove.  She died from a pulmonary embolism (blockage in the lungs), which was caused by the blood clot she had in her leg and the doctors at the hospital could not help her in any way once she realized she could not breathe properly. They said they tried everything.  My dream was very similar to what actually happened.
Multiple experiences including ADCs and precognitive dream.

Cathy R's Father�s DBV  11/8/05  My father was dieing of esophageal cancer...  One night, he was lying in his bed and suddenly started talking to Kenneth and William.....his brothers that had passed away over 70 years ago.  He asked my mother why she wasn't offering them a seat, and told her that she was being rude.  My mother asked him what he was talking about, and he got really upset with her.  She brought in 2 chairs from the kitchen then walked out and closed the door.  She was very shook up.  The next day, she asked my father about what had happened the night before.  He was very lucid, and told her that Kenneth and William are there to take him home.  He died that night.
Father dying of cancer, and he spoke to two of his brothers who died 70 years ago.

Tilly J's ADC 899 10/19/05 Up until that time, I felt as if something was touching me while I lay in bed at night. Like a hug. (He used to hold me while we slept). Christmas Eve night my daughter had been given a little white bear that played Silent Night in hopes to console her. (She was 6 1/2 at the time). You had to squeeze hard on the stomach of the bear to get it to play the song. That night it was on the foot of her bed and began to play the song over and over all night. We could not stop it. Objects started showing up that had been left in Arizona inside purse and other boxes.  We moved to a hotel for a month before our housing unit was ready and the kids had a play keyboard that would play three or four notes during the night over and over and there were no batteries in it.
Multiple ADCs from deceased husband.

Natalie T's ADC 879 10/8/05  Just after my sister took her last breath, I was crying in the hospital room hugging my father.  He was sitting in a chair against a window.  As I was hugging him I looked out the window and I saw my sister.  (we were on the third floor of the building) She was so beautiful, smiling with such love and she had a maturity that I never seen before. I could feel her love and understanding and it was if she was saying..."if they could only understand".  Her face shone with light and I could feel her compassion for our sadness but it was more like a parental compassion (when a child doesn't understand something minor and is crying) .......she wanted us to know that she was okay.
ADC from sister who died in car accident.

Natalie T's ADC 881 10/8/05  1st experience was during a very sad time...I could smell him...his smell surrounded me...I recognized it immediately.  2nd one is I wrote him a letter to get my feelings out on paper and put in on my dresser and I went to bed.  The next morning the letter was moved across the room...I think he wanted me to know he read it.  3rd on is I believe he came us as a butterfly. He was coming to the glass doors over and over to get our attention and we all came outside and the butterfly stayed.  We all talked to him and told him we love him.  The butterfly stayed outside our door for 8 hours and did not leave.  That night it left and we never saw it again.  But I know it was him...giving us a sign that he was still here and he was okay.
ADC from infant son who died before birth.

552.  Aprill T's ADC 10/8/05  The smell - the physical surges - the calling of my family pet-name... collectively, these add up to something which is too real to ignore or doubt.
Contributor lives in Canada, experience was in Singapore.  Multiple ADCs.

Sherry M's Grandmother's DBV 10/8/05  The amazing thing about this was the last 18 hours of her life was like she had no sign of her Alzheimer's, it's hard to believe but it's true. There was so many family members that was there, they all thought the same thing. As I said  the last 18 hours she was alive she was talking to family members that had past on before her, but I was so happy to hear her say, look look how fast he can run, look look at him go. I looked at my Aunt Barbara then I looked at my cousin and thought what is she talking about? Then She said it again, I said Granny what are you talking about? And she said it again. Then I said Granny who are you talking about? She raised her hand up and spread out her fingers. I new then she was talking about my son Brian, he was buried in the number 5 jersey. She could have not knew this because. She didn't even go to his funeral, so she had know idea that he was buried  in his jersey, and wouldn't have remembered any way.
Death bed vision where she apparently identified a deceased great grandson who die very recently, and who she could not have know was dead.

Ka'C's ADC 9/17/05
I was also at that time Waiting for a very important call, but the machines service also included the callers phone ID, very much likened to today's caller ID service... there was no caller ID, the 'number from' was blank, empty, not even the 'caller unknown' message was there. In a few moments, I played back the "message"...Clear as a bell, loudly, I first heard a bit of static, then my Mark's voice saying "Hello! Hello?!" THE LINE WENT EMPTY, BUT NO DIAL TONE FOLLOWED...I recognized his voice, the tone, the inflection, the expression that was uniquely his. A jolt like lighting went through my soul!
Two separate family members contacted by deceased.  One through Internet phone service, the other through telephone.

Abrar's ADC 9/3/05 From Pakistan 
I was very much depressing due to his indecent death. He was expire on 19th May 2005 (Thursday) morning at 7am and I meet him on my bed on 26th May 2005 (Thursday) at morning 4am he was lied on my left side, suddenly I was just seeing his head, My soul hands pick him to up side and asked him ��..Mumtaz come upside!!!   Mumtaz come upside!!!!  (it was 100% real soul which was watched or feel by my soul).  One think is that I was not physically touches him but my soul hands pick his shoulders and I after that I realize that it�s had the same weight which feel by my soul...
ADC (probable dream) from Pakistan.

448. Dawn R's ADC 9/3/05 The kitchen was illuminated from the light in the hall shining through the doorway. I began to sense a gradual feeling of my son's presence which built up and stopped me in my tracks.  I could smell my son's unique smell and although I could not see him I had an overwhelming sense that he was in the room with me. I inexplicably experienced the sensation and accompanying sound as if someone had jumped off the work surface directly in front of me. I very briefly heard the noise in my head, of metal zips, keys and jewelry make when rattled by movement and then a sort of swimming sound as though my head was under water.  Very suddenly an icy draught rushed through me and at the same time I heard my son's voice, very clearly in my head say 'Oh, I'm sorry mom' and I simultaneously felt his warm breath and lips kiss me on my left cheek.
ADC from son.  ADC was 1 � hours after his suicide hundreds of miles away, before she was aware he had died.

Herbie P's ADC 8/13/05 
My Dad then rose from the chair, walked over to me and hugged me...and I felt this incredible warmth...it was REAL. I felt his embrace and physical "heat" coming from his body - which was solid, and not transparent or anything (like in the movies). Just before he hugged me, however, he said something like, "Oh, you have such a glow about you." And he meant that literally. Somehow he said, I had a "light" around my physical form.  My "aura," apparently, is quite bright. 
ADC with father.

Brenda R's ADC 8/13/05 
I asked him to tell me when Dad was going to be joining him in heaven.  I stink at lip reading and couldn't tell if he was saying August or April.  I asked him to show me the date on a calendar.  I did not see a calendar but I saw the number 8 twice.  I asked him if he meant August 8th.  Jimmy shook his head to indicate yes.  I asked him how is Dad going to die?  Jimmy disappeared again.  What I saw next was very disturbing.  My Dad is currently traveling the country towing a motor home.  He is in South Dakota at the present time but the last time I talked to him he said he was going to be heading toward Arizona soon.  I saw a country highway, two lanes, and a curve in the road.  Around the curve this is a cliff.  Then the image changes to a truck towing a motor home going off the cliff and into a body of water.  This image was repeated several times.  I asked Jimmy to come back and tell me where this road is.  Jimmy came back in the white dress shirt he had on in a previous appearance.  I asked him again to tell me where the road is.  I thought he said Texas but I wasn't sure.  I asked him if he meant Texas and his image was replaced by a beautiful yellow rose.  A rose with the most beautiful petals and an amazing color of yellow.  All I could think of was the it must be Texas because of the yellow rose of Texas.
ADC and premonition of father�s death three days from the time this account was reviewed.  Readers... if you EVER encounter anything like this, I would strongly encourage you to contact the subject of the premonition and warn them to avoid the circumstances seen in the premonition if at all possible.

Amanda B's ADC 8/13/05 
My cat lived with my parents while I was attending college. He recently became sick with liver failure and my parents had to put him to sleep. I was very crushed and sad that I was not able to see him before he passed away. On Friday at 11 my parents put Minka to sleep. I called my mother a few hours later and we cried for a while about it. That day after work i came back to my apartment for a brief moment, and when I was leaving I heard Minka purr for a about 4 seconds. I spun around to see if there was a cat in the apartment but there was no cat. It was completely quite in my apartment when it happened so it could not of been the television or radio. I than called my mother and told her what happened, and she was said you are not going to believe this, but a little bit ago I heard mink purr also. She explained the fast purr the same as I did.
ADC involving beloved deceased cat.

Judy C's ADC 8/13/05 
The thought was loud in my mind "IF YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE THIS GET A PENCIL AND PAPER AND WRITE THIS NOW". I could no longer refuse to write, I turned into my child's bedroom and retrieved a notebook and pencil returning to my own bed, which I had been putting clean sheets on at the time, and I began to write with thinking. The words flowed onto the paper, without thought, they were not my words. I wrote so fast. Yes, a beautiful sight of heaven. Which was followed with personal lines of information for others. Those, lines of personal note is what gave the evidence of this being a real event. After the poetry about heaven, one suggestion noted was to "look under the seat of the car for something for Maria".
Felt compelled to write, and remarkably wrote location of gift the deceased had purchased for his fianc�.

Stephanie H's ADC 7/10/05
We had both talked of a "secret password" as a sign from the afterlife if one of us should ever die. Glocca Morra was to be the connection between life and death. The other day I felt particularly sad about things. On the way to an appointment, I stopped at the store and when I came out this van was parked next to my car. The words "Glocca Morra" were hand painted on it along with some other artwork on both sides of the van.  This was a very poignant moment for me. I have never seen it before. What are the chances of this van, being parked next to my car, at the same time I was there? I rarely shop at this store in the mornings. It is not in the town I live in.
ADC with death compact, and signal phrase encountered later.

Janet W's ADC 7/10/05 
Sometime slightly before 4:00 am - my daughters friends were woken up by the CD player going on - playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - they tried to wake up me and my daughter but couldn't.  That was song 1 on the CD - by the time the were able to wake up me & my daughter (which is odd - cause usually when you call me I get up) - So I jump off the couch and say - is he alive - and they said I don't know - I don't hear him breathing - I looked over and he had passed - then I ran over to the CD player looked at the clock and it was 4:03 on song #3.  From the time they woke me up til the time I realized he was dead was about 10 seconds.  They said they heard "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - and that's what woke them up - I couldn't understand WHY - they heard it and I didn't.  He was still HOT - so I knew he had just passed away -
Several ADCs following death of father.

John McG's ADC 7/10/05 
As I walked in the door crying, Jannie, looking as she did at eighteen, with a wonderful smile on her face, ran up to me from the right side, put her arms around me,(They felt like energy until they were around me) she felt as she did when she was alive. Then she kissed me, and faded away or backed off and was gone... I did not feel the kiss, and she did not speak...
Wife died at age 65 of cancer.  ADC while fully awake.

Jackie H's 2nd ADC #762 7/10/05 Slowly and slowly, I managed to turn round but when I managed to do this, Toby seemed to have floated above towards the ceiling. I reached out to him with one of my hands and again found it so hard to get up to reach him. At that moment, he extended one of his hands to me and somehow I managed to hold his hand. It didn�t feel warm or cold but I could tell straightaway it was my husband�s hand. I had got out of bed by then (or at least that�s how I felt) and was face to face with Toby (with him still floating horizontally in the air). I cried out to him,� Toby Toby, am I to come and join you very soon?� He seemed to smile and he seemed to shake his head, I was not too sure what his response was but I remember I became very frustrated and cried out insistently,� I can�t wait any more, I have to, I want to, let me come and join you wherever you are, I don�t want to be separated from you again.�
Several ADCs, but this is the latest one with her husband.

Deborah D's ADC 6/26/05 
It seemed like almost immediately, but I can't be sure, there I was walking through a park with bright sunshine on a perfectly warm day. The scenery was brilliant and colorful with green grass, trees, shrubs and beautiful flowers. I looked to my right and there stood Joey next to me. We were holding hands walking together. I told him how upset I had been since he died and how angry I was that I did not get to say goodbye. I needed tell him I loved him so much. He looked at me with sympathy and great understanding. I knew by the look in his beautiful brown eyes that he felt my pain as I did and understood it completely. He told me how sorry he was that I had been suffering over loosing him but that he was ok and I did not have to worry about him. I told him I loved him so much and he smiled at me.
ADC in dream at age 14.  Brother died at this time at age 12.  Experience led to great healing.

Karen R's ADC 6/17/05  My husband and I were entertaining two couples in our home.  It was 9 PM.  We were sitting in the living room chatting.  Suddenly, the room was filled with the sound of a bird singing.  We stopped talking and looked around to see what was going on.  Someone asked if I had a tea kettle on.  I didn't.  The sound was impossible to explain.  It was coming from somewhere in the room.  After a minute or two the sound stopped and we resumed talking.  At 11PM the phone rang.  It was Clara's husband.  He told me that Clara (who was living in Bridgeport Conn.) had suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage and was not expected to live through the night. Apparently she was already brain dead.  I said I would be there in the morning.  Clara passed away at sunrise the following morning.  When asked what time she had collapsed, the answer was nine PM.  It was a life changing experience.
ADC over 50 years ago.  Six people heard bird singing in room at time of her sister�s unexpected death far away.

Maryann H's ADC 6/17/05 
Son died.  Was crying, then had ADC with elements quite similar to NDE.

Diane B's ADC 6/17/05 
In August of 2000, I went to bed earlier than usual.  I had been crying for some time as several terrible events happened in my life all at once.  I was very depressed, tearful and wondered if I would ever recover. All of of sudden from the right side of my bed, came a very bright yellow intense light that seem to be getting larger by the second.  Then two women, that had white long robes with a golden rope tied around their waists, were near me.  One stood close behind the other.  I had difficulty trying to stare into their faces because of the light. The angel in front, had shoulder length red hair and the one who stood behind her seemed to have brown hair.  They both were absolutely, beautiful, to be in their 30's.  The one closest to me spoke to me.  She had a very clear voice and was very close to me.  She said, that they were "messengers sent from God, and that they had known that I was feeling troubled, and that they were there to tell me that everything was going to be all right."  She asked me if I understood her.  I said that I did. She spoke again telling me that "everything was going to be all right."  They stayed a little longer, then they were gone.  I felt an overwhelming since of love, complete safety and did not fear what had just taken place.  When they were with me, I had no fear just complete sense of love and understanding.  I looked at the clock in my room and it was around 10:15 p.m.  Since that experience, I have felt a sense of two guardian angels with me at all times.  My deceased mother and my deceased grandmother who were the closet relatives to me.  Mom died when I was 16 of cancer, and my grandmother when I was 24.  I was 46 at the time of the wonderful experience. 

435. Pastor Sarah 5/29/05 She told us what prompted her suicide and who the person was who called her on the phone earlier in the evening before her death. She provided the missing piece of information we could not figure out (meaning the trigger for her overdose.)
Pastor describes large number of ADCs and serendipitous events described.

434. Michelle D's ADC 5/29/05 In my sleep, I smelled Yardley's Lavender perfume which my grandmother used to wear. I opened my eyes as I felt as though I was in her arms. I saw a grey smoky vision of cloud and it was her face. I jumped in fear and she disappeared. It lasted seconds. I had asked her to do this to show me there would be a time together after our time on earth or else I would kill myself when she died and she reluctantly agreed. This was her sign.
Grandmother agreed to appear after she died.  She did.

Haley S's Son's ADC 5/29/05 
It was 4:30 in the morning approx. 4 hrs and 45 minutes after my partner Matthew died, I was sitting on the couch in the lounge at my mothers house with my mother and Matthew's and my son Mason. My son yelled out ''Look'' and pointed to the roof where there was a skylight he shouted ''look, daddy'' as if Matthew was floating around the skylight, Mason said ''can't reach daddy'' he extended his arms up as if he was trying to reach up to Matthew, Mason said ''oh, poor daddy, daddy sore head - look daddy uppy, bye daddy'' it was amazing, my mother and I looked at each other stunned it was like Matthew had come back to say goodbye to our son.  Since then Mason has done that once more, the same thing was said by Mason.
Mother describes two year old son�s ADC occurring a few hours after his father died.

Noname A's ADC 5/29/05 
She did not speak but her presence was a great comfort and the gift of knowing this life is not all there is... My brother had come to me in a dream telling me he was alright and not to worry he spoke of his death . months later I heard he had committed suicide  at the time of the dream.
Shared ADC at funeral home, another dream ADC prior to knowing her brother died that night, and a NDE as a child.

Judith H's ADC 5/29/05
The 3rd experience was a few nights later.  I was lying on my left side with my arm out and I could feel his neck and head in my hand.  I looked down into his face and he said "you shouldn't be doing that".  It took me a little while to figure out what he meant.  I had been reading "Hello From Heaven" and I thought perhaps he meant I shouldn't be reading it.  I then realized I had been doing a lot of crying at that stage and I think he meant that I shouldn't be crying because he is ok.  The 4th experience was at the 12 month mark.  I dreamed I could see his hand floating in front of me so I reached out and took it and it was warm and reassuring and it felt so good.
Deceased husband.  Multiple ADC experiences.

Millie N's ADC 5/29/05 
After a couple of seconds of trying to figure out what this strange "smoke" was, it suddenly "stepped" to the side of the patio pole. That's the only way I can describe it, I don't remember it moving it just instantaneously moved to the side and landed about 3 feet away from the pole and was "floating" about 5 feet off the ground.  In the next microsecond it morphed into a male torso shape. I could see the torso from about the groin up through the shoulders, the left arm and the head but couldn't see any facial features. My mind was racing by this point and I remember thinking "what in the world am I looking at, what happens now?"
ADC involving son who committed suicide.  Interesting experience involving smoke-like appearance.

429. Romona B's ADC 5/29/05 I was then out of body, so light, so free, so content to just be. Everyone was so upset, so desperate to help me, I didn't need help I was fine and so happy, happier then I ever felt. At peace with the feeling of acceptance and love. It was more overpowering then anything I ever felt. I then realized I knew things, it is all so simple, people made things so difficult, it didn't have to be.  What really caught my interest is knowing why we can't use all of our brain potential, wow, what an eye opener, we have knowledge of this side with us all the time in our head but to live here and learn what we must to grow in understanding of emotional pain, physical pain, complete loneliness,
Near drowning.  Also remarkable After Death Communication described.

Terry S's ADC 4/30/05 
While visiting my paternal grandfather, he described in detail Heaven as shown to him by God and wanted to go. I asked him that if God would allow it, for him to give me a sign that he arrived and was happy. A few weeks after his death, I was awoken by someone shaking me. It was my grandfather, standing next to my bed smiling. At that time I was shocked to see him and he slowly disappeared. My sister was awoken the same night in the same way, only she had a conversation with him. He later appeared while I was awake and tipped his hat to me as I left my grandmother's home one evening.
She reports an ADC, OBE, and a Jesus encounter in 3 separate events.

Cally H's ADC 4/17/05 
Suddenly, my friend who has been skeptical about metaphysical theories in the past, saw a small, slightly rectangular shaped light darting about my head and the kitchen wall behind me.  I did not see the light but felt a shift in the energy around the room.  My friend watched in amazement as this light hovered over my head...when I reached out to touch it, although I couldn't see it I felt a warm sensation in the middle of my right palm.   After approximately 15 minutes, the light started to fade and darted away, leaving a slight trail.
Attorney had two daughters killed at same time in auto accident.  Two experiences.  First, at approximately time of death, and a second witnessed by friend later.

Kimberly S's Daughter's ADC 4/17/05  I felt compelled after reading he reincarnation forum to share some of my experiences.  First I must say for the record I believe in life after death, I would hate to think that this was not a trial run, with no room for improvement.  My daughter (now two years old) just recently had her GranMa DeeDee pass over on September 22, 2004. Having quite a hard time with, having never had death so close. I wasn't sure what to expect. Just always knowing and waiting for communication.

I woke up one morning as I often did with the baby about 1:00 p.m. I went got her milk, "baba" she calls it. I changed her diaper as normal. But as I turned out the light I realized that she was looking up towards the corner of her room where closet was, she said "See" I said "ok" I turned out the light. Truly I don't see, I feel. I usually feel hot and cold or I hear phenomenon. Anyway this went on. I never dismissed it.  Finally about the third night of our normal rendition , She said "see DEE DEE" The child had only said DEE DEE once ever before GranMa DEEDEE passed so I new so was there and is Still teaching her just as she did while she was here.  I have found our questions are answered if we only open our senses. 

Allen M's ADC 4/16/05 
My first experience was the same experience my father had prior to his death.  My third experience had me in a trance only to awaken with pure energy.  My fourth experience provided me with history about my father's childhood years.  My last experience seemed so real and were the things my father would say today if he were still physically alive.
Exceptional ADC account.  Had vision that was the same as the vision his father had very shortly before he died.  Content suggests encounter with aliens.

423. Marion C's Son's DBV 4/16/05 My son was not expected to live.  A friend & I were sitting by his bed, when he whispered,  'She is calling me, she is beautiful'.  I asked my son 'who is calling you? He said 'the angel'.  A cold chill went through my body.  I felt my son was about to cross over.  In desperation I begged my son not to answer the angel.  He then whispered "I can't' with that I went to the corner of the room and prayed for his life.  After a few moments, his friend said to me," Cam said the angel shook her head".  Without a shadow of a doubt I knew from that moment my son would live.
Death bed vision in which the experiencer did not die.

Graybon's ADC 4/1/05
I hear a click at the door I'm thinking its my father come to "check on us" before going to sleep himself. but it isn't the door opens fully (yes physically I wasn't dreaming and the handle was a lever one so it actually had to "move" for the door to open) my Nan stood their as bright as ever smiled, then waved, then disappeared. Somehow I knew although she had "physically vanished" she was "still there" because then the door closed.  felt peaceful during the experience�
ADC involving grandmother.

Haya K's ADC 3/29/05 From Jordan
My mother-in-law 4 years after she died, I walk up frightened when she entered my bedroom and I smelled here special shampoo.  I jumped from my bed I went to my husband who was in his office doing some work on his computer.  When I went there, I was reluctant to tell him, so I just ask him how he is doing with his paper, and I went back to my bed.  I covered myself not my face, she still was there, she came near my legs she touch my leg with her hand so I asked her gently how are you teta {teta means grandmother in Arabic } she squeezed on my leg and said "don't worry I'll be with you always, {I was very close to her more than her own daughters and I was the only remembered because she had some stage of Alzheimer's she lived wither us 15 years } . So I jumped again and I went to my husband asked him to come to sleep.  I WOKE  UP IN THE MORNING STILL SMELL HER FEELING HER TOUCH ON MY LEG.

Bobbie M's ADC 3/26/05
Was asleep, when I heard my husband say, "wakeup--I want to show you something, I awoke and he was standing beside the bed dressed in a nice suit & tie.�
Two ADCs with deceased husband described.  First was a dream.  Second involved information to help her not worry about concerns she developed at the funeral.

421. Sally L's ADC 3/26/05 During the actual experience, I came to KNOW, as far as it is possible for any human being to know anything, that there is in fact a God (or at least a highly spiritual Being), who loves us completely and unconditionally, and assumes the form of a brilliant, white light.
Remarkable OBE with travel to a loving white light.  Also described is a remarkable after death communication (ADC).

Jacquelyn B's ADC 3/13/05 
I felt someone starring at me as I looked up, I was still lying down in the bed. I see my mother looking down at me while I was lying down. She didn't have no light around her or see thru or nothing. She looked so real like she had never passed away, she had clothes on and she just looked like herself as a breathing human being. I stared at her while she stared at me too. It was like she was looking at me when I was sleeping keeping a eye on me. It was so peaceful and heavenly.
ADC with mother.  Opened eyes while in bed, and saw her.

Elizabeth C's ADC 3/12/05 
When I looked at it fully, it seemed to be a mans shape, but with no identifying features, just like a misty shadow.  When I gave it my full attention, it got up, walked over to me and bent over me.  It put its 'hands' over my ears and bent to kiss my forehead.  The moment its hands covered my ears it felt exactly as if a real person had covered them. The television noise became quieter, and I could hear my blood circulating. When I was kissed on the forehead, I felt a surge of love and gratitude towards me from this 'shadow'.  I didn't know who it was, but the word 'goodbye' was communicated to me, but not with words.
She is a nurse.  Client/friend died.  At time of his death, saw dark shape in her room.  It put his hands over her ears and kissed her on forehead.

Awoke from bad dream.  Saw ball of light flying down hall toward father�s room (mother had died).  Could make out outline of mother cuddling someone.

417. Rod D's ADC 3/12/05  She came into my room, awakened me and told me she was ok and she loved me.  Around moment of adopted mother�s death, she came to his bedroom, awoke him, and told him she was OK and that she loved him.

416. Venus W's ADC 3/12/05  I turned around I saw my Great Grandmother hovering upright towards the ceiling. She had an odd smile and raise both her hands towards me as if she was calling me to her. I put my head down covered my head with my hands and waited for her to touch me. I felt her presence enhance and then I noticed that the scent was gone and the room felt lighter.
About three days after Great Grandmother�s death, smelled her perfume, and saw her holding out her arms to her.  Experience was frightening at first.

Keith F's DBV 3/7/05 My very severely retarded cousin died recently. He was so retarded that it was impossible to administer an IQ test. He lived in his parents' home for 60 years. While lying on the hospital bed during the last few days of his life he pointed to the ceiling three or four times (he commonly pointed when asking a person to look at something) and said in his idiosyncratic way of speaking, "Hello John." John was his nephew who died about two years earlier.

Lori S's ADC 3/5/05 
I noticed that it was the same size as the butterfly on the book cover of "Hello from Heaven".  I was totally taken by surprise.  I starting sobbing, really sobbing, but the butterfly would not go off my finger.  All of a sudden my son's dog came running up the steps to my deck and start right at the butterfly.  The butterfly never moved and the dog never barked at it.  Then my little dog also came up to the butterfly and again it never moved.  I shook it several times, then I said "Oh my God, it is you Jay".  Then the butterfly flew around me several times again.  Landed on my leg and crawled up my leg again up to my hands.  This experience lasted for 10-15 minutes.
Son died in auto accident.  Was reading book �Hello from Heaven� about butterflies and rainbows as symbols in ADC.  Did not believe it.  Then had prolonged encounter with butterfly.

Lyan P's ADC 3/5/05 
But in this case, the voice in my head and it's clarity and reality was even more "real" than in waking life.  Kevin's words were so clear that I felt like I could even "hear" the movement of his lips and his tongue forming the words.  Kevin spoke my name then paused then said "I'm sorry".  The truest deepest meaning behind those words were totally present and I could feel the sincerity.  He went on to say that everything had been "revealed" to him as if "by the light of the moon".  I tried to talk back to him in my head but it was as if it were only a one-way communication.
Husband died via suicide.  Sensed his presence in bed beside her.  He said �I�m sorry�, which was very meaningful.

Mary L's ADC 3/5/05 
I was tired but not asleep.  My mind was close to blank when a "thought" came to me.  It was an image of my husband, but small -like a thought bubble in a cartoon- just to the right of my right shoulder and above/in back of my head.  One striking thing about the image was that it was red, almost like a red line drawing.  And in my head I heard him say "Weezie, this is fantastic! I can't wait for you to try it!"  In the image he was very happy and excited.
Husband died of glioblastoma multiforme (extremely aggressive brain cancer).  Image of husband came to her.

Brenda L's ADC 3/5/05
I have had many experiences. The first one being at the funeral home. I was in with Taylor with his dad too, and when his dad left the room I sat across from Taylor and looked at him, as I did from his mind to my mind, he said "mom" and I said "Taylor", he said" I don't know what I'm supposed to do" and I said, you can just go, there was hesitation and then he said in a happy tone, "ok, bye mom love you".
Son died in auto/bicycle accident.  Multiple ADCs described involving multiple people.

Connie G's ADC 2/18/05
I was outside my home planting Forget-me-nots, my favorite flower and the flower my mother gave me in a porcelain pot.  While I was outside I had this feeling to go into the house and as I walked into the dining room, there was a shield of bright light, and as I approached this light I could see that it was my mom.  I ran to the light to hug my mom, she was not the same being as she was while she was alive, but I felt something, I am not sure even to this day what it was, all I know is that I felt something, we spoke for what seemed like for hours but it was only so very short, but when it was time for mom to leave she held me, I got bruises from where she held me, on both arms.  She told me that she was being called to go back to heaven.  And she disappeared just as fast as she come in a bright light.
Multiple ADCs with this one!

Kathleen C's ADC 2/18/05 
When my mother passed 5-14-2001, My sister and I had a special feeling about butterflies. She had experienced butterflies around her a times she was thinking of mom. I also had times I saw butterflies when  I was thinking of my mother too. When my sister passed I even had more. But this one time made me really KNOW she was with me. When Olivia and I (Olivia is my 4 year old daughter) went outside to bring in the cushions, A big black and blue butterfly was on a plant I had outside. As soon as we walked out, the butterfly flew all around both of us. I stretched out my arms and held one hand under the other with my palms facing up. The butterfly landed right in the middle of my hands facing me. I would say about5 or 6 seconds. I wanted so bad for a butterfly to do that. and it did. I felt like my sister was with me. I couldn't believe that a butterfly would do that, normally they would fly off. I was a little in shock. It was a wonderful experience!!
Butterfly ADC with sister.

408. Melvin C's ADC 2/18/05 I was dozing off about 6 or 7 told my son to wake me about 8:30 (he didn't). I am not sure what time it was when I heard "Mel" and seemed as if I was being tapped on my head. Well next thing I know I was a room that was dark around the edges, my brother was standing talking to me and I was to talking asking what the hell was he doing here! That's when I notice my mother and father and everyone else in the room! they seemed younger! I never did understand what he was trying to tell me.
ADC with several relatives who had passed away, including his brother that he didn't know had died!

407. Julie's ADC 2/18/05  I was crying in bed, just so sad and grieving and in shock, when I felt/saw something like a golden ball hovering near the ceiling by my bed. I sensed that it was my mom. I sensed that she was worried about me. I was the youngest, her baby, and she always felt so sad when I was upset about something -- broken romance, bad day at work, etc. She was grieving because I was grieving, and wanted to make sure I was okay. I lifted my head and said to her -- don't know if I said it out loud or not, "Mom, go to dad. He is so sad. He needs you." The light then sort of fluttered out of my room and into dad's room. He was crying and yelling and pounding his pillow, but in about 15 minutes or so he fell asleep.
ADC with mother.

406. Michelle's ADC 2/18/05  I was sitting on my couch watching the movie 8 Mile. My cat, Lynx was sitting on my lap. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bright hazy light, which I recognized immediately as my mom, because I had seen the same exact form several times since she died. My cat, as well as myself  turned to look at it     but couldn't see it straight on. But I do know that lynx was able to see the same as I because he turned his head at the same time i did.  I felt comforted and continued with my movie. All of sudden, right beside me and level with the couch arm, another, very different light came into view. It had a perfect round bright center with light and misty color, like my mom, shooting out all around the center. I knew immediately that someone else was with my mom.
ADC with mother.

405. Lisa A's ADC 2/18/05  I had 3 pictures of trav and i had been looking at them and telling him i was on my way home to him.  I was looking in the mirror and so upset that i asked for a sign from him. All of a sudden my body felt like i was being pulled down and then all of a sudden it felt like something sharp went thru my heart and i gasped for air and i heard myself say "I know it wasn't your fault." Immediately i realized what i said and asked myself out loud "why did i say that?" after i just said that right in front of me in color it was travis. it was like he was right there. He was beautiful not what he looked like after the accident, he looked right in my eyes and told me he was sorry! then he was gone.  I know he meant it because travis would never of left me on his own free will.
ADC from fiance.

404. Becky L's ADC 2/18/05  Christmas was sad but we made it through - and that evening with a house full of relatives I began washing the dishes. I looked out the kitchen window and a hawk landed on the branch in front of me. I yelled for my husband. He brought all the family to the window and took pictures of this young athletic looking hawk that was staring at me.  My husband whispered to me "that's Greg". 
ADC where significant other appears as an animal.

Phyllis L's ADC 2/17/05 
I was in bed almost asleep. I felt my self overlooking a beautiful valley filled with gorgeous light purple flowers. I could see a forest on each side far away. No end to the flowers before me. I found my self inside a stage coach floating along the meadow.  My Grandmother was sitting across from me, beside her was my Aunt Marie. My Grandmother hugged me. She did not speak but I understand her goodbye and my Aunts. I woke up knowing my Grandmother had passed. Unknown to me My Aunt had passed a short time prior to my grandmother.
ADC with grandmother and aunt.

402. Audrey N's ADC 2/17/05 The tv went blurred and i remember saying "no don't die you can't for no real reason" then i know he came and said goodbye. it was a presence.  i freaked out had a shower and begged him not to go, I was crying when the surgeon phoned to say he, had trouble calling me but mark had passed and when i got to the hospital 2mins away they told me he had died 15 mins ago which was when i felt it
ADC with significant other.

401.  Ranji's ADC: 
1/29/05  This was after 6 months of his death. He was only 20 when he died. He had Down syndrome. It was around 4.30 in the morning. I thought I had a dream first and while I was lying in bed I saw him walking towards me. At this point I woke up without getting out of the bed and without even opening my eyes. It was like a moving picture. He said to me �come here mummy, cuddle me mummy�. I was a bit scared, as I knew he was dead but it was my son, I could not refuse. I do not know how I got up and went to him and put my head on his chest. I had the feeling he embraced me. He put his hand on my head. I felt it. It was such a precious moment. Then I knew I was in the bed again and I know my husband was sleeping next to me. I wanted to wake him up, to see our son. At that point I don�t know how my son read my thoughts, he said to me �don�t wake up dad. Tell him I love him�. I can still remember these words. Then he said I am going� I am going. It was like a good bye. I think he must have held my hands at that point because I was able to feel him withdrawing his hands away from me. I was so overwhelmed I continued my sleep afterwards and told my husband about this the next morning. To date I am so grateful to god and thank him every day for helping me to see my son after his death which I thought it will never be possible and now, definitely I believe in life after death.

Jen R's ADC 12/25/04 I was sleeping when the phone rang.  I sat up to answer it, and as I lifted the receiver, a glowing light appeared me.  The light grew until I felt completely engulfed in it.  I felt I was no longer in my bedroom, but I didn't know where I was.  I saw Helen standing before me, smiling at me.  She looked young and beautiful, as I had never seen her, but as she must have been before I knew her.  I couldn't move toward her, but I felt warm as if being embraced.  She told me everything was going to be okay.  She told me she had seen my daughter, and that she was beautiful.  I don't know how long the moment lasted, but it felt full. 
ADC with Great-Aunt.

Janet M's ADC 12/19/04  She said to me "Janet, this is a dream.  But I can visit you this way.  Is it okay if I visit you this way?"  I said "YES PLEASE visit me every night!!!"  She looked at me with a very knowing and loving look.  I asked her "Mom, I want to ask you a question.  Why are you here?  Why did you not go towards the light?"  She said "I can't answer that Janet."  Then, I saw a tunnel - it was like a swirling tunnel - and she went towards it and walked through it.  I guess she came back to say that she was happy now.  She did not seem happy or at peace the first time she visited me.  But the second time - she was so peaceful - I have never seen her that peaceful when she was alive. 
The second visit provided closure so her mother could go towards the light.

Heidi F's ADC 12/19/04  While sleeping my mother came to visit me in a dream. She contacted me over the telephone. She said "Hi, how are you". I remember thinking, wow, my mother is dead and she is calling me!  I knew this conversation was very important, very serious. I felt very excited and nervous. I pressed my ear to the phone and was listening intently to dead space between us. It seemed important to NOT acknowledge that she was dead. I said, "Hi Mom, how are you?" My mother said "I am fine. I am getting better. There are people here who are helping me to get better." I told her that was good, and I asked her very tentatively "Mom, do you know Jesus Christ?". She said very reassuringly and seriously, "Oh yes, He is the One Most High".
Child dream ADC.

Fiona K's ADC 12/12/04  i think it to be an out-of-body experience...i woke up to see myself lying in bed after the telephone in the den room of the 2-story house i was living in rang...i picked up the phone and said hello...i recognized the voice on the other line immediately...Kim said that i didn't have to worry about her anymore since she had found a better place...i said okay and told her to keep in touch with me and we hung up...the following night i was coming home from working 2nd shift and heard on the radio that Kim had died.
Telephone ADC.

Fran's ADCs 12/5/04  From Spain, Original in Spanish translated by Rio. 
As I entered the room my gaze went to an upper corner almost to the ceiling. He was there.  I didn't see him but I knew that he was there, and he spoke to me...not with words but from mind to mind and heart to heart.  He made me feel how he was at that moment and it was marvelous, inexplicable, using words of this world, thus the feeling was one of peace, happiness, harmony, well being...all this multiplied by 100...or 1000.  When I want to explain it I am always at a loss for words and he then told me, "Tell this to my daughters."  And I left the room.
She submitted two different ADCs

Allan's ADC 11/27/04  "Is there Hell?" I fearfully whispered.  "No." (Or perhaps he just assured me that he wasn't in one--and if He wasn't in one, then it's nothing that most normal people would have to see.)  At one point, Dad referred to the fact that he was no saint and has done many things he's ashamed of, but that he was not in any hell. We agreed that while we're in our mortal bodies, that we are driven by all sorts of influences that are not wholesome.  
ADC dream with his dad where he got answers to a lot of questions.

Hans G's ADC 11/21/04 from Netherlands My father had natural colors, a little on the pale side perhaps. I could see every wrinkle and detail of his face. I saw him speaking to me. His lips moved and I recognized the very typical wrinkles on the side of his lips which always moved when he spoke. He was just a very natural man standing there in my room. His blue eyes were unnaturally clear and his look to me was very penetrating.  The only notion I had that this was not a natural event was the light-blue light he was standing in.
His father came to see him because his mother when she died had requested it!

S.A.'s DBV 11/16/04  My wife, aged eighty-two, two days before she died, visited me at my breakfast table, entering at the closed door and stopped at my side.  She was absolutely beautiful and looked age thirty, not eighty two. Looking at me, and pointing hard at her chest, she said very plainly, "This is the real me, the other, (meaning her own body at the nursing home, sixteen miles away) is but a carcass." She then walked from my side to the front of me, bent down and kissed me on the lips, which I felt. She then vanished. Although her body and brain had deteriorated to child proportion, her mind was absolutely intact. She wished to see me and her mind controlled all her subsequent actions. It took away all fears of her passing to the beyond and it was a joy to see her.

Stuart R's ADC 11/14/04  I noticed that she was in a state of limited awareness, with great fear and agitation as her second body struggled to release from her physical form. I sent a very warm, loving and comforting message and reassurance to her that all was well, that her physical form had ceased to function any more, that she was in the process of leaving it, and I was there to keep her safe. At that moment she relaxed completely and released from her physical body. Then a wondrous bright light appeared in the ceiling corner of the bedroom on my far left.
Grandson helped escort his grandmother to the other side.

Inspiring ADC with father.

Darla S's ADC 11/14/04  I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep.  I opened my eyes and saw my father at the foot of my bed.  I could make out his facial features, he looked young and was smiling.  The rest of his form was misty and 'sparkly'...like the flickers of light you see after you have had a really good sneeze.  He looked beautiful.  I blinked, and he was gone. 
Several ADCs with father.

Angela J's ADC 11/14/04 I was sitting in the kitchen I was talking with my husband he went to bed.  I had the most incredible feeling of happiness come over me I turned and I saw my brother what looked like sitting at my toddlers table he looked healthy and younger he talked to me through my mind he told me to tell my mom he was okay.  He let me know he loved me and he was okay.
ADC from brother.

Laura P's ADC 11/14/04  He sat down with me at a table (I was asleep at the time also during this talk) and he began to tell me how we could make money off the farm my grandfather had left me. He told me to plant it in strawberries and how much money we could make off of it. When I told him he was dead, what was this we stuff, he told me that was beside the point and to listen to him and do what he said do and we could make lots of money this way. After moving from Asheville, he has not spoken to me again in my sleep.
One ADC from her uncle and one from her husband.

Quinta R's ADC 10/31/04 I said to him, "Well, I have to get going" and I turned to leave and he said after me, "Take care of your throat!"  I turned to him and said, "Now, you know I see you every 3 mos. for this, and I am also going to see the ENT and. . .I just looked at him and he was looking at me and there was a yellowish/golden fuzzy light around him.  I wanted to say more, but at that moment I woke up.  She had a dream with her physician at the same time he actually died.

386.  William P's ADC 10/31/04  I had not been thinking about him around that time, and had been using that bedroom (which he had been using 9 months earlier when he committed suicide elsewhere) for 6 or 7 months before this incident.  He had a very distinctive voice, and the voice I heard calling my name was easily recognizable as his--I didn't even have to think a moment to determine whose voice it was. I was excited, and also extremely amazed, to be hearing from him at all, and was disappointed that he didn't have anything more to say to me.   
ADC from a friend.

385.  Lisa S's ADC 10/31/04 The next thing I knew, we were at her house in the living room and I was telling her that I did not want her to go.  She told me that she had to but that everything would be OK.  When she said that, I understood that she meant globally, universally and in my entire lifetime, not just that moment alone.  I hugged her and then I woke up with a start-  as if I had been dropped back onto the bed.  It was raining outside and my friend's dog was whimpering and licking my foot.  I looked at the clock, which read "4:13am" and thought that was the most bizarre yet life-like dream I had ever had.  The next day I found out that my grandmother had passed away at 4:13am.
Dream with grandmother at the exact time of her death.

384.  Alicia L's Orbs 10/27/04 This one room was the only place that the orbs showed up.  Notice that even though the light source is above, it doesn't affect the orbs.  Therefore, this phenomena couldn't have been caused by light.  Also notice that there are orbs within orbs.  I believe that this was a place where there were a lot of Indian souls. 
Although this is technically not an ADC, it is a common phenomena of how souls appear on a camera.

383.  Phillip L's Orbs 10/27/04 
The orbs I have seen are usually 3-4", white to light yellow or sometimes light green, they seem to move fairly slowly without any noticeable reason or pattern to there movement. But, when I approach them to investigate, or sometimes when I look directly at them they will either fly very quickly into a wall or disappear. There doesn't seem to be any noticeable significance of the location, but it is normally where there are few or no people, often centered around some feature of a room (door window etc.)
Age 14.

Flora M's ADCs 10/24/04  Basically it went like this....He said to me "can you believe this?" His tone was as though he were joking or chuckling. My internal response was "wweeellll.....no" and my tone was surprised and intrigued. Then it was like he reached out and pinched my elbow, laughing. Like as though we were at a party in real life joking around. He seemed to calm and happy. I felt surreal, yet totally aware. He then said "If only you could see what i see now...I am so happy. Then you would know that all this carrying on (crying and sorrow at the funeral) isn't necessary because we will all be together again."   Then separately he said "we will all laugh together again", and i felt those statements to be Truth.
Nephew communicated with her at the wake.

Cathy L's ADCs 10/21/04  My father, who died in 1978, sat with me in my ICU room for those first two weeks.  He was equally as real as my mother and my husband.  He talked to me, and I talked back to him out loud.  My mother and Michael would ask me over and over who I was talking to, and I remember telling them it was Daddy, and thinking it was strange that they didn't know that because he was sitting with us in the room.  He sat in a chair to my left at the end of the bed, and my mom and Michael sat in chairs to my right.  Her father came to help her recover and to decide whether to go or stay after a bad auto accident.

James M's ADCs 10/21/04  676 I instead got the feeling that there was a person in the room with me.  I stood up a little afraid but as I neared, a figure appeared before me and it was my grandfather.  I remember not being afraid but happy.  I felt quite awake and was definitely standing.  I asked him what he was doing here.  He told me that he just came to say goodbye to me and to tell me that he was very happy with the job I was doing to the floor in the hallway. Grandfather came back to say goodbye.  677  I asked her if she was able to keep track of the family and she said yes.  I asked her what heaven was like and she said it was "hot".  I must have had quite the shocked look (thinking...isn't that the other place???) but grandma laughed and interjected, saying that what she meant was that in heaven, you can be anywhere and at any time you want to be.  She said that there was no hell or at least not in the conventional way that we are often taught.  It just so happens that yesterday for her was a hot summer day and she never cared much for the heat.  But she said that today was a very lovely spring day.  Grandmother came back because of death compact they made when he saw his grandfather.  678  I was asleep and I heard my name being called.  It was grandma.  I said, Grandma...you're back!  She answered and said hello and asked how I was.  Then she said that she was visiting and thought she'd come by.  She said that she brought someone along who wants to say hi.  I was very curious.  I said okay.  The next voice i heard was my mother's!  But she is still alive so I was very confused.  I said hi but was a little more than worried and my grandmother picked up on it.  She said that her and mom were just talking and since my grandma had already contacted me successfully before - they thought why not pay me a visit.  This one is profound and the first ADC with a relative who is currently living!  It also lends support to blood relatives traveling in soul groups (familial soul mates).

379.  Bobbie S's ADC 10/21/04 while all this was going on, my mother, dad and recently deceased brother appeared at the left side of my bed and they all looked like they had when i was in high school. we talked by mental telepathy. i was so happy to see them and i asked "you have come to take me home with you haven't you?" and they all 3 smiled real big and before they could answer a voice said "No, you can't go now, you have a job to complete." i asked "my grandson?" and the answer was "Yes."
This ADC happened during a life-threatening event, showing some overlap between death and blood relatives being there when you go.

378.  Heidi R's ADC 10/21/04  A week after John passed, I was having trouble with my mask it was uncomfortable and I sat up, took the mask off my face, leaned over the side of the bed to turn off the machine. When I turned to my right to lay back down- there was John surrounded by a green and golden glow. The odd thing is he was sitting cross- legged on his side of the bed near the foot of the bed, which is something he could not do because of his weight, smiling, with his arms extended as if to say well look at me now! He looked younger than when I first met him and healthy and happy. I just smiled at him and then laid down to sleep.
ADC from husband.

377.  Gretchen B's ADC 10/21/04  It was early morning, as I am by habit a early morning riser. I enjoy watching the sunrise every morning. Suddenly my husband was in bed with me as many times in the past. I threw my arms around him, and said "Oh, I love so much."  He was young again with the beautiful physique he once had when we met, He told me that He wanted me to know that He loved me. The remaining time will remain with me. When I got up out of my bed, I stood there , saying "that was so real".
ADC from husband.

376.  Benita C's ADC 10/21/04 At first he was far away and then like the film skipped he was right in front of me.  I said his name (Bruce) and he said to me with a smile on his face, "I told you that I would always take care of you."  He then reached out to hand me a small white dog and said "I have the dog..." and I woke up.  It was not until a couple of days later that I realized what he meant when he said that he had the dog.  My grandmothers white dog Tiffany died two days after my husband and he wanted her to know that he was taking care of her.
Dream ADC from husband.

375.  Michael A's ADC 10/21/04  The EMT lady was called away for a moment and while she was away, �Julie� stopped her shivering and started smiling and nodding with her eyes closed.  It was as if her fear had subsided and calmness came over her.  It was as if she were acknowledging someone she knew, although she did not say anything.  She simply nodded several times.  This went on for about 20 seconds.  I did not speak to her during these 20 seconds.  I simply watched in awe, as it just seemed as if someone else were talking to her.  No one was that I could see.  It was a very surreal moment.  Normally we don't publish second hand accounts, but this one is very special!

374.  Tom H's ADC 10/21/04 I felt the peaceful loving presence of my father as if he was in the room with me.   Through his presence and as if the thought/ image was projected to me by him, I thought about his Colt model 1911A1 pistol and how as a child he would show it to me and say I would inherit it when he passed away.  Although I did not hear him through my ears, he was telling me, "It is yours now."  As I thought of the pistol, his presence faded and I became more awake. 
ADC from father before son realized his father had died.

373.  Angela M's ADC 10/21/04  Anyway, I asked out loud, as I felt he was still near: "Dad are you happy where you are now. I hope so but give me a sign to let me know that you are?" Immediately a rainbow appeared in the sky above. This was really mind-blowing to me as before my dad died he said that he wanted to go over the rainbow when he died, like in the song from The Wizard of Oz. He said when you see a rainbow when I am no longer here, then you will know I am fine. I felt a warm glow and a wind hit my cheek even though the window in the car was shut.
Rainbow ADC.

Maria C's ADC 10/21/04 I had another dream soon after. I was running through my grandparent's living room, again, at another family reunion-type gathering. There sat my grandfather by the fireplace on a folding chair. I stopped dead in my tracks and ran to him, crying. I sat at the foot of his chair and he told me, as I cried, and he stroked my head:  "I will always be with you, all you have to do is ask for me." He told me he would never leave me. I woke myself crying that night as well.
Dream ADC with grandfather.

371.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. 9/29/04 has trouble remembering those frantic seconds when he escaped from his burning racecar. He believes, however, his late father figured in his survival.  Article from associated press, msn.sportsfox.com

A DBV just prior to death and a dream ADC afterwards.

ADC from Aunt.

368. Eileen D's ADC 9/12/04  Some time after I got up I was telephoned to be told my son had died at the exact moment the clock first rang. I did not at first realize what had happened, through my terrible grief but later decided he had contacted me through the clock to say he was safely separated from the body now unable to support his spirit or soul. He rang twice to make sure I knew what the message meant. I think that was the time it took him to prepare for  the journey from Earth to Heaven.
Erratic alarm clock ADC.

JC's ADC 9/9/04 On August 03/04 around 05:30am I was sleeping and was awaken by a very bright light, so bright I can not explain it.  This light had so much love in it, overwhelming Peace and calm, nothing I have ever experienced before. I never wanted to leave this light and the love that I felt. I never saw anyone in this light, but I knew this was my mother saying good bye to me. This light lasted only for approx. a couple of seconds.
ADC/DBV from mother at the time of death.

366. Sallie A's ADCs 9/9/04  I was asleep and suddenly my grandmother appeared only it wasn't like a dream at all.  She was standing in front of me in a blue suit, purse, white gloves and a white pill box hat like she might have worn in the 60's.  She was standing in a completely white, hazy fog.  She was waving at me but did not speak.
ADC with Grandmother.

Monica E's ADCs  9/9/04  First Experience She sat up (as much as possible) in the carrier, and looked at me very pleasantly.  I had some mixed emotions, given that I knew she was dead...not overwhelming, but I think my happiness was tinged with some mild worry for her.  She spoke to me then, in a voice that was entirely unrelated to the rather sharp feline voice she'd had, and told me something to the effect of that "It's all right, I'm happy where I am."  Pet Cat ADC  Second Experience  As I continued to hear this same music (to-the-note perfect, no alterations to it), I knew to look towards that spot where there was the break in the bushes, and that Samuel would be there.  Sure enough, he came running, cutting gracefully between the cars parked just beyond the hedgerow and slipping through the narrow opening between the bushes!  Only later did the significance of his ability to run sink in: he had had MS in life and had not run for years.  Samuel was grinning at me and waving like crazy. ADC with a friend

Valerie V's ADC #2 9/9/04 I felt my body or my essence lift (this is very hard to explain as I have never felt this in my life) and at the same time, I was my son and felt my son. Who he is and his emotions and his being. It is very difficult to explain. It was so stunning that I shot up in bed, hit my husband and gasped "It's happening". And then I began to acknowledge out loud to my son that "Dustin I acknowledge what just happened, I feel you, I am grateful to you, please don't let them stop" and so on.
ADC with her son.

Maggie M's ADC 8/18/04  I opened my eyes widely and was keenly aware that I was going to experience something incredible. I looked into my pillow and breathed very slowly. My father's face began to appear two inches from my face. The image remained translucent, as I could see my pillow through him. I did not speak, because I just "knew" to look back at him. His face was as his age depicted at the time of his death. He looked at me in the most loving way I EVER remember.
ADC from father.

361. Valerie V's ADCs 8/18/04  The telephone rang. I had a phone right by my bed and I got off the bed and answered it. A voice said "Valerie". I said "Mony!" She said "You get up out of that bed right now, do you understand me?" And I replied "Yes Mony". I couldn't believe it. It was my grandmother who had passed on 8 months earlier.
Two ADCs, one from son and the other from her grandmother.

360. Rebecca R's ADC 8/18/04 All of a sudden I felt a complete sense of calm and opened my eyes.  I was looking at the ceiling fan and saw it start to go around very slowly about ten times like it was being pushed around.  I did not have the fan on as I was very cold and even had a cover on top me.  I knew immediately it was Tim. 
ADC from son who also contacted other members of the family.

Franny P's ADC 8/18/04 Had a dream about my late grandmother calling me on a phone.  The phone was not my phone, though.  I was my future phone, as will be stated in this statement.  She said that she was fine, was having fun, and I could hear her "friends" laughing in the background.  She showed me a baby boy, sitting on a blanket, on a tile floor.  Then she showed me my house.  She kept saying that everything would  be fine.  That I'd be worried, but she would always be there, and everything would work itself out. 
Prophetic dream ADC

358. Simon H's ADC 8/18/04  From Sweden  She came to me when i was asleep. at first I didn't know who she was, but then she make me remember. I remembered her from an old photography I saw once when I was a very little boy.  Then she said that she was going to say a very important thing and that I should listen very carefully.  She said that buildings should be trethered(sp?) but only two shall brake and those buildings who shall break were twins
ADC message from grandmother regarding the World Trade Center bombing.

357. Jennifer C's ADC 8/18/04  the voice i heard came from outside under our window.  there was no one there. i had been waiting for some confirmation from Shane that he was okay, and receiving this message on Easter a.m. meant for me, that he was resurrected, and very much okay.
ADC from son.

Dream ADC with a lot of energy.

Ramona V's ADC/DBV 7/25/04 It was my deceased father, full form, glowing.  I felt confused at first thinking, I see my father?  But then I took inside all the details of seeing him.  I slowly looked him over from head to toe, taking in all the details of his body, the clothes he was wearing, and the position he was standing in room.  He actually wasn't standing directly on the floor.  He was raised up somewhat but yet it appeared as if he was standing on solid ground but I saw nothing beneath his feet.  And I noticed he had shoes on with shoe laces.  He was so ill before he died that he no longer wore his shoes but had slip on leather house shoes he wore.
Mother saw her father come to guide her son to the other side. (DBV death bed vision)

354. Tom L's ADC 7/25/04 I immediately saw her sitting on my bed and she appeared possibly about as she did when she was about 65, sort of as I remember her, and I was so extremely surprised to see her so vividly.  I am disabled including with a non-functional left arm, but was able to hug her with both arms and literally feel her by both arms around her neck and back.  I told her I love you and she softly smiled her usual way and disappeared.  But I felt her tell me yes before she left.
ADC with grandmother.

353. Rebecca Br's ADC 5/29/04  I was so mad at myself for waking up.  The dream felt so good and so real and I wanted it to continue.  I sat up for a few moments, recollecting what had occurred in the dream, and laid back down.  I turned over and faced the outside edge of the bed and there was Keith again, in the same kneeling position that he had taken in the dream!  My eyes were open, and I was wide awake!  Keith allowed me to reach my arms out to him, and hold his face.  I traced his lips with my fingers, and ran my hands over his head.  We looked into each others eyes, and we communicated. 
Dream ADC that continued in the waking state!

Joan G's ADC 5/29/04 I woke up about 7am Saturday morning and had some coffee. I then went back upstairs to read a little and dozed off for a while. I suddenly felt a presence in the room and when I opened my eyes my father was at the foot of the bed smiling at me.  He looked completely well and was dressed in a beige suit. He smiled and nodded and disappeared form view in seconds.  It was truly amazing. This is the second time I have had such an incident. I find it truly amazing and wonderful and comforting to know we are not gone forever.
ADC with her dad.

Lee L's ADC 5/29/04 From South Africa Immediately I felt his arms around me from behind me, something he often did.  His cheek against mine.  I 'heard' his voice very clearly, say:  "Weird??  Oh, Lee, you don't know the half of it.  It is SO wonderful".  The temperature was very warm, but I felt frozen.  One of my sons led me to a table and I sat down.  We were all, for the first time that day, silent.  After some minutes, my second son James, flung himself over the table, and roared:  "It's no good.  I have to tell you.  I am mad, but I have to tell you.  While I was at the gatepost I suddenly felt calm, and ashamed of it.  Dad died today, and I felt calm.  Then I felt his arms round me, and he said:  "Everything is all right, James.  Everything is just the way it should be."
This is an amazing set of ADCs from the whole family.  This ADC will be especially comforting to significant others.

351. Jackie H's ADC 5/29/04 From Hong Kong Suddenly I felt an enormous physical strain and pressure, as if someone took me by my neck, and pushed me under water. With this huge pressure on my body, I found it even hard to breathe. And I was wondering, oh yoyo, is this the feeling one has when communicating to a deceased person? As I was struggling with this pressure and strain, Toby was yelling aloud by my ears, 'Yoyo, YOU HAVE TO TELL JACKIE TO BE BRAVE, AND TO STAND UP!' He yelled this to me over and over again.
Many ADCs described that are both dream and non-dream.

350. Diana H's ADC 5/29/04  During my dream i saw jerry sitting at a table.  He told me jami was going to have a boy and that they were going to name the baby after him.  he also told me that he was very happy were he was.  in the next dream he told me that the chest was it... he just kept saying that.  well come to find out he was shot in the chest once and then in the head once.  his mother at the time (i was not aware) was feeling really bad that maybe he suffered  but it was like he was telling me he didn't. 
Dream ADC that opened her up to allow for other ADCs with other people.

349. Jayne S's ADC 5/29/04 Just as we laid our heads down on the pillow and talking about Jayce my alarm clock started to go off.   On my cell phone it says to press snooze so I knew for sure it was my alarm going off.  I thought that was funny since I just looked at the phone at 2:33 when jayce cried.  I asked dan to check his cell phone to see if it was really 6:01 am.  Our phones both said 2:40 am.  My phone has never done this before in it's five years as my alarm clock, PLUS IT WAS STILL SET FOR  6:01 AM!!  I laid back down and thought to myself " On Jay's police report the accident  was documented occurring at 1440, which is 2:40 pm. 
Cell phone ADC.

Lori S's ADC 5/23/04  Then Friday, April 16, I was alone going up to the cities to take care of my grandson.  I was driving on the freeway (35N) by Clarks Grove, MN.  I couldn't take it anymore and I finally said "God dam it, God, please give me a sign that my son is okay.  Show me a Marine Truck.  My son was in the Marines for six years.  Never, ever show a Marine Truck before ever on my way up to the cities.  So of course I was watching for this truck and of course there was no truck, so I finally forgot about it because I figured it wouldn't happen anyways.  Then the miracle happen.

George & Wendy's ADC 5/23/04 At the funeral home is where it  happened, after all the people had left the viewing room, Wendy and I sat there alone.  We were looking at mom and all of a sudden, she rose up and turned her head looked at us and smiled. Right after my wife and I both looked at each other, and at the same time both said "did you see that?"   To describe in more detail, when she first rose up I had thought it was her in the mortal sense, her actual body. It wasn't until when she laid back down that we noticed her body seemed to join with the one already laying there, it was like looking in a lens of a camera and adjusting the viewer  "double vision " until the object becomes one. It was her spirit entering her body as she laid back down in the coffin.
What an awe-inspiring account!

Kari Rh's ADC 5/10/04  But there was also a woman wearing all white, dark hair, black rimmed glasses, a gold cross hanging around her neck standing on the side at the middle of the gurney. Her presence was of a calm nature, very docile and gentle just looking.  Well, the room then went to a white smoke appearance, I couldn't hear a thing and the e.r. appeared again, with the same woman standing beside the bed...she looked at me, she disappeared for a brief moment, she again re-appeared in the middle of the doorway as people were steadily coming in and out of the room.  The last thing she did was look at me and smile and I at that moment disappeared out of nowhere!
Amazing visit from her grandmother!  This may even be a variant near death experience.

Christy A's ADC 5/9/04  My mind was racing...I had a million questions, and didn't know how long this moment would last. So I asked the most important one...�Are you in heaven?� He smiled again, kind of laughed, and said �Yeah�. I then asked �What's it like?� He replied, �I really can't describe it to you...you wouldn't understand.� I wasn't happy with that answer - I wanted to know at least a little! I think he sensed that, and said �The best way I can explain Heaven, is that it is whatever you want it to be.�
Dream ADC

344. James M's ADC/NDE 5/9/04  I woke from a sound sleep to see my father standing at the foot of my bed.  After my initial reaction of shock and surprise, I sat up in bed and greeted him.  He responded with a smile and told me not to worry about getting married in September as he had no objections and encouraged me to go ahead with my plans. I placed my feet on the floor to get up and go to him but by  the time I reached a standing position, his image disappeared leaving no trace of his presence.
He describes an ADC with his father and also a near-death experience later in his life.

Her uncle came to say goodbye in an unusual way.

342. Cary S's ADC 5/9/04  I was staying with a friend in Australia and woke up very early the day after Mum died.  It was about 5:30 to 6:00 am and I made some coffee and sat outside on the back patio in the dark, smoking a cigarette.   All of a sudden, I could smell my mother.   It was such a strong smell of Mum that I was a bit startled.   Everyone has a personal "odor" -- not a bad odor, just a personal odor that identifies them.  This smell was my mother.  There was a hint of her favorite perfume/talc as well, but mostly it was just the familiar smell of my Mum.   This experience lasted several minutes.
Several olfactory (smell) ADCs with his mother

341. Udie D's ADC 5/9/04  Right before I awoke I dreamed a classmate of mine who had passed 30 years almost and maybe to the day came to me in a very real feeling dream.  She told me that I was her "soul mate" and the reason she died so young was that due to a birth defect I had that left me infertile and with low testosterone (now treated) that our relationship would have never been and that my physical problems were due to some pharmaceutical drugs my mother took while she was pregnant with me.  She also encouraged me to be the ultimate person I could be and that I was not living up to my potential.  She said we would be together in a perfect union in a later life and that it will be worth waiting for. 
A soulmate ADC

Laurie K's ADC 3/22/04  I was looking at the pictures on the camera with my brothers son (24) and my niece and nephew and we could not believe our eyes.  A bright light appeared with tiny lights behind it. The sequence of the lights had a pattern as I took the pictures and they come down form the sky to the water and then back up again.  Immediately upon seeing these picture my nephew exclaimed "that's my Dad"  We all felt the very same thing and as we sharred these pictures the following days everyone was in awe. 
You have to see this to believe it.  There are a series of pictures with an orb of light streaking across the sky just as they are throwing her brother's ashes into the ocean!

Patricia W's ADC 3/22/04 The third day my fiance Ric was driving and I was sitting listening to chanel 1 good time oldies and it changed. I said to Ric "look at this stupid thing it keeps changing to chanel 4" no other channel just 4. Over and over we would watch as it changed. The Hood Canal was open to allow a coast guard ship go through and we were sitting on the bridge deck pushing 1 and watching it change to 4 when Ric said "Bob knock it off" and I hit me like a ton of brick and I started to cry. Dad had been trying to get my attention and I kept turning him down. When the realization that it was him hit me I felt my face get very hot and fuzzy feeling and tingles of electricity coarsing through my whole body and I said "dad? If this means your ok then we will be alright to" I was sure a knowing like nothing I have ever know before so sure that it was him. He changed the channel one more time to 4 after I said what I said and it has not budged again no matter how hard I stare at it.
Radio sign from her father.

Lindsay N's ADC 3/22/04  Then, darkness again, all around, I tried to scream, because I knew my mom wasn't sleeping at this time (1 am) and she was in the other room, so as I try to scream my mouth wouldn't move, all I heard was faint moaning coming from my mouth, barley loud enough for myself to hear.  Then a light showed itself, I stopped trying to scream, it was very peaceful, secure, it was beautiful.  then a silhouette of a man, about it his 20's, with hair down to his shoulders, leans over me, I starred into his dark featureless face, and I knew it was my father, who had just recently passed away, it was the best feeling of nirvana to have him there with me, I knew he was smiling although I couldn't see it. 
A combination of an OBE and ADC.

338. Lynette's ADC 3/22/04  I woke up abruptly that morning because my husband was doing something to annoy me downstairs.There was my mother at the foot of the bed standing there looking at me and she said"that's just Edgar" and smiled. I was not upst or shocked at the momemt, but was waiting on her to say something else and she was gone! Then it hit me! Why didn't I speak to her? She was gone yet she was here with me in this room! Why didn't I spaek to her instead of just looking? I was so mad at myself.I think I was not used to her being gone I forgot she was gone and when i realized what had happened I was so happy and excited that I sat there hoping she would come back, she did not.
Her mother appeared at the foot of her bed.

337. Tomas L's ADC 3/22/04  Via telephone messages.  First time was on my cell phone after his surviving partner called me and left me a message.  He called my name about 4 times before she ended her call.  This last time was on my home machine.  Once again, it was after my grandfather's friend left a message and at the end of the recording my name is called in a low, distant voice. 
Electronic voice transmissions from the other side.

Tara S's ADC 3/22/04 Then the phrase "Don't forget to pay your ticket" kept echoing in my head. It suddenly hit me I had to pay off a ticket I had gotten It was almost past due. I would have been in big trouble if I had forgotten to send it in.  I told my husband about it and he said he is still taking care of me from the other side.  The weird thing about it the dream was so real. AND i CAN STILL REMEMBER IT TO THIS DAY .
Dream ADC

Valerie's ADC 3/20/04 Two terrible tragedies, we arranged(my friends and I ) my Mothers funeral, had a few friends to the service, I had a problem from a child, I could not stay in the house at night alone, but I stayed with my friend some 30 k away for a few weeks, whilst I was with my friend, I awoke one morning to see my Mother standing at the bottom of the bed, she was smiling, and dressed in a different dress to the one I had buried her in, shed stood quite healthy and normal,no signs of her stroke, she smiled and said, "I am very, very Happy Valerie Dear, you are NOT to worry, I am very, very Happy" she then faded slowly in a fine mist. When I went back home later that morning I looked in my Mothers wardrobe, and there crushed behind everything else was the dress she wore when she visited me, obviously I knew she had come in this different dress to let me know,  she was well. I have seen her since also, and know she and my deceased Father are with me always, I can now stay at home at night on my own, I feel their presence here all the time, and different scents are in the house, even though I do not have perfumes.  My dogs watch unseen movements, I also hear knockings, and tappings, a knock at the door, the dogs barked, but nobody was there, I have heard my name called. I have seen a lot of spirits, and also had a NDE.

Joy P's ADC 2/20/04  I knew Bob and Sue, and I knew their son, but this man was wearing coveralls like mechanics wear, with his name on the left shoulder, and I could see R _ _ DY. This did not match the name of the son I was familiar with. Then I remembered that Bob and Sue had a son name Randy who had been killed in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago. I had never met him. In this "dream" the room was dark and I couldn't see the man's face very well, but I did notice his hair, and it was very dark and thick and grew in an odd pattern, much like that of his nephew, whom I knew.
ADC with a friend's son she didn't know.

Anna H's ADC 2/20/04  The third experience i have is about a very vivid dream i had about my mum, i met her in a room with 2 chairs, it was quite dark, well gloomy in the room.  We had a conversation and we cuddled each other i was crying and asking her if she knew how much i missed her. She said she had been trying to get through to me but could only do it through this dream. She looked beautiful and well, with a lovely deep purple coat on. Her hair was long and chestnut colored. She had lost her hair when she was alive due to chemotherapy. The main impression it left me with is how vibrant and well she looked.
Several ADCs with her mother

332. Jo-Anne's ADC 2/20/04  On the night of Jan 22nd, we had a wonderful evening. We watched our wedding video together. Afterward we lay on the bed, and the vapor reached from above my head, all the way down to my feet.  It felt like he was caressing me, and holding me in his arms.  I asked him (silently) if he were leaving to continue his journey?  We had discussed that possibility, because I was afraid he was hanging around for my sake. He would have done that forever, even if it meant he "missed the bus," and I couldn't let that happen.  So I told him I'd be alright, as long as I knew that he'd always keep a connection open, so if we needed him, he'd be here. 
ADC with Husband

331. Charlotte P's ADC 2/20/04  I was continually asking for a "sign" that he was OK. I asked God, I asked Jesus, I asked Joe. Nothing. About two weeks after Joe passed away I was driving to work and thinking about him, it was December 27th, his birthday. Back in the 70's, when we first met, "Saturday Night Fever" was a huge movie hit. There was a song from the soundtrack, "How Deep is Your Love?" that was "our" song. I was compelled to say out loud..."If you're OK, play our song on the radio". I turned the radio on and...a car commercial. I kind of laughed at my foolishness and thought I'd finally snapped my cap when "How Deep is Your Love" came on the radio. No announcement, nothing. The commercial simply stopped and the song came on. I had to pull over I was so overwhelmed.
Asked for a sign and got it!

330.  Peter R's ADC 1/27/04 i would be in a relaxed frame of mind sitting in/on my bed reading or just doing nothing. when i would (FEEL) a presence i would look up and at the foot of my bed there would be a form. not solid, but not see through and i would know some one needed something or mum needed help. The thing i could never understand was that i always knew it was dad and that his visits always concerned the family's needs.
This is a short account of several ADCs.

Asiza I's ADC 1/27/04  In my dream I started to cry remembering my mother's words she used to say before she passed away two years ago. I was hearing her voice telling me how happy she was when she has passed away that she doesn't have to suffer anymore from the terrible illness she went through. I got out of my bed and tried to figure out where her voice was coming from. I realized that I wasn't walking I was floating with my legs slightly bent and my arms sticking out at thirty degree angle. It was an amazing experience, I felt free and peaceful and full of energy.
Dream ADC that crosses over to an OBE.  This is a clue towards how we communicate with loved ones on the other side.

Lory A's ADC 1/24/04 I was standing at the apartment door saying good by to him when we heard a rattling noise in the living room. I turned to see what the noise was and I saw a big heavy ashtray fly across the living room as if someone had thrown it. There was no one else in the apartment!  I couldn't believe what I saw and of course I was spooked. I looked at my boyfriend and all he said was, "Oh, it's Donna", then he left to go get his check. I knew that Donna had passed away so I was wondering how Donna could of thrown the ashtray.
She witnessed a message to her boyfriend.

Donna's ADC 1/18/04  Approximately one week after her death, I had just laid down with my youngest son, who was having a hard time falling to sleep since her death.  My son had fallen asleep, and I felt like I was just beginning to fall asleep, when I looked up at the doorway, and in the darkness I saw a brilliant bright light towards the top of the doorway, near the ceiling. I felt without any question the complete essence of my mom.  The light radiated and with it, I felt radiated. In what seemed like a moment, I felt complete joy, and love.  I wish I could explain it better.  I have never felt this feeling before in my life, and I was absolutely sure that my mother was completely happy, and at peace.  I think, thanks to her, I literally felt it.
ADC with her mother.

326.  Moory M's ADC 1/18/04  The experience was so unusual (normally a trance state is more "empty headed") that I thought to ask my client if it meant anything to him. He was astounded. His sister, who had killed herself by jumping off a cliff the previous year, had all of her belongings stored in her mother's attic after her death. Her mother had so far refused to let them go, even though her siblings very much wanted to hang her art and distribute her belongings. 
ADC message for a client she was working on.

Beverly P's ADC 1/11/04  While sitting in my bed watching TV on Christmas night, the television screen became blocked.  I followed the blockage upwards and standing in front of the TV was my deceased husband.  He looked healthy and young, probably about 32 years old....cancer free and smiling and happy like I hadn't seen in sooooooo long.  He smiled and told me, "Bev, I'm O.K., don't worry about me and I will see you soon."  I got out of the bed to try to touch him, but he was gone just that quickly.
Short, but powerful ADC.

Mary T's ADC 1/11/04 She said they wear something else where they are from.  (She never called it heaven) She said she came to tell me that soon I would be going through some very hard times and for me not to give up and that I would get through it and that they all loved me.  She then either said they were my angels or just they were angels and to look to them if I needed help.  
ADC that started out with a dream, then changed to NDE-like imagery where she met her relatives.  In the dream, she perceived that she died.

Chris A's ADC 1/11/04 One morning when I woke up I was coming out of my bedroom as I opened the door I saw my grandfather wearing his Fedora hat, brown suit, descending the stairs as if he has just come down the hall from my bedroom. There was no exchange of dialog and as quickly as I saw him he was gone. I was wide awake and alert there was no mistaking who and what I had seen, this struck me as strange since had been deceased at that point for 6 years.

322.  Ann-Marie B's ADC 1/11/04 At about 2.10 I noticed a glimpse of Gold light in the corner of my left eye, by the lounge door followed by a Christmas card falling off the mantelpiece (which had been in the same place for 2 weeks), then a grey shadow moved across the room out of the door.  I looked around to see if something was about to fall on my head and it was a warning to move but saw nothing and proceeded to pick up the card and place it back with the others.
A goodbye sign at the moment of death.

Sally J's ADC 1/3/04  The lady in front started talking to me although her lips never moved. She told me everything would be all right and I would be able to sleep and the dentist appointment that I was going to have to wait for a month to get, would come through within the next few days. I said out loud, "Huh? No, they are booked." She repeated what she had said earlier and said, "I will make the pain subside so you can sleep, although it will still be there, you will be able to sleep."  And with that, she reached out and pulled my hand away, touched my cheek and it felt very hot. She pulled her hand back and said, "You're going to get some sleep soon."  The pain was gone! I remember I sat there with my mouth open and then I said, in my mind, 'Who are you?' She said, "We are your angels and we are always with you, each one of us has a role to play for you and when you need us, we are here, although you won't always see us." 
This is an amazing being encounter and would be interesting to see if anyone can help verify if these "angels" really did exist on earth!  She got names, dates and places.

Sutida S's ADC  1/3/04  From Thailand  I dreamt that he called and asked where I was and how I was. I told him I was at the friend's house and I was not doing well. He asked "when are you coming home?" I said "I can't go home because you are dead". He told me "I'm not dead I just don't have the body." I woke up suddenly trying to remember whether he was really dead. Five minutes later I went back to sleep he called again and said to me on the sixth floor of our apartment which was the placed we ate and exercised together. At night I asked him for a sign whether he was still around and the light bulb exploded.
Several ADCs in this one.

Kiersten S's ADC  12/19/03 She wasn't all knowing but she was so excited to tell me of her experience.  I asked her if she was in heaven and she said it was not like in the movies but there were different planes.  She said she was so excited to meet all the family members and other people and she was very very excited about the whole thing although she didn't want to leave us.  She said she needed for us to keep loving her.  She said she didn't know what happened to her and she had so much to do she couldn't wait to get going with her new life.  She also said that my grandfather and family members greeted her there. 
Evidential dream ADC with an illuminating discussion about the afterlife and a message about where the diamond necklace was.

Justin P's ADC  12/19/03 I got about 3 steps up and heard a loud deep voice.  It said, "Justin, I have to tell you something."  I was looking around and then looked up at the attic door, which is the direction the voice was coming from.  I said, "ok" and the voice said, "do you know where your Grandma is?"  I said, "no but I miss her a lot."  The voice then told me that she was back with him and I didn't have to worry about her.  I started to cry because I missed my Grandma a lot, and he told me to stop crying.  He then said the words that I will never forget.  He said, "we both love you and we know that you will be just fine, you will be with us many years from now." 
Great grandfather told him that he was reunited with Great grandmother now.

317. Suzanne's ADC  12/19/03  i looked to the right of me and their stood my sister. she looked so sad. she said nothing to me she just pointed towards the water. i looked over and i saw two men next to the water looking down at something and writing in a note pad. something told me to walk over to were they stood. as i approached i noticed something on the ground. as i got closer i realized that it was my sister, she was all swollen and she had a one piece purple bathing suit on. she had bruises on her neck and temple.
Evidential ADC.  Sister came back in a dream to show that she was murdered.

316. Suny I's ADC  12/19/03  From Turkey During my sleep somebody shook my shoulder strongly. I opened my eyes and there was my dead father standing by my bed. He told me "Be quick. Find your brother." I was very scared because I was totally awake when I saw him and he was so real, alive standing by my bed. I was even smelling his scent.
Vivid awakening.

315. Laura K's ADC  12/19/03  Suddenly, I was overcome with the most awful sadness and despair that I had ever experienced. I was not sure at first what was happening since i did not know the deceased when he was alive. Then, I began to feel that he was there with me, inside my mind and he began talking to me like that, not audibly, but extremely clear just the same. He told me to remind Scott his step-son that they had had some wonderful years together and that things were not always as bad as right before his death.
Man deceased from suicide communicates with daughter of a friend to ease his step-son's anguish.

314. Anna's ADC  12/19/03  Later that evening as we watched TV a lamp on the coffee table beside us blinked off and on and off and on. I looked at my husband and he said "what do you think caused that?" We checked to make sure the lamp was plugged in correctly and that the bulb was tight. Nothing else in the room blinked so we felt certain that it had nothing to do with electrical failure. I said "I think it was someone trying to get our attention" after a bit of speculation as to who it could be we went to bed.
Grandfather's gave a light bulb signal at the time of his passing to let everyone know he was fine.

Dave W's ADC  11/23/03  One night I had a Technicolor dream.  My father stepped out from behind some bushes. The setting was like a back yard , country type of thing. He was wearing his wide brim hat, and had no shirt on.  He looked at me, said nothing, but his eyes said "I love you, and I'm proud of you.  He came walking toward me , moved to my left, and as he did, he gradually faded away.
Vivid dream of father inspires a poem.

During an automobile accident, she heard a deceased couple arguing in the back seat about whether it was her time to go or not.

311. Claudia's ADC  11/14/03  He seemed so calm and peaceful.  I said, "Doug what are you doing here?" Then I said, "You killed yourself." Doug responded, "I know."  Then he said, "Claudia I've always loved you." I was confused because he had a girlfriend.  I said, "Doug what about your girlfriend Sandra?"  He said, "That's a different kind of love."  Then he put his arms around me and hugged me.  I abruptly woke up.  I looked toward the foot of my bed and could see the figure of a very tall man.( Doug was over 6ft).
What started out as a quasi-dream had a surprise when she woke up and he was still there! 

Lynn S's ADC  11/14/03  I had left her at the hospital wearing an oxygen mask knowing I would never see her again. I couldn't sleep and got out of bed and began to play on the internet to pass the time. But nothing could take away that awful worry and anxiety I was experiencing. After a while, I felt a great sense of intense calm, comfort and peacefulness steal over me and what I can only describe as a telepathic voice telling me that there was nothing to worry about any more and that I should go to bed and get some sleep. I knew something significant had happened.
Although this experience is an ADC it happened so close to the time of death that it could also be considered as a DBV (Death Bed Vision)

Tommy M's ADC  11/14/03  I was a child, and initially was puzzled.  I saw my grandfather at the foot of my bed crying for forgiveness. I arose and we "floated together for some time around my room, and he confided to me the he had not only molested my sister, but my mother as well when she was a child.  He wanted me to pray for his soul. ADC while in the OBE state.

Justin's ADC  11/13/03  A couple months ago I had this weird dream, I could swear that it really happened. I was walking down a hallway which was nothing but windows and I looked out of the windows and the entire hallway was in the air, above the clouds. I proceeded to walk, even though I was in a hallway of windows and it was definitely bright, straight ahead was nothing but darkness. I heard my name being called from the most soothing voice, I've heard it before. I turned around and I saw my Great Grandmother. She smiled at me and I smiled back and I went towards her and we hugged. I haven't seen my grandmother in many years and I could picture her perfectly. I told her I missed her and I loved her. She smiled and said, "keep her". I was wondering what she was talking about, then she pointed behind me. I turned around and my girlfriend was walking towards me with a smile on her face. I started to cry and so did my girlfriend. I turned back around and I saw my Great Grandmother smile and disappear.  I feel that I have her blessing, so hopefully my girlfriend will stay with me long enough. I plan to propose to her next Christmas.

Rebecca B's ADC  11/4/03 The next time it happened, the doors remained open and did not swing shut.  I jumped out of my seat and spun around, planning to confront the person who was playing with the doors.  I became shocked at what I saw, and that is when I realized that this was no longer a dream.  Standing before me was my grandmother.  She was standing on the other side of the doors.   She looked beautiful.  Still grandmotherly, but perfectly healthy.  She was wearing a white gown, and she shined brightly. She was also wearing several strands of pearls, that hung around her chest area.  My grandmother was surrounded in a deep, rich, gorgeous light that seemed never-ending.  She was also surrounded in music, which is very difficult to describe.  It was not music that I had ever heard before.  It was the most fulfilling sound I had ever heard.  I felt it, as well as heard it.  Amazing dream ADC!

Anna's ADC  11/2/03  FROM SPAIN  It must have been early in the morning cause I woke up straight away and it was daylight already. I was sleeping in mum and dads room. It's been a hot summer so we left the window open all night. In my dream, it was daylight. I saw dad on his summer shorts and his comfy yellow T-shirt, the sort of clothes he always used to wear around the beach cottage. He was semi-transparent but in color. He was smiling, his arms open wide. I couldn't believe my eyes..and said.. (telepathically)..DAd? He said, Yes....I asked him...But, are you here for good then? He said: I know you can't see me very well, but I'll always be here, for good. I asked him whether I could touch him.... He smiled and nodded...I felt his face..his soft wrinkles... I hugged him and held him tight...his scent...his arms...his shoulders...his arms around my head...We embraced for what felt like a minute or so.
Dream ADC

Amy T's ADC  11/2/03  FROM SWEDEN A month later I wake up at 3 in the morning and someone is telling me something that is so awful.  I get up because I can't sleep any more.  All I know is that it can't be true.  It can't be.  I felt so bad that I want to go sick. (my dream was no dream I heard him say `JAG �R FAN D�D) "I AM DAMN DEAD." HE SAID IT WITH SURPRISE.  HE JUST HAD ACKNOWLEDGED IT HIMSELF.  HE DIED SOMETIMES BETWEEN 3-5 IN THE MORNING.

Lori B's ADC  10/28/03 I hurried the kids out of the van and started to dart into the store.  My son, then 10, stopped me with, "Mom!  Who put this flower on the front of the van?"  Lying near the bottom of the slope on the nose of my van was a fuchsia flower, no stem, with a petal missing.  I wasn't sure until later that it was a peony.  I've always believed in gifts from my grandpa, and have received other signs from him, but this was the most tangible. 
Peony from heaven is a most apt and descriptive name for this ADC.

305.  Tammy's ADC  10/28/03  when i was 5 years old my great grandmother passed away.  She passed in the middle of the night in a nursing home.  My mother had been phoned and instructed to come to the nursing home.  I was left at home sleeping in my room (my step dad was there).  I thought i was dreaming, i felt someone shaking my big toe.  when i opened my eyes, it was my Mamaw.  i closed my eyes and opened them again and she was still there, at the foot of my bed with her forefinger to her lips to hush me before i could speak.  She said "I just came to tell you that i love you and goodbye". 
Three NDEs

Kathleen M's ADC  10/10/03 The next morning, at 08:00 a.m., my sister came over to my house, to let me know that my brother had died at 11:00 o'clock, the night before...that was exactly the time I had the dream...  Was it a dream, or was it I who had had the privilege to be a witness of the afterlife...
Dream ADC when she didn't know that her brother had died.

Brian J's ADC  9/22/03 I asked her if she had any regrets, or was she sad about having to leave like this? She said that I will see in due time. That when the lord takes you from your earthly body, all the negative emotions, anger, sadness, hurt confusion etc. will stay in your body. All your going to bring with you is the positive emotions Love, peace, contentment, trust etc. What everyone strives their whole life to feel. So therefore, it's impossible for me feel like that. Where I'm at now, tears don't exist. There is no need for them.
This is one of the most heart-warming and life-affirming ADCs between significant others.  She said that even though her body was not dead, she wasn't in it.

Rob A's ADC  9/22/03 Finally after much struggle he made it through the kitchen to where I was and he hugged me. Now he was like my flesh-and-blood Dad and in that hug he said, telepathically I think, "I love you".  I could "feel" the love and I could also feel or sense that he was very tired from the struggle he had been through, - as if he had no energy left.  It was sort of a emotional/spiritual tiredness. But I also "knew" that he was okay now and at peace and that I didn't have to worry about him. 
This dream ADC is very transformative as he was a devout Christian and his father was not.

301.  Wendy B's ADC  9/22/03 I placed the new photograph in the place where my late husband's recently removed picture had stood - this was not done on purpose nor with any malice, within a short space of time, we all witnessed what my husband obviously thought of the replacement of his picture.  The picture flew off the top of the TV, but all the Christmas cards remained in place, the picture landed on the floor in front of us
Evidential ADC where deceased husband objected to having his picture replaced by one of the family pets.

300.  Sara M's 2nd ADC  9/22/03  Four hours later I opened my eyes and looking straight at me was a Smiley Face.  I had flowers on the nightstand and had placed stones in the bottom of the glass vase. One turned out to be a smooth black rock engraved by Nature with two eyes and a smile. I laughed and thought, �That�s Robert�s sense of humor.� I fished the rock out of its glass house and carried it with me.
An interesting series of "Smiley face" events over a period of a month.

299. Rebecca's ADC  9/22/03 My dad was dying in the cancer hospital and I had come home from work and was going to go swimming with my 1 year old daughter.  I was getting ready and messing around in the kitchen when I was in the cabinet the cup I had of his was right there.  I pulled it out.  I never saw him, but I could feel him near me.  I said "Look dad, I found your cup," and I felt mildly comforted.  When I later called the hospital and found his room empty, I was told his time of death and it was the same time I was at home getting ready to go. 
A feeling from her father at the time of death and a different olfactory ADC.

Sam M's ADC  9/15/03 When my sister died of cancer (finally, as she had suffered a lot) my husband could not find the cemetery on time and we came halfway in her funeral service.  At home again the very same night I prayed to Jesus that she would be completely safe with Him. Then something most unusual happened. On my favorite chair my sister appeared completely healthy and beautiful as she had been many many years ago.  Her hair was shining and her face glowing of happiness she wore a long dress and looked like an angel. She did not look like a ghost at all.  She was healthy and I was soooo happy to see her.  She asked me how my son was doing (he had suffered so much) and I asked her to pray for him which she promised. She told me she had been so surprised to see that my Jesus had been really real. He had accepted her and she was completely happy.

Carol A's ADC  8/29/03  I was sleeping and woke up suddenly just before sunset.  I felt a presence next to me.  I saw my sister in law, Joyce, at the foot of my bed.  The clarity of my vision was not the best, she looked semi-transparent.  I had a hard time seeing her face.  But, she spoke to me--not out loud, but I could hear internally what she said.  She said for me to get Mike (my husband, and her brother) "to a doctor as soon as possible because he would be in a lot of pain because of appendicitis."  She was VERY insistent. (Mike was her favorite brother and they were very close when she was alive.) She repeated what she said and then she disappeared.  At the time of my vision, my husband was not ill in any way.
This is one of the most remarkable ADCs because Carol is deaf and clearly heard the communication from her sister-in-law!

Rebecca D's ADC  8/29/03  My grandmother had just died and I was devastated.  I wanted to be with her.  I walked down a tunnel with a bright light shining at the end of the tunnel.  My grandmother was there, she told me it was not my time, I must go back, I could not stay.  I woke up, there appeared to be an apparition in the corner of the room looking over me.  I felt comforted.
This is a mixture of an OBE, perhaps a dream, NDE elements, and contact with her recently deceased grandmother may have characteristics of a DBV.

295.  Lisa L's ADC  8/29/03  On Monday, January 13, I arrived home from work, a typical Monday.  I heard the "beeping tone" of my answering machine and I proceeded to play my message.  The message was an "accordion" playing a little tune, lasted for about 45 seconds and that was the end of the message.  Absolutely no words were used.  My dad played the accordion.  Although the "tune" was not a familiar one to me, the end of the "tune" ended with notes that he use to always end his songs with, regardless what song he was playing.
Fascinating - This is a form of EVP (Electronic voice projection).

ADC with a light bulb is a common way of communication.

293.  Matt S's ADC  8/29/03  i had made an ADC pact with my fianc�e, when it became apparent that she would not live much longer.  Then, her time came. We had agreed that she would call me over the telephone, if she could, at a certain time  of day....one day, that call came, exactly on time......i heard, and spoke to the voice of the person who's ashes i had spread on the wind....i asked many questions, only some of which could be answered, and made arrangements to receive calls in the future, and i have, quite often, and since that time she has also used computers to communicate, as well as showing herself and speaking to me without the aid of electronics.
Death compact brings many continued contacts with beloved.

Elsie B's ADC  8/18/03 I said to my Mother, � What are you doing here ? You�re dead ! �. I clearly heard her say as she took Father�s arm, � You are not to grieve . � She repeated it three times and I awoke still hearing her saying it.
Dream ADC

Toni O's ADC  8/10/03  Instead of the usual heart rhythm on the monitor she showed me stars and planets whirling around that were unrecognizable to me.  I saw beings (I just knew they were souls) that just were an almost opaque light, gauzy, floating through space. All colors, all pastel.  I understood that she was making the point that we leave here for a continued existence in a beautiful space without the troubles of this planet and our bodies, that letting her go was more than just right, it was a gift.  I don't know how long this went on, but as soon as she left, the monitor went blank and I sat straight up in bed fully awake and aware and awed by the experience.
ADC involving a Nurse and a dying patient. 

290. Debbie L's ADC  8/10/03 Not too long after that, I dreamed that I saw her in a beautiful tropical garden. She didn't say a word, but smiled radiantly at me. Then she slowly and deliberately lifted those hands up and turned them front and back as if to say "See? I don't shake anymore!"  I have never forgotten this experience and have been telling it, as well as others for years.
ADC involving a Nurse and a dying patient. 

289. Kari R's ADC  8/10/03  As I moved closer to it, I yelled to my boyfriend and asked him if he had turned the computer back on. He said no. Just as I got close and came around to see the monitor it flickered again. Three times.  Then went off. We stood there and waited for another time but it didn't happen again. As we were headed back toward the bedroom, he looked in a room that we use for storage. Some Rubbermaid storage containers had fallen over. These containers have edges (lips) that make them stackable-they shouldn't fall over.  The same thing happened two days later.  This time my photos that I had gathered of my dad were knocked over and scattered under the containers. I also heard his voice, very clearly, call my name.
Computer monitor flickering and storage containers falling.

288. Jenifer's ADC  8/10/03 I told mom that grandma didn't want us there for some reason when she passed.  That if we got dinner, she would die while we were gone.  I looked up (mom was still talking) and saw clear as day the bust of my grandmother (from mid chest to the top of her head) as a whitish transparent "thing" plainly, and peacefully exiting the room.  I didn't even think twice about it.  5-10 seconds later, the young nurse went running out of the room with her hand over her mouth.  (she had never seen anyone die)  My mom and I ran in and found grandma gone.  This is when I started to realize what I had just experienced in the hall.  Grandma was showing herself to me, but not coming towards me.
Grandmother showed herself to granddaughter as she was leaving her body.

287. Al G's ADC  8/10/03  I found myself in my driveway, doing minor auto work. I heard my daughter's voice, clear as can be, talking from my bedroom to my wife in another part of the house.  I walked slowly up to the window and saw her there talking. She looked up at me and, as natural as can be, she said "Oh,  Happy Birthday!!"  Being somewhat startled, knowing she was dead, my overwhelming feeling was to touch her. I lifted the window screen and, as I reached inside, she smiled at me and simply disappeared.
Daughter comes back to with father a "Happy Birthday."

286. Julie P's ADC  8/10/03  Over the past few months I have been finding random dimes in unusual places.  The coin I find is always a dime and it is always only one.  There is never any other coins around it and it is usually in a very odd place.  The first one I found I immediately thought it was my grandmother trying to contact me.  I have no idea why I thought this but I thought it was her.
Dimes ADC

285. Jacquelyn K's ADC  8/10/03  A week later when we arrived home,  I used my cell phone to call home and see if we had any messages.  When I heard his voice, I exclaimed to my mom "I thought you changed the message!" and she said that she had, and reminded me that I was sitting there when she did it!  Sure enough,  when we got home, his message was back on the answering machine like we had never touched it!
Message on phone answering machine remained the same, even though it was recorded over twice.

284. Linda R's ADC  8/10/03 I was shown a log cabin like building, then the interior and surrounding grounds very briefly. In the first dream I was allowed to view my Mother but not come near her or make her aware of my presence. The "Guide" person told me that she had been given work to do that she liked and could concentrate on so that she could adjust to her crossing over. I was also told that I was not allowed to come in contact with her yet, as it would confuse and upset her.
Dream ADC.

283. Joan R's ADC  8/10/03  i was lying in bed half watching tv when i felt the bed go down beside me.  The bed only went down when you sat on it, so you can imagine how scared i was. i was stiff with fright as i couldn't see anyone.  but i could feel them beside me, so i asked if it was my ma and i could here her saying "yes." (but in my head if you know what i mean)
Describes many incidents with her mother and how her 4 year old daughter sees and argues with spirits.

Ellen W's ADC  7/17/03 & 1/19/14 All this time, there was no watch on my hand.  I kept feeling sad that it was missing.  Finally, I just thought, �Mommy, help me find the watch�.  Then I came upstairs and when I was going to call Jen to ask her to look for the watch since I had been at her house during the day also� I saw the WATCH was back on my wrist!!!
Disappearing and re-appearing objects. 
I had dreamed of my dad that night, and in the dream, i was assisting him and there was a nurse or assistant with us.  The assistant said, in this dream "She is really a Daddy's girl."  My dad chuckled his deep chuckle and said "Yes."  Then I got up, and I fed the cats and did my other morning chores, and when I walked across the room, there was a pigeon feather on the floor...no window was open...no doorway - and I live on the 5th floor of a high rise building.  The significance of this feather is that "Pigeon" is the name my dad called me when I was a little girl!
ADC from deceased father.

PG's ADC  6/23/03 This is Dad," He was doing good, he was happy, feelings of over powering love and joy and happiness.  I just had the biggest smile on my face, BIG SMILE, and I knew that this was a gift to me from my father, and there can be no other gift  like this, it was so precious and I will never forget it. I felt, { after I had time to figure out what just happened} that he was in a perfect place, and I KNEW that there was life after death, just in a different form, nothing on this earth can even begin to compare to it.  Olfactory ADC

Ellen W's ADC/DBV  6/23/03 My mom passed away on May 31, 2003 at 7 pm.  She had a painful ending from ovarian cancer.  She was extremely frightened, and she tried to 'hold on'.  During the weeks before, I had been crying to my Dad who had passed on November 15, 1989 at about 9 pm - begging him to 'call her, Daddy!', and then to 'show yourself to her, so she will go, Daddy!'.  At about 4 pm in the afternoon of mom's last day on earth, my sister and I stood on either side of her bed, singing 'You Are My Sunshine', both verses, over and over.  During that time, the pictures on the top of the armoire flew off except for one of my dad and mom and one of me as a child.  All the others just flew off there and fell to the floor.  There was no explanation, no window open or anything.  I looked at my sister and mouthed, 'Take her, Daddy!'.  She was calmer and she passed away three hours later.

280. Debbie Q's ADC 6/18/03 i fell asleep that night. she immediately started conversations up with me, all night explaining things no one ever knew its still going on. she had one grandchild she always neglected. she explained she was seeing her own little fat self and her own inadequacy and low self esteem at that age. no one ever knew. my husband went thru a box of pictures after i told him and he said this is the picture of herself she was describing, it was exactly as she told me.
Mother-in-law bonds with daughter-in-law as if she was her own child and established the bond after her death.

279.  Andrew's Mother's DBV  6/22/03
Chinese Account.  There is well recognized phenomenon among the Chinese which is like a DBV.  It is called HuiGuangFanZhao (The Light returns). This is a commonly reported situation where a dying patient would be comatose or confused but suddenly becomes alert and lucid, often acknowledging the loved ones around him/her before dying.  During this phase, they may or may not have a vision of their departure.  My mother was dying of Ca breast with liver mets and was going in and out of a coma but was very lucid and alert and could recognize the people around her seconds before she drew her last breath.

278. Jo's Daughter's ADC 6/21/03 I just lost my father on 20th of may 2003 at the age of 59, 4 weeks after he was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread all over his body.  7 days after his death, my 2 year old daughter kept waking up 4 nights on a row, who never woke up in the middle of the night unless she was sick. The first night she woke up crying and calling her grandfather, so we brought her to our bed and she kept looking down the hallway and saying dede (grandfather) and Jesus and pointing at them.  She kept doing and saying so for about half an hour.  At the exact time the second night she woke up crying, we brought her down to the living room and her eyes kept following something on the curtain of the backyard door, and kept saying dede dede, daddy's hat.  The third night she woke up again.  I went up to her room and from the second I walked in there she kept saying dede sleep my bed. I asked if dede is still in her bed, she responded dede sleep, i told her to give him a kiss, so she turned around gave the air a kiss and turned back to me smiling.  The fourth night, she got up again.  This time said "dede play yeric" (my 10 month old nephew).  I called my brother to see what the baby was doing.  My nephew was playing with my dad's pictures from the collage that we had made for the funeral.  I decided maybe it's time for her to relax, so the next night when I brought her to her bed I said a couple of prayers and told him to go back to his peaceful light.  It has been three nights she hasn't woke up.
Two-year old's experience with grandfather.

277. Sharon D's ADC 6/18/03  I was started to get perplexed and my grandfather said, "the sun is shining on you." I can't remember what was thought between us but 'stuff happened' mentally and my grandmother seemed a little worried about something. Then, I sort of drifted away from them in my thoughts - my grandfather still acting silly - and thought, well, if I'm connecting, let me just ask if I'm going to ever have a child. At that point, a sort of haze was in front of me (not really but in my mind's eye) and it was kind of gray and I understood the baby to say, "you have to get healthy, so starting from this very moment, start to get healthy."
Here's an ADC from grandparents and a communication from her future child!

NDE-Like & ADC Kami M's Experience 06/14/03 I glanced out the hospital window that was across the room, and thought about the changes in my life in the last year, and as I looked away from the window, a large circle of light appeared near the ceiling, but reached into eternity.  I felt speechless and in awe and wonder as the next events unfolded right before me, yet I was the event.  My spirit got up out of my body, starting from my head.  I floated above my body and looked down on my lifeless self and wondered if anyone would care if they found my lifeless body in the bed. I was drawn by the warmth and light upward into this tunnel.  The light was goodness. 
This is an amazing NDE-like experience where she saw deceased relatives and also had a separate ADC with her grandfather.  However, it is intriguing that the two different types of experiences occurred so close together.

275.  DBV Sharon G's Experience 06/14/03  I looked back at mum and there was a light forming around her, the color is hard to describe but it was like a golden pale lemon color.  The light seemed to be completely around her.  Then the light started to move up towards her head and then it was completely above her.  When I looked at the light above mum I couldn't believe what I was seeing as mum was in the light, floating above her body!!   Then she moved slowly towards the corner of the room she was reaching for before, and once again stretched out her hand to greet someone, then she was gone.
Wow!  What an interesting death bed vision (DBV)!

274.  Georges B's ADC 6/14/03 From France. The second time was 10 days later when we were staying at my elder daughter's home in England. This time I saw my son come into the room with a beautiful smile on his face and he said "Dad ba-hebak" Dad I love you, one of the few expressions he knew in Arabic, my maternal tongue.  He had asked me to teach him the phrase a few weeks before his death, I answered him back and then the image disappeared and I was in a dark room again.
This is an extremely touching and intensely heartwarming account of a father who lost his son to cancer.  For grieving parents, this is a wonderful account to read.

273.  Shannon B's ADC 6/14/03 I was having trouble falling asleep when I noticed a figure standing in the doorway to the bedroom.  I sat up in bed and quite plainly saw a short man with darkish skin and white hair and beard standing there, smiling at me in a bemused sort of way.  He wore brown pants and a red and brown shirt.  I was not frightened.  He said, "Honey, you can't keep closing his door, it gets too hot in that room."  I said, "Ok..."  He disappeared. 
This is an amazing ADC where grandfather was looking after his grandson - and when grandson was old enough to talk, he spoke about his grandfather and the Bible.

272.  Vaishali's ADC 6/14/03 From India.  As I was sleeping: I heard my mobile phone ringing. It was loud and clear. I caught hold of my mobile and saw the screen. It flashed - f!v -(excluding the hyphen) and I was surprised. I clicked the button to receive the call and I heard Anand's voice. He said "Chi.......ka(my nickname)  Hi (in a happy voice), I am fine, don't worry about me, you just take care".
Telephone ADC.

271. David G's ADC 6/14/03 She was smiling very brightly and I felt she was happier than I had ever seen her in my life. She also had a kind of mischievous gleam in her eye that seemed to tell me she was free of any kind of worry and that maybe she was up to something. Then she moved her face within an inch of mine so that all I could see was her bright blue eyes.   The first experience is a DBV where his mom appeared to him a week before her death from Parkinson's disease.  The second experience is profound because his sister was on life support and came to him in a dream to let him know she had already left her body.  The third experience is an unborn son that was lost 7 months in utero.

270.  Kelly J's ADC 6/14/03  He was wearing a grey sweatshirt.  He had a glimmer to him and looked very healthy. When i realized it was my dad, I said to him "Hi, Dad" and i reached up and gave him a hug.  I didn't feel him give me a hug back.  He just grinned and took a bite of a kit kat bar, then disappeared.   i woke up very happy and  I had a peaceful feeling over my whole body. i was a little confused about the kit kat bar since he really never ate kit kat chocolate bars when he was alive.
A dream ADC with a surprising answer to her prayers.

269.  Marian R's ADC 6/14/03  She was kind of solid but not real solid.  I could see through her but she was completely transparent either.  When I sat up and looked at her, she said, "I just wanted to tell you myself that I died."  I didn't say anything, I just kind of looked at her.  She disappeared just as suddenly as she came. 
Friend came to tell her in-person that she just died.

268.  Neoma M's ADC 6/14/03  He died so suddenly of heart failure that I have been left very lost and confused.  I had gone to our family's former business and Bob's favorite tavern.  I was listening to some music when suddenly from my left side I felt the coldest of chills pass through my body.  The current owner of the Tavern recently had been told by a medium of sorts that 2 spirits live there.  He concurs, as lamps have been known to shake fiercely on the tables with no one around, since his death on 3/03/03. Many assume the other spirit is our Father Jules. 
Three ADCs from three different deceased relatives.

267.  Azizah M's ADC 6/14/03 From Kuwait.  She was wearing her same clothes that I am used to see her in (the covering dress of Arab Muslim lady )  We walked along for some time.  I was doing all the talking and the questioning. I waited for response but ..nothing, no word, no expression whatsoever.  All of a sudden, the road took a turn and I realized that we are now entering the big hall of a movie theatre.  We were in the lobby where you buy popcorn and other food.  She stopped and pointed to the fridge where they kept the ice cream.  But it was locked and everything was closed.  I woke up feeling bad not knowing what she wanted. 
Variant dream ADC where deceased mother left her with confused feelings. 
This is really rare, but it does happen.  There are two things to consider, 1) this might not have been the deceased relative but rather another entity posing as the relative, or 2) the relative does need help.  This may take some soul searching on the part of the experiencer, but if they really feel that this is their relative, then pray for them.  They may be stuck in a limbo between heaven and earth and prayer will give them the necessary energy to move on. - Jody

266. Petra C's ADC 6/14/03 1 April 2003 was the first time he appeared in my dream. He seemed very confused and disoriented. In my dream his lips were sealed (this was because of what the funeral home had done for the wake) and then he pried his lips open and was able to speak. I remember saying to him that he has scared everyone as we thought he had died. Since then he has appeared in my dreams almost daily.
Olfactory and Dream ADCs

265.  Steve D's ADC 6/14/03  I was sitting in a quiet living room reading a book when this young man walked into the room.  He was transparent, but I saw him in color from head to toe.  He vanished after 4-5 steps into the room.  I said `hello` to him and there was no response from him. I have not seen him since.  I believe he is a young man who died from an accidental gunshot wound while rabbit hunting with friends.  This accident happened at least 30 years ago.  Maybe 40-50 years ago.
Saw deceased friend. 

264.  Michele's ADC 5/31/03 I had a experience about 12 years ago, that I have not been able to forget. My mother had been deceased for 22 years and I saw her by the bottom of my bed, dressed in an outfit I liked. She told me to "stop worrying about her, she is all right".....but she said it in a very angry tone. I didn't realize the spirit world gets angry when they pass over. Please tell me why she was so angry. When she was living, she led a very alcoholic life, and didn't take care of us, she neglected us, but I have lit candles for her soul...and tried to forgive her even though I cannot understand her disease.

Greetings!  Thanks for sharing your account! It is extremely unusual for an ADC to involve anger in the tone of communication from the deceased. She wore an outfit you liked, so that is a sign she seeks for you to be comfortable with her appearance. This could also help you accept the reality of the experience. A point to reflect on would be the tone of her comments. Were they "very angry", or were they more "emphatic", but interpreted by you as angry? There could be a lesson here in your interpretation of prior communication patterns with your mother that may be an important lesson for today. I raise this issue as I see you "lit a candle for her soul" and "tried to forgive her", immediately followed by the qualifier "even though" suggesting to me forgiveness may not be complete. I note these efforts did not involve actions to directly communicate with her. Accepting that she was indeed (and seemingly inappropriately) very angry, this would make it your mother's "issue" to have communicated with you in such a way. This is especially true given the loving actions you engaged in (candle, forgiveness) as noted. Her statement to you to "stop worrying" is real, and worth your while to reflect on. Your mother is in a much better place than you and I, and to say she is "all right" is a huge understatement. She is actually 'extremely all right'. It could be that in the afterlife, she is still working on issues of anger. If so, she has a lot of help on the other side! Sharing your Love and full forgiveness directly with your mother might help a great deal.  Kindest regards, 
-Dr. Jeff Long

263.  Ruby V's ADCs 5/14/03 Shortly after my mother died, she appeared to me.  I was having guilt feelings, as many do after a death, and I said, "I'm so sorry!"  There was a pause & then she left, but it seemed to me that she was telling me, "It's all right.  It doesn't matter any more."  That truth has stayed with me throughout my life: hurts are gone when we die.   My brother woke one night and saw her standing in the bedroom doorway.  She looked very young and happy and was wearing a long blue dress.  She didn't say anything.  However, he had often thought that he would like to have a little girl; 9 months later his daughter was born.  We have often commented on how much Barbara is like our mother.
Mother appeared to daughter and son.

Tim V's ADC 5/14/03  I was with my mother when she died.  Mom was sick for 3/4 years after Dad passed away.  The last 6 months she was getting in home care and I had taken a family leave to be with her and care for her.  She was in a get deal of discomfort the last 6 months due to heart respiratory problems and the ensuing anxiety that that brings on.   Mom was resting on her bed and I was sitting with her - she looked up to me and said I think I want to go to sleep. I replied -Okay I will be right here with you. Mom closed her eyes and died.  I was not prepared for her (sudden to me) passing and was very upset with the situation. I was not able to grieve at that time in a way that provided closer for me.  About two months later  mom came to me in a dream-  She was walking bent over and hobbling very frail looking as she had been prior to death. Mom walked past me on a path through a park setting and up onto a stage-bandstand,  she turned and looked at me ,stood straight up, let drop the dark robe she had on and became or transformed into the young woman she had been or as I had recalled her in my early youth. Mom then said to me, look I don't hurt anymore and I feel great.  Her clothes had gone from dark gray/black to a shinning robe like shimmering metal with encrusted jewels.  At this point I woke up and had feeling of a great weight being lifted from my shoulders.  Dream ADC with mother.

261.  Heather H's ADC 5/14/03 I asked him why he was "here." He said he had some unfinished business to take care of. I kept trying to get my mom to come look (she was in the kitchen) and she didn't  believe me..finally she came and they both told each other they loved one another. Mostly they were shocked to see one another and my dad seemed very uncomfortable/awkward. When I awoke, the dream was sooooooo real that I went downstairs to look at the spot he was "working" in. To see if I could locate his "unfinished business," but I never found anything there.
Several dream ADCs with her father and one from her grandmother.

Shirley T's ADC 5/13/03 The last time I saw my father, he asked me what I thought happens when someone dies. I was glad he asked because it is a topic I am particularly interested in, and because he had recently lost my mother and was grieving, and hearing her call him.  I said I believed there was no death, but just a graduation to another dimension.  I don't recall him commenting.  A few months later he passed away. I then had a dream that seemed unlike any other dream I had experienced. So real. The first thing he said was, "you were right." Our communication was telepathic. I  asked him if he had anything he wanted to say to me. He said "take care of your boys" I was drinking heavily following a divorce and I knew he meant for me to stop. Two months later I joined A.A. because of that dream. I have been sober for 22 years. 
An ADC that is also a spiritually transformative event!

John M's ADC 5/12/03  A couple of months or so after my mother passed away from cancer in the Summer of 1997, in the middle of the night I was awakened by my mothers voice. I remember hearing just one word uttered; my name "JOHN" .
This was a warning from his mother that his father was in trouble.

Derek S's ADC 5/12/03  About 8 years after I had started seeing my g/mother I awoke one night about 3am to see her standing by the bed, she was with another lady and was truly excited, for the first time I heard her speak, she told me she was moving on and she really was looking forward to going to this next level. the lady she was with was an angel ( no wings ) I couldn't see her face but I could see all the rest of her. They both glowed and where excited to be going. the angel was taking her. my g/mother told me that I wouldn't be seeing her for some time and wished me goodbye.
Several ADCs in this account.  Grandmother appears when anything happens to the family.

Michael A's ADC 5/12/03  She said she was alright at which I responded, "no your not, Hon."   Just then I saw a clear ball full of swirling colors, the size of a basketball leave her right side. It was attached by a stem to her right side. When the stem separated from her body she fell over and I said aloud there goes the essence of Eileen.
He watched her leave and knew that it was pre-planned.  Eileen subsequently came back to reassure him that everything was o.k. via his father.

Donna CL's ADC 5/12/03 I went into my bedroom, got my bible that my mother had given me and got into bed. I had just turned the light off when I laid my head on the pillow and saw her face as clear as day. I felt both of her hands holding my face at the cheeks and she told me "I Love You". That was all she said and she was gone.
Mother came to comfort daughter an hour after her death.

255.  Marlene S's ADC 5/12/03 while sitting at the cemetery where my brother was laid to rest, my sister and i were talking about my brother. we both saw this huge monarch butterfly coming toward us and immediately felt my brother's spirit. it landed on my mom's grave, then on my brother's grave. there seemed to be electricity in the air, at the time.
Butterfly ADCs.

Sean M's ADC 5/12/03  I was sitting in a chair in a completely white room.  In the room was the chair I was sitting on and a totally white desk that almost blended in with the walls.  I vividly remember thinking that if it weren't for the shadows cast, that the desk would've been all but invisible against the walls.  In any case, sitting on the corner of this desk was my brother.  He was smiling pleasantly at me and had his hands folded in his lap.  He stared at me for several seconds and then asked 'I bet you want to know why I did it?'.  I answered 'Yes', and he opened his mouth to start speaking. 
Beginnings of an ADC occurring in an altered state.

253.   Bell M's ADC 5/12/03  That night I was cleaning up downstairs and my little girl( 4 yo) came to me brought this stuff animal, that he gave me a long time ago and said: mommy this is for you, so I told her she can have it, and she kept insisting of giving it to me and said: It's for you mommy, your boyfriend gave it to you. ( my little girl does not know that it was actually is from him  and before that day she never said the word boyfriend.) it stunned me . and when I asked her who told her that, she said your boyfriend did.  Later when I showed her his picture and asked is that him she said, "yes." 
Indirect ADC through her daughter with a message from her boyfriend.

252.    Carol B's ADC 5/12/03 From New Zealand.  I woke up at three am in the morning and i could not go back to sleep i got up and had a glass of water.  Then lying back down in my bed i heard Trudy's voice saying, "don't be frightened mum,"  She said this over and over again.  Then i saw a little narrow cloud go up through the corner of my bedroom ceiling.
Several ADCs in this account.

Catherine's ADC 4/26/03  My friend Edith came to stay with me for a few weeks from my home town. We invited the woman that lived next door to the big event. After coffee and cake, I was going to go up the ladder and hang the bottom crystal ball on the chandler. We all walked out of the kitchen into the entry hall, I was leading the way. As I approached the entry hall and opened the double doors and the LIGHTS CAME ON, ON THE CHANDELIER!!! No one was near the light switch, it was in front of us all on the other side of the room.

Michelle R's ADC 4/26/03  In 1996 on Jan. 10th my father died of heart failure. On Jan.11th, the night before I and my family were to go to see his body, at the morticians, I had an encounter. I was sleeping with my then 8 year old daughter in my old room. In the middle of the night we were both asleep on our backs. She was on my right. My right arm was laid across her and my hand was suspended in mid air because of the position of the arm. My deceased father clasped my right hand and squeezed it. I woke up and realized what was happening. I was not afraid but I wanted to grab hold of him. I quickly turned over and tried to get hold of him with my left hand but he immediately disappeared.

249.    Sonia L DBV 4/26/03 I was 7 months pregnant and my pregnancy had been very well and I did not suspected anything wrong. One night I dreamed my baby, in the dream I could see she was a girl, and she said good bye to me and waved her hand in sign of good bye.  She showed me in the dream that she had something wrong on her head, on the back of her head, and said good bye again, when I woke up, my husband and I ran to make an echography with a doctor and then he told me that she had anencephaly, the brain wasn't formed, they stopped the pregnancy and she had something black on the back of her head as I saw her in my dreams.
Two DBVs - One with unborn child and another with grandma where they told her they would die prior to their deaths.

Marian R's ADC 4/26/03  My friend Marla (deceased) and I were in our spiritual bodies soaring over a large body of water to a boat of some sort.  We were laughing and joking just like we did in life.  Then I heard a man's voice that I didn't recognize calling my name.  The voice was very appealing to me even though I knew that I didn't know who was calling me.  The voice grew louder until I couldn't ignore it anymore and I decided to go back to my body.  Marla told me that if I went back I would be dead.  In that second I knew that she was lonely and wanted me to keep her company.  I came back to my body.
Three separate ADCs with different people.

247.    Alexandra H's ADC 4/26/03 In the dream I was suddenly in a room that I had never seen before. There was a bed, some tables, a few chairs and one door. I didn't come into the room through the door, I just suddenly appeared there. He then came into the room through the door and sat on the bed facing me with a gloomy expression on his face, then his mood seemed to get better and he got up and  stood across from me. He communicated with me through a lot of vivid pictures filled with many emotions and messages. It conveyed exactly what he meant better than words. Whenever I communicated with him I spoke.
Very vivid evidential dream ADC about her boyfriend who had just committed suicide.

Joy C's ADC 4/26/03 I was asleep and Jason came into the room.....and I got up and walked to him.........and hugged him, and I can still feel my arms around his slender waist......and he said I love you mom......and I said , I love you too! He knew I needed to have this experience, because of the stress from the day before.......I  woke up feeling like Jason had been here.......I know he was.....and I felt SO happy.......and said.....thank you Jason for the visit!
ADC visit from son.

245.    Jan P's ADC 4/26/03  As I was sitting there in my car with the radio on the station played my father's favorite song, "Time to say goodbye", by Andrea Bocelli and I watched as a beautiful monarch butterfly flew in front of my car, and landed on a heart-shaped flower arrangement with the word DAD in the middle, and then back over to my car, landing on the windshield. For the next several weeks I would see butterflies on a daily basis, one of them landing on my shoe while sitting outside on my break at work. I would like to think that it was my Dad, letting me know that he is as free as the butterflies, and never too far from me.
Father's message in the form of butterfly ADCs.

244.    Tina M's ADC 4/26/03 the second time i met him he was about 38 (my age at the time). he looked fit and healthy. he told me everything was good with him that he really liked the place he was in. he told me to look at him, at how good he looked instead of being sick and unhappy he was now well and happy.
Dream ADCs from father.

243.    Cheryl H's ADC 4/26/03  I heard her voice as clear as a bell say, "Thank you for taking care of my boys".  She was referring to her husband, sons, and 2 very close male friends that were there with her in the end.  The tears burst from me and I whispered, "you're welcome -- I promised."  We had talked about her dying and she asked me to be there when she passed because the "boys" would need me.  I laughed and said, you know me, I'll probably be in the kitchen cooking when you go. 
ADC from friend.

242.    Lesa P's ADC 4/26/03  I was going to bed.  I got into bed and was still awake and thinking about him when I felt a sudden whoosh of very warm (air?) that came up from below between the bed and the wall which was about a hand width away from the bed.  This warm whoosh came up over the bed and in front of me.  I was taken by surprise.  It was winter and the windows were all closed.  I thought whoa--like I knew it was him saying Hey, what do you know, there is life after death and I thought I'd let you know and say goodbye."
ADC from father.

241.    Kara A's ADC 4/26/03  I woke up and glanced at the clock it was around 4:34 and I was wide awake and couldn't figure out why,  I looked down and saw my cat staring at me  and I made this sound that only my grandfather could make and I to this day cannot make it again, but it was a sound he did to all our animals. then I got the call saying he had passed away about 20 minutes ago. Then I knew he was trying to tell me goodbye.
ADC from grandfather.

240.    Linda P's ADC 4/25/03  It was late around 11:00PM, I got ready for bed, turned off the light and was very distressed and crying at this time.  But instantly, I felt someone in the bedroom, this had been his bedroom.  I never saw anything, but I heard his voice clearly say; "  Please do not grieve,  I am fine , you must live your life fully,  I will always be watching over you, You so much to offer yet in your life, it will be a long time before I see you, but when it is your time, I will be there for you."  At that moment I felt my sadness wash away, and the most intense love washed over me as though someone poured warm oil over my head.    From that day on I have a more intense compassion for my life and others. 
Father reassures daughter he will be watching over her.

240.    Prog's ADC 4/23/03 I thought I had finally drifted off to sleep but was awakened by the presence of something or someone else in the bedroom.  I first looked at the clock and saw it was about 2:05 a.m., then turned around and suddenly saw a bluish-white form in the opposite corner of the room.  It was about 4 or 5 feet high and seemed to be hovering a slight distance above the floor.  A feeling of peace came over me and inside my head I distinctly heard the words "I'm all right, everything's OK.  Please take care of her."  The light faded out and for the first time since the accident, I slept soundly.
ADC from Brother where both he and his wife witnessed the same event.

239.    Ray L's ADC 4/23/03  Two years later when she came to me in my dream, we both knew/acknowledged she was dead. She told me everything was all right with her and asked me if my father was well, if he was doing ok. I told her he was fine, still living in their condo alone. I told her I was now living nearer to him, that we had moved to Vancouver from eastern Canada, something she did not know we were going to do when she died . She seemed pleased. I told her why we had moved, who I was working for.  We spoke like that for a short time, about every day kind of things. She seemed happy very matter of fact. 
Dream ADC from mother.

238.    Hattie's ADC 4/23/03 We stopped at a mall on our way out of TN. When we were finished shopping, my husband went to get the car while I  waited in the lobby. I was alone. I heard my mamaw say my name, as clear as a bell. I looked around and saw no one. I then felt a touch on the right side of my face. My husband pulled up in the car and I got in. The right side of my face continued to tingle for around 30 minutes afterwards.
A couple ADCs from her grandmother.

Minny C's ADC 4/23/03 I was sitting in my chair and relaxing listening to Yanna on CD, out of nowhere my grandmother dressed in a dress of multiple bright brilliant colors walked with me in a meadow full of wild flowers... The light that surround her and the beauty was so much words can not describe how I felt... I saw her swirling as a girl would dance a May dance.
Both husband and grandmother gave her an ADC on the same night.

236.    Suzanne S's ADC 4/23/03  the first night, the night of my fathers death, i was laying in bed and wondering what to do the next day, when i distinctly heard my father call me , Suzy he said, and it was coming from behind me, i was laying on my stomach right next to my  mom. i was so shocked i think i stopped breathing for a moment. then again, i heard my fathers voice say Suzy  . i was so stupid because i never turned around. i wish i had. 
Heard her father call her name twice.

Christopher K's ADC 4/22/03  On the morning after his funeral I was in bed, lying on my left side as I often do.  I was just awake when I felt this very familiar feeling of his fingers running up and down my side like he always did.  I then with out thinking rolled and said out loud "Paul, stop that."  At that instant the sensations went away and I realized that Paul had come to me in his playful five year old to way to let me know he was okay and that I should get on with things.  He came to me in this manner once more about three months later.  He also came to me in a dream several years ago to show me how he looked now that he was grown.
Brother comes back several times.  Due to the on-going nature of the contacts one cannot help but wonder as to the soul cluster-family connection between these two.

234.    Michael R's ADC 4/22/03 First Experience:  Two weeks after my Great Aunt Hae died I had a lucid dream whereby my vision looked like a tv screen with no picture only snow if you know what I mean.  Out of the sides of the screen came two vases.  One vase tipped and poured into the other and then they separated and the screen went to black.  I woke up and told my wife about the lucid dream and to make note of it.  Second Experience:  Lucid dream.  My grandfather came walking toward me and hugged me and then grabbed my arms and shoved them into his chest so I could feel the shards of his lungs.  He then pulled them out.  Looked me lovingly in the eyes and walked down the street into the sunset never to be heard of again.
Two lucid dreams with two deceased blood relatives.  Striking messages - one is to verify the afterlife, the other is for him to quit smoking.

233.    RS's ADC 4/22/03  From Austria  My mother appeared in the dream as a young women, like she looked when I was a small child, and I remembered during the dream how she looked at that long ago time (about 1953 or 1954). Me and my brother were about 4 and 2 years old in the dream and my mother looked as she should have looked at that time. We three were very happy in the short dream. The carefree happiness of a small child, content with running towards the mother and being taken into her arms.
Dream ADC at the time of his mother's departure.

232.    Ethel B ADC 4/22/03 & 6/12/11 I sat at my desk one night with pencil poised over a writing pad and asked the question to my deceased husband, ""Harold, are your there?""  After a short hesitation, I felt a surge of energy in my arm, and the pencil wrote a shaky ""Yes"".  I felt both surprised and little frightened, put the pencil down and went to bed (with little sleep that night).  Next day I tried again.  This time the pencil was steadier, and we had a short conversation about where we were married.  Thereafter, we communicated nightly to this day.
Here are many ADCs of several different types including automatic writing and olfactory. 

Eddie C's ADC 4/22/03  A few days after the funeral, my father came to me in a dream. He was wet, pale and had a cut on his head. My sisters, mother and I were all sitting around in our living room. My father was standing before us and talking. I only remember what he said to me. He said that I am the man of the family now and everything is going to be okay and I should not be afraid. My sisters had the same dream, I don't recall my mother talking about it.
Here's a couple of dream ADCs and a spiritually transformative event.

230.    Jennifer W's ADC 4/22/03 I was grieving for his (a co-worker's) loss, and the fact that he left behind a pregnant wife, and wondered often how someone who we had only met a few times had managed to touch so many lives at my place of employment.  Also, the details of the accident were horrible.  One night Avery came to visit me as I slept and told me with a gentle smile that he was alright.
Dream ADC to reassure her he was fine.

229.    Kami K's ADC 4/22/03  The surroundings were very vague, but bright, like being inside a sunlit cloud. My father appeared in front of me, very solid looking but much younger than when he passed. At the end we hugged goodbye and this feeling was very physical. Then I woke up, crying and very happy that I had finally had a chance to say goodbye.
Dream ADC.

228.    Geraldine M's ADC 4/20/03  He was wearing a dark suit with a white shirt. Not at all the 68 year old man riddled with cancer. Rather a young man of 19 or 20. His thick black wavy hair soft and shiny, his body was healthy, his eyes were becoming and the sweetest loving smile on his face!  He was illuminated with light and I sensed he was flanked by to beings of light on each side of him. I was so focused on him that i cant remember how these beings looked, only that he was not alone.  He was vibrantly alive, more so than his happiest healthy days on earth.  He also appeared to be very enlightened as if he had all the answers to all the questions we ponder here on earth!!
This is one of the most spiritually transcendent ADC's I have seen!

227.    Brad H's ADC 4/20/03 At about 2:00 or 3:00 am, as I was walking back from the kitchen into the living room, I noticed a strange glowing haze.  I thought to myself, " isn't that unusual, and a bit strange".  It looked much like a glowing and ever moving cloud of light.  (Really, one of the weirdest things is my reaction to seeing this- I had absolutely no fear, and was extremely inquisitive.) Walking around to every window, I shut every shade thinking it may be coming from the moon.  However the object was still present.  I remember standing in front of it for many minutes engaged in the fascination of it.  I was perhaps a foot or three away from it.  I do not remember touching it.  I do remember how beautiful it was.
Grandfather death and subsequent appearing to his teenage grandson was also a spiritually transformative event.

226.    Alison M's ADC 4/20/03  When I returned to the office I stepped inside my office which is actually an exam room. I was overwhelmed with the smell of the cemetery flowers. I knew absolutely that it was Nick. I could hardly stop smiling. My heart was so glad and I was so excited I could hardly stand it!  I asked my coworker standing in the room with me if she smelled the flowers. She said no.
This ADC is an olfactory experience.

225.    Andrea B's ADC 4/20/03  the man said your brother john is here and with that john appeared. i jumped out of bed and looked at him his hair was longer and he had grown an mustache. i immediately asked if he wanted me to cut his hair he said no no no. i asked him how is dad and he said great and then i asked about grandmother and he said she was great. I then asked John what is it like and he said Andrea it is more beautiful than anything on earth.
Her spirit guide woke her up so her brother could talk to her.

224.    Phyllis B's ADC 4/20/03 I was sitting next to the bed where Charlotte was wrapped in linen from head to toe. It was a hospital room. Something made me go over to her and look down at her face wherein her eyes had mysteriously been uncovered and black eyeliner was around her eyes. She said "I'm not dead, What should I do?  I said that I would help her as best I could and transported her to an ambulance. I said that she would be ferried while in the ambulance "to the other side". She asked if her husband could go with her. I said he could ride in the ambulance but that he would have to return in it also.
Nurse's ADC experience with a dying patient.

223.   VF G's ADC 4/20/03  Banso remarked spontaneously ..."see Bev doesn't want you to cry" ..just then I remarked "well if it was Bev she always turned the light on for me" ...just then the bulb went back ON.   We were both in amazement!!.    Being an engineer, I jumped up to see just if the bulb was "lose" in the socket ..it wasn't ..I could not tap it to make it go ON/OFF. In fact all the statues in similar grottos were all connected to a single light switch which I found and turned ON/OFF ..they all went on/off.    Why this ONE light decided to go OFF/ON at the precise moment ...in the context of our discussion was a mystery ...and after that event I never cried again...she was OK ..her sign to us both.
Wife's loving message to both her husband and his fianc� was a catalyst for their new life and family.  This woman is full of love and very happy to see this message posted on the web.  Her presence is particularly strong. - Jody

222.   Rosalyn's ADC 4/20/03 I sat down to quiet my mind. Then I felt my mothers' presence. She was there. She was with me. She was trying to communicate with me. Her presence was strong. Still, I didn't think she had passed away. I thought she was just trying to remind me to stop by her house after work. I had planned to do that. I did not physically see her or audibly hear her speak, but she let me know telepathically that she was with me. I guess she came to say good-bye. I wish I would've never left her.
Mother came to tell her good-bye.

221.    Sandy A's ADC 4/20/03 I knew the moment I saw it circling me that it was him, and I felt overcome with joy at seeing him again, and I wept.  I stretched out my arm, and he flew so close over it that I could feel the wind come off of it's wing against my face.  He circled me a few more time while I whirled around following him with my head then glided down the valley and disappeared from sight.  I knew right then and there that is was him, and appreciate him paying me a visit when I was all alone in that town, far from home.
Grandfather appeared to grandson in the form of an owl.

220.    Ana D's ADC 4/20/03 My first experience was at home in bed and I was awakened when my husband came, undressed and laid down beside me in bed.  He took of his slacks, which were kaki's which he often wore as a young man before we were married, and I remember seeing his belt which was worn near the belt holes.  He laid them at the bottom of the bed.  I fell back to sleep, and later he was standing in front of the bedroom fireplace where I had a number of books that I was recently reading, and it seemed that he was pointing to them.  I could not see him in any detail; he seemed to be a bigger than life shadow.  I tried to talk with him, but he did not answer and just seemed to point to the books on the mantle. 
ADC with both, deceased husband and cat.

219.    Fanta I's ADC 4/20/03 From conversations to emotional encounters, the last being the most dramatic and most lasting.........so much so that I wish we could all feel as I felt, and then there would be no hate among any of the people of this world!  I'd like to speak to someone before I describe the many experiences I have felt.   There have been so many and of so many degrees..........but my most dramatic have been from my husband, whom I adored.......and apparently loved me as much.
General descriptions of several ADC's with deceased husband.

Nathan K's ADC 4/16/03 My feelings weren't actually of sadness, but an intense barrage of anxiety that my mother conveyed to me. I didn't actually see her physical form. I felt the presence of my mother come in to the room like when you were a kid and she walks in to wake you. It doesn't startle you it just gives you a warm, loving feeling. I remember she told me to wake up, not in a verbal command, but telepathic. My eyes opened and I saw a body of energy floating at my side. At that same  point the feeling went from warm to pure unexplainable anguish.
Mother was brutally murdered.  Nathan asked for feedback regarding seeing his mother during astral travel.  This is a bit unusual to meet a deceased loved one during astral travel.  While it does happen it is a bit rare.  Generally, the deceased usually appears and then they go about their business.  You might like to ask her the next time you see her if being brutally murdered might have kept her from being able to move on after going to the other side - Jody. 

Joann W's ADC   4/16/03 Then, I began to doubt myself and attempted to find a rational explanation for how the shell got into the cup of the muffin tin. The countertop was up against a small window ( with nothing on the sill), looking over the back of the house; the walls to my left and right were empty of any wall decor, etc. To my rear was the opening leading to the kitchen. I looked to the ceiling which was an ordinary, solid ceiling, and determined nothing could have fallen from there. I went over it all many times but could find no 'rational' explanation for what occurred.
Unexplainable Seashell ADC

Sunny I's ADC  4/13/03  Turkish ADC.  During my sleep somebody shook my shoulder strongly. I opened my eyes and there was my dead father standing by my bed. I sat up surprised. He told me "Be quick. Find your brother!" I was very scared because I was totally awake when I saw him and he was so real. I can even smell his special scent. I run to my mom's room and wake her. It was 3:30 at night. Because she knows my dreams come true (she has the same ability too). we make coffee and begin to wait. At 6:00 my brother came home walking. He had a car accident at 3:30.
Father warned him of brother's accident.

215.  Earl H's ADC  4/13/03  She said to me, "Earl Henry (using my middle name as she always did) it's time for you to go."  I definitely knew in the dream that she was telling me it was time to die, time to go with her.  I protested for the strangest reason--I wanted to finish watching the ball game.  I was not afraid to die, and knew in the dream that it couldn't be bad if she had been sent to get me, but I wanted to see the game finish.  She said to me, "You could have watched the game, and done many more things if you listened to me.  But you didn't.  When I was alive I told you to stop using snuff, and even after I died I kept warning you to stop, but you just kept right on doing it, even though I begged you to quit.  Now it's time to go."
Prophetic dream ADC where Grandmother warned him to quit using snuff.

214.  Loni A's ADC  4/13/03  I dreamt that I was driving past a convenience store near our house and a pay phone right outside rang.  I was walking by so I picked up the phone and said Hello.  Then this voice said "Hi Amy" so I said, who is this.  She then said "who the hell do you think it is" and then laughed!  I immediately knew that it was my grandma.  We talked on the phone for a while.  In the conversation she told me not to worry too much about my mom because she was going to pull through the surgery and that afterward she would be happier then she's ever been in her life but that my mom would only be around for a couple more years.
Dream ADC where her grandmother told her about her mother.

Stephanie L's ADC  4/10/03 The night before we buried my father, at 3:00am I awoke after seeing him in a dreamlike vision. I was in a hospital room standing over my mother who was in the bed, arguing with her that she had to stay because she was very ill. She kept telling me "no", and wanted to leave immediately. I looked towards the doorway and there standing was my father who had died 4 days previously. Daddy, I said, what are you doing here? You are dead. He said he knows, but he came back to tell her, as he pointed towards my mom, to listen to me and do as I say, because she has to be here. He said to my mom you are going to be with me, but it is not time yet.
Father came to warn mother of cancer.

RICKY R's ADC  3/30/03 My Dad died Nov.13, 2002 at home about noon from cancer. That evening after I took a shower at my own home I laid down on the bed to just try and relax for a moment. When I began to get up and I closed my eyes for a second my father appeared to me looking very young 40ish (he was almost 89 when he died) there was a red background and he said "I'm ok" and  the vision disappeared.  I have not had any visions since.

TEDDY W's ADC  3/13/03  My after death contact was very subtle. My grandmother passed way in the 1980's and she made the best pasta sauce. (We are Italian). I would smell that sauce at different times through the day for a period of time after her death. I can't remember how long it was for but sometime within the first year of her death.  My husband's grandfather visited him in a dream shortly after his death.  My husband was not sure about life after death and his grandfather was standing in the corner of a room and told my husband to look down. When he looked down he saw that his grandfather was floating upwards. After that my husband woke up.
Scent and dream ADCs.

LAURIE C's COMMENTS AS A HOSPICE NURSE. 3/10/03  I visited the website after having listened to Coast To Coast a.m. I am currently a hospice nurse, I've been doing hospice for one year, before that I was in cardiology for 8 years. I've seen my share of death and dying, codes, and death bed wonders. In my experience, most people "see" relatives that have predeceased them. Most patients will start to reach out and "pick" into the air. They also tend to look up to either the right or left corner of the room. I have been with many people at the time of death. It's very interesting to say the least. I feel very blessed to be involved in this way, I feel like a midwife birthing people back to God, and I get to walk them to the door and help them through.  Thanks for the work you do, you are truly doing a wonderful service for people who have fears about death.

209.  Kathy G's ADC
3/10/03  All of a sudden, this aroma went through my car.  I looked around and my windows were up, there wasn't anything in the car that could smell that good.  Then I realized it was my Grandfather cologne.  I could feel his presence in my car.  I arrived home before my husband did, and when he got home, he asked me if anything "strange" happened while I was in the car.  He said they both had this wonderful aroma go through the car. 
Grandfather appeared during prayer to God and grandfather during a storm.

208.  Liz's ADCs
2/15/03  I awoke in the early hours of the day after my husband's funeral to the sensation of someone gently stroking the tip of my wedding ring finger, which was outside the covers. The sensation woke me up and continued a few seconds after I was fully awake. Unfortunately, I acted with surprise and pulled my hand away - I wish I hadn't.
Husband contacts her at the time of death and the day of the funeral.

207.  Jacqueline J's ADC
2/8/03  About a week later, my mom came to me in a dream and told me to write a letter to Albany and I would get my transfer.  I woke up excited and a bit confused because I had no idea of who to send a letter to in Albany. I told my husband about the dream and asked him what he thought, he got the phone book out and looked up an address in Albany for the Dept. of Mental Health and I wrote to them. 
Mother's intervention helped father & daughter.  She had another incident with needing to find a thermometer where her mom helps her again.

Star's ADC 2/2/03 It all started with a dream of a girl sitting on the edge of the bed telling me she was Brad's wife I said "Ok" and woke up.  On my way to work, I started talking to Brad aloud in my car asking him if that was really his wife or the devil playing games with me.  You have to let me know if that was your wife is that why you were unhappy here because she was there?  My work hours are 6:30 to 4:15.  When I got to work, my voice message light was on and when I retrieved, my message there was my son voice saying,  �Must be true�.  That happed around 5:45am April 25, 2002. 
Son's ADCs via voice on tapes!

205. Nadine's ADC 2/2/03 From Italy!  After talking, i asked her how it felt to cross over when she died, if it hurt, if she was scared, she said that her illness gave her a lot of pain, but when she died, it didn't hurt, and she felt good.  i asked her if there where other souls around, and she said yes, but that i can't see them.  She then turned around and pointed all over the room , calling out different names of people that have died and where present. i asked her if she was only in that house, but she said she was able to travel anywhere anytime she wanted to.
Dream ADC with Aunt that has a lot of information about the other side.

Renny A's ADC 1/26/03  I see my grandmother standing there, the light from the door makes her shine, or maybe she is just glowing. She looked happy and just the way I remembered her, full figured and healthy, not like she was when she died, all skinny and wasted away. No, she looked just as I remembered her in her healthy days. She was wearing the same dress she was buried in, a peachy pink sort of dress...everything about her was exactly as I remembered her. I went toward her, her arms were open, I gave her a huge hug, and she smelled of the perfume I remembered so well. I told her I had been worried about her, she told me she was okay...everything was okay, and she smiled. She seemed so happy, and I was elated to be in her arms and smell her. We stood in each others arms for a little bit, then I woke up. 
Dream ADC where she saw her grandmother.

203.  Kathleen G's ADC 1/26/03 Right after my Mom passed I kept looking and praying for a sign, a dream that she was OK. I thought that she would come to me in a dream and say good-bye. Looking back on all of this, I can see she did come to me but in a much a  more important way to help save her great grandson.
Astounding precognitive dream 10 days prior to the incident.  Although Kathleen feels that circumstances and dreams were from her mother, I can't help but wonder how much of the events could have come from the baby (pre-life communication) or if she and her daughter had a telepathic link and she picked things up via her daughter.

Larry C's ADC 1/25/03 I remember thinking, "was the house on fire?"  I went outside and checked the whole house and found no fire or any smoke. I went back in and the stairway was completely empty of any kind of smoke or haze.  Could a neighbor been burning his fireplace? No not at that time of day and anyway I would have smelled the smoke when I went outside to check my house and anyway the windows were closed because it was cold outside and no doors were open.  Thinking about this, this was Roy's way of getting my attention and to let me know he was ok. 
Sign from life-partner that heaven exists for gays.  Also described is a nearing end of life event with his father.

Wendy A's ADCs 1/16/03 She had been sick for a while and knew she was going to die.  She wrote me a letter a week or so before she died -  in the letter she said "you will need a mother for many years to come - I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE."  She said she would try to "get through" if she could. 
This account is full of many different types of ADCs from her mother and involving her son(s), a clock, balloons, and many dreams.

200 Steve P's ADCs 1/16/03 On 15th October 2002, I had been talking during the evening to a number of people at a social club about signs from the other side. When I went to bed that evening, I put our bedroom light on (its a normal ON/OFF switch) immediately it flickered a little, it dimmed slightly, then got brighter a couple of times. I said "Come on love, show us what you can do". Over a period of about 30 seconds, the light bulb gradually grew dimmer and dimmer as if some one was turning down a dimmer switch. The room eventually finished up in total darkness. I immediately turned on a light in another room, and that light was fine. I later checked the bedroom bulb in another room and found it didn't work any more.
ADCs from wife with specific timing, electricity, and lights.

199. Keli L's ADC 1/16/03  I was immediately focused on a coffin and knew that it was Mugsy. I began to cry and walk toward it. As I approached, I leaned over to look in and Mugsy suddenly jumped up and out of coffin and yelled, "Boo!". This was definitely something he would do. He had a great sense of humor. I jumped back and the first thing he began showing me were his legs. In life, he was paralyzed from the waist down due to a logging accident when he was sixteen. The last two years of his life, he had been bed ridden with an infection. In this communication, was jumping around and dancing....and laughing.
Dream ADC with childhood friend's father.

Donna C's ADC 1/1/03  Then to my right from the corner of the room about a foot from the ceiling I saw a beautiful beam of light that was round and it went straight into the head and shoulders of this girl laying in this hospital bed. Then I watched as this girls head slowly moved up into this light and then her shoulders and then her body and as she moved upwards her head stayed the same but her body changes into more of a fetus then she was gone. It was right away then that Heidi started coming down head first into this tunnel or beam of beautiful lights.
This is an amazing story that describes a mother's encounter with her deceased daughter who is trying to return to earth through another dying child.  The exchange is known as a walk-in.  Although the described change was brief, the description of one soul exiting the body while her daughter's soul entered the body is astounding!

197.  Sara M's ADCs 1/1/03  As I thought about this dream, I felt how real it seemed, as if it was more than just a dream. He stood at the foot of my bed and he looked great, very healthy! His cheeks were rosy and he looked younger. He was dressed in his blue hospital gown, like he was the last time I saw him (he died the day before Father's Day and the week prior I had given him a gift of new pajamas but he never wore them, I think because he knew he was going to die and he wanted someone else in the hospital to have them new). I said, "Dad, you look great!" He replied, "That's just the way it is Dear." And I replied, "No, really, you look great!" Then he was gone.
There are several ADCs over the span of many years.  There is a lot of emotional healing in these experiences.

196.  Kristine P's ADC 1/1/03  She told me that it began on Thursday night.  She said she didn't know how she knew - but she knew it was Mikaela.  There were "little sparkly stars" grouped together more or less, floating about three feet off the floor, then up near pictures, then lining up and moving down the hall - very fast sometimes.  The grouping moved, and at one point, one of the "stars" "bumped into" a dresser handle and got very, very bright and a little bigger for just a second.  When she was explaining it, she said it was a real attention getter - so my guess is that this was the point of it.
Mother's prayer was heard via toddler appearing to grandmother.

195.  Ray's ADC 1/1/03 In the dream I received a phone call while I was at her place of work. When I was told I had a call by one of her coworkers, I told the person I would take the call at a phone nearby me. Her coworker told me "No, you have to take the call here at this phone". So I went over and picked up the phone and it was my fianc�e. She asked how her children were doing and I told her that they were doing pretty good considering. I then told her that this recent accident made me realize how much I loved her.
Dream ADC with fianc�'

194. Bonnie P's ADCs 1/1/03  The next part of my dream, we are laying on our sides looking at one another. I am rubbing her cheeks saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Now, here's the strange part that I am still having a hard time understanding. My mom and I never spoke one single word, so how did I know she wanted one single chip? Not only that, when she and I fell on the bed, there was no weight of her nor I. And when I rubbed her cheeks saying "Thank you, thank you" I felt nothing. I knew I was touching her, but there was no feeling beneath my hands.
This account has several ADCs, with her mother, a friend and a cousin.


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