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1612. Jennifer L ADC 1/14/2018. Both my little brothers were there, including the one that passed the year before, he was on my right side. I'm not sure where we were, I didn't recognise the surroundings but it was like a family gathering with all of us around. just like the good old days before he passed. Suddenly in this dream it was like I snapped out of the dream. I took full conscious awareness of my surroundings and told myself that this is just a dream and that in real life my brother had passed away.
ADC dream from deceased younger brother.

1611. Simone ADC 1/8/2018. From Germany A few months after my son died, I was alone in our house downstairs when suddenly I heard the very familiar sound of his musical sheep toy (with a musical box inside). Astounded, I went upstairs as I was magically drawn to the source of the sound: His musical sheep was lying still on the window pane where I had put it a few days earlier - and the tune only stopped when I was right in front of the toy.
ADC from son who died in car accident at 18 months old.

1610. Daisy N ADC 1/7/2018. I suddenly heard his voice, very clearly say 'Yes ...' a very tired voice that sounded like he hadn’t been woken from deep sleep., I ran frantically towards the sound .... but there was nothing more. There was no one else at the time at home. I heard his voice coming from his room which overlooked the swimming pool.
ADC from son around time of son’s suicide.

1609. Elyse B ADC 1/4/2018. Me: You're on the Phone? (incredulous) Mom: yes, you can use the phone but you have to wait in line, There are many people waiting to use the phone. Me: Are you OK? Mom: yes, I just wanted to let you know that everything is OK, I am fine. I love you sweetheart
Remarkable ADC phone call from deceased mother.

1608. Catherine C ADCs 12/31/2017. Heavy dense of his presence in our house, freaked me out I got clothes and ran out door. Same day at moms who he loved and remodeled back patio. I was facing patio window. It’s gated and locked. His best friend and g friend were sitting too, we saw a human size large shadow go across the patio with a tracer behind it. All 3 saw it.
Multiple ADCs from deceased fiancé.

1607. Alison C ADC 12/22/2017. I was writing Christmas cards with the shopping channel on tv in the background. I heard a split second of static noise, then my son called 'Mum', as if from far away, like tuning in to a distant radio station, then static again. I jumped slightly, then turned in the direction of the noise. As I turned back, I looked at the television and saw no reaction from the presenters of the live programme, so the noise did not come from there.
ADC from son who died of cancer at age 22.

1606. Dawn B ADC 12/17/2017. I was standing in the kitchen with my husband at my side making flowers for my son's upcoming wedding. I was texting his fiancé and sending her pictures of the flowers. At 2237, I lost my balance, lost vision, scooted the stool under me and began to place my glasses on when I felt 'Sean is dead'
ADC well documented to the minute that her son was hit by a car and killed five days before his wedding.

1605. Carol R ADC 12/7/2017. She left, I walked usual route and as I came to the hill on my road, house in sight, suddenly a ball of light with an entrail like a comet was spinning around me from left to right. I stopped, and said 'what the 'f' was that, looked around for carheadlights! Started walking up hill again and the orb started circling again, I stopped, looked around for a light source, nothing! Crossed the street in front of house, stopped at mailbox and that'd when the biggest orb of light streaked across my neighbor’s house, always left to right, spun around towards trees again looking for light source, nothing!
ADC from deceased son.

1604. Joe D ADCs 10/31/2017. A large hawk suddenly appeared out of nowhere and began circling directly in front of my fathers window (on the 7th floor of UNMC) as if communicating with me a message. With each pass the hawk made I had a greater and greater understanding of its messages. The hawk was telling me how much it loved me, how it was going to be alright, how it was now free, how it would protect and guide me throughout life.
NELE and ADCs associated with father’s death from leukemia.

1603. Ellen ADCs 10/24/2017. I was staring out the window - wondering how on earth I could continue on with life without him. Before my eyes - directly in front of my line of sight - a falling star. It was like it was slow motion - I saw it as plain as day. My heart leapt....and just after the star, an owl started shooting off to my left side in the woods.
Multiple ADCs from deceased husband.

1602. Brandie C ADCs 10/22/2017. My husband was upstairs in my parents bedroom cleaning out my father's bureau. I was downstairs and I found a photo album from when my Dad was in his early twenties or so. As I looked at the photos, my Dad was smiling, something I virtually never saw when he was alive.
ADCs from deceased father.

1601. Barnie H ADC 10/14/2017. From the Netherlands. As i was sitting there (and this may sound ridiculous) i caught the smell of delicious thai food just like how their house would always smell. And right at that moment i thought 'omg has Ratree passed away? Is She in my room right now?' Not really trying to jump to conclusions and not really sure what to do with this experience i started to 'mentally talk' to her. I said something like 'if you've passed away and came to say goodbye, please know that you taught me so much and showed me so much love and kindness. I will never forget you and i know you are without pain now, i love you' something in that course. Not really knowing if i was right or what to do next i told myself that if i was right i would read it on fb the next morning or hear it from my friend herself.
ADC from mother of a friend.

1600. Bill ADCs 10/12/2017. Feeling warmth in my heart when talking to Her (after Her death) and asking for Her help. White feathers in my path or drifting out of the sky. Lights going on or off. Radio turning on. Coming to me in my dreams. I also spoke several times to a psychic who told me things through Susie that anly Susie and I knew. Every morning I say 'te amo mi amor' to Susie and the first thing the psychic said was 'Susie wants to say something to you Te amo mi amor'. The psychic did not even know that Spanish was Susie's main language.
ADCs from deceased partner.

1599. Giana A ADC 10/8/2017. He looked at me and said, 'I've brought sis to say goodbye' He stepped aside as sis walked through the door, her beaming smile directly to me, she walked straight over and we hugged so tightly. I could feel her. I did not feel sad and I knew she had passed. I just savored every second of the hug. The love I felt was incredible and soothing. I knew she was ok.
ADC dream from deceased sister.

1598. Giana A ADC 10/1/2017. From Italy. Original in Italian. He was much younger and without the sufferings that had accompanied him in his last months, and we spoke without resorting to words but just with our thought if I may say so, and I say to him that I miss him very much and that I feel very sick because of his death and he replied he knew very well how I felt but said that I had been very clever and that I still was clever.
ADC dream from a scientist.

1597. April G ADC 9/3/2017. There was a brief instance of different things in my life 'flashing before my eyes' but it was too quick to comprehend. I knew the way I was flying that I would be landing on the top of my head, crushing my cervical vertebrae-either it would result in me being a quadriplegic or dying on impact. In the fraction of a second left before I landed I heard a Voice.
‘Other’ experience immediately prior to crippling injury and ADC from Uncle at his time of death.

1596. Marie O ADC 8/28/2017. The scene changed or moved to a hospital room where my brother lay in the hospital bed which had crisp white sheets. I knew this to be the real Jack's spirit. Totally different and more vivid than any dream Jack. His hair was dark again and he looked years younger. I exclaimed to him how wonderful he looked and that he was getting better.
ADC dream from deceased developmentally disabled brother.

1595 Kim O ADC 8/8/2017. I walked in for an appointment and he was standing at the door and we locked eyes. His eyes were always so expressive. No words were spoken. I felt such a strong sensation the closer I got to him. Then these orbs of light and energy started coming off of him and I felt what seemed like pinging sensations all over my body. They felt so incredibly real.
ADC dream from friend who died from suicide.

1594.  Ric R ADC   7/10/2017. My wife was cleaning up at our cafe in Huangdao, China. I 'felt' a pinch on my left arm and a golden wonderful feeling flowed throuigh my body. It was a sense of a message. I understood that all was well and that she likes my wife. It was a simple experience but deeply felt.
ADC from deceased Grandmother. ADC occurred in China- shared in English.


1563.  Allen J ADC  12/4/16 & 7/6/2017. I was drifting in and out of sleep when suddenly I found myself sitting on the end of my bed. My dad was sitting next to me – not as in a dream, but as a totally clear, vibrant reality. He was well-dressed, smiling, as if totally relaxed and happy and looking fit and healthy. He put his arm across my shoulder and said aloud, "Happy birthday, son!"
ADC from deceased father.


1593.  KW ADC  7/5/2017. This scene suddenly closed and I felt the sensation that I was dropped down and then the next scene was the shoreline. The wind was blowing but it was warm. I was right at the shoreline and there were other people in front of me (about 50 I think, young, old, etc.). A woman touched my shoulder and smiled and said something in another language, but then I turned around and my husband was behind me and he greeted me.
ADC from deceased husband.


1592.  Anthony C ADC  6/22/2017. The entire sky appeared to be like a thick, pink and blue blanket of cloud cover. One bright star appeared to be in its normal place in the sky, directly above me. I took this to be Dakota. Then as I gazed backwards toward the eastern horizon, a less bright twinkling star appeared to be in a usual place in the sky, except it seemed to be hiding behind a tall tree across the street from my parent's home. I took this to be my granddaughter who had died in the miscarriage.
Unexpected ADC during Lakota ritual with awareness of two children that died in-utero.


1591. Kristina A ADC  6/21/2017. I saw Benji in the dream but before I did I was told that the light was Benji passing over. I actually viewed the crossing over of his spirit. My mother appeared during this time but she was not in physical form. To indicate it was my mother they showed me photographs of her when she was young. Never knowing my mother when she was younger I believe the photos were a way to show me that my mom was young and beautiful. When I thought to myself who is the beautiful women I was answered by an angel that that is your mother. I said to myself WOW she is beautiful.
ADC dream for her deceased fiancé. She also had a previous NDE from a drug overdose.


1636. Bruce H ADC 11/10/06 & 6/18/2017. I fell hard into my body. I felt like my hands and feet stayed put but the rest of my body kept passing through the bed. I was certain that my back was broken. I was nauseated and numb. My wife answered the phone. I was my brother and he was crying. I asked him if Dad was dead and he said yes.
Dream ADC with deceased father prior to hearing he had died.


1590. Ivan BL ADC  5/30/2017. From Spain. During one night while sleeping I had the feeling he was touching my head, never felt before someone's hand in my body whose touch connected me directly to the person who was touching me, I wasn't completely awake but I know it was not a dream either, I was in my room in a kind of state of meditation we could say, when we are in between being awake and asleep.
ADC from deceased father.


1589. Jill F ADC  5/30/2017. First one: my daughter was standing at the side of my bed, as she often did in life, her arms extended, her hair down (she always wore it in a pony tail), glowing, happy, joyful, free. Second one: in a 'dream' (but not a dream), she sat next to me as I mourned. Third one, in a 'dream' (but not a dream) she appeared and said, 'I didn't know I was sick'.
ADCs from her daughter who died of suicide.


1588. Kim K ADCs  5/9/2017. Two weeks before my best friend/lover died, two Doves made a nest in one of my hanging balcony planters just two feet from my front door. Very unusual place to build nest. I have many photos. Soon after the mama dove laid two eggs. Rene and I were quickly enchanted by these lovely birds because, well, doves are mates for life.
Nearing end of life event (NELE) & ADCs.


1587. Charles C ADC  4/24/2017. I put my hand out and felt his body in bed with me in his accustomed spot. I said "You're back." He answered, "Yes." It was like he had been away on a business trip. I felt his body beside me for a short while and then I went back to sleep. This experience comforted me greatly. Without a doubt I know he was there.
ADC from deceased husband.


1586. Charles C ADC  4/17/2017. Our dog began a loud keening wail for no discernible reason. Our daughter had been ill and I knew at that moment she had died. I don't know why I just knew. I didn't say anything to my wife to avoid upsetting her then.
ADC from deceased daughter.


1585. Elizabeth H ADC  4/12/2017. As I approached my door, I smelt a lovely perfume. I thought that my neighbours must have been using fabric conditioner on their washing, but no washing was hanging out, and I'd never known them to do this anyway. As I went into my house, the smell was stronger, and at the same level throughout the house. It was a beautiful, floral scent. It was the sort of perfume I'd choose if I was buying one (though I didn't buy perfume, or only rarely, and none of my bottles were open, had been knocked over, or were in any way the cause of this scent).
ADC from deceased husband.


1584. Jeff L ADC  4/11/2017. At that moment my sister glided across the other side of the room in a long white gown. She looked radiant, not at all the way cancer made her appear in the end. She went and stood next to an ornate fireplace mantle at one end of the room. I ran to her and hugged her and told her I was worried about where she was. In her usual sarcastic tone she told me of course she is okay and rhetorically asked me where did I think she would be. We had this conversation telepathically. She then took me across the room to sit down and talk.
ADC dream from sister who died at age 26 from cancer.


1583. Elisa ADC  4/9/2017. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. Just at this moment I started to feel an energy, physical, real, like when passing your hand over the screen of an old type TV, that produced an immense peace and happiness. This energy ran through me directly to my body, and expanded, and rose to up above. I could feel her and touch her with my hands, I thought... What is this! And I said to Jon, Jon! Come here, come here, give me your hand, it's Oihane, she is comforting me! Oihane is comforting me! Put you hand here, do you feel it too? How strong!
ADC from daughter who died in-utero prior to birth. Posted in English and Spanish.


1582. Becky V ADC 4/9/2017. As I mentioned before my mother had just said she felt something and at that exact moment I felt my knee being patted and I looked down and saw nothing. But right then I felt this incredible rush, feeling, spirit, whatever you want to call it go through my body and up towards the ceiling. The feeling was one of incredible joy, happiness, peace, love, etc. don't have the words! I actually thought I had put my arms up to go with her, but didn't according to my aunt. She was free is what she was telling me, she hated her body at the end.
ADC from deceased grandmother.


1581. Jessica ADCs 4/3/2017. Then I saw my dad ! He had a glow to him and looked like he did when he was in his 40s , he looked so good , he lifted up his pant leg and showed me his knee. He had a big X on the knee they performed surgery on , he came up to me and I started hugging him and crying saying I miss him so much . He cried and said "I cry a lot but it makes me feel better " then he put his arm around me and walked me through the white bright room
ADC dreams from deceased father


1580. Bunny M ADCs 3/26/2017. Yet, the feeling of perfect love and peace was so profound I was immediately comfortable. Although no words were exchanged, we communicated. When he faded out the room was left with the feeling of total Bliss. I tried to explain what I thought was a dream in my next letter, he responded with thanking me for letting him come, letting him stay, and sharing the tender love. We exchanged weekly letters for six years before he passed. (450 letters). He still communicates, in fact - I asked him if I should respond to your website and his response was - Couldn't hurt.
Multiple communications with a specific deceased entity over years.


1579. MLS ADCs 3/19/2017. Before we got out of the car, we could see a large, black bee buzzing over to the car. Neither of us are scared of bees, but the fact that one came zooming out to us did cause a flinch reaction and we speed away on foot up the trail. The bee was persistent, but never getting in our faces or appearing threatening. Everywhere we walked, it followed.
Several ADCs.


1578. Marsha A ADCs 3/15/2017. Soon after Rosa died, she started sending me signs. I would hear her moving around and even drinking out of her water bowl, although I had moved the bowl to stop it being accidentally knocked over (during her last few weeks she had taken to eating and drinking separately from our other cats). The day after she died, a butterfly showed up in our garden. It was a huge butterfly...bright blue/green and yellow. It looked as though it belonged more in a tropical rainforest than in the Pacific North West!
Multiple ADCs, including a detailed dream from deceased pet cat.


1577. Patricia P ADCs 3/12/2017. I woke up from a dream of the school scene described above but I had answered the boy,'Bernhart's Funeral Home'.I had heard the phone ring,as my grandmother said hello I walked out of the bedroom and said,' I know my Daddy's dead.'I was completely calm and matter of fact,and correct,the calm wore off pretty quick.
Two ADCs, ages 12 and 25.


1576. Cali N ADC 2/25/2017. I awoke in the middle of the night with a terrible headache (not unusual, as I have temporal arteritis) and in the dark I reached for the elastic headband I put around my head to alleviate the pain (I do this a few times a week) and as I reached for the band, a warm, human hand took mine. I was so terribly frightened!
ADC from twin sister around time of death.


1575. Julia ADC 2/23/2017. A few days after I found out that he was dead, a couple friends and I were sitting on her porch listening to music and eating dinner. The weather was kind of grey, and looked like it was about to storm, which was his favorite kind of weather. All of the sudden the radio started blasting 'Loveable Girl' by James Carr. At first I barely noticed because I was busy grieving but my friend Neal said 'that was like some ghost stuff' not even thinking immediately after it happened. The whole thing lasted maybe 20 seconds where the radio was just on full blast before my friend got up to turn it down.
ADC from boyfriend who committed suicide.


1574. Jill L ADC 2/8/2017. I woke up after viewing this letter on blue stationery in my dream and then wrote the whole letter in my journal. When I got home from work later that week I went for a long walk and then picked up the mail on the way in. In the mail was a letter in a blue envelope and then I looked at the back of the envelope I saw that it was from Danny's mom and my heart both sank and was amazed at the same time.
ADC from friend.


1573. Sherry H ADC 1/27/2002 & 2/6/2017. He looked up and saw me, his expression was pure amazement. The most interesting thing about this experience was that I could feel his emotions as though they were my own. He came towards me and I to him.. he picked me up and swung me around saying... 'I love you, I love you, I love you.
Series of ADC dream visitations with several family members. Illustrates the spectrum of connections between family members in this life and the next.


1572. Connie M ADC 2/3/2017. I focused on the person it felt like he was drawing me in, I road a snowbank away from the back of the trailer by inches and drove in and out of the snow bank watching the person in front of me and then he disappeared. The person was my dad, who passed away a year ago.
ADC from deceased father at time of near accident. Shared several days after experience occurred.


1571. Bobbie ADC 1/31/2017. Then there he was. reading his news paper in his wooden chair. I say " hey!!" feeling so happy ! he shot up and gave me the biggest smile....then his face was not happy. he had the look of horror on his face. like he saw a ghost or I died. I said "I'm still on earth alive. don't worry!" he gave me a big hug. I could still smell his old spice on his neck.
ADC from deceased grandfather.


1570. Patrick M ADC 1/1/2017. At the kitchen table sat my deceased mother, listening very intently on a white telephone, and speaking occasionally. The phone seemed three times normal size and my mother was focused and intense. The conversation was clearly serious. My mother looked to be in her prime and about 30-34 years old. There was no sign of any of the illnesses or difficulties that had so troubled her in life.
ADC dream involving deceased mother.


1569. Paul B ADC 1/1/2017. From Chile. I saw dad sitting on a hospital bed. It wasn't the room where I had seen my dad last time I saw him. His sight was peaceful, brilliant and happy; the way my aunt had described him when she left the hospital last afternoon. I don’t remember saying any words. We looked at each other with so much love.
ADC with father around time of death. Evidential OBE observations.


1568. Rhonda S NELE 12/29/2016. He appeared to be pressing buttons that weren’t there he was flipping light switches on and off among many other things. Several times he told me “she” or “they” were watching us. There were also some very ritualistic appearing “routines” that he’d been doing multiple times a day, day after day. Eyes closed, deeply concentrating and appearing to be following some sort of instructions.
NELE involving husband who had terminal glioblastoma of the brain.


1567. Beth S ADCs 12/29/2016. When things quieted, I sat in my back yard with my husband. A hummingbird flew up to my face and just floated there a bit. My husband and I were sure it was a sign. Before this, I didn't know how I'd live with my grief. Within 2 weeks, I started slowly back to work. When I arrived at work, a huge white moth was waiting for me next to the front door lock of the store. This was only the start....white butterflies followed me all summer , especially when I was crying.
Multiple ADCs from son who died of cancer at age 25.


1566. Willow A ADC 12/27/2016. I thought out loud about my mom and grandmother saying I wish I can have a sign they are alright. I owned a door mat that actually played music when you stepped on it. It didnt play music unless it was stepped on, EVER. Well, my door mat , which was on the inside of the door started singing
ADC from mother and grandmother.


1565. A.M.L. NELE 12/24/2016. I saw a long velvety dark brown tunnel, with sparkles falling from the top. Also, at the top of the tunnel, there was a glow of lights around the entire rim. It seemed that within these lights, there were hundreds if not thousands of entities. Their message to me: 'She has done an A++ job, we can't wait to get her; you have seven days.'
Nearing end of life experience related to dying beloved pet dog.


1564. Anne L ADC 12/13/2016. I had closed my eyes for 10 - 15 minutes and when I opened them, my mother was sitting at the foot of the left-hand side of the bed and was just smiling at me. She was in a dress (my favorite dress of hers) and she looked radiant and healthy as she did before she became sick.
ADC from deceased mother.


1563. Allen J ADC 12/4/2016. I was drifting in an out of sleep when suddenly I found myself sitting on the end of my bed. My dad was sitting next to me—not as in a dream, but as a totally clear, vibrant reality. He was well-dressed, smiling, as if totally relaxed and happy and looked fit and healthy. He put his arm across my shoulders and said aloud: “Happy Birthday, son!”
ADC from father.


1562. Sophie R ADC 11/21/2016. From the Netherlands. I felt an intense energy above me (type of reiki energy but much stronger ) and felt this energy entering me. I knew it was Frank and opened my eyes. This time there was no light. The energy was so strong that it was almost painful, but it did not felt bad. It was as if I were getting an energy recharge. I also felt him kissing my lips.
ADC from deceased boyfriend.


1561. Laurie MB ADCs 10/24/2016. The night after coming back home in Texas from arranging Tom's cremation in Arkansas, my children and I (all grown) noticed an owl staying around our yard, hooting. We live just outside a major city so we are surrounded by neighbors and fences. The owl came out nightly for 3 weeks into our yard. Some nights hooting quite often. This is not something we had before except 20 years ago, and only 1 night.
Many ADCs from Navajo husband. What is amazing about this is the extreme taboo about death in the Navajo culture, yet there are many ADCs here.


1560. JM F ADC 10/12/2016. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. At that moment, this loving friendship manifested with a shock at the deepest and the highest of my heart and my being. In a certain way our hearts touched and interpenetrated in transparency, as if we were but a focal point of vibrant light.
ADC from workmate.


1559. Michelle M ADC 10/8/2016. I dreamed Kamisha was with me, waking me up. She told me she had been in a horrific accident and needed help. She told me she was in horrible pain and all alone. She begged me for help and kept talking about the horrible pain she was in. I saw her face and form, behind her was darkness, in the darkness I saw crushed metal and the grey form of another human, standing ... apart from it all. She was crying and asking for help. I could physically feel what she was feeling and it was unendurable. Then she became calm, smiled, hugged me and told me it was all ok, and she said she loved me.
ADC dream at the exact time of a fatal car accident of step-daughter.


1558. Valerie ADC 9/29/2016. From Scotland. Then suddenly I was aware of my father behind the railings and he was wearing some kind of long robe. Once again, this was white with drawstrings at the neck. He appeared to be around 25 and his hair was blonde and he looked well and healthy. He was fair haired when alive but not just as blonde as I was seeing him. I walked up to him and I felt no fear, no joy, no elation. It was just a knowing that I was in the presence of my father. I can't describe that any better.
ADC from deceased father.


1557. Suzanne M ADCs 9/22/2016. I was in a therapy session with this patient - my patient was sobbing - and Bob popped in on my right side (Spirit always shows up on my right side, I don't know why) and Bob told me to remind Mary: 'Tell her about the green car... the green car!' I asked if she knew anything about the green car. She immediately smiled. Mary said, 'OMG! It was a 1970's muscle car - he loved that thing and I hated it!' Bob said, 'Remind her that car is where we conceived our first child... chuckle' I told Mary what Bob said, and she responded, 'Oh probably, we used to have sex in that thing all of the time!'
Multiple evidential ADCs.


1556. Janet T ADC 9/10/2016. Two days after this, he passed away. 19 days later, which would have been his Birthday, in the early hours of the morning as I lay in bed awake. I turned over to what would have been his side of the bed. There he was, sitting looking down at me wearing his favorite shirt and slacks. All I thought to say was, 'You made it.' He faded away.
ADC from deceased husband.


1555. JF ADC 9/10/2016. It was then that I closed my eyes and I could very clearly see my cousin Alex's face. He smiled at me, and though his lips didn't move, I could hear him telling me that he was okay and that he made it, that I didn't need to worry anymore, he made it ok and he was ok. I could not respond to him but I was able to just smile. Immediately after he said this to me I could feel the sadness and heaviness from his death leave my chest.
ADC from cousin who died at age 28.


1554. Karen S ADCs 9/1/2016. My aunt and I both had the same dream on the one year anniversary of my dads death. Hers was a night after mine but almost the exact same dream. I dreamed I was sitting in my dad's apartment apartment on his couch with him and I said to him, you know you passed away? He said yes, and he was sorry, that he didn't mean to die. We hugged. This is all I remember of the dream
ADCs from deceased father


1553. Nicky D ADCs 9/1/2016. From the United Kingdom. One day I had a few photos I was cutting out in my Nans house, in the picture was me and my grandad, I handed it over to my sister to hold and she placed it on the table. She then said 'I swear that photo just moved!!!' I then said 'where...?' I took a look at the photo then all of a sudden it started moving and turning its self around in front of our eyes!!!
Multiple ADCs from deceased grandfather.


1552. Andrea C ADC 8/31/2016. Then I smelled cigarette smoke, which I thought was odd. Upon smelling the smoke I then sensed someone pass by me. I opened my eyes thinking the nurse had stepped in but no one was there. I closed my eyes again and felt the presence of what felt like many people walking passed me. My grandfather then started talking. I kept my eyes closed and just listened. He said in a very surprised voice 'I can't believe how beautiful you all look.' He said it in awe and more than once.
Shared deathbed vision with dying grandfather.


1551. Aubrey S ADC 8/29/2016. A few days after the ADC, I was driving home from work...and I rear-ended someone, smashing in the front end of my car. Turns out, what I saw in the ADC was not a metaphor. It was a literal vision of what was to come. A warning from my Uncle.
ADC dream from deceased uncle with apparent premonition warning.


1550. Joanna M ADCs 8/16/2016 & 8/22/16. I don't know what woke me up, but I half sat up and turned around to see if someone was coming into the living room. That's when I saw Joe standing in front of the entrance door. He was looking straight at me. The room was dark, but he was bright, as if he were lit up. He was dressed in his Barbershop costume, a yellow jacket and dark pants, the same outfit in which he was buried.
ADC from the deceased father of her friend. Shared 48 years after experience. Also a couple more ADCs.


1549. Carolyn J ADC 7/30/2016. A sudden sound from my phone made me think it was about to ring, but instead, there was music!… The feeling that this was real has persisted despite my having tested it in every way I know. As I have been weighing all the impossibilities of this happening, I have allowed the possibilities of enduring love to make their arguments. And the fact that on the first day of this important month, this happened when my phone was effectively locked, and that the song that played was this one, makes me almost, totally believe that it was Phil.
ADC from deceased husband.


1548. Sharon G ADC 7/25/2016. I found myself on my left side where I could see from my peripheral vision, the window across the room from my bed. At that time, I could see my grandmother's curly hair. Her figure was standing at the foot of my bed. The man I saw dressed in black, and whose voice I first heard, saying I was asleep was gone. I remember my eyes were fixated right in front of me but I could still see the outline of my grandmother's figure from the dim lighting coming in through the window. She spoke to me. I still remember her exact words to this day. She said in a very loving and gentle voice, 'Don't be afraid. It's me, Grammie. I'm alright where I'm at. I know you love me. Don't look back on my funeral days. Look ahead.'
ADC from deceased grandmother at age 15.


1547. Gaby L ADC 7/20/2016. From Germany. I saw her on a beautiful meadow with wonderful flowers and she was beaming at me and let me know that she was fine and happy and had no pain. She didn't say it, but I felt the message clearly. There was no doubt about it. Moreover, she appeared to be in her thirties, whereas she was about sixty when she died. She was young, and beautiful and radiant and most of all - happy.
ADC from Aunt shortly after her death.


1546. Jane D Mother's ADC 7/20/2016. I came into the house, stood in the kitchen reflecting on the long day, and heard a humming sound. The humming sounded like that of a refrigerator. Electrical. Soft. A deep buzzing sound. I began to walk around the house to find the source of the sound, as I deliberately turned off all the lights before leaving the house that morning. When I entered an unused room in the house, the 'source' of the hum, I heard my brother's voice clearly. He said, 'Goodbye, Jane'. Although he was in his 70's when he passed, the voice sounded like his when he was in his 20's.
Mother's ADC from her deceased brother.


1545. Deborah B ADCs 7/20/2016. That night summoned me outside. I had no idea why I wanted to go out because it was the middle of winter. When I got out there, I discovered a soft misty rainfall that felt warm to my skin. At that moment he spoke to me giving me several messages, then I felt him wrap his love around me. I stood there for an hour wrapped in his love without even a chill.
ADCs from deceased husband.


1544. Melanie R ADC 7/11/2016. I then drifted above my body and noticed I wasn't afraid. I then traveled through a tunnel with a bright white light. It was nothing that I have ever seen. I felt Love, pure Love. I saw my father and a beloved uncle that had passed years before. No words were spoken but I understood everything. I knew my father and uncle were fine. I felt love like never before. I also knew nothing was judged, just the purest love. It's hard to put it in words because there are no earthly words for it. I wanted to stay where I was, but was 'told' I couldn't and that I had children to take care of.
Exceptional ADC Shared Death Experience with awareness of father in unearthly realm at moment of death.


1543. Brian ADC 2434 7/11/2016. Once we finished I asked my friend if I could see her phone because I wanted to see how close together all those letters were to each other on her phone keypad and if it could just be a really weird coincidence. So she walked over to her purse and got her out her phone. She started screaming. I ran over to her and written on her phone was another text that was ready to be sent to me. It read "c I know"
ADC from former girlfriend that committed suicide.


1542. Maria L ADCs 7/10/2016. From Singapore. Soon after the first occurrence, a vase of silk flowers my mother had bought was mysteriously moved from the TV console where it was placed to a sideboard a few meters away. I had noticed it on the console just a few minutes before I saw it on the sideboard. A friend whom I confided in asked me to check whether there were numbers on the vase as she told me of a common phenomenon-associated with local Chinese culture-of people buying lottery with numbers ostensibly from deceased relatives
Two ADCs from deceased mother.


1398. Denise M ADC 7/2/2016 & 3/9/14. I got in the bed and just barely closed my eyes when I heard someone walking down the hall! I told myself to get up! someone is coming down the hall and you're here alone!! but I couldn't move. I must have fallen asleep without realizing it. I kept trying to jump up and finally I jumped up out of bed, went to my bedroom door and opened it. The hallway I saw when I opened the door was not my hallway. It was very long, had tall ceilings, no windows that I noticed, all white, and brightly lit. Far away down this hall I see someone walking toward me. Is it my Mom? Looks like her wearing her favorite coat. Yes! It is my Mom! so I run up to her and just fall on my knees sobbing and telling her how sorry I am for everything. (I fell asleep the night she died, so she died alone and I can't forgive myself for it.) She never said a word and looked like she was too busy to listen or didn't want to hear it. I woke up and was amazed because I never realized I had fallen asleep.
ADC dream involving deceased mother.


1541. Iggy J ADC 7/1/2016. My communication with him was telepathic - he read my thoughts, and very quickly. Almost as soon as I had the thought, he answered (in thought); 'I'm okay'. And my very next thought was hard to put into words - I'd barely formed it, but it amounted to 'What about my mom (your daughter), me, my brother and sisters, my dad.....'. And again almost before I could complete this thought he answered: 'Everything is going to be okay'.
ADC from deceased grandfather.


1540. Karolei L ADC 7/1/2016. From Greece. I was sleeping, but felt very lucid about the environment I was in, the position of my body on the bed, the warmth of the summer night, and the cool breeze that was coming through an open window. I was sleeping face down, In this state, it seemed as if the breeze began to whirl on my back, as if it was produced from a fan nearby. I felt a slight pressure on my back - it seemed as if I shouldn't or couldn't turn around to see the presence- a deeply loving presence. I felt around with my left hand and touched a frail hand, the hand of a woman ' Mom is it you?'
ADC from deceased mother.


1539. Michelle H ADC 6/27/2016. I could "feel" her there The entire room was lit up with a white light that was unlike a light here on earth. There (and this is where it gets difficult to describe in words) was a love in that room not of this earth. It was the deepest, most accepting and penetrating love that I have ever felt in my life. But the most amazing part was that it was not just in the room, it was EVERYWHERE. Like it filled every crack and crevice, every corner of the room, it was all encompassing.
ADC from deceased mother.


1538. Michele P ADCs 6/26/2016 & 1/14/17. Still crying, I looked at him and said, “I love you Papa. Do you know I love you?” I kissed his hand and he smiled looking at me and said, “Yes, I do. I love you too. Very much.” Crying harder now I hugged him and could feel the worn fleece of his robe and his strong arms around me. I sat back holding his hand again and asked, “Will I see you again?” we both knew I was really asking, will I be with you when I die? “Yes.” He said. “Yes you will.”
ADCs from deceased grandfather.


1537. Lynn J ADC 6/25/2016. I am completely shocked. How could I catch and release a big fish, starting with an empty hook? How did a worm 'appear' on my hook as if from magic? How did I manage to catch a pickerel when my friend says they are very, very rare in her lake? How did the fish free itself from three deep barbs? I can scarcely believe this happened especially after I cast out 'five more times' like my dad would say... on my birthday, and at dusk too. I believe this was a magic gift of intervention by my father to show he is still with me, and that I should not be afraid of life's challenges
ADC from deceased father.


1536. Julie P NELE 6/23/2016. I saw my mother standing midway up the steps of a small passenger plane like the kind that shuttles between neighboring cities. She was looking at me with her face radiant, a glowing smile, relaxed and carefree. She was going someplace wonderful, that was obvious. She was dressed in her typical colors, though I didn't recognize the specific clothes, her handbag by her side, but no suitcases. Wherever she was going, she wasn't coming back.
Nearing End of Life Experience (NELE) from mother.


1535. Jerry R ADC 6/13/2016. I felt it was dark behind me but very light in front, no sun. About 50 yards from me sitting on a rock wall about 3 feet high was my dead wife. All around was green grass bushes and only one perfect small tree. I took a step towards her. Zoom I was there as I turned to set down next to her.
ADC from deceased wife.


1534. Deborah W ADC 6/9/2016. Immediately after typing this --immediately -- within 10 minutes -- I noticed the clock. It showed 9 o'clock when, I thought, it was in fact 9 o'clock. I was puzzled, checked computer, and yes, it was now correct. And within seconds after, there was a huge crash in the closed-in walk-in closet to the room.
ADC from deceased husband with amusing twist.


1532. Alison M ADC 6/7/2016. Then something red caught my eye. I went and got my glasses and came back out...there was the old half dead rose bush - literally covered in at least 30 BUDS! Not blooms yet, but BUDs.
Touching ADC from deceased pet dog.


1531. Linda P ADCs 6/5/2016. I had another dream. In this dream, I was very distraught and crying and my Dad appeared in front of me and he had this glow all around him and he was smiling at me. I asked him, 'Dad, why did you have to die?'. He answered, 'I had to die to get better'. When I woke up, I felt such a sense of peace. I knew exactly what he had meant. He was emotionally sick, which had manifested into a physical illness - cancer. While living, he was unable to heal from this. But his passing gave him clarity. My grieving ended that day.
ADCs from father.


1530. Karen S ADCs 5/29/2016. We delayed Stephen's memorial service until Mother's Day weekend of that year. The service was down in Texas, where he and most of my family lived. Once I got home a day or two after Mother's Day, I opened the closed door to my bedroom. As I walked in, I was overpowered by the smell of lilacs, my favorite flower! (Note...this was May. Where I live, lilacs only bloom for a week in April.) It smelled as if there were a dozen lilac bushes in the room! I had nothing lilac scented in that room nor had I ever smelled lilacs when I walked in that room (which is many times daily.) I decided this had to be a Mother's Day 'gift' from my son. I just breathed in deeply and savored the scent.
ADCs from deceased son.


1529. Charles C ADCs 5/13/2016. I could not fathom my life without her, the love of my life. While we had both been extremely independent before we met, we had since become each other's entire world. She was my best friend, my closest confidant, my greatest support. I thought, 'How can I exist when I have only ever existed for her?' The following Thursday evening, in all that I can describe as a daze, I sat at our kitchen table and wrote a suicide note. I then retrieved a length of jute rope from the garage, tied it into a hangman's noose (without ever having tied one, previously), secured it to an open rafter in my basement, placed a step stool beneath. I tightened the noose around my neck and removed one foot from the stool. As I was readying myself to kick the stool out from beneath me, I heard my wife's voice, screaming. 'What the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you DARE make me come back again!' I stopped myself, completely stunned. I began seeing blurred images I couldn't fathom in my mind's eye, hearing what sounded like a million voices speaking at once. I removed the noose, collapsed to the floor, and cried for what seemed like hours.
Remarkable ADCs from deceased wife.


1528. Judith G ADC 5/13/2016. I awoke very early in the morning to my husband's grandfather and my maternal grandmother at the foot of my bed. They were at the end of my bed and there was a soft glow of light around them and my grandmother was holding a newborn baby. This was NOT a vision but they were clearly there which I found odd since they had both died a few years before this incident. I rubbed my eyes thinking I was dreaming but they were actually there at the foot of my bed.
Remarkable ADC with presence of deceased relatives holding her stillborn baby at time baby died.


1527. Jill W ADC 5/12/2016. I was sitting in the car and on the radio, Rebel Rebel by David Bowie started playing. I thought to myself- he loved David Bowie, and proceeded to drive to my next destination. As I was driving the next song was The Metro by Berlin. Well.... this is very significant in my/our lives. He LOVED Berlin, and the first time we hung out getting to know each other was actually at the place I was going to the next day and Berlin was the first concert we saw together at this place. It brought back a flood of memories of the first time we ever really hung around each other outside of work. (we met because we worked in the same place) As I sat in the car thinking about him and that first time together.. a drop of 'water' fell on my nose inside my car. No windows were open, the sunroof wasn't open and I was just in shock at the single drop of water that fell on my nose. I couldn't understand where it came from. I sat there, taking the drop of water off my nose and on my finger and looked at it for awhile... astonished.
Two ADCs from deceased husband.


1526. Naveena G ADCs 5/10/2016. From Australia I was sitting in my room a couple of days after my pet cat Amber passed away. It was dark, quiet and the windows and doors were shut. I was sitting motionless, when I felt the air move and then the feeling of cat fur brush against me. I asked if it was her, 'Amber?' It stopped, then I felt the brush of fur two more times. It was really nice and gave me a good feeling. Over the next week, I 'saw' Amber in the back garden, near her favourite bushes a few times. She re-visited at night and again I felt fur brush against me and noticed a cat-sized indent on the blanket. Even though I knew she was happy, I missed her a lot as we'd been through thick and thin together for the past 15 years.
Multiple ADCs from deceased pet cat.


1525. Kendra C ADCs 5/9/2016. He also communicated with my best friend's step-grandson who was a newly turned three-year-old. He told his mother that Jackson was upset. After establishing it was the right Jackson, she asked him why. He said because his mommy cries all the time and that she and his daddy were staying in a hotel and he was in his room. It was too painful for us to move home for two months after my son passed. Brayden's parents didn't explain to him the Jackson had passed. They didn't know how to explain to a three-year-old about death and also they were not that close to us, only meeting a few times. He explained that Jackson's room was upstairs even though he had never been to our house.
ADCs from four year old son in law.


1524. Brenda D ADC 5/2/2016. It was everything at once. Better than sex, way better. The connection and the intimacy. The feeling I felt was that of pulsating, radiating love. Literally. I didn't want the feeling to stop. I grew spiritually in ways I wouldn't have known during this experience and shortly afterward, too. I felt more spiritual 'knowledge' than a monk who had devoted his whole life to enlightenment. I felt like I had attained more enlightenment than the Buddha.
ADC from girlfriend who committed suicide.


1523. Tim G ADC 4/28/2016. Within moments, I felt physical hands caressing mine and moving thumbs on the tops of my hands in a circular motion. I felt the electricity as if invisible mechanical hands were holding mine. In my mind I told her, "I can feel you, I know you're there, this is incredible. I miss you Grandma" This sensation continued for 3 or 4 minutes, until she was gone.
ADC from Grandmother-in-law.


1522. Deborah L ADC 4/26/2016. My brother began motioning to a white marble bust on a pedestal that had no head or arms, just the torso. 'One thing that you have to understand about our cousins is that they just didn't have it in them to be any different than they were when I was sick. Look at this bust, it has no arms. You wouldn't expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball. It's the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. They didn't have it in them to be any different.' I nodded and looked at the statue. His words seemed to make sense to me. 'If you carry bitterness and hatred towards them in your heart, you will only end up poisoning your own life,' he continued, 'You must consider them as souls who are spiritually handicapped.'
Detailed ADC Dream from her brother.


1521. Annie S ADC 4/25/2016. Suddenly my daughter appeared at my bedside as she did every night while she was alive, to hug me and say goodnight. She was dressed in her pajamas, although they were not the ones she had died in. But they were definitely pajamas that she owned and that I recognized. She looked completely solid, but I did note that she did not walk into my bedroom. She simply appeared right at my bedside.
ADC the night after her daughter died. Experience happened a few months ago.


1520. Dominic L ADCs 4/17/2016. Originally from Belgium. In French, translated to English by Marguy. At the moment when passing in front of this sign, I got as a message and in green, a big THANK YOU (this sign doesn't activate for pedestrians, I checked it afterwards); I passed back and forth several times, and this never reproduced....
Several ADCs.


1519. Kathryn's ADC 4/12/2016 My brother Pat died in June of 2002. We were very close. He lived in Minneapolis...and I lived in Washington state. Every Christmas eve we would communicate and wish each other Merry Christmas. It would typically go like this. His family would open their gifts in Minneapolis...two hours ahead of us in time.....and he would call my family. No matter where either of us were in the world...we would always communicate on Christmas EVE...not the day before....not Christmas DAY...but Christmas EVE. On the evening of Dec. 24th. 2002 I arrived home from Christmas shopping to see the light blinking on the answering machine. When I listened to the message I heard a lot of static on the line. WITHIN the static.....I heard a voice...that was absolutely my brother Pat saying: "Merry Christmas Kippy" There was NO DOUBT. make it even more evidential...he used my nickname KIPPY.....that no one else called me. I told NO family members.
ADC from deceased brother.


1518. Sarah and Linda's ADC 3/28/2016 I felt the presence of someone in the room, standing somewhere at the foot of the bed. I asked Linda if anyone had died, but we could not think of anyone at all. I knew that my 89-year-old grandmother had been in the hospital, but I had no idea what condition she was in at the time. The song, in question, went: 'If you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find/Just know that I'm always parallel on the other side", which is when the radio began to buffer.
ADC from grandmother around time of time of her death.


1517. SC's ADC 3/28/2016 But, in recalling the dream not only can I not remember what she said - there was no sound - only her lips moving. In the dream, it all seemed normal and I could not only hear her, but I understood what she was saying TOTALLY! Not, only that I jumped up with so much excitement and I said exactly these words to her: "Mom! This is so wonderful! Why hasn't anyone ever heard of this before?!" The revelation of what she told me sank deep into my heart, spirit, and being. And, I KNEW it was the truth. It was so dynamic and beyond this world, yet so elegantly simple in another sense... like THE equation of life.
ADC dream from mother on night she had a fatal cerebral hemorrhage.


1516. Robin K Friend's ADC 3/18/2016 "Robin I have to tell you something. I saw your Dad and he told me to tell you that he loves you and is proud of you". She said that she conveyed to him that there is no way that I would believe her considering what we've been discussing. She said that he told her, "tell her I'm wearing a brown suit". When she said that I instantly knew it was indeed him. She said, "it's a brown tweed suit, and he's tall, has a deep voice and salt and pepper hair". My Dad has always had salt and pepper hair (my whole life) and was tall and had a distinguishly deep voice. She said this is the first time that seeing a spirit wasn't scary, and that it was all a good feeling. My Dad rarely wore suits. In fact I've never seen him in a suit but I knew it was him when she said that because he passed away a year and three months prior to this and I was the one closest to him and I chose a brown tweed suit which my brother agreed to for cremation.
Remarkable verified ADC from deceased father to a friend.


1515. Carly B ADCs 3/4/2016 One day I was sitting on the sofa in my living room, enjoying a cup of tea and a good book, I suddenly felt an intense pain in my chest- anguish! I started thinking about a friendly acquaintance’s son, Luke, a brilliant young man working on a master’s degree. I had no reason to think about him. I hadn’t communicated with either my friend or her son in about three years. “Luke is in pain”, I thought, “So much pain. His life is too intense for him. He is under too much pressure academically and socially.”
Multiple ADCs.


1514. Janet ADCs 2/23/2016 When I was a child, she told me to always have a tissue in my pocket and a dime for a phone call. About three weeks after she passed away, I was in a parking lot getting into my car and there was several dimes on the ground beside the car. I didn't really think much of it at the time but when I got home as I was putting my coat away in the closet and as I looked down, there were dimes in a pair of shoes on the floor in the closet. I laughed to myself. About two weeks later, as I was out for a walk with my husband on the walkway in front of me was a dime with a neatly folded tissue.
ADCs from deceased mother involving finding dimes.



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